War Powers Act (More Powers Act)

Hey president Obama,

Who really has more power?

Me or you?

You remember when you said you could declare war without Congress but you would ask them anyway?


Well guess what?

What if I told you I didn’t give a rat’s ass about you or Congress?

What you gonna do then?

Come after me?

Well, come on.

We will see then won’t we.

We will see who has more power.

Come on.

I don’t give a shit about you or Congress president Obama.

I really do not.

I don’t care about your FBI. I don’t care about your
DHS. I don’t give a shit about anyone of you federal clowns.

The rest of you Americans, you go ahead and vote on Tuesday.

Go right ahead.

I ain’t wasting my time.

I didn’t vote for any of this shit.

I never will.

You all go ahead and pretend like your free.


I am going to live like it.

You want to kill me?

Come and try.

You all think I live in a fantasy?

I think you do.


I sincerely doubt I am going to vote Tuesday. In fact, I may never vote again. When it comes right down to it, I have no faith in any of the politicians. They all believe some version of what their mind control has programmed them to believe. In fact, if you vote, you are programmed to believe it matters. It don’t.

I have guns.

Guns are tangible.

Votes are intangible.

I really don’t care about our government anymore.

I have guns.

They don’t listen to me.

They don’t care about me.

I don’t care anymore.

I have guns.

Whoever may come to do me harm, I will shoot them.

I am not a believer in America anymore.


I believe in God. America doesn’t.

I don’t really care about America anymore.

I really don’t.

With each passing day, the concept of America means less and less to me.

America doesn’t stand for anything anymore, anything good anyway.

It is more tyrannical everyday.

The only reason I am still here at all is my family.

I don’t even really worry about making friends here in America.

I am not like you people, not really.

I am not going to kill any of you though, unless you mess with me.

I am like the old American person. Just leave me be and you will be fine.


Tweep Poet Tactical: Realms, Possibilities

I am a Boy Scout. Our motto is to be prepared.

It is a good motto.

It is a hard one to live up to really. I do the best I can.

Anyway, I don’t know and I don’t want to but I think war is a song sung and that it only has percussion.

Sometimes, when I am at the range, I listen and feel the thunder of the big guns.

All the time knowing what that round can do to stuff….

It is not a beautiful chorus.

It is preparation.

For you see, you feel the percussion of war.

It don’t feel good.

No solider ever won a war dying for his country…. – Patton

Patton continued that in war one must make the other bastards die for their country.

If it be today, he would probably say Islam.

He would not have worried about your feelings, Muslims.


I ain’t all that worried about your feelings either.

Still, I ain’t trumpeting war and beating any drums.

War is not the best answer.

For you see, what Patton failed to see is what ultimately killed him.

His nation has traitors….

They are in high places doing low things.


I am not all thunderstruck or moved by our flag.


Y’all are off fighting wars in some lands where the people there never attacked us.

This is as you support the very ones who do.

You think I am insane?


For you see, the traitors in your government have you off dying for your country, while they steal it.

People in the media are telling you to vote. The implication is that it matters.

It doesn’t really all that much.


For you see, the real power is behind the scenes, appointed.

It is more accurate to say well placed over appointed.

When you are well placed, you can gather all kinds of information, and do all kinds of stuff.

You can do all this and be insulated, camouflaged and protected….

So, get out of the military.

It is a losing proposition.


Sure we may need a military.


But when our military is not being used correctly, we are better off without a military.

Do what you will.

I ain’t launching no campaigns, political or military.

I write stuff.

I try to figure stuff out.

I leave all the war to you.

I really do.

War is not the answer.

It is the problem.

I know that the whole Muslim terrorism shit is in large part BS.

I know this.

But I also know that there are Muslims who infiltrate and do whatever they can to take over. It is not even just Muslims.

I know that too.

It is made a mess on purpose, and it is mind control.

It is the proverbial slow boil.

I tell you to arm yourselves, and be careful. Get a dog?

For you see, we are at war.

It sucks huh?

Soldiers are more so at war. They are more likely to die.

It doesn’t really make any of us safer though.


It is Halloween.


We are not at war.

We are.

We are not.

We are.

We are not.

That is, unless you are in the military, then you are.

What does that mean?

I don’t want to know.

I don’t.


Lance Corporal Highway….

Do you really like traveling that road named after a dead soldier?


I see those signs and when I add them to what I know to be true about our government, I weep for this country.

I really do.

I say all kinds of bad stuff about you people quite often.

But mostly, I just feel bad for you.


Be prepared to fight. We are at war, or so I am told.




Everyone reads so much into things.

Don’t you think?

I think.

I do.

Think(s) is/are like buttocks, everyone has them.


Numbers. Digits.

Manipulate them.

It is what people mean when they say, “Has your number.”

Ya think?



It is all the same.





Do not call these numbers. I don’t know whose they are. They were randomly generated.

Lose the numbers. Don’t listen to Phil Collins.





Hey American media, many if not most of you tout the merits of gun control. It is a shame ISIS has expressly decided to target you huh? You might want to reconsider the whole gun control deal. Oh and the border, you may want to limit Muslim access to this country too. But again, you want open borders for terrorists and other illegals. Oh well. Write your wills, and your stories.

I am a cold bastard. I won’t mourn you much. I will remind the world how you sponsored your own demise and tried your damnedest to take us with you.

Now it is time for the CBS Evening News with…. We don’t know who, the regular guy just got wasted by ISIS as did his backup. We ain’t got anyone willing to do the job now….

Google it.


I understand that some are afraid of guns. What I don’t understand is why. I mean a little fear of guns is actually good. What is bad is when one becomes paralyzed by their fear of them. Bad people will ALWAYS have guns. Taking them away from good people solves nothing.

Say America is named Jane?

Would that be a shame? What happened to Jane?

If you take guns away from good people, and even restrict them from carrying them, you are endangering them.


You say I am.

You are.

I am not.



Through yet?


God first, family second and America is a distant third. The more decadent America becomes, the less I support it. We have Christians being targeted by Nazis. This will not be ignored by me.

I do not support a Godless America.

I shall never do that.

I am chill. America is losing its mind though.

I have seen it clearly and have been telling you this for sometime now.

We have pastors being threatened with death, fines and jail.

If this starts, there will be consequences for all of us.

I am not calling for violence.

Others are, the people who attack Christians are.

We will defend ourselves.

We will….

Like I have said, I will not try to stop any violence that may start should officers of the government at any level start arresting preachers.

I won’t either.

Any fed, soldier or local or state police officer who attempts to arrest a Christian preacher deserves any fate that may befall them.


Snake Eater File

Nazis, when I identify you, I track you. Just like I do with Muslims. I am proactive. I put ALL the information I can find on you into a database.

I share this information with other like minded individuals….

America will not fall to tyrants without a fight.

Operation Valkyrie American style is ready to roll if need be.

Nazis, you can run but you CANNOT hide.

It does not matter Nazis, who or what you think you are.


If you are a Nazi, or act in a Nazi like manner, I have my eyes on you.


Moms Demand Action is threatening to make false 911 calls to get legal gun owners in trouble. I am demanding police take action against these psychotic mothers now. Now.

You crazy mothers had better chill out.

The leader of this illegality is Ms. Shannon Watts. It seems she resides in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Indiana police I highly suggest you pay a visit to this woman.

I don’t deal well with Nazis.

Police you had better do your jobs and stop these lunatic fringe moms.

They are proposing lawlessness.

They are a problem, deal with them.



Do not hurt gay people simply because they are gay. This should go without saying. It is not Christian to hurt people unjustly. In fact, Christians should do their damnedest to never hurt anyone or anything.

Gay people have the right to life, liberty and property. They have the same rights as everyone else.

Some are not good people but that can be said of any type of people.

We are all just people.

Not one of us is a god.

I could parade a list of names of people who are gay that do great things for others.

I am not going to though.

It don’t really matter to me that they are gay.

It doesn’t matter.

They are merely people.

Jesus judged people. He did it all the time. He never killed anyone.

In fact, he took it upon himself to take all our sins collectively and pay for them.

We are obligated to live sin free.

Murder is a sin. It follows that violence is too.

So, relax.

I support gays with guns. I support all Americans with guns.

Here is to never having to use them for sustaining life, liberty and property.


We got no one protecting the constitution. Soldiers don’t do it. Judges don’t do it. Police don’t do it. No one does. By law, pretty much all police should be incarcerated the moment they enforce a gun control law. The moment a lawmaker makes a gun control law, they should be imprisoned.

I am tired of hearing about how soldiers and police protect us. They don’t.

We are not even allowed to protect ourselves.

You ALL can stick your flag up your buttocks.

Spare me the shit about how free we are here too.

I don’t want to hear your mind controlled bull shit anymore.

See, I don’t get all giddy over soldiers and police like most “conservatives” do.

They work for the government.

I tend to hate government.

I love liberty.

I don’t care about your swatch watches, and your special sauces.

Bastards ain’t got nothing on me.


Irony: If someone were to ask me what my favorite movie was, I would most likely say, (…). I ain’t saying. It don’t really matter. It is just a movie starring someone else I talk shit about from time to time. Who really cares?

The lead singer of this band has the last name of what?

That just may be irony too.


Patton is not my favorite movie.

Mattie Patton, who later became a Hatton, is my maternal grandmother….

Hi grandma. Love you.







F Bomb Tirade in Kool Aid America

I am never happy to drop the F bombs I do.

I will write more later.

I will say it is better to drop an F bomb than other bombs.

Keeping up with the Jones.

(These guys have a video game out. It just might be kid tested, mother approved. I don’t know though.)


Hey media, your boy was a fucking liberal Columbia teacher school graduate. He is like Mike Fucking Brown you liberal pieces of shit.

The piece of shit who put an axe in the cops head was a liberal.

The NYC dude who killed the cop was a domestic terrorist and a liberal. Hey and you all thought I was going to waste some police and shit.


I say again. You were all fucking wrong about me, and about damn near everything.

Keep your god damned college degrees.

I don’t want anything to do with your fucking Nazi institutions.

I don’t want anything to do with your police or military either really.

I don’t.

I ain’t going to kill any of you bastards unless you fuck with me again.

Then no promises.

I am tired of all you Nazis.

You all are drinking Jonestown Kool Aid. I am the one telling you not to and you morons attack me for it. Idiots.


I am a crack shot. I can put a round anywhere I desire. But even I can’t do that if I don’t have a gun, or if I don’t see the attack coming.

There is no one on the planet who needs to fear me though. That is, unless they attack me….

I don’t walk around hell bent on shooting anyone. I do watch my environment and assess the situation mostly.

I am as good as anyone on the planet with weapons. Still, even given all that, I am never 100 percent safe.

I don’t support all this “national security.” I support the inalienable right to bear arms.


Americans, police and soldiers are not even sufficiently trained to deal with Muslim terrorists. Nope. So, as the government continues to disarm us, (we are already pretty much completely disarmed) what is your plan to survive any potential attack? You going to run? Hide? What you going to do? You going to authorize air strikes in a foreign land? You going to keep sending soldiers to Afghanistan? How is that working out for you? How about you regain your right to carry a gun whenever, and wherever?

In a span of two days, Muslims killed a soldier and grievously injured a police officer. These people are trained. The level of training is questionable at best, but nonetheless, it is claimed that they are trained.

One is dead and the other may die.


You probably have no gun much less any training.

Good luck.

Federal and state gun control laws need to be completely removed.


Americans not only have the inalienable right to guns, they freaking need them.


Are you ready to shoot an axe wielding Muslim?

A rookie NYCPD cop was not. He got axed in the head.

The war in Afghanistan did not save him from heinous injury.


The USAF and US Navy and or ?Marine air strikes in Syria and Iraq didn’t help him either.


So, are you ready to shoot an axe wielding Muslim in the head? Or heart?

The federal and state governments have removed your gun rights.

You most likely bring nothing to a knife fight. Bad idea. Bad laws. Bad government.

What if the Muslim has a gun?

They didn’t get the gun control memo.

Hey US soldier, come home.

US soldier, you are not protecting us. I know you think you are.

Truth is, you are not.

Come home.


The ugly truth….

To defend your life or the life of those you love, you must be willing to KILL.

You must, or you will probably die.

Take note, Muslims. I will shoot you if you attack me. Then I will wash my hands and go eat a meal or something.

I won’t shed a tear.


Tweep Poet Tactical

Have a gun, at least. Know how to use it well, and when. The world is dangerous.


I could give you more advice.

I just don’t feel like it right now.

Besides, you need to be proactive and learn yourself without my prodding, and instructions….


Hey president Obama, if you want, I will help you improve your basketball shot. As for your shotgun technique, there are better shot gunners than me.

President Obama, to improve your shot, one thing you can do is visualize a peace sign. Take those two fingers, bring them together, and then you will see what fingers should contact the basketball on the shot release. They should be directly on the center and lower back portion of the ball, back spin and arch.
If it is a jump shot, time your release for the apex of your jump. Try not to get your shit blocked.
As for your second hand, it should barely contact the ball such that it has no impact on the ball’s flight path. You just want enough contact to keep the ball steady….
Follow through with your dominant hand, and always maintain focus on the front of the rim. Never watch the ball. Watch the rim.
If you do these things consistently. Money.

Oh, and square your shoulders to rim also.

Basketball players refer to it as the stroke.


The soldier who jumped the White House fence was recently ruled incompetent to stand trial. The whole deal with incompetent to stand trial boggles my mind. If you are not competent to stand trial, how are you competent to be convicted? Huh?

Apparently another person climbed, jumped or otherwise got over the “fence.”

Crazy huh?

Anyway, give the soldier treatment, and set him free when he is well.

He never meant to hurt the president.

I am glad no one shot him.

Our soldiers are getting screwed everyday.

I tell them to get out, and recruits to stay out.

I mean that too.

I really, really do….

They get gunned downed unarmed by Muslims.

The Canadian and British soldiers get screwed too, unarmed.

Block leave….

Type block leave into Google or something….


RattleSnake Armor: Stopping power, an alternative view

People talk about a gun’s stopping power….

Armor has stopping power levels too.

It produces different results….

A reader of this blog inquired as to whether I support killing gays. I don't. I don't promote killing anyone though. I am trying to stop bullets. I think the person was not looking for discussion. I answered the question here.

A reader of this blog inquired as to whether I support killing gays.
I don’t. I don’t promote killing anyone though.
I am trying to stop bullets.
I think the person was not looking for discussion.
I answered the question here.

(Read picture caption first….)

Truth is, if a gay person attacks me, I will not discriminate then either. I will shoot them in a heart beat.


Anyway, back to stopping bullets.

Those three rounds all started out the same.

One hit soft armor mostly the other hit hard armor mostly.

The end results were very different in terms of deformation and weight retention…. All rounds were going same speed at impact….

This is basic ballistics….

Again, to repeat, I have no intrinsic problem with gay people unless they are militant.

If they support jailing ministers, I have a problem with that. If that becomes violent, it is on them.

It is un-American to jail a person for their religious faith. Wars have been fought over it. People die in wars.

Gay people cannot force others to marry them etc. That is tyranny.

I don’t give a rat’s ass about a dead tyrant.

So, in summation…. I under no circumstance prefer anyone getting shot.

If the government employees tyranny, people sometimes get shot.

So you see, I am trying to stop the tyranny before it starts.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

It is an inexact science but all science is really.

There exist confounding variables.


1, 2

The first and second amendments are under attack. This is what my blog speaks to.

They go hand and hand.

When they are denied, it may become hand to hand.

I didn’t make the rules of freedom.

I just abide by them.

I am no damn soldier fighting in Afghanistan for a false set of freedoms.

I am here trying to restore them.

I have not killed a sole person.

The government does that.

Frankly, I get tired of hearing about our dead brave soldiers.

I tell them to get out. I mean that too. They are dying for nothing.

I am not preaching violence like our leaders.

War ain’t going to solve anything.

It never has it never will.

I don’t support random attacks on anyone. Period.

Yet because bastards exist, we all may have to choose to kill.

Like I said, I didn’t make the rules.

If a police officer comes to arrest you because you did not follow the governments demands to marry a gay couple, what you do is between you and God.

I will not attempt to save any such officer.

I will not.

The officer will be in violation of the constitution. What happens to that officer is mostly up to them.

I will say the same for any soldier too.

Any cop or soldier who attempts to arrest a preacher is in violation of the constitution.

I will do nothing to save them.


America, land where they arrest clergy

Soldiers drink Kool Aid in America
They drink it most, but most drink a lot.

Shit is poison.

Jim Jonestown and his cousin David Koresh

Dead slaughtered government abused children and adults and shit San Francisco treat operations.

Prose physicist tweep son of a gun blowing shit up with words

I am a circuit rider, electrical clergy of the Alpha Omega Church of God.

I am not telling you what to do. I mainly say that God is telling you. You may or may not hear.

Then there is the devil. He is capitalizing. I didn’t capitalize his name-o.

The government did when they arrested the preacher man.

It hit the fan then.

Shit proceeded to fly everywhere.


Imagine. Imagine the government said you were David Koresh and then burnt you alive.

Christians, you need to be prepared. You are being increasingly targeted and persecuted.

America in general, so are you. Even if you do not know it, you are being targeted.

They use terrorism.

They use the news.

They use pretty much everything.

Imagine that?


Imagine this song?

I don’t like this song, mostly.

Sure, it claims to be a song for utopia.

Utopia doesn’t exist.

It is unrealistic.

It is counterproductive.

I would not have killed the bastard though, not my thing.

They say all kinds of stuff about the Jim Jones and David Koresh types of the world. They build the archetypes up and exploit them in story lines that promote their interests which are mostly evil.

They sell it as justice.

They make allegations, and then kill.

Some “domestic terrorists” apparently, allegedly tried to fight the federal government by bombing Oklahoma City in the 90s.

Who knows why really etc. I know what they say….

They lie a lot though, pretty much always.

I am not supporting bombing anything.

I am merely saying I am not imagining what is really going on in this country, the world. I would not want to dream this shit up.


War is not reasonable.

War is irrational. It truly is. It is why I don’t start them.

It is why I have yet to kill anyone.

I don’t want to ever do that.

People say I am crazy.

What do they know?

I am no revolutionary. I am no vigilante. I am no super hero to marvel at.

I am something, or another. I really don’t know yet. That may be one of my problems.

I ain’t perfect. I don’t want to run the world. I just want to run my own.

That ain’t asking too much.



This video still is from the airfield outside Jonestown. It clearly shows men in uniform carrying out a mission. It was not Jones' People's Temple. It was a covert operation ran by the US at least in part. It is part of a much larger conspiracy that is still playing out today, worldwide.

This video still is from the airfield outside Jonestown. It clearly shows men in uniform carrying out a mission. It was not Jones’ People’s Temple. It was a covert operation ran by the US at least in part. It is part of a much larger conspiracy that is still playing out today, worldwide.

The ongoing persecution of Christians is based on this model, Jonestown.

It is being ramped up.

They are trying to provoke us now. We may have no choice?

You have choices. None are really good.

I am not telling you what to do.

I am showing you what the government has and will do to you any time they choose.

What you do about it is up to you.

You can see the people, the mercenaries and the copter in this still of ghosts....

You can see the people, the mercenaries and the copter in this still of ghosts….

You think I am crazy? Still? Look at this still. Look.

I am preparing to fight back armed mercenaries who may attack me. If that happens, and I survive their initial attack, I will take the war to them.

They know this. They may target me. If I survive, I will fight back. Count on it.

I am being very gracious to you people by not killing them right now.

I don’t want innocents dead. They don’t care though.


America as she truly is, Jonestown

The trend is for people not to like this video apparently. The truth is ugly. Few really see it for numerous reasons.

You will see a helicopter in this video. You will see mercenaries in uniform moving in a military formation.

This is a video still. It shows the mercenaries in UNIFORM.

This was not carried out by Jones.

Clearly in focus... soldiers. Paid, highly trained mercenaries carrying out an execution with total license to kill, total plausible deniability.

Clearly in focus… soldiers. Paid, highly trained mercenaries carrying out an execution with total license to kill, total plausible deniability.


I am not looking to start a war. It is just impossible to tolerate what is being done to Christians in this so called free country. It has happened to me once and it never will again.

I never killed any cops when I was lied about. In fact, I went in. They had fired me, banned me and all for lies. Then is over now. I should have a master’s degree. I don’t. I both do and do not care. There is no institution worthy of me anyway. There is one, the Christian church.

I am no fool vigilante. That shit is for your Hollywood mind control machine.

I am no damned murderer either.


I will stick your Bat up your ass though if you ever mess with me again.

I truly do not plan on starting any violence.

I just know I will not ever let what happened to me then happen to me again.

You had better never bear false witness against me or try to unjustly imprison me.

Hello Pentagon.

Which one of you sons of bitches has my Jonestown paper?

Why did you act like you knew me?


The joke is on everyone. You seem to just be figuring that out.

Get out of the military.

It was our military industrial complex that ran,and then murdered Jonestown.

Our military along most likely with the SAS killed Congressman Ryan of California.

America is almost exactly like Jonestown now.

It was Flavor Aid, not Kool Aid.

You know who drinks the Kool Aid the most?

Our soldiers.

Yep. They drink it and then commit murder suicide.

They are mind controlled fighting for a freedom set that does not really exist.

Then, to prove their point, they put A Christian Lieutenant in jail for killing the “enemy.”

Go watch that movie where the soldier gets his ass blown off all heroic. Tell yourself, Gee Wally.

Another Jonestownian bites the dust, Wally.

Father knows best.

Ferguson, MO. Jonestown.

Cabrini Green. Is it still there?


Detroit. Jonestown.

Oakland. Jomestown.

USA. Jonestown.


Training even harder now to drop tyrants where they stand.

There is essentially no armor that can save you from me. You will need a tank, and even then I will get you.

I am not playing with you tyrants. This will be your only warning series.

I will take tyrants heads clean off in my own brand of jihad.

The life of tyrants means nothing to me.

If there be any preacher who needs a hired gun, I am your man. I will teach you all to kill tyrants by blowing their heads clean off.

You have been warned tyrants.


Sermon for American Christians

Christians get your guns and ammunition ready.

There shall be no more Wacos. There shall be no Christians forced to do things against their will or religion.

All you people who lied about me have been shown mercy.

That will never happen again from this point forward.

I never did anything wrong.

I will not be subjected to such tyranny ever again without making someone pay dearly.


If you value your life, do not ever bear false witness against me again.


I have this weird combination of anger and calm settling in my mind. All this tyranny directed at me is coming to a confluence….

(So what you’re saying is you will kill gay people if they report hate crimes?)

The question in parentheses is a comment someone made anonymously in the comment section. It is a fair question. I post it here because it is. I also post it here because it was anonymous.

The short answer is no. I will add that I do not consider refusing service to be necessarily a “hate” crime.

I don’t want anyone hurting gays without justification such as self defense.

However, I don’t feel my post implies this.

It says that arresting preachers is tyranny. I could have perhaps written it better. What follows is the original.

What this means most likely is I am getting ready for war.

I am one calm and angry Christian.

I am also a minister.

I suggest you do not try arresting any Christians.

I highly suggest this.

Politicians and police mark my words.

The singer in this next band is supposedly gay.

We have gays trying to get Christians arrested, jailed and fined.

In theory, I have little problem with gays.

However, keep this shit up and….

I have taken all the shit I am ever going to take from tyrants.


If you ever try to do to me what you have in the past, I will kill you.