A tip from Tweep Poet Tactical…. It has been a while since I gave a tip as TPT.

DAO Pistol Trigger Tip:

Carbon dioxide BB guns often have double action only triggers. They can be excellent, and inexpensive trainers for that purpose. If you are new to guns especially, be careful like when using any other gun. Always respect any gun, even an AirSoft gun.

Read the gun’s instructional manual and understand it beforehand, any and every gun you ever shoot ideally. Read the manual(s).

DAO triggers are often stiff. Some are lighter, but you don’t ever really want them to be too easy a pull….

DAO guns are not for everyone. If your fingers or general hand strength is low you will not be able to operate it effectively, or at all.

I saw a video recently of a young woman who could only pull the trigger of a SCCY CPX-2 with great effort. Plus the gun is snappy due to its light weight of only 15 ounces….

Her shots were dangerously out of control, and taken at fairly long intervals of time due to her inability to effectively manipulate the gun’s DAO trigger.
Shooting a gun well takes practice time with the right equipment for a particular shooter.

A carbon dioxide BB gun with a DAO trigger will let you build required skills and or strength to manipulate such pistols….

Here is one of many examples out in the market place.



Be careful out there Iron Men and Women….

What did you think I thought I was Iron Man?


A place is only as safe as the people that inhabit it, minus any other wild life or environmental factors….. Security is largely illusion.

President Obama,

I am not sure how good or bad your security is.

I don’t even like you really.

I do know that the powers that be want the world to think your security is lacking.

It is a continuing theme.

Sir, that is not a good thing.

I don’t like you sir.

It ain’t me you need to worry about though.

It seems there may be some cause for concern.

It could all be theater though too.

I don’t like your politics, or your deeds.

The soldier was trying to save you he said. Or help you?

I don’t know what his intentions really were. Maybe he did want to help you.

I don’t think he could have.

We may never know.

He is just some soldier.

I mean he could not be programmed right?

No. Probably not.

If he were, if anyone was, what would that mean?




Ammunition is in the ammo box.... The ammo is PMC. The gun is SCCY CPX-2 and the book is by Rob Pincus....

Ammunition is in the ammo box…. The ammo is PMC. The gun is SCCY CPX-2 and the book is by Rob Pincus….

The SCCY is not a typical home defense choice because it is designed for concealed carry. It is a good choice for single gun owners (people who only want one gun). It will work as a carry and home defense weapon.


Smokin’ Drill

You shoot with both eyes open?

Here are three pictures that illustrate the results of my two eyed three dot technique.

I smoked the cigarette see.





Subject X: Scotty

Tell me again about #12 Zinc Aluminum alloy?

I know. You don’t have to Scotty.

You are me, Scotty.

You are me.

You are an engineer, Scotty?


When I was in the cubicle at the facility, was that you there Scotty?

Beam me up, Scotty. Scotty? Beam me up.


I have to make it a game Scotty.


You know Scotty your write up for the white paper was described as the best section by all the senior engineers, even the project manager noticed your skill.

Scotty, you were a contractor on the business side of things. Yet….

How is that Scotty?


Remember in grade school when your girlfriend used to get mad at you because she could never stump you with a spelling?

What is it like to have to put up with that all the time Scotty?

Do you like hide and stuff?


Beam me aboard, Scotty.


RattleSnake Armor: rule of thumb

Yes there is a story here.

This design is 3/8 of ninth and non-metallic. It defeated and absorbed all energy imparted to it by four rounds, three of which are rounds designed to penetrate. The only round that penetrated at all was the lethal. The other two including one with a hardened steel tip were thrown back broken. The last round was all lead and it came back hard nd hit me in the thumb. I am fortunate it was not a direct hit. The round came back all energetic. This design is smoking.

This design is 3/8 of inch and non-metallic. It defeated and absorbed all energy imparted to it by four rounds, three of which are rounds designed to penetrate. The only round that penetrated at all was the lethal. The other two including one with a hardened steel tip were thrown back broken. The last round was all lead and it came back hard and hit me in the thumb. I am fortunate that it was not a direct hit on my thumb.  As it is, my skin is broken and I know where the round went on my thumb. I feel it in other words. The round came back all energetic. This design is smoking. I need to tame it a tad with some padding. It will stop a lot of energy. It weighs next to nothing.

One must protect, and to deflect is not always good.

There are rules of thumb for reasons…. It is dangerous trying to stop bullets.

That is ironic.


My armor with hardened steel has flattened hardened steel BBs. It is some hard, hard, hard shit man.

It is amazingly good at its intended purpose.



He didn’t fight it at Fort Hood, twice. He didn’t fight it in Benghazi. He is arming it, training it and flaunting it. The military is helping him.

There are some military who haven’t completely lost their mind but like the Muslims we fight, it is hard to tell anymore. If they speak, they are targeted.

It is way ugly. It is not way cool junior.

He didn’t fight it in Seattle either. Or New York.

It has struck multiple times already. You just are never told.

Hell even this story they managed to bury for a day.

You all are blind, deaf and dumb, near as I can tell.

It ain’t all your fault. They lie, you believe them. They censor me. I tell you the truth.


Will this play SoundCloud? You going to censor this too?


Why is a German company censoring me so? This company is operating here out of Boston, MA? Do you know the company? Does anybody? Bueller? You even here? If so, do you know?
Twist, shout. Let it all out. Everybody wants to rule the world.

If you jump through enough hoops,it will play on Facebook.

I only have one friend on Facebook. I should not have any. I am doing them a favor really.

Facebook is a tracking device pretty much.

Twitter, is like the Hotel California. You can ever leave.


Not Matchbox 20, not the Mach 5 either, but the real world. I like Matchbox 20. The real world is a mess. It ain’t all their fault. In fact, it mostly is not their fault. Who’s fault is it? Mine? Yours? Who’s?

Fairy Tale America Meet Your Real Enemy:

This enemy lies and lurks. They lie and wait. Then, eventually, they speak their truth, violence…. To defeat them, you must not let them in, ever. We keep letting them in. If you let them in, you had better be able and ready to kill them at all times. Don’t expect much help, if any, from other Muslims. They are either complicit or scared to death. Here are their words, the words of the enemy.

If you can kill a disbelieving American or European, especially the spiteful and filthy French, or an Australian, or a Canadian or any other disbeliever, then rely upon Allah, and kill him in any manner or way however it may be. – ISIS


I don’t support ISIS.

I listen to sad songs.


Moore, Oklahoma hero?

Really? I beg to differ. Was he a hero to woman who got her head cut off?


Heroes don’t exist.

A real hero would have never let that Muslim be there to begin with.

I am not belittling the sheriff deputy. I just don’t want you all going to fairy tale land.

He ain’t no hero. Nope. He would probably tell you the same thing.

He didn’t save the lady.

The lady should have had a gun. She allegedly has the right. We are allegedly free.

Allegedly there are heroes.

It is all bull shit.


News Flash Fairy Tale Land America:
The Moore, Oklahoma sheriff apparently ain’t no punk, but he ain’t no hero either.
The lady lost her head. He didn’t save her.
The FBI didn’t save her. No Fed did. The military didn’t.
She was not allowed to defend her own life. Where was her gun?
Hey hero, save the Constitution?
Then, I might, might call you a hero.
You ain’t no punk, but you ain’t no hero either.


Moore, Oklahoma

Prayers for the family of the woman who was beheaded.

It is time now to address reports that other Muslims were shouting praises at the Muslim actor who beheaded this woman. If this is the case, those people should be deported.

Americans, you had better be ready to shoot Muslims dead. They are here, and they will attack again.

I suggest you get new leaders, ones who really are Americans.

President Obama is not an American. He is a Muslim though.

I don’t trust him, not even a tad.

I ain’t saying to shoot him. I am saying to impeach him.

You do what you want though.

Me I am buying more ammunition, and practicing every day.

Oh and bombing Iraq, and Syria and Pakistan ain’t going to help one bit. Nope.

You need to get rid of the ones here, and never let anymore in, period.

You want to protect your family? Stay out of the military. The military is ran by traitors.

They send you off to war and let the enemy invade us.

As for which Muslims hate us, the Sunni,or the Shia, the answer is they both do.

I don’t fraternize with Muslims. I simply don’t waste them on sight.

I watch them, even ones who claim to be my friend.

I even wrote off Muhammad Ali’s ass.

I don’t need or want Muslims friends, or heroes. We are at war.

Muslim, consider yourself lucky I don’t waste you all.


RattleSnake Armor: want to see some really hard stuff? Sorta?

I might show you. I might not. I am contemplating making something mostly just for fun, and then shooting it so you can see what it does to lead and steel and stuff.

I have a module of aluminum, plastic, aluminum over hardened steel teeth. It is a design that I have since moved on from in favor of a better one.

I haven’t shot it because I was kind of keeping it intact out of sentimentality.

I want to see though how the teeth respond to their design’s use of them. I guess I am curious how the aluminum will fair.

I may perhaps test anodized aluminum, but I don’t think so. I have better alternatives. Perhaps?

Data, data, data….

If I show you, you will see hardened steel versus hardened steel.

This is not the stuff I mentioned before. It is even harder.

This is not the stuff I mentioned before. It is even harder.

I have shot the stuff above three times. I may video myself shooting it more. It won’t fail with what I will be able to hit it with. It won’t even come close.


Subject X: Gucci Kit, Appliqué Armor

The stuff I have made and shown you can be appliqué armor and effective in that role already.

The concept is mostly associated with tank armor, but it is applicable to body armor as well.

What I have now I am not even shooting. I have nothing that will touch it.

It is not done yet though. It is good, just not as good as I prefer yet.

It needs to go against .308s and stuff now. Handguns have no chance of defeating it.

Crazy stuff for glamour boys, and others.

I am not your leader.

God is.

Elvis left the building.

Maybe sometime I will tell you of the shooting drill Elvis inspired me to develop.


Who was it that told you to identify Muslims and point them out before Moore, Oklahoma happened?


I am continuing to spot Muslims and alert you to their presence. I suggest you do the same.

It wasn’t your president, your DNI, your FBI, your NSA, your CIA, your any alphabet group. It was me the Director of Hillbilly Intelligence.

I am the best at what I do.

Lucky for you.

I am better than anyone else you got.

If you want to live, I suggest you mark my words.

I do what I can to save you and I don’t get paid a dime for it.

You all should love me. You really really should.

The NIMBY plan I outlined for you is better than any plan any other person in any agency or military branch has proposed.

Bugle Boy (me) blowing his own horn?

Yes. But humbly believe it or not.

We got spirit yes we do. We got spirit. How ’bout you?

We are spirits in the material world. – The Police, ironically enough.

In this world, you are the police. You may not know it. You had better know it.

Yep. Everyone you see is the police, or a terrorist, or both.


Talking ’bout a gong. It has to do more with the gong.

You know, drumming.


Like this song? With its catchy riffs, and lyrics saying how he ain’t got no guns in his house?

Like that?

Catchy tune.

No guns though.

Not good.


Actions are open

2-22s, semi autos, actions open, unloaded with magazines full, 65 rounds of protection.

They are sitting on the couch. In a water tight box, there is more ammo.

The beauty of the .22 is how light it is….

Light, heavy shit.


Thanks, Dave B. at Phoenix Arms

Thanks to the mail employees too, and all the gang at Phoenix Arms who teamed up to provide me two magazines for my little Raven. I love my LA Gun team.

Magazines. Yay.

Magazines. Yay.

I could post Johnny Cash’s Ring of Fire. I won’t though. Gun people understand the reference.

My preference is to have three magazines per gun. I have that with my Raven and my Neos now. I have one more to buy for my Mossberg 702, and two more to buy for my Cobra CA 380. When I get my SCCY CPX 2 out of layaway, it will come with two. I will need one more for it also.


How you got here, search terms

fuck muslims kill them all

No. I don’t support this. I do support watching them and deporting them and not letting the in at all.

I do not want citizens expelled simply for being Muslim.

I know I say bad shit about Muslims, and unfortunately it maybe necessary to kill them some. I don’t want to though.

I really don’t.

I practice shooting everyday, pretty much.

I am highly proficient at it.

If I have to do it, I will. I won’t be emotional about it. I will just do it.

I won’t miss.



Zero is the number of times I ever want to have to fire a weapon at anyone.


Still, I have guns just in case I need them.

Guns are tools to put food on the table or to protect your life or provide food for others and protect them too possibly.

Guns are not evil but sometimes people are.

Evil people don’t care about guns laws, or your life.

They have guns. You had better have some too.

I have zero desire to fire at people.


I will only do it to protect my life, or others lives.

I have no desire to be a “hero.”


Every American should own guns and be highly proficient with them. Period.

I saw a gentlemen who was handicapped, most likely from a stroke. He could shoot his 1911 though. Yep.

Sure, there are some people with disabilities who cannot and perhaps should not have weapons. This is rare though. Rare.

Our forefathers had the foresight to protect our right to hear arms and we have let it slip away.

Now we have Nazis leading us.

Hey all you gun control freaks slash amnesty bastards, do you think the Iraqis wish they were armed when ISIS crossed their border?

I mean look at how they all got dead or sold as sex slaves.

You think some F-22 fighter bomber in Syria is gonna protect you?

Think again.

If it comes here, you had better have weapons or you are toast for sure.

Americas military being in the Middle East does not protect any of us here.


They sell and tell that it does.

It doesn’t though.


Subject X: drill

Airsoft BB gun, shoots 6mm plastic BBs at 260 FPS. Beretta replica, shoots straight....

Airsoft BB gun, shoots 6mm plastic BBs at 260 FPS. Beretta replica, shoots straight….

To stay sharp I shoot plastic hangers with their slimmest hanging profile with my Beretta 90-2 AirSoft from 12-15 feet.

Here is one of my students demonstrating. He needs further grooming perhaps.

Student of the X becomes the teacher becomes the student….

I am so many things….


Subject X: when

The who, the where, they why, the what, and the how come into play.

Say terrorists are about to take you and you are a journalist or some French tourist.

Got gun?

When will you? When?


Do you even believe it? I mean any of it. Who, what, where, why, how and when?


Batman, don’t always come back. I know he does, but he doesn’t really.

They make you think he does, and he does but he doesn’t.

I am not Batman. You?


The Frenchmen and the two journalists were hoping Batman would come. He didn’t. Who knows when?

Thing is, when you see these Jokers, it is real.


How you got here, search terms

, what are some parameters for love,

This blog covers a wide range of subjects. This most recent search is a better tone. This blog is quite ugly sometimes.

I like when it is beautiful better.


Sean N. Sanity and Bill O’Smiley, Mox News

Although, O’Smiley just admitted he thinks General Patton was murdered.

There may be hope for him. Maybe.

I told you about Patton’s assassination earlier.

Stay tuned. We got Flush Limbaugh. Rachel Madashell and much more.

Glenn Heck and Scott Smelley.

Dan Rathernot.

Please don’t sue me for putting this in here Don Henley. I don’t agree with you on everything but I don’t support Mojo Nixon’s stance either.


Today in American Jihad

We bombed some people in Syria. Who knows who we bombed? Do you? I don’t? I just know we were told we bombed some people.

This has been your daily briefing about things we know next to nothing about.

I very well may call all warfare jihad.

I may not.

The statement waging war is a more alliterative.

It has that going for it. That is about all though.

It is descriptive too. Wars are so costly.

They require a wage, and stuff.

Oh The Temptations….


Free, Clint Lorance.


Sean Hannity in support of American jihad made sure you had the chance to know the F-22 was used for the first time in battle last night.

Thanks for telling us how some COG bastards made money.

You care so much Sean.

He really does. So does Ollie North that COG colonel. He cares so much.

And president Obama, he cares so much.


Muslim Spotting

If I see a Muslim do a good thing, I will report that too.

I will.

I don’t support American jihad any more than Muslim jihad.

Yes there is an American jihad.

You don’t see it?


It is on TV all the time.

It is on music videos.

It is in video games.

Hell, ISIS uses GTA 5 that American icon to recruit.


American Jihad?



My preference Andy B. and Hythem is to remember you as friends. They are both Muslims.

Andy is of Iranian descent. I am not sure of Hythem.

I don’t want them hurt. I have no plans to hurt them. I know that.

This sucks, jihad. We are all jihadists?

I hope not.

I think of these two young men pretty much every time I write bad things about Muslims.

It pains me.

Yet, I do it to try to protect them too.

The COG is playing games, not me.

I like these two people. I admit it. They are Muslims though.

Near as I can tell, they are not evil.

Near as I can tell, I am not God.

Jihad is not God either.



Adrian Peterson

The little boy who got switched by AP. I don’t think AP meant to hurt him.

I was abused as a child, and I was spanked as a child.

Spanking is not necessarily abuse. It can be.

It is possible AP went too far. Is that abuse? Not necessarily.

Is it society’s job to imprison and disenfranchise AP? Not really.

He is not a monster. He is a parent who needs a little guidance perhaps.

I maybe came out too strong in defense of AP but I feel he is not an abuser. I know what an abuser really is.

I am remembering the child. Sometimes children should be spanked.

The little boy pushed another child. He could have hurt the other child.

A timeout is not always sufficient.

Yet, perhaps we all should take a timeout.

No one wants to be spanked. Right?

That is a good thing.



Here is a blog post on the subjects at hand….



Because of what some Muslims do, all Muslims are suspect. This is the gist of what I argue. It is also the truth.

I point you to the story of the US soldier now hailed as a hero that spared Muslim lives only to have those same Muslims take his and others’ lives.

The US soldier should have killed them.

When I say one must know who the enemy is to defeat them this statement is an example.

The best way to defeat a Muslim army is to keep them out of this country.
Muslims, if ISIS attacks here, it will most likely get quite ugly for you and I won’t do a thing to stop it, most likely.

I suggest you stop it now, before it starts. Work to end your jihad culture.
Work it out. I prefer you do it outside our borders.

But since I am not America simply an American, I won’t run you out all by myself. I am not God, or a Nazi.

I am an American Christian of some sort.

I don’t care if Americans go fight with ISIS.

I just don’t want them coming back.

I encourage all Muslims to leave and not come back.

I don’t necessarily recommend you go fight with ISIS.

In truth, I don’t care if you stay Muslims as long as you are not psycho terrorists.

The problem is and it is your problem too. No one knows for sure if you are worthy of trust.

You will notice Muslims, I am saying we should not be bombing Syria.

If Syria is to be bombed, nations in the region should be doing it.

PS: free Clint Lorance.


How you got here, search terms

bush destabilized the middle east, obama product of mkultra, serial killer cult controlled by mk-ultra program


Here is an overview of what social media really is. It is psycho social. All media is social media. It always has been. It always has been psycho.

Vietnam, more war, psychosis.

Love that violence from op eyes.


RattleSnake Armor: composite materials

I am reviewing this video one more time paying particular attention to several areas of the content.

I have accumulated all the materials for my next phase of fabrication.

I will be building using recycled materials from previous tests that I have refurbished along with a few new materials I haven’t utilized yet.

My next structure though composed of many materials already shot will be my strongest yet.

It will be unbelievably strong.

After this series of builds and tests, I will build an entire prototype out of new materials.

I was asked to help move some furniture so it took a while but here I finally got to build something today. It did real well my new materials. I am not telling what they are.

Really astute observers will know what this skin is. Look at the pattern in the lead. Look at the smushed lead. It was a 14.3 grain .22 lead pellet. The spot had been hit previously by a lesser pellet.

Really astute observers will know what this skin is. Look at the pattern in the lead. Look at the smushed lead. It was a 14.3 grain .22 lead pellet. The spot had been hit previously by a lesser pellet.

When I am done this will be the best stuff on the planet.

My next test I will hit it with a modified pellet with a hardened steel tip. It will hit with a tad more than .25 percent of a .22lr shot from a sixteen inch rifle.

I will show you the results. It will be a while. I have to prepare the round and let it set a bit first.

OK the results are about what I expected. The hardened steel tip penetrated the skin but not the unit as a whole. This round is a purpose penetrator. With the hardened steel tip it is nasty and in some ways will penetrate more than a .22lr copper jacketed round. It is hardened steel.

This unit is more for energy absorption than the cessation of penetration. In its intended role it performed perfectly. Against lead rounds only, this unit would stop a lot of energy.

Once I put it in its proper role, and or encase it it hardened steel, it will stop a ridiculous number of rounds.

Also, you will notice I hit the same spot. I am a freakishly good shot.

Also, you will notice I hit the same spot. I am a freakishly good shot.


Shooting requires physical training. The more one shoots and the larger the caliber the better conditioned one needs to be….

It is a mental thing too. One has to be focused, sharp, attentive….


Boston Marathon

Muslim Spotting:

It is profiling in its simplest form.

It may save your life.

If you see a Muslim around, a terrorist act could occur.

It could be a Muslim. It could be several Muslims. It could be an army.

It could be that our government did it.

It could mean another government did.

It doesn’t matter. Know when Muslims are around.

Bengahzi? Muslims.

Pick an event?



All eyes on Ali

Ali lies, all lies, allies in lies, lullaby Muslims, sleeping world wide.

(I am not saying to kill Muslims. I am saying be prepared to defend yourself against them always. Do not be lulled to sleep by sleepers. Every Muslim is and must be regarded as a threat. Why the hell do you think the Marine general has a plan to kill everyone he meets? The answer, one of them anyway is Muslims. He won’t say that publicly most likely. But that is the correct answer here.)

You white Muslims too.

What you gonna do?

I say, watch them Muslims. Yep. When you see them, tell the rest of us.

See A Muslim, say something.


Hey Muslim, if you were sleeping, you are awake now.


The truth is ugly. It is not my fault.


The Muslims are real easy to spot. You know who is harder than even white Muslims to spot?

US government officials/operators who are traitors. Yep.

Some are real easy though. They are usually politicians. But they are protected, sort of, by the secret service etc.

It is a racket.

The real power is behind the scenes, or more true, the curtain. It is all about theater. Don’t be fooled by this, Abraham Lincoln was shot in a theater.

Theaters exist in wars too.

Actors are sometimes soldiers.

And do you still think you understand the words?


Muslim Spotting, Butler County, Ohio

There is a male Muslim employed at the UDF on Mason Montgomery Road in Mason Ohio. He is approximately 5 foot 8 and 170, bald spot on top of his head. Yes Muslim, I will know you if I see you again, trained like that. I won’t be shopping there anymore. I do not frequent businesses that hire Muslims. Did you think I was playing? Think again.

Adding to this, I just got home. I strongly suspect that a Caucasian female Muslim works there third shift also. Caucasians Muslims are harder to spot. But based on her country of origin, she very well may be.

Yes. I have been surveilling the Muslims of Butler County for sometime. I am increasing the tactic now. You can expect more reports. Somebody has to watch these bastards.

Also, the restroom there was filthy, not impressed UDF. I will no longer shop at any of your stores.

And to the so called American clerk, I didn’t appreciate your tone. You strike me as a person who fraternizes with Muslims.

If your co-worker guts you like a pig, don’t expect any help from me.

Muslims are surveilling us too. I am simply returning the favor.


Truth be told, good as gold

I don’t hate Muslims. I hate terrorists. Terrorists are some combination of the US government and Muslims. This is the ugly truth.

I don’t know how gold star families keep it together. My rant of today, if you want to call it that, is due to my frustration of knowing this truth combined with the fact that these liars may target people I care most about in the world.

I don’t know how gold star families don’t just go ballistic.

I am not embarrassed in the least about my rant except for the fact that somehow gold star families do not go off completely on Muslims and our traitorous government.

I know that I would make someone pay if I lost a loved one to some Muslim terrorist our government trained and armed.

My point is this Muslims, I know my government is complicit. I know that your scripture tells you to lie. I know my government lies too.

What I don’t know is how gold star families have remained peaceful.

I don’t think I can do that if ever in their situation….


Muslims, you will be fine here as long as you do not attack in Butler County, Ohio. I will not harm any of you unless you attack. I don’t want anyone touching any Muslims in Butler County Ohio as long as they remain peaceful.

I don’t want Butler County, Ohio to be a war zone.

I don’t want dead Muslims.

I simply don’t want Muslims carrying out attacks here.

If they do, we will need to respond in kind.

It is war after all.

It isn’t a typical war, but it is a war.

Muslims, you started it.

We are being more than gracious.