Subject X: files past

Chaos. Remember what I wrote about chaos? And spontaneous order?

You ever see people walk by? It could be anywhere. It could be anytime.

Most of the time it is not significant to your existence.

For some of us, it files right on up to us.

It did to me today.

Part of my spontaneous order was to approach a stranger trespassing, approaching me, and reaching into his coat pocket.

I was responsible for the safety of others.

So what do you think I did?

I might tell you sometime. I might not.


I have been in similar situations countless times.

I moved toward the man. I watched his hands. If he had drawn a weapon, I would have had a split second to determine my response.

It would have been worse for him.

He was grabbing a pen. He was insane. I didn’t have to hurt him. I didn’t.

I still watched him closely though.

I may have had to hurt him later.

I got him to leave the property….

I didn’t lay a hand in him.


If you want to save this nation, impeach this president. I am almost done talking now. I have nothing left to say politically about the tyranny in this nation. I have begun arming myself. I ain’t going all aggressor squadron. I am getting ready to defend my back yard. The Nazis are in the government and no one is standing up to them. My only plan is to waste them if they attack me. I don’t think it is possible to save this nation. Everyone is sleeping.

When the Constitution is all gone, and it almost is, I suggest you have guns, food, water and ammunition.

The government is already trying to keep all of these things from you.

The orders are already in place.

Get your guns and ammunition now.

You had better know what you are willing to do. You had better decide right now.

Parents, don’t let your children into the US military unless you trust them not to shoot you when they are ordered to. The US government almost unleashed the military in Nevada. In fact, the mobilization order was given and then rescinded.

Soldiers, if you follow orders to attack me or mine, you might as well change your name to Muhammad and kiss your ass goodbye.


Personally, I hope the US federal government is shut down by Republicans. I hope that it is shut down never to be returned. We are better off without it. Shut it down. Defund the whole damn thing, even the military. Leave us to defend ourselves. If we don’t make it, we didn’t deserve to make it.

I don’t have a death wish for this country. This country is already dead.

The government has killed our nation.

So of course I don’t care if it goes away never to return.

As for the military, they are not really protecting us anyway.

Our own leaders are attacking us daily.

We are better off without a government, a military or police.

Hell, we would not have more violence. We would have less.

Buy a gun, sell the government.


The Police

Police, I ain’t gunning for any of you. I simply don’t want you gunning for me either.
People, police are mostly just regular people caught in the same messed up system as the rest of us.
Our laws are flawed and so are we.
Violence is no answer really.
It is necessary only when another starts it.
I have no desire to start violence.
It solves nothing really.
Thing is, neither was John Crawford. Someone lied then Mr. Crawford died.
You shot him, not me.
I have no plans or desire to shoot anyone.


I don’t like you president Obama. Do not come within 500 feet of me.

I say again, do not ever come within five hundred feet of me.

You are a criminal.

Do not have your goons within five hundred feet of me either.

I don’t care if your goons are foreign or domestic, federal state or local. Do not bring your thug militants near me either.

I encourage all Americans to who feel as I do about president Obama to make sure he knows that he is not welcome in your company. Make it known to him that he is shunned. If he comes to your property, ask him to leave. If he does not, have him arrested.


When I finally put down my pen

John Boehner, when president Obama crosses this line tonight too, you going to do your job then?
I do not feel represented at all, haven’t for some time. If I am not represented by the government, I have no real obligation to it now do I?
Oh but I do because the government is a tyrant and claims to have ultimate power over me.
They are mistaken though. And not. I mean they are tyrants.
They know it and so do I.
President Obama, Congress and the Supreme Court are all instruments of tyranny now. The checks and balances have all crumbled.
We the people are getting screwed. It gives us choices and most are not good ones.
I write. I try to get Boehner and others to do their job. They don’t do it.
Eventually I will stop writing.


I don’t support burning Washington. I won’t go too far out of my way to stop it though. Someone, not me stated they would burn Washington over immigration. I repeat it wasn’t me. We have a dictator and people are not liking that. I didn’t start this shit. I am just trying to figure out how to restore law and order. Funny I am deemed criminal.

In the proposals I am hearing for this immigration reform, the family unit is again being attacked. The children of illegal immigrants will be provided rights that their parents will not. Essentially the US government is taking custody of these children. They will be at their disposal, literally. No one will ever admit this. It is horrible.

President Obama provided guns to criminals in Mexico. It is covered up though, mostly. There are several dead agents, citizens, judges under dirt rugs.
Folks, the president is alleged to have interests in Mexican coal plants too.
Him and Gore and Blood. These are real names.
So, say hello to president Obama tonight.
You see him yet?


Google government has managed to pretty much hide the coal plant investments.

But look?



Read your gun manuals, know them and your gun

This post will not tell you all you need to know. Your manuals are supposed to.

Read them.

I love my two Saturday Night Specials. I never leave a live round chambered in either of them. I sometimes may have a round chambered in my other weapons designed for such use. Even then, it is sparingly.
Also use care when removing live rounds or misfires. If misfire, count to ten first before opening slide always keeping gun pointed in a safe direction…. Point pistol in safe direction. Take the magazine out, and then slowly and gently move the slide to remove the round. This is when these pistols are probably most dangerous. If you do it correctly, you should be fine.
Any gun can be in this state potentially, pretty much. Know your guns.
Squibs are particularly dangerous also. Read your manuals and learn when you have a squib and how to correct it.

Try not to rip and tear your manual. You need it in good repair.



RattleSnake Armor: Camel Packaging

What is contained in this Camel pack will stop an amazing amount of stuff. It would save your life against most guns. It is 1/2 inch thick. It is not even my best. It is good enough to count on though. It would take at least a .44 magnum to touch this stuff. It might even beat that. I can mass produce this and better.

What is contained in this Camel pack will stop an amazing amount of stuff.
It would save your life against most guns.
It is 1/2 inch thick. It is not even my best. It is good enough to count on though. It would take at least a .44 magnum to touch this stuff. It might even beat that. I can mass produce this and better.

I ain’t going to let you see it. It weighs next to nothing.

I may let you watch me blast it with 22 FPE pellet rifle like forever though. You know, for shits and giggles.


I sometimes wish I could show you the materials and the designs.

I can’t.

I won’t even show you the yields, actual and potential.

I can calibrate this stuff to different yields.

I could do a “final” build but I am fine tuning it.



Yes, Rayon very well may play a role in my armor. I am still testing it.

Tapes are in my design. Yes. Tapes.

Tapes add adhesion, layers and intangibles….

Steel, plastic and probably ceramics….

It is jolly good stuff mates.


Viva Vermont, US of A, supported by the US of J, me. Carry permits issued? No No Vermont Firearm Laws May carry open or concealed without permit as long as you are a citizen of the U.S. or a lawfully admitted alien, and not otherwise prohibited from possessing firearms under state or federal law.

First time ever hearing this or of this rock camp. It is in Vermont apparently.

I hear it now and the mix seems a tad off but the rest is cool….

First impressions.

Rock on Vermont, all steady and stuff.


Near as I can tell, air guns in England are limited to 10 or so FPE. This is another example of gun control. 10 FPE is not enough to hunt much in a pinch either. It will drop some smaller birds and animals though. I love my air guns. They are a pure happy to shoot. They are shooting at its purest.

Hello British people. I say bad things about your country sometimes. I like you mostly though. I just don’t understand you. You talk funny. Speak English?

I like the host chap. Is that the right word?

And as for this, “The Twig.” I kind of dig his gear and stuff.

I think they are British. I don’t know though for sure. They could be in disguise or Australian or even Kiwis.


Today is New Hampshire Day. Viva New Hampshire.

New Hampshire has the most reasonable gun laws in the nation.

Ohio quasi Republican recruiting New Hampshire Democrats and Republicans to fix (ease) our gun control laws in Ohio. I am serious.

Shout out to California for moving to lessen gun restrictions. Reduce them more….

Rock on, and get back our gun rights.

And for shame, I originally omitted Vermont who may have actually the best, freest, most liberty motivated gun laws of all.



Government Battery

You can carry a gun legally in a vehicle in Ohio without a CCW, but by the time you get it into battery though, you won’t get it into battery. You will be shot dead already. For you see, it will be in the trunk, or otherwise legally placed in such a manner that the law will have denied you the right to defend your life. You might as well throw rocks.

Thanks Ohio for defending my constitutional rights. Not.

Let us hear it for Ohio.

I see myself in New Hampshire. It is the darnedest thing, them democrats there actually understand the second amendment.


Johnny Cop, on the spot

Hey Police, how many of you support gun control for Fort Hood? You enforce those laws right? Serve and protect huh? Who you protecting?

You got here a little late, twice.

You are a microcosm of America, police.

You enforce laws that are illegal, and people die because of it.

You should be thanking me for what I am saying.


If you are not allowed to carry a weapon, your second amendment right has been infringed. According to Thomas Jefferson…. If you do the math, we live under tyranny and we are doing little to nothing about it. I mean according to Thomas Jefferson, any agent of the state who claims to have the right to deny me a weapon, take one from me, imprison me or similar should be considered a tyrant and stopped by whatever means required. What this means is many things…. One is that the government is putting us all in great danger because of their tyranny. For you see, when cop tries to take gun from citizen it is the cop who instantly becomes the criminal.

Laws denying you a weapon are illegal.

If you do not have a weapon, you are vulnerable. The government willfully placed you in this danger.

Furthermore, they have agents who will often unlawfully remove your weapon from you again placing you in danger.

If you attempt to retain your weapon which is your right, the agent of the state will likely attempt to kill you.

At that time, you may be forced to kill the officer.

If you do not turn over your weapon when they order you to, they will kill you.

You call this freedom. I call it tyranny.

The world is violent. You may need a gun at any time, any place.

The government is pitting you in danger.

They have officers with guns and many of them are not qualified to he on the street.

They have guns and they will kill you.

You have a right to a gun that has been denied by the government.

It is the law that endangers cop and mortal alike.

I am not anti cop. I ain’t gunning for cops.

I just know that I ain’t real keen on a federal rap for using a God given right.


Pretty much no American politician is welcome at my house. There are a few exceptions, one or two or maybe a few more.

I would not shake most of their hand should I ever meet them. I probably would not speak to them either. The Secret Service has the power now to arrest me for it.

So much for free speech.

I don’t support you sons of bitches mostly.


I write in this blog which Google, Yahoo and others pretty much censor.

Dianne Feinstein, and other policiticians, professors, and assorted bureaucrats want to take away my right to blog too. It is a moot point really. They can already restrict access….

Shaking hands?

Most here would shake hands even with president Obama. Not me.



The words I write are not a call to violence.

I am exercising my rights. Government does not want me doing this.

It is dangerous to them. It limits their power.

I have the right to bear arms. They have and continue to try to remove this right. I am entitled to carry a gun anywhere I choose but the government has broken the law and claims to deny me that right.

That is dangerous to them and me. It is their actions that cause this danger, not mine. I want to be perfectly clear on that.

It is government who is breaking the law, NOT ME.

Also, free speech, I can say pretty much whatever I like. Again, government is trying to remove that right. That is them again causing a dangerous situation.

All you federal Nazis watching my blog, you are breaking the law.

If you come for me, I will end you.

Read the constitution Feds.

You will be fine as long as you keep your tyrannical law breaking asses away from me and those I love.

You are breaking the law. I suggest you remember that. It very well may save your life and your nation.

Do not take my freedom lightly.

I don’t.

Break my rights, become a tyrant and I will kill you.

I won’t hesitate. I won’t weep for you.

This applies to state and local officials also.

The second amendment is the law of the land. Break it and you are the criminal. Your title does not matter, cop, judge, president whatever.


Posted: President Obama is not welcome in my presence. He is a criminal. I don’t want him anywhere near me. He is not trustworthy. I am taking steps to protect myself from his tyrannical ass.

I suggest you all take steps to protect yourself from this man. Keep him out of your town. Keep him out of your state. Do not associate with those who support him.

Y’all,would probably fall all over yourselves to have the president at dinner.

Not me, I would be running the bastard out. If he didn’t leave when I asked him to, he would leave another way.


Mexican citizens, president Obama is providing guns to your oppressors. American citizens president Obama is also one of your oppressors. What you going to do about it? Anything?

President Obama is not a good person. He is a tyrant. There are legal ways to stop him but no one is using them.

I am telling you these things so you can do whatever you may be required to do to protect yourself.

Good luck. You will need it. He is a tyrant who does whatever he wants.

He then makes speeches to lie and cover up what he is really doing.

Me, I don’t care about president Obama or any politician really.

They are just common criminals to me. If they cross my path intending me harm, I will kill them.

I have the second amendment which makes it all legal too.

I have the first amendment that allows me to say these things.

If they try to remove these rights from me again, I will kill them.

Most people are impressed to the point of fear of politicians such as a president, or a judge.

They mean nothing to me, especially these days.

They break the law and no one holds them accountable.

They are not even welcome in my abode.

If they ever try to come in uninvited, I will shoot them.

Do not bring your big limos and your entourage here, you are not welcome, Mr. President.

You are simply a common criminal to me, and I will treat you as such.

I have no respect remaining for you or your office.

In fact,….

The president of the United States is a lawless criminal thug. I don’t support him or the office of the president anymore. He is not welcome in my presence. If he sees me, he should turn around and leave my sight. I am considering getting a protection order against him. I don’t want him traveling to my town. He is a criminal.


Anti-beheading device

Anti-beheading device. Read the manual, practice, repeat.

Do not underestimate the knife, or the bat, etc….

Find one or several that are right for you. To do this start slow. Learn on a .22 and respect it too. Then move up slowly and surely. Eventually you may find calibers too large. Know your and your weapons' limitations.

Find one or several that are right for you. To do this start slow. Learn on a .22 and respect it too. Then move up slowly and surely. Eventually you may find calibers too large. Know your and your weapons’ limitations.

Who loves ya baby?

Who doesn’t?

Think you know?

I say it don’t matter. Have a gun….


Keep your head….


Clone Me

I wish I could clone you. – My boss in security.

I was the best. I very well might still be. You could do much worse.


Security in a Subway, one aspect anyway….

Subway Safety:

I don’t mean the eatery. That is another story. The world is crazy.

Look, for whatever reason in rare but significant instances people are being pushed to their death on subway tracks.
So, stay far away from the pit until the train is there and stopped.
If some damn fool tries to push you in then anyway…. At least you will have a chance.
The world is crazy huh?
This is in your best interest.


I have worked in security. Security is a nightmare sometimes. I always tried to prevent nightmares. Security is a nightmare.

You have to stop nightmares.


Security requires a dark sense of humor.


Subject X: Camel Pack

Do you know what is in the packs? Some of them anyway? They fit real nice in a pocket.

I got different packages of packs for different stuff.

I have bags and sometimes the packs are in them. It is pretty flexible.

Odds are good if it lights up somehow, I got it in there.

3 of 1 and half a dozen of another sort of thing(s).


Turkish citizens, I have no problem with you peacefully dissenting the presence of our soldiers in your land. I just don’t want you hurting our soldiers.

Turkey, Americans are supposed to support free speech. As such, I do. I support your right to ask American troops to leave.

I don’t support you harming them.

I really don’t want them there either. I don’t want you hurting them. They are most likely really good people.

What kind of people are you Turkey?

I don’t know. I suspect you are probably decent too.

Prove it?

Our leaders are insane. Are yours too?

You know, Turkey, this could be a letter to the whole world….

President Obama and President Putin, whack jobs near as I can tell. China? Who knows? England, France, and under pants, and stuff.


I read the news today. Oh boy.

I said, “Dang.”


RattleSnake Armor: Ricochet Control

When you shoot steel at steel or other metals it tends to ricochet. Well, I just shot steel BBs into 500 HB steel covered with my new sprawl liner and it held the BB in place after four consecutive shots to the exact same spot.

My design is so much better than last I showed you. It was pretty darn good then.

I won’t likely show any video as I don’t want my design to be known.

I might show you once the design is done and “encased”….


Stopped me in my tracks for a while….

I don't know them. Besides, they are dead now. The look meant for each other. They fit together. Even in death too soon....

I don’t know them. Besides, they are dead now. They look meant for each other. They fit together. Even in death too soon….

I thought I had been slowing down. Today, I realized that I had not.

But for a good long while today I just stopped.

I didn’t know how to feel.

I am still not sure what their story has done to me but it has done something.



I can do things to protect my backyard. I am allowed.

Pakistan, I can’t help them. Iran, them either. Europe, on their own.

I got my backyard though.

I can’t help Ukraine, or
Russia, and to hell with
Saudi Arabia.