President Obama is arming Muslim terrorists. So are the US House and Senate. I have a problem with that. You should too. If you don’t, I have a problem with you too. Yep.

Do not join the US military. It is being run by traitors and fools.

Get out and do not enlist.

This does not fully apply to the USAF.

Your skill set and equipment is of unparalleled importance.

It is why Block Leave does not pertain to many of you.

The rest, block leave.

You can learn and procure elsewhere.

The hawks they send after me tend to be USAF. They send others though too.

General USAF is training ISIS to fight and to fly.

General USAF, I have a big problem with you and your kind.

Any of you private operators need to stop also.


Stuff you can do….

What can you do?

Our leaders are traitors and fools. Our country folk are brain washed largely.

Pray to God for wisdom.

Arm yourself. Learn to shoot. Be proficient with every gun you own.

If you are not proficient with it, trade it for one you are.

Have as many different calibers as you can.

Do not expect your government to protect this nation. They attack it. You must learn to accept that as truth. The government, the media and the military are complicit in terrorism.

John Boehner replied to my email I sent him. He didn’t say shit about his arming of terrorists.

He gave me some lecture on the Constitution and impeachment that I did not require.

John Boehner can kiss my ass.

There is a lot more.

Restore the Constitution.


Reduce the government size by removing most of the appointed positions.

No mention of arming Syrian rebels, ISIS.

No mention of arming Syrian rebels, ISIS.


Head Games, Iraq and Elsewhere

I see you sent a national news anchor to Iraq to cover ISIS. You gave him some vest that won’t stop much. You didn’t give him a gun either. We can’t have that.

He went. I guess he is more worried about losing his job than his head? Maybe it is a tie?

I didn’t name him.

I don’t have to. Dude, see what happens when you sell your soul to the devil?

I gave up rage in favor of chill.

The rage is still there though.

It is and it isn’t.

There are no sides really. The shit is circular.


Tweep Poet’s Go To Gun Guys (and Gals)

These are listed in no particular order. All of these folks are knowledgeable.

I don’t know any of them. I know of them and I watch or read or listen to them.

These people are supplemental to having well qualified local instruction from quality instructors. These people are like vitamins for your shooting health.

1 The Military Arms Channel

2 Hickok45

3 The Nutnfancy Project

4 Sootch00

5 IraqVeteran888

6 TheFireArmsGuy

7 There really is only one women I have used to learn from via video or blog and that is TacTissy.

However, there are other knowledgeable women shooters. It is a relatively new phenomenon at least in the public eye generally, women shooters. In rural cultures though, many women learn to shoot as well or better than the men.

Near as I can tell, this TacTissy is a Tac Driver. Women should definitely listen to her thoughts, men too. She seems to gear her stuff toward women though.

There are other women I know of but haven’t really read as much. Janna Reeves comes to mind, and Dianna Liedorff.

8 Jerry Miculek

9 John Johnston, Ballistic Radio

There are maybe more but these guys and gals will make you better shooters….

This guy whose video I am about to post should feel like honored though. I am choosing to show one of his and all of these other people are really good.


Always, ALWAYS, be careful with guns, even AirSoft guns.


Subject X: how many of you need Depends currently?

I could have anytime I wanted to. I never wanted to. Nope. If I had, I would have. I didn’t. I won’t unless I must. Then I will.

I didn’t give myself to any program.


Do you admire your government?

Do you love your country?

The whole my country ’tis of thee deal?

What if I told you it was all a lie?

I guess I already have though.


Power. It is only power really if you use it.

My power is danger. I am as dangerous as they come.

I am chill though. I am chill.

I am jaded. Hey I am working on walking on sunshine….


Hello LC. Do you know who I am? Did you know then?


Here is the scale

In the video and the previous post I was shooting at targets this size from 21 feet with a Phoenix Arms Raven .25 ACP. These are 1 inch or less groups.

In the video and the previous post I was shooting at targets this size from 21 feet with a Phoenix Arms Raven .25 ACP. These are 1 inch or less groups.


The B and the C the 2 and the 3

Two more three shot groups.... This caption goes with both pictures really. They are the second and third examples from the parameters I shot the video of previous post.

Two more three shot groups…. This caption goes with both pictures really. They are the second and third examples from the parameters I shot the video of previous post.


This is part of the story of the Raven, the Aguilar and the Preacher.

LA Gun. In Pink, so it must have been in San Fran some? Who knows?

LA Gun. In Pink, so it must have been in San Fran some? Who knows?


Do you know who taught you to shoot? Was it your father? Was it the military?

Was it a scientist? Did you learn when you were real young?

Were you taught to believe in anything?

The last thing my father gave me was a gun. He told me to…. It doesn’t matter.


Hello Dad.

Mom says I am just like you. I really don’t know now do I dad?

You know?

Pianos and pistols, planes and pictures dad.


Range time with my Raven and Aguila Ammunition

I am showing you a video of three shots from 21 feet with my tiny Phoenix Raven. This is a gun I bought used and it has ran perfectly every time I have shot it. It has not had any issue whatsoever. I also shot my Cobra and videoed it but the camera fell over and I didn’t realize it so no video of that.

I only had Self defense .380 ammo left and I didn’t want to use it….

The Raven really loves this Aguila. The video will show you how much. It is dead on accurate.

I highly recommend Aguila ammunition. It is good stuff.


Cobra CA 380 Update

I love this gun. You may not.

I love this gun. You may not.

Also, I want to inform you, inform you. I am listening to Ballistic Radio podcast as I clean my weapon.

The main thing I want you to hear now is this, “Hand gun rounds suck.” – John Johnston, the Ballistic Radio guy….

This gun may not be for you. The same can be said of any gun. I always recommend people shoot a gun before, BEFORE, buying it.

If you are going to use a gun for self defense, you must shoot it regularly.

This is especially the case for subcompact .380s. The felt recoil is ridiculous.

Most gun “experts” despise this gun. So far, I love it. I am going to take it apart and clean it. I may show you some pictures. I may not. I have found it likes some ammo more than others.

I love it’s accuracy. I guarantee you it is more accurate than a Ruger LCP, the Keltec, and the Taurus. All of those guns are much lighter, at least 12 ounces lighter. The Cobra weighs 22 ounces unloaded. It has manageable recoil and quicker and more accurate second shots in my opinion.

I am also going to inspect it for wear. I will be taking it to the range again soon, perhaps even today.

I will keep updating you on this gun.

The parts to clean.... Now, I am not messing with the trigger etc. here. Most people should not until they are more familiar.... Let a gunsmith do that....

The parts to clean…. Now, I am not messing with the trigger etc. here. Most people should not until they are more familiar…. Let a gunsmith do that….

All clean and back together.

All clean and back together.


I armed terrorists today by US government proxy. It ain’t no big thing though really. I do it everyday. So do you. So do you.

Since life is inherently dangerous, y’all must be secret agent men. I mean you arm terrorists and all.

What is like being an agent? Huh?

Oh Tricky you so fine you blow my mind. Hey Tricky.

Hollywood Quartet this is the Sundance Kid via Colorado with some California guns.

You know Bill Gates has an F5.

If you read closely, you know I like the F5.

LA Guns is not just the guns of we the people. Nope.

It is the guns of the COG.


I just emailed representative John Boehner and told him to impeach president Obama and to stop arming terrorists. I didn’t ask him to. I told him to.

People of the 8th district of Ohio I suggest you do the same thing.

Our nation is in peril and president Obama and Congress are arming terrorists.

I will be emailing old Johnny boy again. Yep.

It is at great peril that I do so. It is at great peril if you do to.

Dissent to Nazis is a dangerous thing.

Representative Boehner is a Nazi. He may not be full fledged but he is afraid of them so that makes him pretty much the same thing as a Nazi.

They make it hard for you to contact them, you have to give them all the information they ask for or you won’t get to send an email.

They want to know everything they can about you so they can take you out for dissenting.

I would not be surprised if they send federal agents to my door now.

You all don’t have my back as I risk my ass for this nation.

I don’t know why I bother. I really don’t.


RattleSnake Armor: Tough Shit, You’re Going Again

Lexan I cold forged back into shape after pummeling it....

Lexan I cold forged back into shape after pummeling it….


A Lexan adventure…. Can this stuff be work hardened? Regardless, I must say that I pounded this stuff with lead, copper, hardened steel and other metal shaped penetrators, over and over. Now I just pounded on it with hardened steel hammers. I am going to reuse it. It is mostly still intact. It is like 250 times more strong than glass. I have broken it stand alone with the things I have hit it with though. Other pieces, but all in all, this is some tough ass shit.

Phase testing….

This will be a component armor system. Here you see a few of the components, more or less. Less.

Phasers on kill. Stun won't get it done.

Phasers on kill. Stun won’t get it done.


RattleSnake Armor: sheer genius

Since I am talking metal in part, I could have used shear. Anyway….

Do you know how bad I want to tell you where I got my supply of hardened tempered steel? I won’t, but it is like, difficult not to.

It is sheer genius. Genius.

Do you know how hard this shit is?

It is hard. It makes my shit hard. Hard.


In some ways, having the HT steel is a downer. I could just default to it.

But, the moment will come when I will fallback in love with other materials.

It is this, and I am distracted by other things right now.

In other words, my mind is still wanting to wait I think. It is a lot of stuff I do… at once.


Depleted uranium penetrators…. Always in the back of my mind, I have this thought. They are the nastiest in existence. They are almost impossible to stop more than once, if at all.

They melt and explode causing a fireball. They bring much and many forms of energy to a target. On top of all that shit, they sharpen themselves. They melt steel too. It is crazy deadly shit.


Other incendiary rounds like the .308 will go through HT steel like a knife through butter. They bring thermal energy, and molten copper jets, nasty shit.

There are also rod penetrators. The DU is a rod that explodes on its own. It is both a pointed and incendiary penetrator. It is unmatched. Plus, needless to say it is more dense than any thing it may hit pretty much.

It is….


RattleSnake Armor: stay tuned while I whip something up using old materials and what I just bought at the store

This is going to be real impressive. It will stop a lot more than what I will hit it with. I am gong to put it in a Camel tin, of course.

This will be one of my better designs too.


I will show you pictures of the exterior and the results. I may upload a video too.

I am not sure how long it will be before I build, test and post etc….

It shouldn’t take that long though to build and hit with at least one round.

This is what I have dubbed my snake pit design. It has fangs. What goes in gets bit real bad.

This is what I have dubbed my snake pit design. It has fangs. What goes in gets bit real bad.

Ladies and gentlemen, don’t look now but I have gotten my hands on some hardened tempered steel. My RattleSnake armor has gone to the next level….

Don’t worry, I won’t show you either.


Now, I am going to refine something damn near impenetrable, and take it to Kentucky to test it.

The Lord is at work in me. I have yet to meet a finer craftsman.


RattleSnake Armor: Research

Research for my body armor designs is ongoing. It will probably never end. If you are using armor in your job, or if you are building it, this video will inform you well of armor concepts, and penetration concepts to. To defeat penetrators, you must know how they work.

I will be going to a store today to buy materials that are partly inspired by this video. If I told you what they were, you could buy them too.

They are less than three dollars for a boat load of stopping power….


Moderate Muslim Machine Gunner for hire seems to be the plan proposed by president Obama.

Freaking president Obama. Freaking America, and freaking the whole world. Freaking the fricking universe.


Now, ….

It wasn’t Bangkok probably. It could have been. All this cream of crops gathered for parlor games of their own making. It doesn’t have to be chess does it.

Hunters and gatherers….

Societies of humans… that do….

What do they do?

Do you know? Does anyone?

Does the news tell you?

Shit I don’t want to believe…. Yes. There are such things. It doesn’t mean I will tell you what they are. In fact, I think this thing I do not mention…. I tend to believe it. I just don’t want to. It is kind of heavy. So heavy, I rarely mention it. I have before but I won’t now. The really close readers know I am talking about a particular country that is not the USA…. It isn’t Saudi Arabia either. It isn’t England. It isn’t Pakistan, Russia or China.



RattleSnake Armor: what have you done for me lately?

Piece of cake. I. I will survive.

Piece of cake. I. I will survive.

Know what you see here? Got a notebook? How about an imagination? Good with your hands? …


My armor components get jealous of each sometimes. They think I don’t love them anymore.

I have seen all I need to see from the hardened steel. I just bought it to give you a look….


The thing in the picture? The things in the picture? You don’t know what is there. It isn’t steel though. Nope.

It has taken 7 rounds in conjunction with another element. It is still functional in its role.

I will be enhancing this component over the next few days….

It has absorbed one impact as a stand alone unit.


RattleSnake Armor: first prototype utilizing hardened steel being built today

Invented and inspected by, Jeff....

Invented and inspected by, Jeff….

Here is the piece of hardened steel. It is tiny, and thin, probably 16 gauge or so…. In inches that is about .06. It is less than 1/10 of an inch thick.

It is a litte under 1 inch long and a little over one half inch wide. It is like a plastic bottle cap on its side.

Good thing I am a crack shot. This is tiny. I am going to shoot it a couple times and see what it does to lead. I may show you stills or video, may not.

Good thing I am a crack shot. This is tiny. I am going to shoot it a couple times and see what it does to lead. I may show you stills or video, may not.

Camel protection....

Camel protection….

This used to be a pointed lead pellet until it met the hardened steel. The hardened steel is not even dented. That pellet would have dented lesser steel.

This used to be a pointed lead pellet until it met the hardened steel. The hardened steel is not even dented. That pellet would have dented lesser steel.

Today I will fabricate a prototype to test using hardened steel. I will also be contacting a factory today or soon and inquiring about their services as they pertain to hardening steel.

Ladies and gentlemen, this shit is going to be real good.

I am an artist after all. Yep.

Belgian Builder, yet another in a long line of nicknames….

There is Milspec, and then there is Myspec. Myspec… is mine, all mine.

I am beyond psyched for this build. I have been waiting to arrive at this stage for a long time. This is going to be some really, really good armor.

As an aside, you have any idea what I could build should I be unleashed in a proper type salvage yard?


Triple Tap with Cobra CA 380 from 7 yards

Numbers 21:9 And Moses made a serpent of brass, and put it upon a pole, and it came to pass, that if a serpent had bitten any man, when he beheld the serpent of brass, he lived.

John 3:14 And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of man be lifted up:

It is a 1 inch or less group.... Taking a second look, it might be a tad more than 1 inch. I will look again. The target is small relatively. Still, it appears to me to be a tad more than an inch. Still, with a 2.8 inch barrel, and 3 inches being considered good with a pistol, it is fair to say either the gun or the shooter is decent.

It is a 1 inch or less group…. Taking a second look, it might be a tad more than 1 inch. I will look again. The target is small relatively. Still, it appears to me to be a tad more than an inch. Still, with a 2.8 inch barrel, and 3 inches being considered good with a pistol, it is fair to say either the gun or the shooter is decent.

I checked, and it turns out my original thought was correct. It is way under a one inch group. The picture made it look like slightly more than one inch. In reality, it is more like 1/2 inch.

I checked, and it turns out my original thought was correct. It is way under a one inch group. The picture made it look like slightly more than one inch. In reality, it is more like 1/2 inch.

I imagine he can shoot straight, the previous singer.

Anyway, it is a play on decent. Words have two meanings you know. You have to see the caption through to the end.

I am wild but not violent.

I can shoot. I don’t have any plans on shooting anything, or anything.

Why would I?

That is crazy.

I am not crazy.


George W. Bush destabilized Iraq just like president Obama destabilized everything else in the Middle East

So all you military geniuses saying how Bush predicted what would happen in Iraq are wrong.

He freaking planned it.


Put him and president Obama in jail.

Take his ugly ass daughter off of television. Ugly girl.

Oh and soldier boy, you helped him to do it.

You know soldier boy, the more I look at what you did, the more I want a piece of your ass.

Don’t come around here soldier boy. Nope.

You should have never called me a Nazi boy.

Do not show up in my neck of the woods. Ever. Stay in Colorado with your Nazi ass.


General USAF, the intel I have says you are training ISIS fighter pilots.

Most Americans have their head up their own ass. They are not smart enough to question why we have a training command in Saudi Arabia? Why the Saudis are not fighting ISIS? Etc.

I know you are their to train ISIS. It made little sense to me at first that they chose you since you were a flight instructor. I figured they just liked you ADDIE etc.

However, a little digging tells me you are training pilots too. You are one hell of a fighter pilot.

Too bad you are a traitor.

Here is the cover story the COG is using to provide cover for your ass.

All you real Americans flying sorties in the Middle East, watch your six.

One of your own is trying to kill you. Yep. It ain’t me. I am trying to save you. Yep.

I told you to get out. You didn’t listen.




I bought two magazines for my Raven today. I love that little mouse gun. God, I need a new avocation that appeals to me. I need more money to support my gun habit.

Plus, I am looking for more happiness. It ain’t the money nearly as much as the happiness. Please help me find my avocation so I can go out on my own career wise.

I don’t want to work for anyone else much longer. I mean this.

I mean it wholeheartedly.

God, insert guns in place of love and you see where I am at.

I don’t want a 12 step program. I just want more guns and ammunition and stuff.



I am mad as hell at 320 million Americans basically. Still, I am glad no one launched attacks against you yesterday. Hey, that must count for something.

How the hell you doing soldier boy? I never told a soul about your time in Iraq and what you did there.

Did it help? What you did? Did it help? Or did it hurt?

I know what I think the answer is….


The government trains and equips the people you fought.

Yet you called me a Nazi.

That is why I don’t call you a friend anymore.

I ain’t coming after you.

The general you worked for wants you to come after me though.

You coming?

If so, don’t expect a warm welcome.


We are not friends anymore. You are on the wrong side of freedom.

Still, I have no desire to kill you. Any of you….

Unless any of you mess with me.

I give you all a lot of latitude as I try to save you from yourselves.

If you turn your guns on me, any of you, the shit will hit the fan.

I don’t want this nation going boom. My goal is the opposite.

I know you are all brain washed so I give you a break.

There are limits though.

I am an American. I will not be starting a war here.

The government might. They already tried in Nevada.

I could launch a “campaign.”

It would not really do any good though.

If this nation is to be healed, it will have to be done inside the system.

War just gets people dead.

Not my attitude…. Yours?

You a rock star? Got rock moves? If so, what would it solve?

This has nothing to do with Pink really. It is metaphor for all of us rock stars and our violence.

And soldier boy, too bad all the shit I told you about our government all those years ago never sunk in. I am still the person who said, “Please don’t do that?”

I never showed you the dark side of what would happen if you did.

You don’t want to see that side of me. It is more ugly than anything you can imagine, even now with your post warrior experience.


When I was young…. The government changed me. I changed myself back as best I could.


General USAF has a real name. He trains ISIS

The command that trains ISIS and is being covered up…. Keep telling yourselves that our leaders are on our side. Keep telling yourself that they are fighting terrorism. Keep remembering 9/11 all you want. Recall the forfeiture of your rights.

Y’all piss me off. All of you.

With your president Bushes, and Clintons….

ADDIE in this instance is not OK. Nope. You all are not prepared to deal with these smooth criminals. As such, you keep sending your youth to die for lies.

President Obama wants you to think his new plan authorizes the training of vetted Syrian rebels etc.

They have been training terrorists for years. They are COG.

I have told you a million times, and I say again, “DO NOT JOIN THE US MILITARY.”



Gummy Bear

I am not making armor for Gummy Bears. Maybe I should. I want you to watch this. It might save your life. It might tell you how to dissipate a load.

I want you to watch this gummy bear open up when hit by the deer slug.

I want you to watch this video.

There is a series. Watch the whole thing.

Watch the rifles. Rifles do real bad things to gummy bears.

Me I am a dummy bear.


I don’t write all nice to you, tell you that you are exceptional. Nobody is. I am civil to you mostly though. I am the one who tells it to you straight. The truth is most of you are dumb asses when it comes to freedom.

I don’t set out to get you to hate me. It happens though that people do. I don’t really care. Your stupidity is screwing up my life.

I feel sorry for you mostly, especially those who have been duped into the military and the families of the Dupes.

I call you Dupes because you believe some foreign war is going to save you.

That is the most asinine thing I ever heard of.

War will just get you killed, or maimed. It won’t make you free.

The moment you join the military you become a SLAVE.


President Obama, I still give you the benefit of the doubt.

I still think you are in on it. I leave room though for the notion that you have been co-opted and coerced.

The majority of the evidence says you are a player though. You are programmed.

You are an MK Ultra victim too.

Most would think you are fortunate. To the naked eye, you are. To the trained eye, I see your pain.

The killed JFK. You know?

Violence is for cowards.

It really is. Even the bravest soldiers are really chicken shits inside. Ironic huh?

I say all kinds of bad things about you, all true too.

Yet, once in a while, I see your humanity come through.

Good luck man. I am praying for you. For me too. For all of us on the planet. We need it.

Still, if you send soldiers after me, I will kill them.

You should be impeached and imprisoned president Obama. You are breaking the law.

You know the British were breaking the law all those years ago too. They still are. The revolution failed. Yep.

They always do.

The Mennonites knew better. They didn’t play your war dear games.

I don’t either.

I just write. If I have to, I will defend myself because that is what freedom is.


President Obama is using this plan of his to cover the fact that the training of ISIS has been ongoing in Saudi Arabia under General USAF’s command…. It is typical COG protocol. I told you about this about a month ago or so.

What terrorism is most accurately is a tactic of a crime syndicate….

The only way to stop it is by using a type of police, and the courts….

There are no real investigations.

Ask John P. O’Neill?

You cannot. He is dead. First they killed his career, and then they killed him.

There are some real Americans left?

I know there is one for sure. Me.

I very well may be the last one.


Any of you alleged American patriots been to the moon lately to remember the dead from whenever? 9/11? Whatever? Shut up. Yes. All of you. Shut the hell up.

The Constitution is gone. You are almost all programmed. Very few of you know your head from your ass yet you try to tell me what to do and how to live.

All of you, and I mean all of you, “Shut up.” I don’t care if you don’t like me. I don’t care if you don’t talk to me. I actually prefer that most of the time.

The government tried to say I was a terrorist.

I ain’t.

I got news for you. If I wanted anyone dead, they would be dead.

It is the government that kills you, not me.

All those dead soldiers? I didn’t kill any of them.

I ain’t killed anyone.

I am trying to stop all the killing. Many of you morons call me a lunatic for it.

You are asinine insane lunatic, true believers.

You, many of you, make me sick honestly.

Still, I don’t kill you.


I played Taps for you, not the dead. Well, you are the dead. Me too.

I didn’t really do anything special for 9/11/2001. I didn’t remember the dead from that day. The dead are meant to be forgotten. I don’t care about these wars and the wars to end them anymore.

I don’t care about the federal government, the law, or the country really either.

It doesn’t mean I hate you or my country. You probably think it does.

It don’t. I don’t get you people, or the fuss about this country of ours.

I live by God’s rules.

I am doing my damnedest to get out of this society.

I guess I still continue to write in the hope that you will someday actually realize America is a lie. Once you do, you may be able to fix it.

Probably not though. I can’t. Maybe you can. I tried.

Yet, I just heard the news anchor of the local news report the party line about 9/11 as truth.

It is all a lie. People died. You do them no service by telling the lies that surround their death.

You claim to remember them. You don’t. You accept the lies.

You accept the alleged solutions.

You would be better off simply forgetting 9/11 ever happened.

The only plane to fly after the skies were shutdown were Carrying Saudis, and Bushes.


RattleSnake Armor: Improved Multi Hit Capability

Preface: Almost every one on Earth should use existing designs for body armor protection. The modern designs are very good. However, they are not fool proof. If you can afford to buy body armor, do so. Do not build your own. What I am doing is making something better than the world has ever seen….

Odds are real high you cannot do what I am doing. Buy the current designs from reputable companies.

Do not be fooled into thinking they will make you bullet proof. They won’t, not even the best of the best.

End of preface.

Invented and inspected by, Jeff....

Invented and inspected by, Jeff….

Tuff stuff.

Tuff stuff.

I am not going to show you the design. It is top secret. However, I will tell you that I have made HUGE strides in my design. I just blitzed a non-steel prototype and it never even came close to failing.

I am recording the data in my notes. Over the next two weeks, I will be fabricating something so incredibly strong and light it will be beyond ridiculous.

I will be taking it to Kentucky for live fire testing around September 26 or so. I may or may not show you the results. The final design will contain steel.

I have been testing merely units of the design.

The design I just shot did have two very thin pieces of aluminum. I have figured out how to make my non-steel components incredibly strong and durable….

I will tell you that a big part of my design features are load distribution and dissipation…. I have told you in the past that I have studied armor designs throughout the entire history of humanity. I told you that ancient armorers were very wise. I have drawn upon their wisdom in my design.


I have seen some very good homemade designs on YouTube. They can stop a lot but not for very long. Mine will stop shit all day long….

They never thought it out quite as well, or they just are not as smart as me. Either way, my design is the best. It is better than what our military has now.




X is what I am.

I am X.

You may never understand.


I am not Violet. I am kind of like her though.

I am an X. There are others.

I am not Mulder either. I am something the sly Fox would want to know about though. I am that.


I am lucky to be alive as X as I am.

I am too Xy for my own good sometimes.

I have died before. I just came back.

I can be killed. It just ain’t easy.


When you have been dead, it ain’t that scary anymore.

You can joke about it.

Maybe not.

I do though.

I really don’t care if I live anymore, not really. I just stick around for other’s sake.

In many ways, I am still dead.

I try to laugh when I can.

I pull it off sometimes too.


Have a safe day people.

I won’t be writing anymore today unless something significant happens, maybe not even then.

I am going to work for a tad, and then perhaps to the range and some gun stores.

I don’t see the world like most of you do.

What ya gonna do?

Me, I stay chill.



I know a 20 something unlike most other twenty somethings. They were schooled at home, not in a public school. They understand liberty.
Liberty is also a military term.
I suggest a global block leave….
block leaveā€”A period of leave during which an entire unit or command is nowhere to be found. Usually happens in summer and at Xmas, but is forbidden to units or commands who work on a 365 basis.
I would modify it to include everyone.
The best way to insure freedom is to keep the responsibility for it in your own hands. Taking orders from some jack ass is not freedom. Nope.


I don’t dwell on 9/11/2001 really. Not the way you do anyway….

I recall 9/11/2001. I watched on TV live when the second plane hit. I knew then it was a terrorist attack of some sort. I recall everything I thought. I won’t tell you all of my thoughts.
One thought is I wondered if more attacks were coming.
I didn’t fundamentally change though. It seems most of you did though.
Me, I walked out my door, thought we may be at war., thought I might get shot at. I kept walking to the store to do my business.
You all gave up all your rights.
I don’t dwell on that day. It didn’t change me. It should not have really changed you either.
I suggest you forget it.
You still won’t even admit who really did it.
Do what you want though. You are supposed to be free.
Good luck with that giving away all your rights for a false sense of security.


I tell our youth not to join the military. The reason is simple really. It is this, “You will take an oath to defend a document called the Constitution against enemies foreign and domestic. That is not what will happen though. The exact opposite will happen. You will not exactly risk your life for nothing though. I have said that in the past. It is more true that you will risk your life for tyrants. In exchange, those tyrants will make money and that will appease them a bit. Then they will kill less of you. Up to a point, because once they get all your guns, they will kill whoever they want on quite a large scale.”


American youth, do not join the military.
Do not risk your asses for us, any of us. Stay home with your families.
Dying or fighting in some foreign land will not make this nation any safer. Nope.
The real terrorists are in the government, and related corporations.
Stay home.


Good old boys

It doesn’t really wig me out seeing a good old boy carrying a rifle. Just saying.
Hell, I recall riding with a fellow named Red Crow in New Mexico. He was a Native, good old boy Native edition. But anyway….
I was riding shot gun and in the middle was an arsenal. This was an everyday thing. We never shot anyone. Nope.

I recall though too seeing people in bars with empty holsters….

That wigged me out.


If you are a journalist, you need guns. It doesn’t matter whether you are in Iraq or Los Angeles. True story.

I know. I know. I keep showing this video. It is true though. You need more guns. I am trying to tell you that.

If you are a journalist, you can forget your lap top. You can forget your pen. You can forget your camera. You had better not forget your guns….

Yes you need several. You need others with guns surrounding you. You need more guns….

Here is one of the fabulous LA guns, for real.

LA Gun. In Pink, so it must have been in San Fran some? Who knows?

LA Gun. In Pink, so it must have been in San Fran some? Who knows?


Keep your heads

I am not saying anyone was or was not beheaded. I do know the intelligence community owned media kept saying words to this effect, “We are analyzing the video to determine its authenticity.”
The person making this video says neither video shows an actual beheading. Instead they fade to black and then show the “result.” Result is my word.
There are all kinds of puns I could state here.
I shall refrain. Odds are people are dead.
I don’t know really though.
All I can say is, anyone who goes to the Middle East to fight or to cover these Islamic wars should know the risk.
To me, it makes no sense for anyone to go. It only makes sense for the people of the region to solve their own problems.
If terrorism is such a threat, we should close our borders. We don’t.
In a dark, sick way, this is much ado about something that is something close to nothing.
I can’t stop crazy people in the Middle East. I can try to stop them if they come here. Which they just might, our borders are wide open.
All of this is a sick twisted game played by the COG.
I am not saying people don’t die. They do. Odds are if they stayed out of it, they would be alive still.
No journalist in the Middle East is going to have any lasting effect by reporting what is happening there.
No one except the COG knows for sure anyway. They won’t let the truth be told. Nope.
There is no sense of any of us losing our heads now is there? No pun intended.