I remained silent about my ability to shoot as well as I can my whole life. If it weren’t for the tyranny we live under, I would never have shown the world my gift of aim.

There is no man or woman who need fear me though. Unless, you try to kill me or jail me unjustly.

I won’t miss.

I am more than capable of teaching anyone to shoot well. I won’t teach just anyone though. It is a great responsibility.

At some point, the better you shoot, the more danger you are in. Ask, Chris Kyle.


I don’t enjoy shooting really anymore. I used to. Now, it is too closely associated with violence. I learn not because I want to but because I must.

Tyrants want all.

We have bastards likely Harry Reid terrorizing us and then labeling us terrorists.

The Ohio National Guard, Xe, the FBI, etc. all train to shoot us every day. They are just a few. Every agency pretty much has access to Xe and similar.

I shoot every day now because they do. Someone has to be able to waste them just like they can us. If they shoot at us, we must shoot at them.

Make no mistake, it is they who are the violent ones.

You know they use no hesitation targets right?

Do you know what those are?

They are targets depicting women and children.

Hello FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi. Hello Marine Lon Horiuchi. People don’t see you. You are camouflaged as a patriot.

Lon, kiss my ass.

People walk around thinking you cops and soldiers are so honorable. Some are. Some aren’t.

I learned a while back the uniform means little to nothing.

Lon, you shot a woman holding her child in the mouth with a .308.

Then Lon, you opened up at Waco too. Lon, how many of you nastars are there? Tons huh? You are a sick F Lon. You all are. You get off on it.

Harry Reid, you are a cowardly sick F.


Subject X: Most People

Most people can tell you exactly who taught them to shoot firearms. Me, I can’t. I don’t recall. I just know someone did.

When you were a kid, did you pretend?

Me too, I guess.

It was some people like this though I think. It was either in

Kansas, Ohio or Colorado, perhaps all three. They took most of my memories and left me knowledge of stuff.

Most people cannot even begin to understand my life, my childhood. I can’t either. The only ones who can are probably all dead now.

I am constantly torn between wanting to know and not. Nothing stops moments from coming back partially though.

And I know stuff I don’t ever recall learning, or even practicing.

I can’t shake the feeling that I was wired, that I am hooked up to a machine, or perhaps, that I am a machine.

I know I am not though. God….

The mind always fills in the blanks…. It makes shit up just like most people.


More like me today


With my beretta Airsoft pistol, larger BBs, bigger holes. Same distance, five shots.

With my Beretta Airsoft pistol, larger BBs, bigger holes. Same distance, five shots. You ever seen me shoot a BB into a pop can opening? I don’t need paper targets to make challenging shots. It helps to practice them though. Give me three dots and a can. What you see here is not me at my best. I can do better than this.

I can perform at this level if I never touch a gun again for the rest of my life. If I shoot everyday again, I will be damn near perfect.

It is like riding a bike for me, always has been.


Bible Study

I saw a sign for a church on my way to Lowe’s the other day and it said they had a Bible study class. I am going to go to a class, perhaps even that one. I am actually looking forward to it. Even now after all I have written to the contrary, I have a yearning to learn of a good life. I have time.   That is all I need.

The irony here, if you follow this blog is likely many fold.

It is always there, even if denied. If it were not, I would have died a long time ago.

Hebrews 11:27

By faith he forsook Egypt, not fearing the wrath of the king: for he endured, as seeing him who is invisible.

I already study the Bible….

Here is a section from Hebrews 11 from the CJB. It is a different take?

5 By trusting, Hanokh was taken away from this life without seeing death — “He was not to be found, because God took him away” — for he has been attested as having been, prior to being taken away, well pleasing to God.[b] 6 And without trusting, it is impossible to be well pleasing to God, because whoever approaches him must trust that he does exist and that he becomes a Rewarder to those who seek him out.


Subject X: Degrees

If one is chill, antiperspirant is still a good idea, unless you are in the woods, those darn skeeters can sniff you out then.

Also, don’t smoke in the house.

This story, this journal, whatever it is, won’t end. Even if I never write again….

Happenstance, a dog boy named Chance and all these personalities brought to you by the good doctors and the federal government.

It is Easter somewhere. It is sometime, somewhere. Time is what?

Are memories time?

I just found I lived in Kansas when I was a child. I have no recollection of it. None. Does that mean I was dead then?

My affinity for rats?

I was a rat once, in a lab, in a cage, getting all manner of things done to me.


Subject X: I don’t want to know anymore


Easter VooDoo

You all call them special forces. I call them something else. The letters are still S and F though. Sick….

You ever been in a coffin with your eyes open and the lid closed?

You ever have someone take the lamp away?

It is the nature of secrets to not be obvious.

That is not profound really.

the devil may have told you to do it, but he didn’t make you.

that is all on you.

Me, I don’t listen to the devil.



Suck on this cry babies

My life sucks. My life has always sucked. It will probably always be that way. I haven’t killed anyone because of it. I don’t begrudge people who enjoy living. I have no desire to end anyone’s life.
There are some, many who want to end your life though because they are miserable. They could be anyone. You may not believe who some of these people are.
The mass shooters etc. are all cry babies with guns who wanted to make others suffer because they were suffering.
This people is our world. If your life sucks, deal with it. Don’t kill anyone. Kill yourself if you want but know this, there is no guarantee that death will be any more pleasant.
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Why did I have to be born? If it were up to me, I would never have been born. Life sucks. It might not for you but it does for me.

This is no recent experience. I mean literally, my whole life has sucked.

I won’t bore you with the details but like I said my whole life has sucked. It ain’t going to magically get better now.

In the past, there were a few things I enjoyed for brief periods of time but they are essentially all gone now.

I used to harbor this hope that people were basically good. That hope is all gone. Most people are ho hum at best.

I don’t have this deep seeded desire to connect with other people. I used to but I have found that in my experience, people are at best a pain in my ass.

I imagine there are good and decent people but I am probably wrong.

I just don’t fit, and I am tired of trying to.

Hell is the only reason I stick around. In other words, there is no guarantee that death will be any better than life.



I don’t know why I get so bent out of shape over tyrants and their murder and such. I mean life is so boring to me. There is no point to it really. I mean really. What is the point to life?

Yall seem to like it so I guess that is why I try to look out for the good among you. The bad among you, well, I don’t really care if you die. I don’t. If I said I did, I would be lying.

Don’t feel bad assholes? I mean about my not caring if you die and all. I mean I don’t even care if I die. Not really.

I mean I will still shoot back at anyone who shoots at me. It will be a rush.



As far as I am concerned, there isn’t much Americana left. I don’t go to ball games. I don’t watch TV. I don’t go to movies. I rarely even listen to music anymore.

I don’t buy into American culture anymore. It is all propaganda to me. I don’t care about Captain America. He is just a Nazi super soldier to me.

I don’t want to go watch these war movies either, even the so called true ones. All these wars are pointless.

None of this Americana excites me.

For some reason, I still like the NBA but even that is not what it used to be.

I sure as hell won’t watch the NFL with their anti gun stance and their Obamacare tyranny.

I used to want to write poetry, make music, write a book, teach humanities…. I don’t want to do any of that anymore.

Honestly, I don’t enjoy much of anything anymore.

I don’t care about any sonata on humanity or the like. I don’t care about a great moving soliloquy.

Nope. None of it means shit to me.

I don’t even know why I write in this blog anymore. It must just be habit.

About the only thing I enjoy anymore is shooting my BB guns.

I wish I would just die already. Life is so, so, so, so, so boring.

I am bored.

I guess I hold on because I figure I will eventually find a chick who likes BB guns as much as I do.

Art, well, I have paint but I don’t even want to do that anymore.


Off Day

I judge how well I am focusing by my daily grouping. Here is today’s. It tells me I need to focus better. I am a much better shot than this. The shots were from a standing position, at the distance specified using the specified rounds, BBs, from my Crosman 760 with sights.



Rimfire: Ukraine, NATO, USA, Xe, Etc.

You will see rimfire rifle fire. This is a trademark of a certain group of people. It tells, this video does, who is really in Ukraine and shooting people. It tells who is funding them. It is not in English. I don’t need the audio. I can see the rimfire and the rimfire scope in the video. That alone tells me all I need to know.



Pearl (of wisdom) Jam says, "Glorified version of a pellet gun." They are so right. That is so true.

Pearl (of wisdom) Jam says, “Glorified version of a pellet gun.” They are so right. That is so true.

The truest thing I ever said or thought is this, “Violence is cowardice.”

Violence comes in many forms, genres as it were.

I know many were expecting a different video.

There is no hidden meaning here.



Ballistic Blues

1. The harder I make my armor, the harder I have to hit it. Today I took a round casing off the face after it bounced back off the shield and hit me.

2. Most of the time I make this armor so pretty I hate shooting it all to hell.

3. It is fun though. I haven’t shown you my latest a tests. I want to show you but I don’t want just anyone making this stuff. There are bad people.

4. My armor ripped the copper jacket off of a hardened steel penetrator today.

5. I shot an unprotected piece of ceramic today and blew it all to hell with 17 FPE.

6. My next design is going to be both beautiful, and hard as hell. it will contain no metal. If I am right, it will survive indefinite hits from 22 FPE. I tested a mockup of it today and it just did horrible things to 22 caliber lead pellets.

7. I may show you a piece of the 22 caliber lead. I would show you what it did to the pointed platinum but that is classified. It mashed it so bad it is ridiculous. Ridiculous. The first round of pointed platinum delivered at 17 FPE was stopped by my armor. The second round in the same place penetrated. This was almost all ceramic. Once I add the layers of other material, all rounds will be stopped and mashed.

8. I hit a section with Gamo rockets at 10 FPE loads and it never even came close to touching the ceramic. I hit it over and over and over with no hint of failure. I had to stop out of boredom and pellet expense. If I hit unprotected ceramic with even a mere 5 FPE it shatters into a bazillion pieces.


Human Nature?

Does it exist? If it does, what is it? I hear words like humane thrown around. Is it in vain? This humane?

Let us look at the evidence for and against the meaning of humane as just.

Let us start in Saudi Arabia.

I hear it is against the law there for women to drive. Is that true?

Yes or No.

Next, America, home of Lily Ledbetter.

Is that spelled right?

if it is or isn’t, is that human nature or this damned Apple spell changer?

I hear in Lily’s land the president pays his chicks 12 percent less than his muchachos. That probably is not a word.

It doesn’t matter though. I am a poet.


We don’t live in a just world….

This being true, rage is useless.

These thoughts may seem disjointed to you.

Thus is the nature of all thoughts on anything.

This is and has been and shall be news that isn’t news. It isn’t even new.

It is old. O L D, old news.

There are no American idols, not really.

who do you adore? Who do you deplore?

Me, I am learning to give it all away. Everything, especially rage….

I have no use for it.

Let us deconstruct a band? When we do, we see they are a part of the very machine they despise.

Essentially this only means they hate themselves and others and love their rage.

Idolize? Revere?

the Bible says thou shalt have no God before Him.

Rage, be it concept or band, is not God.


Greene County Prosecutor

Hey prosecutor, you know when people make false allegations that is a crime. You know when you never prosecuted me on the allegations of those two chicks because what they said wasn’t true. That immediately made their allegations false in the eyes of the law. Yet you came after me for something else which was really trumped up bull shit too.

All I said was I wasn’t going to hurt anyone, and guess what, I wasn’t lying.

Who have I hurt?

After all these people conspired to ruin my life, who have I hurt?

You really should charge them. I should file charges. I should sue them, all of them. They ruined my life, and my reputation.

What I said all along was true, I was the victim.

Have I hurt them? Have I?


Did they hurt me?



How to waste special forces….

It ain’t easy but it isn’t as hard as it sounds….

Let us take a somewhat more palatable example to save those who still have reverence for the notion of a US military SF soldier….

Suppose Xe operatives are attacking you…. How do you kill them?

Like I said, it ain’t easy. However, it can be done.

Let us look on their assets on the ground, be they human or machine.

Hit them with the biggest shit you have until they are all dead. Resist the urge to fight them with small arms.

As much as possible, hit them with things as close to artillery as you can get. Use dynamite, nitro, whatever you can find that goes bang.

Your goal should be not to kill one or two at a time but tens at a time. It is what they will be doing to you.

Learn to move and not be seen. This will be damn near impossible though as they will have drones, planes, copters and night vision.

They will also have invisible lasers with which to target you.

The odds are way against you. Always move suspecting they know you are moving because they will.

If a civil war starts, we need a large portion of the USAF at a minimum to fight on the side of the rebels.

I ain’t going to lie to you and fill your head with grandiose notions about any possible victory.

If these Nazis continue their aggression, people will die.

Let us use me as an example, if I fight Xe, I will likely die because of it.

I am better than most of you too with tactics, arms and such.

I ain’t Iron Man though. I bleed when shot. I die.

It don’t particularly scare me though.

You will need to use your best scouts and riflemen together to find them. When you do find them, hit them from the air if you can.

Use Cessnas or whatever you can get, crop dusters whatever.

This will be a suicide mission for the pilot most likely.

I don’t anticipate us having air superiority.

Get your hands on as much artillery of any type or make it if you can.

Don’t fight “fair” ever.

This goes out to my brothers and sisters worldwide fighting back the Nazis….



What rifle are you considering as your anti Nazi rifle? (My country ’tis of thee)

I don’t think about how free my countrymen are anymore.


I set around and wonder which rifle is best for killing any Nazi Feds who may shoot at me for whatever reason they make up.

I set around and wonder why it is illegal to carry a gun any damn place I want when the Constitution says I can.

I wonder if it is worth just carrying one anyway. I also wonder if it is just better to strap several on my person, both concealed and in plain view.

I know cops in various places just open up on whoever they desire and that they are not held accountable.

I know my president is in bed with terrorists. I know the ones directly before him were too.

Our Senate majority leader is a criminal who has no regard for the Constitution or human life or liberty.

My country ’tis of thee I sing. Land where my father’s died….


Special Forces?

Y’all really believe the propaganda don’t you.

You shouldn’t. They ain’t all that special.

Lon Horiuchi, do you all know who he is?

He is a Marine. He is a chicken shit sniper.

He isn’t special.

What is he really?

He is a government trained assassin.

He is retired FBI, worked in their legal murder division.

He is one of many ex military murderers.

He isn’t special.

Xe? Xe is the privatized government murderers now.

We will meet your kind with our kind. I cannot guarantee no more Wacos. I can guarantee the federal government will pay a very dear price should there ever be again.


I did it

I have developed a body armor system that is better than any other in existence.

I am not sure I will ever show anyone the whole system.

It is stronger than hell.


The testing continues

Here are three pictures of one, let us call it a tile, a ballistic tile.

It is actually several tests at once.

image image image

Round one is complete. I shot everything with the exact same load once. I did not shot one portion as it was used before and I will test it later on in a different round. That used section is in the upper left.

Round one is complete. I shot everything with the exact same load once. I did not shoot one portion as it was used before and I will test it later on in a different round. That used section is in the upper left.

Round one was a pointed penetrator weighing 10.5 grams traveling at 750 feet per second.


The picture you are about to see is of a new unfired pellet as used in this test. That pellet is on right side. The pellet on the left, hit the thin steel of the Camel tin, then air, and then my tile.

The pellet didn’t fair too well. It got mashed.

Pellet on right is a new unfired pellet. The one on the left hit thin steel and then modified ceramic....

Pellet on right is a new unfired pellet. The one on the left hit thin steel and then modified ceramic….

Round one is over. Here are two final pictures.

I am not sure what round two will encompass yet. I am quite pleased with round one’s results.

image image




No qualms, BLM

American patriots have guns and no qualms about using them against any attackers including the BLM.

Get off, Cliven Bundy’s ass.

US federal government, we own you.


Civil War is real close

The US Nazi federal government has restricted the airspace over the Bundy Ranch in Nevada.

This most likely means they are preparing to attack the ranchers.

If the Feds attack, I hope they all die. All of them….

Feds, take your Nazi asses home.

By the way, if one of these Feds is related to you, and they die at the Bundy ranch after any possible attack they launch, they will have gotten the fate they deserved.

I will have no sympathy for you or them. None. Not even a sliver of sympathy….

I don’t care if Nazis die. In fact, I prefer it.

I prefer it.

I told you all to get ready for war.

To really prepare for war, one must be cold.

There is only one rule in war. The rule is kill or be killed. There is no time for remorse.


I don’t feel America anymore

I feel like a slave. I don’t feel free. America is a lie.

i don’t think it can be fixed either.

I won’t acknowledge that America is a land of the free.

It is not a nation of free people. The statement that it is lies.

We are a land of Nazis.


Make some noise today Christians

Make noise today Christians. It is the militant gay Nazi day of silence against bullying apparently.

These are the same bastards who will force you to make their wedding cakes and shoot pictures of their wedding.
Who is bullying who?

To hell with gay Nazis and their day of silence against bullying.

Apparently gays want to have their cake and eat it too.

Here is some devil music to get you started.

I wouldn’t be on gays asses at all if they weren’t on mine.

They are all over me for being a Christian.

i have no sympathy at all for them anymore. None. Not a crumb.



About the size of a CD case, testing materials

Front side. Ten shots lower left with Gamo Rockets and Crosman, lower right two shots with Daisy 880 and Rockets, upper right same gun, pellets thee shots. The material is roughly the size of a CD case.

Front side. Ten shots lower left with Gamo Rockets and Crosman, lower right two shots with Daisy 880 and Rockets, upper right same gun, pellets three shots. The material is roughly the size of a CD case.

Back side, three exit points.... Material is ceramic taped up....

Back side, three exit points….
Material is ceramic taped up….

I am going to disassemble and get data points…. Porcelain is better than ceramics. I found that out today. Neither can do it alone though. Both are strong but need help, to stop steel and lead combos….

Each tile was 16 cents, and I bought 6. I just shot one all to pieces.


The next one will be better wrapped, and will fare better. It will fail eventually also though.

In fact, I may be able to scavenge pieces of this tile. Maybe not though. I hit it really hard numerous times.

Here is view of the back side of target with cover and lead/steel removed. I will be able to repair this sufficiently to use again for a second test….

Back at the Bat cave....

Back at the Bat cave….

Here are more pictures front and back, disassembled. I pummeled this thing a lot more.

All told I shot it thirty times. The last loads were behemoths compared to the first twenty something. I hit it twice with 15 grain 16 FPE loads.

I dumped all the chunks....

I dumped all the chunks….


All told only 4 shots made it through and none could penetrate the cardboard box the plate was in.


My plastic armor stops a Beeman .22 14.3 grain hollow point

It got mashed, then it bounced off back at me.

It got mashed, then it bounced off back at me.

I know now that my thumbnail thick armor will stop more than 22 foot pounds of lead, and at least 8 foot pounds of purposed penetrator, alloy pointed pellet. This is an all plastic design only about a third as thick as a thumbnail is wide. It will hold a lot of non pointed FPE. I suspect it will hold up to 100 foot pounds. Maybe. It will come close if it doesn’t.


Theory versus questions in science

It is a bigger difference than you might think. A theory supposes and often times leads a scientist to “prove” their theorem right just because they arrived at it.

I try not to do that. I ask questions.

Therefore, I bought a larger BB gun. First thing I want to know is, will it penetrate a penny?

I bought the Beeman Silver Kodiak X2; sorry Ruger, once again I almost chose you but didn’t. You make a fine rifle. I just needed the versatility that only the Beeman affords.

.177 and .22




Musical Montage a Barrage of Fissile Missile

Coming shortly.

Permission to launch has been provided….

Fire one.

One may never know where this stuff comes from.

Fire two.

I seriously have not put much effort into any of the music I have ever made.

i am considering doing it now. I did put some of my heart and soul into it though. That was the point.

Here is my only song with a comment from a person on Soundcloud.

Last round of post.

I may do it again later with other of my stuff.




Cutting steel, pulverizing lead


:)  This design is .42 inches thick, .1006 of that is steel. All of the lead is dead. If you look close you see four exploded pellets, in a line basically, two on each outer portion.