Subject X: SD card

It is a license for self defense. I don’t need to carry it really, but I do.

It is my program.

I am a machine?

In a manner of speaking, yes I am.

I adapt.



Hello. My ears are ringing now. You are my ….

They are not too sure about their control over you now are they?

They know you know you are their ….

Breathe Scotty. Breathe.


Have you figured it out yet?



You see America, if you have guns and any son of a bitch, and I mean any son of a bitch, tries to drag you off for evil purposes you can shoot them. It is called freedom.
It doesn’t matter if you have an army. The army is not at your beck and call now is it? It is supposed to be. It ain’t.
You are the American militia like it or not.

The America I know and love packs heat. Heat.

Me I am a proponent of having all kinds of guns at the ready.

Russians come, I am ready.

ISIS, I am ready.

Criminal, I am ready.

Tyrant, I am ready.

Chinese, I am ready.


You can never have enough.


G man

Homeless Man:

I happened upon a person who approached me while I was working. The person was out of touch with reality. I suspect a Vietnam veteran. He was speaking all schizophrenic like. He didn’t seem violent but I was care taking clients and he obviously needed help.

I could not help him so I called 9/11. I told them there was a man walking around who was in obvious mental distress. The dispatcher asked me some questions and they responded to look for the man.

When I saw one deputy, she mentioned that he was a homeless man who was typically in another area close by.

I don’t know this man’s name and I feel bad about that.

I asked him his name but he spoke gibberish.

He may not be a vet though either. He may just be a hippy as his gibberish was hippyish.

Regardless, it is cold outside.

We live in a cold world. Cold cold cold.

I don’t help the gibberish man much now did I?


Subject X: no surprises anymore

I laugh sometimes. I rarely cry anymore. I still do but not much. I am part human. I find most humans tolerable.

I laugh when I think about how I think of the phrases “890” and “foreign object” and I recall people who I never thought in a million years I would part ways with but I have and then it is no wonder to me anymore.

No thing is anymore.

I am still the same person. I suppose they are too.

We live and we learn.


The Interview “deal” smells of Project Mockingbird. It is in fact making a mockery of free speech. Don’t you see the craft at work yet? I hope you all see soon so I can stop typing this stuff. I am going to go back to making stuff for a while. I will be back to interpret for you more, most likely.

The Interview is Sony yelling, “Fire” in its own theaters. It is project Mockingbird. They want you to play it off as terrorism that ain’t their fault. They want to play the victim. All the while, free speech and other rights are torn away. They have planted the seeds of destruction once again.

It is a game many of you pay to play, to see, to listen too.

They have made a mockery of free speech, and other rights. They want you to feel sorry for them.

This is an operation by someone. Sony will deny it. They may not even know.

I stopped watching movies years ago. I could not tell you the last “block buster” I watched.

The media of a society controls the mindset of that society.

Sony just yelled fire in their own theaters worldwide.

If you go see this movie, you are insane on many levels.

If you made it, you are an evil genius.


Did you hear those ding dongs?

Say this when you enter the Christmas party….

Take one or more boxes of Ding Dongs with you too. Give them out to the guests.

it offers all kinds of jokes to say depending on who is around.

King Kong went to Hong Kong playing ping pong on his…. Answer this correctly and you get a ding dong.


RattleSnake Armor: thin of it

Last post I showed you the thick of it.

Less than 1/2 inch thick, virtually impenetrable too.

Less than 1/2 inch thick, virtually impenetrable too.

I am going to shoot this small one with my pellet rifle. The front is aluminum. It will dent but the pellet won’t penetrate the aluminum.

When I shoot this with live rounds, I will put a new piece of aluminum on. The unit will not be fazed in the least other than the aluminum.

She is pretty thin, don’t weigh much either.


RattleSnake Armor: 1 inch thick and I don’t see anything much getting through it

I am going to shoot this unit soon with a .22LR and a 9 mm. I don't think either will penetrate it. It is pretty thick. I don't think an M855 would make it even either. Nope.

I am going to shoot this unit soon with a .22LR and a 9 mm. I don’t think either will penetrate it. It is pretty thick. I don’t think an M855 would make it even either. Nope. It is low tech, that is why mostly it is so thick. I can build it thinner with other stuff. It doesn’t weight that much. It would weigh about 8 pounds full size probably. It is essentially as effective as AR500 only thicker. You could get the stuff I used at Home Depot or similar.

This stuff will stand alone.

This stuff will stand alone.



Your mission is simple, not impossible at all. Do not be afraid. They will show you Sydney for a while now. You won’t see them attacking Christians in Texas.
You know the poor Moore woman was dismembered while alive?
Here I am telling you not to be scared.
I mean it too.
It is why you are so scared now. You are so scared so you crave protection.
Well, long story short, it doesn’t exist really. It is illusion, protection.
What can you really do?
Trust in God. Live well. Help when you can.
Violence sucks, I don’t recommend it. It exists though. I promote reasonable self defense.
Then there is war which no sane person wants. War won’t stop this “terrorism.”
A true system of justice can perhaps someday.
There is stuff you can do, pray for one. Pray for all. It is difficult to pray for enemies perhaps but it really is better. They might chill and then so can we all.


I know now I think why that gun came apart in my hand on discharge. God told me I was emphasizing them too much. I am not now nor shall I ever be anti gun. But guns are not a real answer for most things. It is better to merely shoot tin cans that really are tin cans.

When a cop arrests a person for wearing their symbols of faith, that cop, and the society that employs him is using violence. They are using intimidation and tyranny.

So do not call me violent when it is society that is violent.

If you don’t want to die, do not try to arrest me for wearing a cross around my neck.

I have that right.

I will protect it.

Cop, whoever, you try to arrest me for wearing a symbol of my faith and you become merely a criminal tyrant attacking me.

You are not legal or authorized to do so.

I don’t care what the law proclaims in this regard. Your law is in error in this instance. It is not authentic American law. I don’t recognize it.


Hey Texas cop who arrested and beat the kid for wearing a Rosary, you have been placed in the snake eater file. You ain’t the only cop in there either. There are more. Police you are being watched.

I understand some states are trying to make it illegal to surveillance police. It doesn’t surprise me. The police are often Nazi criminals.

It won’t stop me from tracking troublesome Nazis police.

I am working to obtain information on the Capitol police still. The ones who shot Miriam Carey. What? You think I forgot?

I never forget tyrants.


I will be burning the US Flag on Christmas to protest the persecution of American Christians by the government and their agents, the police at all levels.

I encourage all Christians to burn the flag publicly, peacefully on Christmas Day.

I am fed up with being persecuted for my faith.

I am remaining peaceful for now.

If this tyranny comes to effect me directly again, I make no promises of peace.

It is one thing for cops to shoot people attacking them, or who are believed to be attacking them.

It is another when police persecute Christians and harm them merely for their faith.

I do not plan to tolerate this.

For example, the cop in Texas who arrested and beat a child for wearing a
Rosary, and the politicians and school board officials who equate the symbol as  gang symbol, these type of people should be afraid because if these attacks do not cease, they will be held accountable.

The cop in this example above was interestingly enough, black. The child he hurt was Hispanic.

He hurt this child by order of the school, the politicians and the police chief. All of these people should stop attacking Christians or face the wrath of God literally.

They counted on American Christians to be passive. They counted wrong.

Praise God me pass the ammunition. – a chaplain at Pearl Harbor

Christians unite. Stay peaceful until attacked and then if you are, raise hell.


Subject X: Residual

They can’t take all of each memory set totally away.

There is enough there for me to put puzzles together.

When I was five, I was in SouthEast Asia. It was the seventies. I was a military experiment.



There is not much subtlety to the MIB.

They mean memory is blanked.

Traces remain though.

It makes some mad. I don’t mean angry exclusively. I mean insane, completely and utterly insane.


The lion and the snake

In the Bible, Jesus is called the Lion of Judah….

Satan is also described as a lion.

Satan is known as the serpent.

So is God known to take the form of a serpent.

Are you confused as to what this means?

This is the lesson you must learn.

There is a war going on in heaven.

The main weapon is deceit.

Hold on to your hats.


The lion by all accounts is a vicious creature. Vicious. Many alpha males will eat their own young.

It is not insignificant that Jesus is considered at least in part, Lion.

What it means is that someone is lying.


It is a warning to be vigilant.

To kill a lion, one needs another lion.

Jesus is that lion.

He doesn’t have to kill but He can.

The Lion of Judah. Lion.

I would not have chosen a Lion as my king myself.

I would not but I ain’t God.


The beauty of the Ten Commandments

For God so loved the world He gave us these.

For God so loved the world He gave us these. Looks like body armor plates, front and back. It is a spiritual CYA.


I live by these.

They really are armor plates.

I am going to put some video in here shortly of me drilling my latest armor design. I can’t wait to test it. What I will shoot it with is my .22 Beeman rifle. It won’t hurt it much at all.

When I live fire test it I most likely will add another layer of stuff to its strike face.

It will be a while before I shoot and shoot, rifle and camera….

I,have to,start laundry first.

I shot video of two shots, not worth posting. Here are some pictures of the armor and the results. It is not presently shaped like the Ten Commandments.

Strike face essentially not fazed.

Strike face essentially not fazed.



Subject X: born in the time of war in heaven

1 Peter 5:8 Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:


The lion is capable of eating its young (abortion).

The mystery of the Bible perhaps ultimately hinges on Jesus as the Lion of Judah. He is literally described as the Lion King.

The Jews are His people. They deny him. Some slew Him.

He forgave them.

The Lion was slain by His own people, many times.

They never learn seemingly.

I feel like an angel. I have not killed a soul.

I don’t even want to.

I just know there are lions about.


Julio, I am not allowed on school grounds. Well, technically I am but I won’t be going there ever.

They don’t want me there. I don’t want to be there.

Anyway, man we can meet at the border?



Jesus Christ, Super Chicken

It could be argued that Jesus came back as Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. If it is so, we killed Him again.
I mean people talk about more than one anti-Christ, some call all of it bunk. They de-bunk bunk.
I call what they do that. It has this rhythm to it like they do. They just flow all evil like unseen for the most part….
Jesus said we would not know when He would return.
He could be here right now for all we know.
Jesus doesn’t kill people. He doesn’t recommend it or condone it.
People keep killing Him though.
He just comes back.
Jesus is also described as a lion.
Lions are violent at times.
I am glad I am not Jesus.
I love Jesus. He was so brave. He was kind of a chicken though too.
He didn’t fight. That is so chicken right?
A. lion would have fought.
How can one be lion and lamb?


Ammunition Dump

I shot the remaining 22 rounds out of this magazine after testing the other day from my Semi Auto Mossberg Plinkster.

It was quick acquisition, quick fire, self defense situation, sort of. I mean I would not have dumped all those rounds into one head or chest.

Next time I will use multiple tiles at the outdoor range. The tiles are good. This is a 12″ X 12″.

Be careful like always when practice with firearms….

Don’t fire recklessly ever.

Train for danger close but don't do it dangerously.

Train for danger close but don’t do it dangerously.


I want to make it very clear to you people that I don’t want or intend to shoot anyone. I don’t want dead people.

I know many of you don’t know that I really don’t hate ANYONE.

If you read me, it is not unreasonable to think I hate everyone.

I don’t.

I hate what people do though.

Hell, I ain’t perfect. I ain’t super human. I ain’t super evil or good.

I am just a freaking guy who God has asked to fight tyranny.

Tyranny has guns. It will always have them.

To fight tyranny, guns are required.

Tyrants are criminals with guns.

It is as simple as that.

We have a system run by tyrants.

Still though….

Guns, having them or not having them ultimately doesn’t matter. The best operators have them and never really need them.

Until they do need them.

It is the old saying, “I don’t know what I am going to do, but you do.”


You see my mind is wrestling. I ain’t violent. You are. I may have to become just like you. You send the law after me to break the law. I am a rational man trying to adapt to an insane world without losing my mind, my life and my liberty. This does not change the fact that you sent law men after me to break the law. I live in tyranny. I am trying to fight that tyranny peacefully. If you send guns after me, I swear….

This is about me, and you, all of you.

It is about the gun control act of 1968, the executive orders of whenever, and all the other tyranny violating our rights, out inalienable rights.

This shit will come to a head.

I suggest you all get your heads right.

It doesn’t have to be violent.

It often times is though.

I ain’t looking for a police show down.

I know that doesn’t matter in a Nazi society.

There are plenty willing to lie and use the “law” to attack my rights.

In a system this broken, guns are sometimes required.

Our founding fathers knew this. They killed for it.

I don’t want to kill anyone.

If I do, it will be because I was left no other viable choice.

I am chill. I get angry sometimes too though.

I never get angry enough to simply kill, anyone.

I will only kill to protect my life and my liberty. If you try to take these things, and I kill you, you killed yourself.

I will not shed a tear for you.


Merry War and Happy New War to the world. Season’s freaking greetings from Tweep Poet.

I could say this anytime of the year, decade or millennium.

It won’t matter when I say it.



Question being highlighted, so to speak, by the media:
Lives at risk? Reports?
Lives are always at risk. It is why society was formed.
People are scared to die typically.
The ones who ain’t are often scary but no more really than the ones who want to live forever.
So? What you want to do with your life?


You wanna rock?



Mostly, I like to chill.

I rock and then chill typically.

Chill is not ill.

Chill is chill.

For every purpose under heaven, there is a time to chill.

Be chill my child. Be chill my elder. Be chill my good people.



Applied for any jobs recently?
They tend to ask a lot of questions in the form of psych evaluations.
I swear.
Here is one.
You are at Let’s Make A Deal and your friend wins a car.
Are you
A) happy for them
B) planning to kill them and take their new car
C) never speaking to them after today
D) all chill like


I know who you are. You kill robots.

Like this, just like this, only with robots.

I totally ripped a line from Rodriguez’s movie. It was a line by Salma Harek.

She said, “I know who you are. You kill drug dealers.”

Violent movie.

I don’t really watch movies much anymore.

I used to like this movie.

Now, it is just a movie too close to reality for many.

It is fantasy though.

Fantasy. Horror fantasy.


Subject X: Robot, Android, Cyborg, whatever

What year is it? What year are you? What model?





We have a trait that allows us to create and destroy.

We must be guarded by ourselves.

I just go into my shell(s). I just realized that too, Turtle.

I think I knew it though.

I thought about building a robot. I don’t like robots.

It is funny though because in many ways I am just like a robot.

God told me to leave the tree be.

I agree with Him.

God made snakes too.


I leave snakes be. Snakes are for God to handle.

If God wants me to handle a snake, He will make it known to me.

He already has though.

For you see, I was born in the year of the snake.

I don’t identify myself as a snake vastly, but I am on some levels a snake.

I am a snake in the shells of turtles.

I am not the devil. I try to be Jesus.

Some people call me, Mike.

You can call me, Al. Or whatever.

Did I tell you I don’t like robots?


Subject X: Merry Christmas Dad

I got a new gun for Christmas. It is almost as old as I am. I am old now Dad. You are older still. I hadn’t shot for years. I picked it up again.

You know Dad, it is like riding a bike.

I don’t know who taught me to do that either.

Was it you?

You are not really my father are you?

Merry Christmas Dad.

I don’t hate you (anymore) Dad.

I saw you California driver’s license when I was a kid.

It tells me stuff about what happened to both of us….

I wonder if we will ever see each other again?

My mind is calm.

I hold back still though.

I could do so much more, but I don’t.


I never wanted a storied life. I got one though.


People often tell me I would be a good father.

I don’t know why they say that.

I don’t want any kids.

I don’t want them to live in our world.

I would not abort any child though.

I don’t want any children.

The world is so ugly.

I won’t tell about the photo Father. I didn’t know what to think of it then. I have a better idea now.

I forgive you Dad.


Stuff one can do with LA Guns

This is how my Raven MP-25 performed today on the target.


I train for head shots mostly. As you can see, I gave this perp a new face. With a .25, take mostly head shots. Still train for center mass some. Heads shots mostly. You don’t want me taking your picture now.

Hello Dad.

Out of sight huh?

Out of mind too?

Hey Dad, nice shot.

Sight pictures Dad. Get it?

I don’t plan on taking your picture Dad.



RattleSnake Armor testing. Three shot group. Each round is touching like a triangle. The last round is on top....

RattleSnake Armor testing. Three shot group. Each round is touching like a triangle. The last round is on top…. Nifty shooting huh.



The armor is very thin, and strong. As you can see the Tim and the Camel pack are not harmed at all. The armor took all the energy.

The armor is very thin, and strong. As you can see the tin and the Camel pack are not harmed at all. The armor took all the energy.

This is some good stuff, primo armor. I believe it is the best design there is.

I am going to break it down a tad further but I will only show you the pellets from here on out. This is top secret stuff.

All tucked away nice and safe.

All tucked away nice and safe.


Order. One word. So many meanings… perhaps enough to bring about its opposite nature. What does this mean?

(By order of the almighty God.)

This won’t help much most likely, if at all.

Here are words you can put in front of order but you probably should not. Order is pretty important. Order is pretty important?





I was simply following orders.

Or I was simply filling orders.




There are books with commands in them. Good books. And bad books.

It is written.


‘Bout the size of it.