Subject X: it is a trip Dad

It was always me on the trips. I never ever remembered the trips. I still don’t. It is a trip in itself.

They made it for me didn’t they? It had to be me. That is a trip. I was simply a child. At least, I was supposed to be simply that. After all these years, I still really don’t know.

I call myself a Mennonite though. I want to be that.

I don’t really know though. I really don’t.

How do I know so much and so little?

I remember running on to runways. I remember walking into the street. I remember the nightmares. Only now I don’t think that is what they were.

I think they were something else. Yep. Something else.

I can only surmise based on what I know is inside me.

It is also a trip Dad because no one understands any of this, not even me really.

Do you? The more I see the “evidence” and combine that with how this “stuff” gets compartmentalized, you probably don’t.

I suspect you have seen some “strange days” too.

I am a Mennonite now Dad. Ain’t that a trip?

You took off on a different trip. Same trip, different locale.

What a life you have led Dad. I mean what I have been able to find about you is truly fascinating. It still only a little though.

You know they put a lot of stuff into me?

When I was five years old I walked into that big ocean wave and as it engulfed me I had my eyes open the whole time and I gazed up at the sky through this wall of water. I didn’t panic. I just turned around and walked back.

Are you like that too Dad?

If people really knew, they would be astonished.

They really would Dad. You know?

The stuff I have seen and forgotten is epic.

It is all in me though.

I have the feeling the things I still don’t know about me are huge, gigantic in significance. It is not something I readily pursue. Do you know why?

Do you?

I do. I should not have to tell you why.


Firearm Maintenance Day

Cleaned, reassembled and function checked. Now on the Beretta Neos. I may do it later though.

Cleaned, reassembled and function checked. Now on the Beretta Neos. I may do it later though.

Mossberg 702 Plinkster barrel assembly removed from stock....

Mossberg 702 Plinkster barrel assembly removed from stock….

I have a universal kit that cleans most calibers of firearms.

My Beretta is up next for cleaning, maintenance and inspection.

I love my firearms. They are some of the best of their kind.

My Plinker X pistola.

My Plinker X pistola.

These two items are my bug out package of firearms. I recommend having these weapons bought in plural and stored in several places if you have the places to store them. They are the best in my opinion for bug out.

As you know if you have read me, I have no qualms about a .22 for self defense as long as it is at least a six inch barrel. Use CCI stingers as your self d load and you are set.

The .22 is the most accurate, and the easiest for a quick second shot, just have the CCI.

I have no problem with larger caliber pistols, just make sure you can handle two or three shot bursts every time with it. If you cannot, you need a different pistol, not necessarily a smaller caliber. It depends. Find a self d gun that you are dynamite with, and that is reliable.

The Plinkster service interval is every 200 rounds. It is a good idea to leave the internals of the action together until 200 rounds. It will take most people some practice. Pay close attention to the instructions and how it was when assembled. Taking pictures is a good idea, but don’t rely solely on pictures either.


Self Defense Scenario, Real Deal

You are a man and a woman in a truck. The Ex husband has just rammed your truck and is now getting out of his truck and is walking in front of your truck and opening fire at you through the window.

One second you are rolling, and a few seconds later you are struck and dead.

It is that fast.

This just happened in the Cincinnati area.

When people like the Ballistic Radio Dude says be ready for anything this is an example of what he means.

You would need a gun to have any chance in this situation, and you had better know how to use it. You would be firing through your windshield.

You would have your life and another’s on the line.

You ready for that?

Probably not. You have to try to be though. That is self defense.

It also illustrates a need for large capacity magazines. You won’t have an ideal target picture or ballistics.

Not too mention you would be disoriented from the crash. Plus you would have to realize what was actually happening. You need to have prepared yourself for that.

We live in a violent world.

There was a history too. When you know that, you really, truly need to know what could happen and be ready for it. These are situational awareness issues.

In these people’s minds, they should have been ready for this potential. They were not. They are dead now.

In Ohio it is possible to get a concealed carry permit relatively quickly in an emergency such as a likely deadly threat of violence against you. Keep these things in mind. Don’t assume you won’t be attacked.

Be careful always. Be safe. Be prepared.


Here is the real event. The scenario is somewhat different than I imagined. They always are. Be ready for anything.

I was real close though. The murderer had two weapons a handgun and a rifle. He meant business. So when people say you need high capacity guns, they are not lying.

Why the Guardian is covering this, I don’t know.



Cinta de Tela de Aluminio de HVAC

Gonna see how tuff this stuff is.

Gonna see how tuff this stuff is.

I have not built anything in a while but I have been contemplating my design. I did build a little the other day actually, about a week ago. No testing in quite some time.

I am going to micro test this tape in conjunction with a few things. I expect to be pleased with the results. We will see. I will show you pictures and perhaps video.

Oh and this whole armor deal is mostly spiritual. I know it may not make sense to you.

As you can see, my plan is to foil the rounds and stop them. Get it? Foil. Rounds.

The process will be constructing small “shields” with two material combinations all including the aluminum foil tape. I will shoot the with around 6 FPE and see what happens. I will add more layers until I stop a round. Once I do, I will know which combination is strongest together. I will retest the best materials in alternate configurations and again note the best combinations…. Then I will add energy and materials….

I skipped all those steps, and built and then shot this with 5 plus FPE point blank, steel BB. No penetration BB deflected. Show you pics in a second. It is pretty thin. It consists of cloth, plastic film, aluminum foil tape, double sided scotch tape, carpet tape, and fiber glass tape. It is very thin, and apparently, pretty sturdy too. We shall see. I am trying to design a type of Kevlar like layer system….

Pretty thin and I forgot to mention one layer of duck tape is included too.

Pretty thin and I forgot to mention one layer of duck tape is included too.

Shot in upper right portion one time, no penetration.

Shot in upper right portion one time, no penetration.

As soon as I finish my coffee, I am going to attach the shield to it and hit it with larger loads. The next load will be with a Gamo rocket from the Crosman 760.

OK I got good results, repaired the unit above and added two I had built earlier. One is under the unit above and the other is the one encased in aluminum. It is ceramic I doctored up. I have high hopes for this design.

Cure the Hagar. Here it comes.

This should stop a lot.

This should stop a lot.

I am going to blast this into oblivion, or try to anyway.


Insert X

What do you expect? Did you get what you expected?

Perhaps we should have no expectations? Perhaps we should?


3X is in the room….

We change everything we touch. It is inescapable, Mr. Doughty. You sir are an artist. It is something else huh? You want to get it right.

You did as well as could be expected, better perhaps. Let us see what these fellas and or gals do with your song? That is what scares you the most I think.

It is OK. Your message is a good one. I have no doubts about that.

I was with most of the cover until the last line of it, added by cover band. Minus X is though.



It is a trip to be wide awake at 0300 something hours. It has been a while. It is kind of nice though. I did it for over a decade. It is kind of like visiting an old friend. The world is mostly still at night. It is cool out too tonight. It helps me chill.

I am on a mission from God to stay chill.

I have varying degrees of success. Tonight I think God is ordering me to stand down completely for a while. I think he wants me to let what I have said sink in. I think he wants me to find Happy.

I am fine with that. It means I have done well by Him.

I am to await the sun.

God informs me that good people now understand I am chill. Those who fear me now will be exposed for the evil they are.


Subject X: Exceptional?

Do you know how to create chaos? Do you?

My mind is controlled chaos. My mind is God’s property. The government literally messed with mine. They mess with everyone’s mind, and body to some degree.

I had a soldier express these sentiments of chaos to me in a similar form. He asked me if I knew what he could do in terms of creating chaos? You know why he asked me? Do you?

He asked me because he wanted to know if it was OK. He wanted to know if he was still “normal.” Still good.

I can’t answer those things for him.

You know why else he asked? Part of this capability thrills him. That scares him because he is still human. There is hope for him still.

Others are complete and utter monsters. Yep. There is not much you can do with them except hide from or kill them.


You know what I have endured generals, even more than I.

Guess what though. I am still here and you don’t control me. You may kill me, but you will never control me. Ever.

I win.

I attack your machine every day. I win. Kill me. I still win.


Subject X: the wonder of it all

Hello HQ. I am happy now. HQ, you are something else.

Me too.

I am in command of the HQ now, mostly anyway. Control is illusion?

It likely is. No matter, I am in control of HQ. I am if I use my illusion.

I don’t really though. For you see, I am not in control, God is. If I am sad, if anyone is, God is trying to tell us something.

Yep. I have found that it is better to go slow. I have been going light speed so my brakes are taxed now too. I am tired but it is a good tired.

I can’t fix anything by being a bad ass.

Besides, I am an older model.

I know you still will try to sink your meat hooks into me, into all of us.

Most do not know it but they are Xs too. Sure, I am more X but we all are.


Where did you train me? Ohio? Colorado? Kansas? Illinois? Where?

Truth is. I don’t care any more.

HQ, I am in command of HQ.

My order is simple, stand down. I gave that order, and I follow it.

I repeat. I am in command of HQ and my order is to stand down.


Subject X: the reverend has become the minister in reverence to God

I am a Mad Mennonite radical who does not promote peace or war, just defense. If defense is war or not is a personal choice. One can always attempt to flee.

It is a choice between people and God.

In many ways,I was formed to be the ultimate war machine.

I choose not to be. The war is in me. I cannot say for sure why exactly.

I know much of it was programmed into me. I rewrote the program.

I know I don’t want to fight. I am not afraid to say that either.

Are you?


What do you want your legacy to be?


I have no problem with Israel short of them attacking us. If they wipe out the Middle East because the Middle East is stupid. Oh well. I have no problem with Israel because Israel is mostly chill. Chill is good. They won’t wipe out the Middle East unless they have no other choice. The US can’t stop that, no one can except the Middle East.

We are not the protectors of the damned planet. We could not be even though we apparently want to be. We can’t save everyone or even anyone.

God helps those who help themselves people.

They sell you soldier boys and girls on being war heroes. War heroes get their balls shot right off. Yep. They come back and their balls are all gone.

Don’t believe me? Ask them. Don’t though. It is hard for them what they have seen and done.


Know what a fund raiser is?

Private affairs….


Sure, big balls of fire…. How is that working out for you?



HQ as some of you know is Happiness Quotient. I said mine was BS at 99. It probably was. It also was never as low as 22. At least not in quite some time….

When I said Happiness was right there you just had to grab hold of it? I wasn’t lying about that.


Tabby Cat

Dry food crunch muncher

Paw licking water drinker

Drops litter box stinkers

Shadow chasing bug catcher on the fly

I will love the little bastard until the day I die


I believed in president Obama at first too. Hell, I voted for him the first time. For what ever reason(s), he lied. He lied and lied and lied. Besides golf and regular vacations, it is about all he has done. Well that and utterly gut the Constitution turning America into a police state. He isn’t the only one but he lied. He said he was going to remove the police state. He didn’t though. He made it even worse. We have Reaper drones overhead. We have no constitution left…. God help is all. He may not.

The text books tell you war brought us freedom from the British. The text books lie to you. We are the EU.

We are under English tyranny still.

I have told you this for years. You never listen to me. Ever.

I see now that there is to be no faith in the US government at this time.


I won’t start a war though. It won’t solve a thing. It didn’t the first time. It won’t this time either.

I will be non violent and loud as hell until I die.

I will try to defend myself. Malcolm X said he would but they sucker pinched him.

No one lives forever. So what the hell?

Look at us.

We are so ugly.


Rand Paul, you are such a good libertarian running on the war frenzy. Saying how you would stop old Putin, brilliant. You are such a good Libertarian poser. You go, Rand. And when you acted as if you were really trying to stop drones? Brilliant. You fooled so many of these clone drone Americans. They believe in you. I see you for what you are though. Full of shit.

Libertarians, real Libertarians, don’t act like Rand Paul. Rand Paul is a poser. I thought about joining the party but when I read their by laws I knew I didn’t adhere to them so I didn’t join. Sure, Rand Paul is a Republican but he poses as a libertarian. He is playing you people.
I thought about the Constitution Party too, didn’t join simply because I don’t really stand against gay marriage. They do. I don’t. I know I say I do but that is only because they force Christians to marry them and bake their cakes. I don’t stand for that either. But at my core, I don’t really stand against gay marriage.
What this is, is integrity, or at least an honest attempt at it.


You know the US armed IS or whatever they are called. I armed them too. Now they are killing Christians and mutilating women. President Obama armed them. General Mad Dog Mattis armed them. This is America. You love it?

I don’t know about you all but I am totally on board with the US arming pyscho paths in Ukraine and the Middle East. You go John Kerry.

And Hillary when you armed those people in Benghazi, and they killed our ambassador and his staff. Good stuff, lady.

Be sure to run for president.

And when Ukraine shot down that plane and you blamed it on Russia to feed the war frenzy? Brilliant. Marvelous.


General Mad Dog, I hear you. I must admit too that I hope we never meet. I am sure you are a great guy though. That is some dark stuff huh?

I have no plans to kill anybody general.

I know how a tad though.

You have me at a disadvantage sir.

The military turned you into a killer.

Me, I am no killer. I plan only on staying that way.

We are so different.

The best laid plans of mice and men…. Is not that how it goes?

You know, the government meets people online all the time. What do you think they planned for people like me?


Someone who works for the US government sent me a smile on a dating site. They either know me or they don’t. Either way, it would never work. I cannot stand the US government. I want nothing to do with any of them. Do you people think I am just whistling Dixie?

I don’t like any of you federal people. You work the government. You work for the oppressor. I don’t care if you are a janitor or the president himself. I can’t stand you, and I want nothing to do with you.

I am not feigning support for people I cannot stomach. I am not a patriot. I am a free man. I pledge no allegiance to anyone but Christians and even they had better have their shit together.

There are some politicians or potential one I support, very few.

I will die alone before I date any fed.


Our Father… in Heaven Hallowed be….

Marvin Gaye was killed by his father. I recall the shock when I heard that. I was totally floored really.

Then, I heard his father was a minister.

That just blew me away. It really truly did.

I said to myself, what a horrible world. It very well may be the moment I started talking with myself. To myself. Whatever.


God is merciful

There are conditions. There always are. They are not really difficult ones though.

I saw someone who is not really a party to their families’ deeds.

God has mercy people. He does. He prefers it.

It is out of His hands though really.


Somebody, it is disputed who did first, discovered how to get to America. When they did, more and more came. In fact, they are still coming. So, if someone left Earth and went to the moon, charted the course of action, why is there not a soul on the moon? It is because the moon shot is a lie.

Do you know the quickest way to the moon? Ask Siri?

Men, you are going to lie to your countrymen. You are going to follow top secret orders. You are soldiers and soldiers obey the chain of command. It is the discipline.

You will maintain this lie for the remainder of your life. God himself will be about the only one who knows.

Gentlemen, it is my way or the highway. Do you understand?