Security is imagination

I don’t recommend security jobs. It is a crazy deal security. Even if you are the best it is only because you imagined it. Criminals have imagination too.

You can study and study and study and be the best, but it will still be all in your imagination.

You imagine all kinds of stuff doing security too.

Sometimes you imagine all wrong and that is real bad. I guess the reason I got out of security was I imagined it wasn’t for me anymore.

God hath given me Mennonite Kung Fu for He saith all is vanity. Security is imagination and therefore does not truly exist. Therefore Mennonite Kung Fu does not require security personnel. Rather, it instructs the personnel in the way of the sensei, God.

The Mennonite Kung Fu knows it is sufficient because God hath made it.

God allows Mennonites to partake of their labor under the sun. Mennonites labor for peace. They do it mostly by pacifism. Some have munitions for defense.

Mennonite Kung Fu is about choices under the rule of God. Mennonite Kung Fu only knows in part and accepts this.

Mennonite Kung Fu knows the war is contained within. War only happens if we let it escape us.

Mennonite Kung Fu knows the time for killing has already passed and therefore is no longer required to be done under the sun.

Mennonite Kung Fu can contain the dragons of imagination.


Tweep Poet Tactical, an imaginary firm has issued a no fly warning world wide

Dude says shit is crazy pretty much everywhere these days. Stay home. Hug your families, friends.

Dude is a Mennonite though. He don’t go out in the world much. Just saying.

People, if you are flying, you must ask yourself if you truly will not simply….


Look at recent events. The incident rate is crazy right now. Something is going on. So be careful and honestly, get your affairs in order.
I am not flying anywhere.


I don’t know where they are. We are not supposed to know. Trying to find out is pretty much vanity under the sun. It can be done, maybe it already has been done under the sun. Maybe it has been done again, and again, under the sun.

It has too. In fact, maybe even again today.



Subject X: God has apparently sent a Mennonite to fight war

This is alleged. Mennonites don’t fight. They may fight war itself though. I don’t know what weapons they have. I don’t think they have any.

God is a mystery after all. That is about all I know for certain about anything.

I do know Mennonites love peace so I think God knows what he is doing.

I heard the Mennonite say he is “Just going with this peace thing.”


Meanwhile, Superman must have got old.

God knows I am not making light of Mennonite ways. God hath made those ways. They are His. He gave them to all. All don’t use them though.


Subject X: the basics of the story

It takes hard work and time….

I reeled myself in and tied myself off on dry land. I anchored myself to shore.

I did this on purpose. I did it to slow down. I came to a stand still. Standing still is the best.

There is so much to see. And. And it is mostly beautiful, if not all of it even.

At this moment, I wonder who I am but for the first time I don’t mind. I like it.



The bear

If you make a lot of noise, odds are you won’t see the bear at all. Nothing is the only thing that is 100 percent though. That is so paradoxical.

Bears are not totally unreasonable either, if you know their language.

Cats, are wild though huh? I don’t know if cats can be reasoned with. Perhaps.

Look at Grizzly Adams, he and that bear did just fine together.


Holes in ground increasing? It seems so according to some. They think the world may be melting for real I think. I don’t know if it is, but in theory, it could in many ways. What ya gonna do?

Same shit, different day mostly. I will also be prepping for a potential Earthquake in this region. I don’t feel one coming but I know this fault here is a potentially nasty one. I had a an Earth tremor literally run through my spine once. It was a trip.

It seems the Earth’s core may need some Pepto Bismol.

Don’t worry though. The federal Dept. of the Dept. is all over it.


Mennonite Kung Fu

Mennonite munitions. Mennonite Irony.

Mennonite Substitute. Mennonite Kung Fu

Mennonite Retreats for Kung Fu

Mennonite Kung Fu is an ascetic life of pacifism almost exclusively, almost.

Kung Fu evolves.

My Kung Fu fights war itself.


The talk show host who reads philosophy books

The host said she reads books and all kinds of stuff. The last book was of a philosophical religious nature I understand. Anyway, she talked today on her show of epic love, failed epic love but epic in its failure nonetheless. It is a true love story that failed to launch. It fizzled out, sort of.

It is the nature of love to be mysterious. Love is never pure happy but that is OK.

Besides, love is for dorks anyway. Young dorks in love, and all associated stuff.

I don’t know why they have belly dancers in bikinis on your show. I never did understand that stuff.

Anyway, your show makes me smile. You are so silly.

I will watch tomorrow too. Right now…,

I am sliding down my dork pole into my dork cave. No, I will do that later. Now, I am going to get in my dork mobile and go to Burger King. It is a thing.


Subject X: my arm and the stuff I take out of it

This is my blood. It is my left arm. I have to rip out what they out in me. As much as I can anyway. Doctors, I tend not to trust them anymore.

I need to find one perhaps, but no one lives forever.

Look like a snake bite. It isn't. I am going to wash it and then salt it.  It is..., a mystery of sorts.

Look like a snake bite. It isn’t. I am going to wash it and then salt it. It is…, a mystery of sorts.

I am forced to remove and kill my own flesh to try to heal.

You ever have to do this?

You think I am a control freak?

Believe me, I gave that up a long time ago. Control? Are you freaking kidding me? I am not really in control of any of this.

I am relatively in control of me. We all are only thus, pretty much.

I take out what they put into me as much as I can. Is that control?


Subject X: baby x

I cannot help but feel that I….

I have no way of knowing about that for sure though. I hope I do not. I pray I do not.

I may have a child. I don’t know though. It is crazy really. It is perhaps the craziest thing in all this Xness.

I don’t want a child because if I do it means so many things….

Do you know what it is like to have large chunks of memory missing?

Of all this Xness, I cannot escape that. I cannot…, at least not yet.

If I have a child, it means the nightmares I have are real.

You have nightmares? I don’t have many really. I have had some doozies though.

How about flying? You ever felt as if you had or were doing that?

My whole life is full of anomalies. It is crazy. I know. You aren’t the only ones who feel this way. I lived it. I know better than you even that it is crazy.

God helps me stay grounded. I am learning to slow down and recall God’s laws. The slower I get, the better I get.


Is this the shot the Mennonite misses?

The Mennonite says, “Odds are real high I miss this shot. I am not foretelling the future though. The future belongs to God. I will attempt the shot shortly. It is windy out today. That is fitting.”

I will try to hit this on the first shot in a few moments. It won't stand on its own on the Zombie target so I will likely have to brace it. I don't expect to hit this on the first shot. I will try though. I will try.

I will try to hit this on the first shot in a few moments. It won’t stand on its own on the Zombie target so I will likely have to brace it. I don’t expect to hit this on the first shot. I will try though. I will try.

Here is the sight picture from the full 23 feet shot distance.

Actually, it has changed the wind just knocked the cap over. I told you it is windy today. If I miss, it is no excuse though. Nope.

I have to reset the bottle cap, wind just blew it over.

I have to reset the bottle cap, wind just blew it over.

OK, I reset it. Hopefully the wind will not blow it over as I prepare to video the shot or shot attempts. I have fifteen plastic BBs in the magazine. OK, here I go.

I will let you know.

The Mennonite did awful. Wait and see.

He has met his match and has a new practice regimen.

I will be practicing this shot until I can do it much better than I did today.

I often try to humble myself. It is better that way.

You know, trust me I missed. I am not showing you the video though. I missed.

I am going to try this shot one more time today on video. If I hit it, I will show you. If I miss it, I will show you. I am only taking one shot.

This is my second attempt though.

I did it. You are going to have to trust me. :)

That is until I show you the video. I practiced a bit first. Hey, it is a hard shot, damn near impossible.

All of this is vanity under the sun. This is the shot the Mennonite misses. He had to practice to make it at all. This the truth under the sun.

A man has to know his limitations. This is mine. There is always someone better on any given day. Or luckier. It all depends on how you look at it.


Subject X: their first mistake

They tried to make a Mennonite into a cold blooded killer.

Ain’t happening.

Me, I am not a full fledged Mennonite by any means, but there is a lot of that in there. There are not many of us, less than 2 million I believe.

Anyway, we are in many ways similar to Baptists and Methodists. We are pretty chill. We don’t go all war mongering.

Mennonites take peace seriously, more than most if not all others. Some allow for self defense but some just become martyrs.

They have suffered much persecution.

They seem to have a beef with Catholicism a tad or so. It is a cross versus crucifix thing mostly.



If they choose to be, everyone is good. This is a form of windom, the wisdom of knowing there is vanity under the sun and obeying God’s will for us.

We do not know everything nor are we ever meant to. It is not our portion. Our portion is to do good and enjoy the fruits of our goodness.

It is hard work. It is travail. It must be done though for happiness. It is worth the effort.

It profit me not to war with guns so I do not. Some think it profit them to do this war deal(s).

I am not ever looking to make cash off of war, some are. Yep.

I am not one of them.

I am a Mennonite under the sun. Some of us Mennonites will try to defend ourselves if we must. But I got to tell you, it is a lot of work and it is vanity under the sun. I give it too much of my portion.

I will give it a portion still though, this learning of self defense.

You know, it is ironic that the baby USA tried and did often times force Mennonites to war for them during the Revolution.

It seems the Mennonites knew war was not the answer ultimately. Still, Mennonites have often been martyrs, slaughtered because of their peaceful souls.

This is the proof of evil.


God hath made me a Mennonite with munitions. I know that God gave me weapons and that they are only to be used responsibly. Responsibly means to me, not shooting first. Mennonites don’t start wars. Wars are insane.


Jeff Strobbe has always maintained he wasn’t violent, and I got to tell you, I am starting to believe him

You ever stop to think that his accusers are the ones who are crazy?

In fact, when it comes right down to it, his accusers are the ones who acted in a criminal fashion. In fact, they used the law to do it. It is as corrupt as it gets.

Yet, even after all this, he hasn’t hurt a single one of them.

I will tell you this though. What happened to him has soured him against this country. It has. This country is full of shit.

We are not free here. No.

You won’t see him waving the flag all patriotic. You won’t ever see it.

You won’t see him dying for this country either. Nope.

This country has hung him out to dry when he tried to save it.

Save for the ones he loves, he is perfectly content to let it burn.

There truly is no America left to defend.

In fact, the way this nation is persecuting Christians like me, I don’t really care if it dies. Not really. I am trying to save my people not this damned nation. This nation has betrayed me.

I only promise I will be civil. I don’t promise anything else. I will be civil as long as others are civil to me.

I don’t trust most of you anymore. I trusted too many only to be burned.

Without trust, there is no nation anymore. The trust is all gone.

Everything I have typed has been an attempt to save our freedoms. It is too late and has been for some time. My experience shows me this.

I should just stop. In fact, I just might.

For my efforts, I have been labeled insane, and a terrorist and similar.

That is the most ridiculous shit there is. It really is.


I pledge allegiance to the Christians of America. I say again, I pledge allegiance to the Christians of America.

Most of you probably have a deeper affection for this country of ours than I do.

My allegiance is to you first, my country doesn’t even really matter to me currently. This country has betrayed me and persecuted me. I really don’t give a rat’s ass about it anymore, not really.

I care about good Christian people who are being attacked mercilessly. I care about that.

I have closed the door to those who don’t obey God. I have no time for them. They are on their own.

It may be wise for Christians to leave America. There are numerous countries that are better than this nation. This nation is way over rated.

I mean this country has literally gone to hell.

Our Christian values are under attack. This nation is a disgrace and has been for decades. Vietnam, Korea, disgraceful….

Now we, are even worse. Worse, not better. Worse.

What are you so proud of America? What?

You are a Godless crime ridden corrupt nation of war mongers.


All this armor and guns and stuff is bull shit. I don’t care how good anyone is at it. It is bull shit. Be it Russian, American, Chinese, British, Hamas, Israel or whatever. So, you are a bad ass with guns. Who cares?

A federal agent bad ass pointed his weapon at a Boy Scout recently.

What a bad ass. He is so bad with his badge and his government G man assholeness.

How does one stop an asshole like this?

Ass hole Government man. Ass hole government soldier boy.

You are so bad ass with your guns and your armor and your alleged honor.

Hamas assholes with their rockets.

And Israel with their dead super soldiers. Hell, I can’t blame them. What the hell they supposed to do?

Me? I feel like Tecumseh. I feel damned if I do and damned if I don’t.

I am so tired of our federal government. I know that much.

I don’t support this government of ours. It is a sham. It is tyranny. It is war mongering.

I am watching this country die.

I am a Christian and as such I am attacked by much of this nation.

I don’t see any nation for me to protect. I see a bad situation coming for me and mine potentially.

As such, I am preparing like a Boy Scout.

I am getting right with God because there is evil brewing.

I am looking for good people, and finding only a few.


Subject X: psychic trick shot artist predicts he will miss his next shot

It is always me against myself. Sometimes, one of me must lose.

“Look, this is hard for me,” X said. ” “I mean I try to be humble. I try to be the best I can. I don’t like to miss my mark, ever. It is a trait I guess.”

Also, I am not D. Real. There is a D. Real though, and he is/was and always will be a Boy Scout. He is one of the good guys.

I think my next shot will be at the bottle cap sideways. I can’t possibly hit that with an AirSoft gun from 23 feet. Right?

I mean on the first shot. Odds are good I would it hit relatively quickly. But you never know. You never know for sure, even as a psychic or a savant.

Hello Dad.

Dad, today I won the Plinker Bowl. I am the best today. I am almost happy. I am close to happy.

I very well may miss my next shot. I thought I would today. I didn’t.


Long story short, I shouldn’t be this good. It takes all kinds of muscle memory to be this good. I don’t ever recall shooting all that much. I do recall having an eery knack for it, and I recall liking it. My mom took my guns though.

I never shot again until a few years ago, more like the last year and one half year.

I made these shots with an AirSoft Springer shooting plastic 6 mm BBs at 260 feet per second, from 23 feet, at a downward angle, free handed with three dot sights.

When I attempt my next shot, I will try real hard to hit it on the first shot. Part of me really wants to miss it though. I won’t miss on purpose. If I miss, I miss.

I also can take guns apart and modify them pretty readily.

And honestly, I had only shot a handgun one other time before buying my AirSoft pistols and it was a revolver, .38 special. I had only shot rifles and BB rifles, and shotguns too.

Yet, from the time I picked up this Beretta, I have been lights out.

I am a training expert and I know I should not be as good as I am. I rarely if ever miss.

There is this too, but this was with a BB rifle and that didn’t really surprise me. Like I say, I shot these as a kid and was pretty darned good with them. Still, it is one hell of a series of shots.

I called this proof of X but the real, undeniable proof for me anyway is above.

The last thing my father gave me was a gun. A gun.

It was kind of weird because…. It just was.

Anyway, I was taught many things as a child. Someone taught me things and removed my memory of learning them.

The bottle cap shot I made today was the first and only attempt I have ever made of that shot.

I likely have the skill to hit that bottle cap sideways on my first shot. I likely do. I am not calling my shot though. I could miss, almost hope I do. I know me though. I want to hit it on the first shot. It is my nature.

I could say I might not take the shot but we all know I will.


Subject X: Mrs. Wise

I was in her last class before she retired. An incident happened there that I recall until this day, and I don’t recall much of my childhood.

Anyway, she asked a question that I believe she didn’t think any of us would know the answer to, and I did. She asked me how I knew. I could only answer her with, I don’t know.

The answer just “popped” into my head. I have no idea how I knew the answer. I don’t recall ever learning it.

This happens to me. Does it happen to you?

How about this? You ever have stuff pop into your head and then happen?

I told my dad once not to go a direction because a bridge was out up ahead. I couldn’t have known this. I was 80 miles from home. He didn’t listen to me.

Sure enough, we had to turn around and go back to detour.


I don’t want to be a gun toting super hero. I don’t want to do security any more. I never wanted to be a cop, or an airborne ranger. I wanted to write. I don’t really any more. I just want to chill.

People think they know me. They don’t. I don’t know them either. I used to think I did. I don’t.

I tend to laugh at myself. Did you know that? I really do. I am an idiot genius. I know that. We all are.

I am just like you. It just took me a while to remember.

I am not lying about MK Ultra. It is as real as the noses on our faces. Let it not be misunderstood, MK Ultra is alive.

It victimizes everyone really. I know you may not understand.

It is all compartmentalized and memories can be falsified and removed. Electronics and hypnosis can do many things to many people. The perpetrators don’t have to get everyone but their reach is incredible, pretty much all are affected somehow to some degree.

What the hell do you think Facebook and Twitter are? TV? Movies? Music?

It is combined with drugs to manipulate and control.


Find God. It is the only thing that helps. Remember God and His laws for us.



Ecclesiastes by Beck.


You know the whole time everybody was talking smack about me I was able to shoot my ass off. Nobody realized that then. Now they all know. They don’t say much about me now.

Leave me be and we will all be just fine. I am not now, nor have I ever been looking for a fight. If it comes right down to it though, I am more than capable of defending myself.

I am a Boy Scout. Boy Scouts are the good guys. I help little old ladies cross the street and stuff.

Ultraviolet is a bad woman. She is. She is a fictionalized MK Ultra creation. The thing is though, MK Ultra is not fiction.

She has a chip or two. I knocked all my chips off, and my buttons. I am just trying to lead as close to a normal life as possible.

I will always have to live with not being understood. I can do that. I am used to it.

There are those who know even more than I do about what my capabilities are. They are the ones who made me, trained me.

They tried to make me feel invincible but I know I am not. I am more than a handful though. I am a creation of the secret US government.

I am still learning what I can do. I had stopped but recent events have made it a requirement again.

I have known since I was about five years old that I was different.

I always only ever wanted to be normal.

I laugh when I hear Admiral Turner say the CIA disbanded MK Ultra. I really do.

I am living proof they didn’t.

I don’t aim to hurt anyone. I am not seeking vengeance. I don’t aim to save the world. I used to. I don’t think I can now.

You see, to the best of my knowledge, I never learned to shoot. I simply know how to. I know lots of stuff I don’t recall learning. Whole chunks of my memory have been removed.



I am not saying this is the way for you.

I am a Christian, not a Zen master anyway.

This is my medicine to understand.


This is just me making fun of myself because I know eventually I will miss, and that will make me a little crazy, just a little. :)


Plinking helps me focus. I don’t know what my next test will be for myself, but it will be smaller in size. I will probably miss. :)

I figure it will be around a 1/2 inch diameter next time. That is going to be harder than even this was. Twice as hard.


84 nations are less violent than the US of A. EIGHTY- FOUR Is that exceptional? Anybody? Bueller?

I get no happy from kicking the US of A. I get no happy from over praising her either.

I should study these nations more, the six least violent on Earth. What are they doing? What are they not doing?

How can they make me better? I need to get better too.

I need to get better at recommending good peace strategies. Peace is better.

Violence doesn’t solve any equations.

I am not going to go all anti gun. It won’t work either.

I won’t glorify the gun either. Guns are dangerous in the wrong hands.

I do like to shoot though. I like to plink. That is all really. Heck, any more though with all the violence, I don’t enjoy it as much. It is hard to disassociate the gun from the violence it brings in the wrong hands.

I think it is why I was drawn to the AirSoft guns. I can plink with little chance of even hurting a flea. I am not violent.

I just am a human with survival instincts and an uncanny aim.



Tail wind X

Vanity in the Bible is often translated to mean wind.


It can go any place, wind.

We are all, X.

War is wind. All is wind. Peace is wind. We are wind.

You can shelter from wind.

Wind is energy. We are energy. We have all kinds of potential.

Kerouac wrote of vanity, of wind. He was trying to grasp it. Wind is hard to hold on to.

The wind always is free. The wind is the wind is the wind.


Hell, USA population around 300 million or so

You know I am all I favor of peace. Peace is damn near impossible though. Therefore, I have guns. As of right now, I am still fortunate enough not to need them. I have them just in case.
Without a doubt, the biggest reason I need them are the foreign and domestic policies of our so called leaders.
I don’t get all excited about guns really because they are not an answer, more of a last ditch resort complex in hell.



Texas National Guard is being sent to border. Be careful, obviously. The cartels are reportedly (not widely reported ) firing .50 caliber rounds at our Border Patrol agents. Needless to say, our agents seek cover. Not much will stop a .50, that can be easily carried anyway. One needs a lot, and I mean a lot of shielding. The PF (power factor) of a .50 is ridiculous. If it hits you, you don’t live, very unlikely anyway. This round removes large portions of its recipients body.
There is no body armor against a .50, don’t exist. There are ways to cover though. I don’t envy them, the agents, the soldiers, the citizens. It really is a war for them. Of course no one knows really.

You will see that the armor times 2 “stopped” one of the rounds, but not really the energy transferred to the target would kill them via blunt force. Also when you see the top of the second plate blown out, the target would be missing their head most likely.



One blogger I follow has the most compelling picture of a person on their blog, their avatar I guess one could say. They also call them self a writer so they are a writer. They say they are a writing student etc.

Anyway, the photo has a person with a genuine smile, my take any how. And their hands are on their head and I can’t even describe that in a manner that does it justice.

I look at the picture and I think that person is purely themselves and as such it strikes me. It is not a pose yet it is and it strikes me.

It makes me smile too. It freaking simply, purely makes me happy. I am happy for the person in the picture. It is a beautiful feeling. I like when I see that picture.

They have this look of pure happy on their face.

Truly happy people glow. They just go places however and glow. Other people can’t help but feel better around them. We need more of those people.

Shakira has that happy glow too.

Watch and see?

People freaking love Shakira. :)


X Plane Nation: Subject X, reverse….

Oh and I will be on the moon today around 1600 hours. I have this top secret X plane.
I would tell you about it but is a secret after all. Yep. Secret.
It is on a need to know basis. You are not worthy. Nope, you don’t need to know.
It is insured by Progressive.


I dedicate this next song to me.


Raise your hand if you want to believe in something. Now, keep your hand up only if you know what that thing is.



You ever heard of the Liberal Arts Major? (You got clearance, Clarence?)



Truth lives in a Compartment Complex.


War. War is what the X Plane Nation is.


The USAF really does have Chairborn in Fairborn. They have them in Springfield too, other places. They think they are on a mission from God. That is so ironic.

Couch patrol.


You love this shit you do.

Remote controlled death from above…. You love it so. Go to college, learn it.

Thing is you are way behind the curve. All this cutting edge was cutting edge years ago.

You are not on the moon. But, you can kill cost effectively.


Plantation Earth.

I give you the moon walker as a mechanical illusion. I give you your own encapsulation as slaves in stone.



I told Americans not to let drones fly over America. I told you this mostly on Twitter. I am not on Twitter really anymore. Not really. I am through with Twitter. Facebook, Twitter, whatever are all basically the same deal.

Twitter is worse though because of who, what Yada, yada yada….

Anyway, drones have already removed your freedom. You, we are all being spied on.

Plus, we can be wasted with extreme precision.

There are only secondary defense against drone strikes really. I mean, unless you have a plane capable of defeating a drone. I mean drones can kick ass. They don’t have pilots to restrict Gs. You all really have no clue. You think you do. You don’t.


Moon Landing Broadcast was bounced off the moon

The moon is the first satellite. That is a true story.

The CIA has your water fluoridated, and more. They can make you believe damn near anything they like.

Solid ground, on Earth, but not the moon.

Not one of you, or your children shall ever go to the moon. It won’t happen.

I know this doesn’t really break your heart or change your mind, most of you. You are fluoridated. You are likely mostly apathetic politically. Fluoride….


It is rumored that 24 people have left Earth’s orbit.

It is only a rumor, some say it is a lie.

Don’t get too excited. It isn’t true.

Do you even know what truth is?

Ever seen it?

What makes you so sure 12 people have been on the moon? They told you so? They did. You believe them. I don't.

What makes you so sure 12 people have been on the moon? They told you so?
They did. You believe them. I don’t.

TJ Hooker, is on the moon. Tyro is in the moon. POW Myra is on the moon. Fool’s Gold is on the moon.

Not even Roxanne walks on the moon.

I don’t believe any of this.

You seem to, most of you anyway.

I have no idea why you do.

It isn’t true.


Interview with people who have been to the moon had to be canceled.

We cannot find a soul who has ever been there, and can prove it, not even one.

People don’t fully understand the ramifications of this moon hoax.

Almost the whole world has been duped. They still believe people went to the moon.

It really cracks me up. I mean it is kind of sad too, but mostly, I have to laugh.

The world is duped over and over on basically the same scale too.

It happens damn near daily.

24 astronauts are alleged to have left Earth’s orbit. People think it has to be this huge coverup. Not really. It was easy.

Of these, only 12 believe they walked on the moon. They never did. They believed they did. They didn’t. No one of us ever has or probably ever will either. It is all bull shit.


Subject X: let me tell you about angels….

They love war. It is their favorite thing. You don’t see it.

They are the ones who really wreak havoc.

Sure there are good angels but good is subjective.

There are angels who don’t get off on killing, but many do.

All angels are killers though.

None of you are angels. Me?

Matthew 24:31 – And he shall send his angels with a great sound of a trumpet, and they shall gather together his elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other.

Acts 7:53 – Who have received the law by the disposition of angels, and have not kept [it].

Acts 12:23 – And immediately the angel of the Lord smote him, because he gave not God the glory: and he was eaten of worms, and gave up the ghost.

Psalms 35:5 – Let them be as chaff before the wind: and let the angel of the LORD chase [them].

Revelation 12:7 – And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels,

Matthew 25:41 – Then shall he say also unto them on the left hand, Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels:

2 Thessalonians 1:7 – And to you who are troubled rest with us, when the Lord Jesus shall be revealed from heaven with his mighty angels,


MK Ultra




Talk about lost tribes.


Turn to your YouTube hymnal, prepare to scratch your head, if you have not already started. If you pulled your hair out, why did you do that?


Subject X: Godsend

Do you see angels?

I am not saying I do or don’t. I am asking.

All you assigned to me, I don’t mean planes, or altitudes. I mean regular angels.

The people you work for do that stuff, not me.

I am a Mennonite.