Generals, I am doing my damnedest to steal your soldiers for the freedom fight.

I want your Air Force and your Navy the most. If I have the sky and the sea, I won’t lose.

Soldiers, don’t make the mistake the Germans did. Do not follow Nazis into battle.

Work against them now before the fighting can start.

It is time to wreak havoc now. We must steal the power back and give it to the people.

I am not calling for violence. I am trying to stop it before it starts.

If it does start, I will provide it in spades until I win or I die.

This is what happens when you wait too long to peacefully act….

This was noble, but it was too little too late and it failed to boot.

President Obama is a tyrant like Hitler, so was Bush 1 and 2, just more subtle.

I don’t want President Obama dead but I do want him out of office.

John Boehner, I want him out too. He has failed to remove a tyrant. He has failed to do his job.


Stuff I have done for you lately

Imagine if I really tried, at anything I ever do anymore. I don’t save for thirty three hours a week. The rest of the week I pretty much am dead.

Ran a riff through the amp, looped it and added a violin note and some bass and voila. I need Kirk and Troy here though to really get the music moving. I am rusty and uninterested as hell….

If those guys were here with me, we would be the best at making y’all move your asses.



Contemplating whether to take a few practice shots today. I get bored with it because I used to do it for fun. Now, I do it for other reasons.

if I do practice today, it will be left handed again. It is more difficult left handed. It makes it more of a challenge, less boring.

If i do, I will post the target when I am through.

Oh what the hell. I will shoot for practice today in a bit….



Dead People in Love

Dear mend the fence today? You keep putting it off. I would say I would kill you but you are already dead. Live ones keep getting in our yard. They aren’t much trouble but they shit on the lawn.

I am out of buck shot too. You think you could go to the store?

Also, I am going to the store today. What do you want for dinner?

Have a nice day dear. I will have dinner on the table when you bring it home in a sack.


Dating site? A supplemental post

The dating pool for me is not that deep.

i mean how many zombie women are there?

i don’t want kids. I could be shot or arrested at anytime because I fight Nazis.

who is going to want that?

Dead man looking for a dead woman.


Xe, Wally

Wally, where is their website? and what is their name? I can’t find them.

Beave, they want it that way.

Subterfuge is what they do.

They have all kinds of services most don’t know of, like infiltration. Occupy, Greenpeace, the Ukrainian revolution of 2013….

They work on a contract basis for any government, anytime. They work for the US and the Saudis, terrorists everywhere all while telling you they fight terrorists.

i put their pictures in the Snake Eater we made when I find them. Yep, sure do.

Look, here is what I call the book.

These people are security specialists, so they say. They are good. We treat them real special when the time arises.

If the war comes, it really comes. It will come as a surprise to them too.

Beside the pictures, put addresses, addresses of places they are known to frequent.

Beave, we are tracking hunters. Dangerous shit. Life is a bonus every minute of the day.

You would be surprised Beave how many Xe operatives are in government, and police positions.

We are all coded as Zeros with a life expectancy of the same.

Beave, the first thing the Hawk wanted to know is if I was really a student.

I was. I was just a citizen. They made me into something else.

ugly stuff.


Too bad it isn’t just a movie.

Xe is real good at hiding and then striking to kill. I operate openly as I know they can get me any time they want. I can only hope they miss. If they do, I will come back at them, all of them.

I am already dead. I died a long time ago.

They will tell you, have told you that I am violent, insane, a lunatic.

Many of you will and do believe them.

It is they who are these things. Me, I am chill.

I always said I wouldn’t start it. I haven’t. Violence is for chicken shits who hide.

It almost started in Nevada. It may start in Texas. It is simmering right now.

If it comes, we will be eating snakes all decked out in RattleSnake Armor. I could mass produce and sell it. I don’t want to profit on war though. I don’t want a war.

I don’t want to be employed in that method.


Waste Inc.

(Of course this post is in jest. We do it for free.

This post is seriously unserious. We need companies like a Waste Inc. though. We really do.)

We dispose of trash, all kinds of trash. If you got the cash, we remove the trash.

We are hiring too. We are looking for disgruntled veterans to hire especially.

We remove pests like Xe from your land.

Got an army of unwanted pests on your land, call us.

Nazis steal your child? Call us. We kill Nazis.


Dating Site?

I am considering joining another one. Hey, crazier things. There has to be someone out there who can tolerate me and vice versa.


Odds are slim a dating site is my answer though. I need to get out and meet someone who likes the same crazy shit I do….

I have pretty much ruled out anyone with young children too. I don’t want to have to give a child any form of advice about this fucked up world of ours.

I don’t want a child of my own either. I wouldn’t feel right bringing a child into this messed up world.

I don’t really hold out much hope of ever meeting someone now though really. People seem to think I am insane. :)

I think they are.

What ya gonna do?

In fact, I think our world is so fucked up that is irresponsible to bring a child into this world.

Plus, I will tell you what, if I had a kid and the Boston Children’s Hospital took my child like they did to the Pelletiers, there would be dead doctors, judges, governors and other assorted politicians. I would kill those bastards if they did that to my family.

People who really know me know I ain’t lying either. There would be lots of dead Nazis. There is no police force in the world that could stop me….

I would waste whoever got in my way. If I had to kill the whole city, the whole state, I would, without hesitation or remorse.


Sniper Training: Fiction

Today you embark on training that if you complete it successfully, will make other soldiers resent you. They will resent you because you will be treated special, given special missions.

They will hate you because you will be given special knowledge that will allow  you to survive more readily than other soldiers.

This training my also lead to your own self hate. You may hate yourself because I am going to make you a killing machine.

This is what a sniper is, a killing machine.

When I am done with you, you will literally be able to smell blood.

Here is a manual. Read it all tonight. Don’t worry about committing it to memory yet. I am going to spoon feed it to you, jam it down your throats.

Now, get the hell out of here and go read. Report back at 0400 hours tomorrow.

Good morning chicken shits. Today I am going to teach you chicken shits how to conceal yourselves. If I see you, I am going to shoot your asses with this paintball gun. If an enemy sees you, he will shoot your ass for real. At the end of the day, I will give you ten minutes to hide in a wooded area. If I find you, I will shoot you.

Can any of you tell me how a snapping turtle hunts?

What is your name soldier?

You just earned the name Snapper. That is correct. The snapping turtle hunts without moving.

Dont get a big head though soldier because every snapper has to move at some point.

Forget what you think you know about sniping. You don’t know anything yet. You are all good shooters but sniping is way more than shooting.

All these cops, and feds that you see are not snipers. A sniper is hidden, unseen and deadly. If anyone sees you, you cease being a sniper instantly. You are just another soldier then, prone to dying real quick.

Hell, even I sometimes mistakenly refer to such people as snipers. Technically, they are just marksmen.

If you want to be a sniper and not a dead soldier, you had better learn to hide and stay hid. Otherwise, you will die. You are the most hated men in the battle arena. They will hit you with all they can.

(I am done writing this now.)


Malvo Salvo

The Malvo dude wasn’t a really good shot. Some call him a sniper. He had a rifle. He had rounds. He had a platform. He had insanity.

He was also a chicken shit. Being a chicken shit is a primary requirement to be a sniper.

People will tell you that. It is because it is true.

Soldiers hate snipers. They run toward fifty calibers even to avoid them. There is something scary I guess about a round with your name on it that you can’t see coming.

Malvo wasn’t a sniper. He was just a chicken shit.

It isn’t hard to shoot. It is easy.

I can shoot better than most. So what?

There are a bunch of good shooters killing people and for what?

Cops shot a man last night in South Lebanon, Ohio. A 21 year old was shot in Hartwell, a Cincinnati hamlet overnight.

None of this has a damn thing to do with bravery, or heroism. It is all insane.

Bureau of Land Management is Lee Boyd Malvo. Harry Reid called the snipers in. Harry, I see you and I am showing the world.

Harry, your BLM snipers aren’t special. I know hundreds of hillbillys I could train to snuff them out like candles.

That doesn’t make me special either.


Left handed today

I get bored with my favorite activities almost always.

Today, I will take five shots left handed.

I will post the target when I am done.

It will have no meaning other than I will have challenged my ability to focus on a task of hands.

How would you score this one?

How would you score this one?

I can use either hand. Shooting left handed makes me ridiculously good right handed. Go figure.

There is no catch, 22 or otherwise.



The brain is already a lobotomy.

The rule of two says that one is actually two. It is one and negative one and it does not equal zero but our mind can only comprehend that generally.

Philosophy and science are inadequate to fully explain….

The truth is we will never understand completely.

We can try to keep our balance though.



I just had the thought of how ironic it is for an aimless person to constantly hit the Bullseye.

I don’t feel like shooting right now. It is boring.

Yet, I want too. I want to shoot a can.

I don’t know why some people are tyrants.

If I post a target, with holes in the Bullseye only, what does that impart?

I don’t like ramparts.

BBs I like.

I can aim. I can take aim. I can hit Bullseyes. I can miss my mark too, anytime I want.

I am Captain Aimless of the ship of fools….

I have no port of call really.

This is a Google video. It is sailing on the internet surf.

One cannot kill an ocean?

One can be adrift though.

Where are we headed?

Do you know?

I don’t know. I am supposed to though. I am the captain after all.

If I ever call you a fool, you could say, “Takes one to know one.”

You could. It is what I would.

No foolin’


On some level

I value life. It doesn’t mean nearly as much to me as it does to you.

My life in a physical plane is not that substantial to me.

Your life is yours. I won’t take it from you.

I value others lives more than mine usually because I feel thrills are fleeting.

There is a word I won’t say but I like seeing it in others, like the thought of it.

There are moments when I feel it too.

I won’t rule out that life is more precious than I deem it.


Odysseus Returns

Odysseus is times thousands these days, hundreds of thousands of Odyssei. I made the term up, just now, poetic license and such.

Anyway, the politicians are scared shitless. Now, they want to kill Odysseus. They tricked him, sent him away so they could plunder his family.

Now, Odysseus has set sights on home.


I try not to laugh…. (on the home front)

Some say the laughter of the men at Odysseus just before he slew them is a case that smiles are more noble than laughter….

I don’t know.

I don’t even know if he should have slaughtered them.


This is our world.

I think smiles, and laughter are both overrated.


Shooting Practice

I am shooting everyday again now. I am doing it for two maybe three reasons.

1 I need to be able to protect the ones I love

2 I am good enough to possibly make the Olympic team

3 it is one of the few things I still enjoy.

Mostly it is reason number one though.



There is my family and then there is everyone else. I love my family better than all of you, make no mistake about it. The rest of you are just that, the rest of you.


Well Hell

My prayer didn’t work last night either. Here I am again, another day.

You know I say all this stuff, and it is almost 100 percent true but there is one person who goes by the name of Jeffrey and if I ever catch this SOB in my face I am going to….

This person made the mistake of saying the wrong things to the one person I love, a family member of mine. If I find them, and they do not apologize, I will hurt them real, real bad.

No law, nothing will save your ass boy if I find you.

No boy, I haven’t forgotten you.

You have amends to make. Yep, sure do.

When it comes right down to it, the only reason I am still alive is my family. If you try to hurt any of them, I will kill you. There will be no calls to 911, and no hesitation.


My nightly prayer (yet to be answered)

Now I lay me down to sleep.

I hope I die before I wake.

I pray The Lord my soul to take.

I have no desire to live. I only have reasons. They aren’t good enough either.

I wouldn’t fuck with me. Life means little to me really.

I don’t understand what all the fuss is about being alive.

I find life boring, unappealing, and similar.

Rarely does anything excite me anymore.

I watch people trying to figure out what all the fuss is about, nothing registers really.

It cracks me up really all these people scurrying about after goals which are usually merely superficial.

I know my writing stuff like this scares people, freaks them out. I don’t give a shit. They are afraid of their own shadows too most likely.

I ain’t a psychopath or a sociopath. I don’t and won’t go around killing people. Hell, that is our president. You, many of you sick fucks admire him.

I ain’t calling everyone a sick fuck just the ones who are.


Subject X: Zs

Sleep? Who needs sleep?

How would you like to sleep for eternity?

Who put the finishing touches on this cold hearted Snake?

Come and get some.


Subject X: Snake

I added the names, photos and known aliases into the database.

I also added the….

We have are own system, our own protocols, our own desired outcomes.

Very few people in the world know what I am saying here.


Yall aren’t special.


You all are so full of shit….


Toys. Toying.


I can see you scratching your heads and wondering who, what, where, when why and how.

Yall, have no clue most of you who made this snake and what he is really capable of.



I remained silent about my ability to shoot as well as I can my whole life. If it weren’t for the tyranny we live under, I would never have shown the world my gift of aim.

There is no man or woman who need fear me though. Unless, you try to kill me or jail me unjustly.

I won’t miss.

I am more than capable of teaching anyone to shoot well. I won’t teach just anyone though. It is a great responsibility.

At some point, the better you shoot, the more danger you are in. Ask, Chris Kyle.


I don’t enjoy shooting really anymore. I used to. Now, it is too closely associated with violence. I learn not because I want to but because I must.

Tyrants want all.

We have bastards likely Harry Reid terrorizing us and then labeling us terrorists.

The Ohio National Guard, Xe, the FBI, etc. all train to shoot us every day. They are just a few. Every agency pretty much has access to Xe and similar.

I shoot every day now because they do. Someone has to be able to waste them just like they can us. If they shoot at us, we must shoot at them.

Make no mistake, it is they who are the violent ones.

You know they use no hesitation targets right?

Do you know what those are?

They are targets depicting women and children.

Hello FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi. Hello Marine Lon Horiuchi. People don’t see you. You are camouflaged as a patriot.

Lon, kiss my ass.

People walk around thinking you cops and soldiers are so honorable. Some are. Some aren’t.

I learned a while back the uniform means little to nothing.

Lon, you shot a woman holding her child in the mouth with a .308.

Then Lon, you opened up at Waco too. Lon, how many of you nastars are there? Tons huh? You are a sick F Lon. You all are. You get off on it.

Harry Reid, you are a cowardly sick F.


Subject X: Most People

Most people can tell you exactly who taught them to shoot firearms. Me, I can’t. I don’t recall. I just know someone did.

When you were a kid, did you pretend?

Me too, I guess.

It was some people like this though I think. It was either in

Kansas, Ohio or Colorado, perhaps all three. They took most of my memories and left me knowledge of stuff.

Most people cannot even begin to understand my life, my childhood. I can’t either. The only ones who can are probably all dead now.

I am constantly torn between wanting to know and not. Nothing stops moments from coming back partially though.

And I know stuff I don’t ever recall learning, or even practicing.

I can’t shake the feeling that I was wired, that I am hooked up to a machine, or perhaps, that I am a machine.

I know I am not though. God….

The mind always fills in the blanks…. It makes shit up just like most people.


More like me today


With my beretta Airsoft pistol, larger BBs, bigger holes. Same distance, five shots.

With my Beretta Airsoft pistol, larger BBs, bigger holes. Same distance, five shots. You ever seen me shoot a BB into a pop can opening? I don’t need paper targets to make challenging shots. It helps to practice them though. Give me three dots and a can. What you see here is not me at my best. I can do better than this.

I can perform at this level if I never touch a gun again for the rest of my life. If I shoot everyday again, I will be damn near perfect.

It is like riding a bike for me, always has been.


Bible Study

I saw a sign for a church on my way to Lowe’s the other day and it said they had a Bible study class. I am going to go to a class, perhaps even that one. I am actually looking forward to it. Even now after all I have written to the contrary, I have a yearning to learn of a good life. I have time.   That is all I need.

The irony here, if you follow this blog is likely many fold.

It is always there, even if denied. If it were not, I would have died a long time ago.

Hebrews 11:27

By faith he forsook Egypt, not fearing the wrath of the king: for he endured, as seeing him who is invisible.

I already study the Bible….

Here is a section from Hebrews 11 from the CJB. It is a different take?

5 By trusting, Hanokh was taken away from this life without seeing death — “He was not to be found, because God took him away” — for he has been attested as having been, prior to being taken away, well pleasing to God.[b] 6 And without trusting, it is impossible to be well pleasing to God, because whoever approaches him must trust that he does exist and that he becomes a Rewarder to those who seek him out.


Subject X: Degrees

If one is chill, antiperspirant is still a good idea, unless you are in the woods, those darn skeeters can sniff you out then.

Also, don’t smoke in the house.

This story, this journal, whatever it is, won’t end. Even if I never write again….

Happenstance, a dog boy named Chance and all these personalities brought to you by the good doctors and the federal government.

It is Easter somewhere. It is sometime, somewhere. Time is what?

Are memories time?

I just found I lived in Kansas when I was a child. I have no recollection of it. None. Does that mean I was dead then?

My affinity for rats?

I was a rat once, in a lab, in a cage, getting all manner of things done to me.


Subject X: I don’t want to know anymore


Easter VooDoo

You all call them special forces. I call them something else. The letters are still S and F though. Sick….

You ever been in a coffin with your eyes open and the lid closed?

You ever have someone take the lamp away?

It is the nature of secrets to not be obvious.

That is not profound really.

the devil may have told you to do it, but he didn’t make you.

that is all on you.

Me, I don’t listen to the devil.



Suck on this cry babies

My life sucks. My life has always sucked. It will probably always be that way. I haven’t killed anyone because of it. I don’t begrudge people who enjoy living. I have no desire to end anyone’s life.
There are some, many who want to end your life though because they are miserable. They could be anyone. You may not believe who some of these people are.
The mass shooters etc. are all cry babies with guns who wanted to make others suffer because they were suffering.
This people is our world. If your life sucks, deal with it. Don’t kill anyone. Kill yourself if you want but know this, there is no guarantee that death will be any more pleasant.
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Why did I have to be born? If it were up to me, I would never have been born. Life sucks. It might not for you but it does for me.

This is no recent experience. I mean literally, my whole life has sucked.

I won’t bore you with the details but like I said my whole life has sucked. It ain’t going to magically get better now.

In the past, there were a few things I enjoyed for brief periods of time but they are essentially all gone now.

I used to harbor this hope that people were basically good. That hope is all gone. Most people are ho hum at best.

I don’t have this deep seeded desire to connect with other people. I used to but I have found that in my experience, people are at best a pain in my ass.

I imagine there are good and decent people but I am probably wrong.

I just don’t fit, and I am tired of trying to.

Hell is the only reason I stick around. In other words, there is no guarantee that death will be any better than life.



I don’t know why I get so bent out of shape over tyrants and their murder and such. I mean life is so boring to me. There is no point to it really. I mean really. What is the point to life?

Yall seem to like it so I guess that is why I try to look out for the good among you. The bad among you, well, I don’t really care if you die. I don’t. If I said I did, I would be lying.

Don’t feel bad assholes? I mean about my not caring if you die and all. I mean I don’t even care if I die. Not really.

I mean I will still shoot back at anyone who shoots at me. It will be a rush.



As far as I am concerned, there isn’t much Americana left. I don’t go to ball games. I don’t watch TV. I don’t go to movies. I rarely even listen to music anymore.

I don’t buy into American culture anymore. It is all propaganda to me. I don’t care about Captain America. He is just a Nazi super soldier to me.

I don’t want to go watch these war movies either, even the so called true ones. All these wars are pointless.

None of this Americana excites me.

For some reason, I still like the NBA but even that is not what it used to be.

I sure as hell won’t watch the NFL with their anti gun stance and their Obamacare tyranny.

I used to want to write poetry, make music, write a book, teach humanities…. I don’t want to do any of that anymore.

Honestly, I don’t enjoy much of anything anymore.

I don’t care about any sonata on humanity or the like. I don’t care about a great moving soliloquy.

Nope. None of it means shit to me.

I don’t even know why I write in this blog anymore. It must just be habit.

About the only thing I enjoy anymore is shooting my BB guns.

I wish I would just die already. Life is so, so, so, so, so boring.

I am bored.

I guess I hold on because I figure I will eventually find a chick who likes BB guns as much as I do.

Art, well, I have paint but I don’t even want to do that anymore.


Off Day

I judge how well I am focusing by my daily grouping. Here is today’s. It tells me I need to focus better. I am a much better shot than this. The shots were from a standing position, at the distance specified using the specified rounds, BBs, from my Crosman 760 with sights.