Capitol Police who shot Miriam Carey should be prosecuted but not the Ferguson officer. No way in hell.

She deserves justice. Mike Brown got what he deserved. She didn't.

She deserves justice. Mike Brown got what he deserved. She didn’t.

Rest in peace, Miriam Carey. I hope your child has a long and prosperous life blessed by God himself. The Capitol Police executed you and no one seems to care.

I have not yet determined the names of the Capitol Police who executed, Miriam Carey. I will keep looking.

Hold on. It was secret service who killed Carey. The SS did it.

Still though, the Capitol Police broke protocol when they discharged their weapons at a moving vehicle.

I will keep searching for the names of these Nazis.

Oh by the way, as officers fired at Miriam Carey, it was only by the grace of God they didn’t kill her child too. You think the cops never saw the child in there when they had her cornered initially? Of course they did. They fired anyway.

If you think the cops did not see a child in the car, you are crazy. They were right there for several minutes. Several officers would have seen the child.

They fired anyway because they simply did not care.


Mike Brown broke the officer’s eye socket. Like I said, the officers injuries most likely led to his lack of round placement in center mass. I am glad he found his mark in the end. No. I have no pretense of caring that he shot Mike Brown. I would have shot Mike Brown too. In fact, we need to remove these self defense restrictions. If a criminal dies while committing a violent crime, oh well.

Mike Brown took his “unarmed” arms with fists attached and broke the officer’s eye socket. He hit him with enough force to break bones. He was not concerned with justice. He was afraid to face his crimes. He was afraid to go to jail. He tried to kill that cop. Of course that cop wasted him. Of course he wasted Mike Brown. You would have too. I sure as hell would have. If his friends came at me, I would have wasted them too.

Like I said, and I mean this to my core, may all Mike Brown supporter’s children grow up to be just like, Mike Brown. Dead criminals.

I am of the mind that the moment someone attacks me physically, they have given up their right to life liberty and happiness. They have no right to attack me, and I have no duty to let them either. None.

Also, like is said I encourage all Mike Brown Supporters to line up and let a thug punch them in the head breaking their eye socket and do absolutely nothing about it.

I want you to hug the bastard too as he beats your sheep ass to death.

Criminals surrender their right to due process the moment they attack someone.


I hope everyone who supports Mike Brown has their children grow up to be just like him.

I hope all the people of every color who support Mike Brown have their children be just like Mike. I really do.

Are you starting to see how foolish it is to support Mike Brown yet? Would you really want your children to be like Mike Brown? Really?

Hey, if that is what you want. Go for it.

Here is your child’s future then.

President Obama wants your child to be like Mike.

This is his vision for your child’s potential. Yep. What a guy? It is also, Al Sharpton’s, and Jesse Jackson’s vision for your child. Eric Holder’s too.

Good luck with that.


Be MO like Mike

I encourage all MO youth to grow up emulating Mike Brown.

It is what the governor wants, and president Obama too.

He spoke of Brown’s potential being wasted, and he had so much.

He had a bright democratic criminal future. Look at it.

MO, I want you to all be like Mike. ‪#‎Ferguson‬


MO cops the governor there does not have your back. Quit. Do not report for your shifts.

Take your families out of the state on a permanent vacation. Let the governor and his staff police your state.

He is throwing one of you to the wolves for political gain. He is obviously a scum bag.

The entire state of MO should get the blue flu.

It is what I would do. I would not police that state any longer. I would let it defend itself.

I would leave it in its entirety to the Mike Browns of MO.


Subject X: shape

The writing is on the wall. It says situation is not ship shape. I must be in ship shape condition and soon.

Plus, I need to decide whether or not to whip others into ship shape or just go it alone.

“We’re gonna need a bigger boat.” – Jaws


It cracks me up when people say I want to be a cop or a soldier. No. I don’t. Those are some of the stupidest people on Earth. Why? Because they die for nothing. They die to protect people too sorry to protect their own asses.

You think Mike Brown gave a rat’s ass about justice? He stole from that family, and assaulted the clerk. If the clerk had not backed down, he would have attacked him worse. He went back to do just that. Then he and others throw a cop in a car and start beating him. Then go for the gun.

And you want to prosecute the cop that killed him?

You all are insane.

Want to see how insane you really are?

Read this?

It is about….

Invasion USA coming to the big screen. It is a reality show of support for the big screen. You voted for it.

Soldier on soldier boys. Anybody tell you that you are in the wrong theater of operations?



Stop being afraid?

Stop being afraid? I bet many of you tell yourselves that you are not scared. You tell others that also. But deep inside, most of you are.

If you are not, you should be at least a little.

But don’t be overly afraid. Fear leads to bad things quite often.

Fear can be subtle.

Fear is often deadly.

Also know that too instill fear in others is a dark thing.

The truth is often scary.

We live in a scary world.

Here I am all scary.


I am telling to stop being afraid.

This music belongs to the man singing it here.

The proceeds of such property should go to the person who makes them regardless of their color or sex or whatever.

Business practices must be ethical, moral and legal.

When this right is denied, it is a legitimate gripe.

The song says boom, boom boom….

It is just a song.

I am influenced by the man’s music.

Stop being afraid? Stop stealing too.

Stand up for yourselves but don’t be violent. Anyone.


Covert Operations Groups

I am staying peaceful despite your threats toward me. Should you miss, you know who I am coming after. Operation Valkyrie….

I remain peaceful even thought know I am in danger from the COG. If they miss, they know who I am coming for. It won’t be your average Joe on the street of any color.

It will be you COG. You.

I don’t do it now because I don’t want innocents slaughtered.

We all know I didn’t really miss.

Your super secret scientists tried to make me. They had some success, some.

I am in control of my own assets, me. My faculties remain mine, and I am not going to start any war. I may end one though.

There are those in the military with similar plans in the event of total system break down.

I am not military. I am a government science project that escaped as much as anyone can.

You tried to make a monster. You failed.

I know violence is not really going to solve this, not really.

You all get off on violence. You are sick and twisted cowards, the lot of you.

The folks at SoundCloud were frightened to death when they heard part of this real American truth. They were too scared to play my track.

I won’t bother trying again. I know you own the media.

People, wake up before you are fully enslaved.

Axl rose mentioned his own version of Operation Valkyrie in one of his GnR songs. Yep. It is a notion that has been around for years.

The bad guys have their own assassination programs. JFK, MLK are two of their more high profile victims. Once they killed these people, others who followed in their steps were slaves to the COG.

It is playing out in Ferguson right now. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and president Obama are not working for peace, and equality. They are working for total governmental control. I know they tell you the opposite, but look real close at what they are really doing.

They are dividing and attempting to conquer. They are pulling it off too.

Media assassinations are for the same reason. The media do not dare cross the COG for fear of death.

There are very few real journalists left. There are very few real civil rights leaders left. And America is all but dead.

Here is what is going on, right here.

The civil war is mostly still clandestine, but it is real.

Ask Michael Hastings? Ask Chris Kyle? Ask Extortion 17?

Ask MLK? Ask JFK?

Ask Gary Webb?

You cannot. The COG wasted them.

Good luck, America. You need it.

The way to end them, the only way is to remove them from their elected and appointed positions and put them in prison and be vigilant and never let the corruption seep in again.

You cannot save America by elections alone. It is too late for that. The COG is buried too deep inside the system.

I don’t assassinate our leaders because it would do no good. It would only get me dead or in jail.

I have no love for our leaders. I don’t let them live for them. I let them live for me and you.


You will notice I take “shots” at all skin colors and support all skin colors. My support or lack thereof has nothing to do with skin color. I have taken “shots” at all religions too. Yet, I am a religious person myself. It is the only reason I stay sane. And yes, I am sane.

I am not perfect though. I never will be, and neither will our nation but we can and must get better. Killing each other needlessly is not an improvement.

Fighting for the wrong causes is not either. Mike Brown was a criminal, not a martyr. I suggest you see that before our nation burns for stupidity.


I encourage all Ferguson protestors to line up and let violent criminals beat them to death because they feel sorry for those said violent criminals. I want you to do this because that is what you expected the cop to do. ‪#‎Ferguson‬

Hey all you protestors in Ferguson, Mike Brown was a 6 foot 4 290 pound violent criminal.

If he had been beating you, would you have felt sorry for him?

Or would you have busted a cap or six in his ass?

You would have busted his ass too. So shut the hell up.

I want all white guilt people to go to Ferguson and let the violent people there beat them to death for their alleged sins. ‪#‎Ferguson‬

I expect all other whites to stand up for themselves in this mad nation of ours.

I am sick and tired of white guilt bastards. So if they want to go to Ferguson to die for their “sins” I encourage them to do so. I will pay for your gas. ‪#‎Ferguson‬


In the USA, police violence is most likely caused by improper training of officers. It is a dark secret that most police are under qualified in terms of training. It is also a dark secret that many people that should not be police in the first place still are police. The notion that police are often times excessively violent is not wrong. It is not always the case though. Being a police officer is a damn hard job, and dangerous. We do our officers and our citizens no service by not properly selecting and training our police.

We also often times over protect our violent criminals. If a criminal is to have their day in court, they should not get violent with police. If they do, and they die, it is almost always their own fault.

Even if an officer is wrong, it is better to live to go to court than to die fighting the officer. If you fight with an officer, odds are good you won’t win.

The system sucks but it’s better than being dead.

You all need to forget though too the notion that a person is not dangerous just because they are not in possession of a gun, or other weapon.

You also need to forget the notion that all criminals will survive to receive due process. It won’t ever happen at a 100 percent clip.

We can get much better though.

Fists can and do kill also. It is undeniable.



Ferguson? Truce? Present all the facts and proceed in peace? I really don’t think this was a bad shoot, or racist. I really, really don’t. However, I am willing to look at all and I mean all of the facts.

As of right now, the facts as I understand them say good shoot, and honestly it is not even close.

I think we all can agree that continuing violence in Ferguson is bad for everyone.

Examine all of the facts. Tell the truth and let us move on.

If any of the Ferguson actors lie, there will never be any justice so tell the truth.

It is so funny how stupid violence really is.

I laugh at it like Malcolm X did. He really truly was not afraid of anything.

I am not either.

I am simply trying to extinguish fires, literally.

It isn’t funny though really. People get hurt and they die.

It is funny though because it is so stupid.

Listen to this listen to him laugh at the stupidness of it all.

He really knew how stupid violence really is.


I like, Malcom X? No, I love Malcolm X

Malcolm X said a Christian tenet of being dead already. Most Christians may not even realize this about their faith. They died with Christ, and were reborn. I like Malcolm X. He should have never been gunned down. He was one of the best humans to ever walk this Earth.

How can anyone not admire this man?

Here is to you, X.



I am trying to get this right people. Hate is wrong and only leads to pain, unnecessary pain.

White people targeting blacks or other non whites because of their skin color, leave them be. We are all the same on the inside.

Racism is still here. I cannot deny it, but it has decreased.

Racism goes all directions though. We cannot end all of it by only pointing out some of it.

Whites,leave people who are not white alone. Let them live their lives as God intended.

I try to be like, MLI and not surrender to violence. He was a better man than me though most likely.

I am not sure I can maintain his peace. I will try real hard though.

Do not surrender to violence. Funny, I am about the only one trying to spread his message of peace. It was that message that the COG killed him for, nonviolence.

He was killed mostly for opposing the Vietnam War.

I am a realist though like Malcolm X was. He too died because he preached peace at the end. Preaching peace can be deadly for all kinds of reasons.

Malcolm X was a gun owner who supported the second amendment. I encourage blacks to arm themselves for self defense purposes. I encourage all people to do this.

Defend yourselves if you must from hateful people.


Love parameters

I have these parameters, and sometimes, rare times, I see someone who meets them. I have so many parameters that it rarely happens, and when it does, the person is often far away. It is an extreme pickiness I have.

Anyway, there is some foreigner who is tripping all my parameter senses.

I think I could love this woman. She is probably married or something though and then I am out just like that.

But even if not, she is far away.

I can’t honestly say I love her, but all the prerequisites are there.

Beauty, brains and spunk, are some of the qualities but there are more. They must be trustworthy. It is the most important parameter.

But as for the beauty, it can’t be just physical. It has to transcend that.

She isn’t white really. I don’t know what color she is. She is beautiful though. But beauty is not the whole deal at all.

She may be too young though. I really am not into big age differences, but sometimes to a point. I have been under 15 years of age difference and only plus thirties for a long time….

I have no problems going older than me either.

Anyway, I don’t really think about love that often. But sometimes, I see this picture of her and I think, maybe.

I am on a dating site but I hate them. They are so cheesy.

I really don’t compromise on what I want in a partner. If I can’t find a good one for me, I would rather be alone.


America is possibly going to burn over a dead asshole. That is actually darkly freaking hilarious. It really truly is. People are so mindless.

White people, don’t let them hang this cop.

If they do, do what they did. Pull an Al Sharpton on their asses.

This shoot was not racist. It wasn’t even a bad shoot.

If it is racist, it is the blacks doing the racism in this instance.

I have to tell white people this, many have that false guilt. I don’t.

If the blacks can burn shit. So can we.

I didn’t make it a black white thing. They did.

I told you, don’t make me choose. I won’t choose you.

If this does spiral into a race war, I won’t be on the side of any blacks.

It doesn’t mean I will simply waste you. It does mean I will defend myself. I won’t give you much leeway though either. In the event of such a race war, if I have any doubt, I will waste you.

I also will not associate with blacks any longer in any form I can avoid.

It is blacks who are setting back race relations mostly, not whites.

Also, any whites who should side with the blacks will be wasted.

I am not the racist. Most racism is now held by blacks, not whites.

I really truly don’t care about skin color. Some do and if they attack me and start such a war well whose fault is that?

I know most people aren’t racists, of any color. It is my hope that we can all live like Dr. King said. We should judge ourselves on character, not color.

If you are honest, Mike Brown was of criminal character, and violent, and dangerous.

If you are not honest, well then we may go to war.

Black people don’t let them hang this white cop in Ferguson. He is innocent most likely. All the credible evidence says he is. I suggest you step up here. If not, we may all be at war soon.

Somebody has to cut through this white guilt PC bull shit or we are going to war. I am trying to stop any possible war. I don’t have a lot of help. I don’t care if I offend anyone really either. I find war more offensive myself.

Al Sharpton is telling blacks no justice, no peace. Well, if he keeps saying that, he is going to start a war eventually. I suggest you shut him down yourselves by ceasing to listen to him and Jesse Jackson.

Racism goes both ways….

I wish it would simply go away, but that is too simplistic I guess.


How a cop shoots after being beaten to a pulp

I explained in detail what this diagram means on Facebook today. It means the cop was beaten and disoriented such that he could not hit center mass. It also means Mike Brown was not shot in back. I will break it down more later.

I explained in detail what this diagram means on Facebook today. It means the cop was beaten and disoriented such that he could not hit center mass. It also means Mike Brown was not shot in back. I will break it down more later.

What follows is most of what I wrote on Facebook.

Mike Brown was not shot in the back as the female witness claimed. She also said he had his hands up. She was not telling the truth. Nope. And none of the shots are center mass, not one. The cop was seemingly disoriented from the beating the scumbag gave him.

It looks to me like what I heard today is true. Mike Brown was coming after the cop to kill him. Yep. To hell with Mike Brown.

It is obvious to me the cop did not follow the Strobbe protocol of going for head shots first. All his previous shots were to non vital areas. Brown thought he was going to get that cop but the cop eventually found his mark.

This is most likely how it went down. Leave the cop the hell alone!

Reports say that Brown was coming toward the cop to get him. That is exactly what he did to in the store. When the clerk confronted him he went after the clerk until the clerk backed down. Brown knew he had just committed a robbery. He was going to kill that cop. He lost. The people of Ferguson should cheer that cop. Brown would have killed someone eventually. He won’t now. He is toast.

Anyone protesting this shooting and risking getting shot themselves is an idiot.

Also, the fact that his unarmed is irrelevant. A gun is not a requirement to kill anyone, especially when you are 6 feet 4 and 290 pounds.

Here is the criminal, not a victim, in action.

Y’all protestors are protesting the death of a scumbag.

Plus, like I have said in other posts, two young children enter that store in the end, and see what Brown is doing. If I were their parents, I would tell them Mike Brown was a criminal thug who got exactly what he deserved.

If they tell them he is a hero, the cycle continues.

If you condemn this cop, you are condemning a man who did you a favor, a big favor and at great peril that continues.

If I were a cop, I would resign, take my family and leave that town to burn.


Covert Operations Groups

SoundCloud censored this track of mine today.

SoundCloud censored this track of mine today. The subject was covert operations groups, COG. They don’t like me talking COG, the COG. Y’all mostly seem to think they are not real. They are though, and deadly too. They are the most dangerous people on Earth.

I just pulled the track of mine SoundCloud censored today. I will likely pull all of my SoundCloud stuff. I may not, but I probably will. It is hard to justify using them at this point.
Search engines (siege engines) and all internet media platforms use filters to manipulate what is seen and what is not.
This is in addition to just killing journalists outright, literally and figuratively.
America is not free and has not been for quite some time.
The stuff I tell you is all true. It all is.
When I say we never went to the moon, I am not lying. No one has ever been on the moon. Ever.
Lee Harvey Oswald did not kill JFK.
9/11 was an inside job.
Mind control is rampant, and multi faceted.
Psyops are real.
How do we stop them?
You do what I told you. You remove all elected and appointed officials and start all over. Then uphold the law and hold them accountable.
Anything less will not get the job done.
It will likely take a war but it doesn’t have too. You just have to stand up to them, and remove them from power.
Elections alone will not do it. The COG is appointed.
I could stop now and my conscience would be clear. I cannot make it any clearer to you than I already have been for years.


I have come to terms with the notion that this nation is possible not salvageable. The system is failing and it is being undone on purpose. I bought my bug out gear for good reason. This nation is sinking. Deny it all you want. It may not be salvageable now.

It is my understanding that multiple perpetrators through the Ferguson officer in question into his car to attack him. Also, it doesn’t matter if the cop knew Mike Brown was a criminal. Mike Brown did know and he attacked a cop. Also reports are Mike Brown ran at the cop. Mike Brown went for the gun too.
So, Dude got dead. It was his own damned fault.


I have to counter the real lunatics

You know I have to keep posting. I am only one of a few rational voices left. I just unfollowed a singer who said black and brown people are treated differently in this country. He is right though. They are given special laws. You can’t even defend your life when they try to kill you or you will be prosecuted. I am not naming the singer. It isn’t personal. Well, it is for him apparently.

I don’t want to keep posting really but somebody has to counter lunatics.

Y’all need me to write. You are screwed and voiceless without me. I hate it that I care. I really really do….



Pete Seeger flower child sandalwood Frank “Incensed” Myrrh, TH
Pistol Pete, not the ball player
personally, was rooting for Pete
Pete lost
happened in a boat
rover and rover repeat

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What the hell? One more for posterity.

I have other blogs at the ready. I doubt I will use them either.

These blogs did serve a purpose though. They let me vent. Now, the shit will continue to build in me….

I am turning off the news I view on Facebook and other mediums slowly.

I already know what is happening. I don’t need to see it anymore.

I am changing. I don’t know what the end result will be. I am not sure that I care either.

I know that when I first see anyone, their value is zero to me. They can increase or decrease in value to me from that point.

It doesn’t matter who they are. It doesn’t matter if they deem themselves sane or insane. It doesn’t matter how many others love them. None of this means anything to me.

I don’t care if your family loves you. I don’t care if your friends love you.

I don’t care about your family or friends. They mean nothing to me.

If God loves you, he will know to tell you not to mess with me. He knows odds are good you mean nothing to me.

The general theme is zero though. I know that much.

I don’t seek violence. I know how to do it though.

You all are looking for things that do not exist.

Once you realize this fact, and it is a fact, you will then either live in peace or die in destruction.

The choice is yours.


I will not be writing in this blog anymore


I know I have said this before. So what that probably means is I will return.

I have things I could write right now.

The words would be terribly, horribly mean though, meaner than anything I have ever written before, and so scary you would piss your pants.

Suffice it to say, I am angry.

This might be it though. This time I may never write another post other than this one.

I said the same thing about Facebook. It could be the same there too. I will probably stay on Facebook because I follow some cool people.

But as for me writing anything, don’t hold your breath.

I believe in God. I don’t really care about humans though, not really.

I don’t really value human life. God does so I listen to God. God values human life. I don’t.

I am not going to hurt any of you though unless you try to hurt me, and that is so ironic.

I don’t hate humanity. I just assign it no value.

I am not the devil, nor do I have any real sympathy for him either.

I am something completely different, well, yes and no.

-1 0 1


The inherent value of humanity is zero.

When I told you of the wildebeest a while ago, I said essentially the same thing.


God is the assigner of value.

No one assigns value to anyone really. God does that.

But to me, for all practical purposes, people in sum equal zero. Some are positive, some negative. The grand sum is zero though. Yep. Zero.


Think I am good with a handgun? You should see me with a rifle....

Think I am good with a handgun? You should see me with a rifle….

Vanity under the sun eventually ends up under the ground. It is the same for all.

I really am holding back, being nice calling humanity zero.

For what I am really thinking, is awfully mean and dreadful.

God loves you. That is good for you.

(Imaginary set of horrible words….)


C is the value of zero.


Teeny tiny minds are not yet able to comprehend me.

There is not a single mind on Earth ready to yet.

Still, although I know the small minds will, there is no need to fear me unless you try to hurt me. If you do, God only knows what I will do to you.

I can tell you in a general way though. It won’t be like what happened to Kurtz.

I will dispatch you pretty much ASAP. There won’t be any delay. It won’t be a prolonged affair. It will be efficient.


When you hit the street today, remember your life doesn’t really mean anything.

Zero. Zilch. Nada. Nothing.

You are a wildebeest.

Your children are smaller wildebeests.

Scared yet?


I tried to help you all. I am done now.

You are on your own and at the mercy of criminals, and a criminal government.

Good luck with that.


Go watch The Purge?

I am not a proponent of The Purge,but I am willing to bet you bought a ticket.

You don’t see me wasting people now do you?

Lots of people said I would. I have not.

The world is upside down.

I am not going to try and flip it over anymore. I am armed. Leave me be and you will be just fine. Don’t, and your life is in my hands.

Your life means nothing to me anymore.


23 For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Romans 6:23 says this.

So as you can see, I don’t trouble myself over sinners, alive or dead. They all die eventually. I won’t care either.

If the mess with me, they will likely die sooner rather than later.

Michael Brown took his wages in a box of cigars and death. His job was, sinner. Not only is he dead now, he will burn in hell too. Anyone who is like him shall have the same fate. I still won’t care.

It is the same for America, and indeed the whole of the world.


Her ugly insides totally trump any outer beauty she may possess

I lost all interest as soon as I saw what she looked like on the inside.

Not interested in the least. Don’t care in the least. Haven’t for some time.

I don’t waste my time with Godless people. I don’t care what happens to them. They are of no real concern to me whatsoever.

I feel the same way about America. It is ugly. I don’t care what happens to it anymore. It is full of Godless people and I don’t care what their fates is, not anymore.

I have closed the door on sinners. Their fate is no concern of mine.

When I tell you I don’t care about Godless people, I mean exactly that.

If a person is moral, in terms of the Ten Commandments, that is good enough for me. That is a Godly person. Anyone short of that, I am not interested in, period.



Hebrews 11:1 King James Version (KJV)

11 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

(If I told you, you wouldn’t believe me most likely. This is all the proof one needs. You have hope to believe if you have hope.)

6 But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.