Stuff you can do with Airsoft at home as an adult

Hold on and I will show you. It probably ain’t what you expect. Just remember, Airsoft only at home.

You still need eye and perhaps ear protection too honestly air guns are pretty loud over time.

I choose this fellow because of several reasons. I choose this video because it identifies an essential skill set. You can and should work on this with Airsoft, especially beginners.


It is about the skill, not the drill.

You CAN learn to control recoil with proper technique every time with Airsoft.

This video is paramount. Many Airsoft guns slides don’t operate but that does not really matter that much. It is the proper grip that matters most.

And remember to lean in as instructed in other video on subject, provide correct mass.


About a month ago or so, I saw a video where a shooting instructor discussed the benefits of practicing hitting small targets. His targets were bigger than what I use and he took “forever.” I thought about posting his video. But I didn’t want to possibly hurt his feelings. Which is actually too bad. He needs to speed it up more than a tad.

(Evaluating a shooter be it an instructor or student must be honest and accurate. It can’t crush them though. We must have tact.

We must create shooters who are competent and confident in what they can do Performance wise consistently and also what they can’t.

What they can’t do, they (should?) strive to learn; or they should learn to plan around their deficiencies.)

We all must do these things!

The Dude meant well. He did. But folks get guidance on gunfights from people who truly understand the level of skill required and the true nature of gunfights.

If you have adequate cover, you may be able to go his speed. Even then maybe not. There are lots of things that could make situation require both speed and accuracy.

If you can go slower, that is usually good. But if you must go faster and cannot, that is way bad.


Note on Over-Training:

Over training is a tool for making improvement to essential skills. Β It can be counter productive and is not recommended for new students.

It has several concepts, methods of conduct that it employs.

My bottle cap drills are over training. That level of precision and speed combo are quite likely, nothing is 100 percent sure, never going to be required. So it is over training.

If the over-training induces bad habits, it is counter productive. This is usually on an individual basis. But if training logic is flawed, then it should not be implemented at all.

What this means in part is that as of now I cannot currently do that shot everytime at “speed.”

I can do it most every time, but not EVERY time.

Know your limits.

Do not exceed your limits.


Proceed with caution. Speed is often dangerous in itself, precision too for that matter.
Don’t ever forget it is always better not to have to even touch a dang gun.


It was frustrating see. I wanted to transition to second bottle cap. But both times, I couldn’t. It happened more than twice. I was and am not happy about that. I need more cushion.

Yes. It is impressive to hit a bottle cap from low ready with a DAO trigger of 12 pounds.

But it is more impressive to then hit another.

But my first shot kept ricocheting and knocking down second bottle cap. One shot. Two caps. No second shot required.

But see that drill is two rounds, two shots.


When and how does one “get on the trigger?”

So you want to be a cowboy?

I don’t.

White hat? Black hat?

I ain’t like that anymore.


Nice job losing JFK files. They probably never existed.

Even if they did, they would be redacted to point of gibberish.

And thing is, they are lies mostly regardless.


M. K. Ultra



It was NSA? Probably. Deep State.


The “Earnest” Drill

There is and is not an Earnest drill.

See, I have never met Earnest.

I have been practicing one of his techniques though. I see utility in it.

I borrow from him and others and make it “mine.”

Earnest like Batman has utility.

He might be Batman.


🐫 Packs

Drill: pick up gun from “staged”, get a good grip and fire accurately quickly. I was OK with results. Video shortly. You must have a good grip but you ain’t got all day like at some range. You got to go.

This was a low light type drill too. It is harder than it may look.

Get a good grip everytime. Then execute an accurate shot quickly. Practice until you get as consistently fast and accurate as possible.

Be as realistic as safely possible…. You won’t have all day to get the right grip but you must have the right grip, etc!

Essential Skills as the Dude (not this Dude) says. He is right.


Same deal, OT this week, probably most of last three weeks. My boss had scheduled me for Tuesday this week, which she had said I would always have off. But when I told her that I had tickets to USWNT that night, she fixed it. I appreciated that. She recognized I don’t really ask off. I have three day shifts this week.

We were busy as heck yesterday. I got to work early with food to eat first and my boss was “hollering” at me to come in and get going now! It was funny. I kept going unto 2200. I was scheduled off at 2100.

I have found more ways to lessen my tooth pain. It is still there but way better most times and I can eat with less pain.

I really did a number on this tooth. Like 1/3 to 1/2 is chipped away.

Last night I slept well for first night in a while.

It is about time too. I needed a good night’s sleep!

I work 1600-0100 tonight.

My body is the most rested it has been in a while. Thanks to good rest last night and generally taking it easy when not at work.

I made myself do chores before work yesterday though. And that kind of helped too, mentally mostly.


I am working a lot. I am tired because of it. I mean real tired. I found myself struggling to finish last shift. I have one more this week and several more until Friday. I suspect that I will not be producing much for this blog for a while.

I have had a rough last few weeks with the accident, my arm, and the meds and a lot of work.

My tooth hurts everyday too, chippped in accident. It makes it hard to eat most times.

Plus right now I am fighting off a cold so I am physically and mentally drained.

So I need to listen to my body, take care of it and that will be my focus for a while.

I tried to go to bed early last night but I still am sleeping poorly.

It is lucky for me I generally like my job. It makes things that are hard now a tad easier.

I need to find time somehow to get to a dentist soon and get my tooth fixed. It is often quite painful,

I am pretty tough SOB.

But everybody has limits.

I am “proud” of myself because there have been days where my pain was through roof and I have been exceptionally tired, but I have stayed chill.


Camel 🐫 Packs and Airsoft Guns

I said I might shoot video of Airsoft tonight.

I might. I might not.

I get tired of shooting.

The drill is gone….

That never ending pursuit of speed and precision that never ends.

And all the related “scenarios.”


OK I have a new drill set up. I have just dry fired it. That went well.

It is what you would consider a difficult drill, most if not all of you.

I will try it eventually. It really is easy for me until last shot.

Last shot with this trigger is ridiculously hard.


Range @ Night, it is dark, and everything. Got a light. And other tools. Hard to see @ night. All the rules still apply. Heard Dude lay it down today. He said who is playing the good guys? Other good guys who follow rules. Criminals? Born to break rules for selfish and sometimes violent reasons.

I will use this as “audio” during my “simulations” of response to active shooters such as this fellow or terrorists and such.

Try to make it as “real” as possible and as “safe” as possible.

Always remember and FOLLOW the rules.

In the video below I am testing to confirm that I can use iPhone headphones to command my communicator.

First though, I once again show importance of light. Don’t ever take “shot in dark!”

By using head phones and key pad I can make my phone silent and be able to call “911.”

In video, I can’t really call “911” so I chose a business I knew was closed at this hour.

And not only do I have a virtually silent phone, I also for the most part have hands free operations.

I do have once I open phone, call 911, and place open phone in a pocket.

I can communicate to perp and police at same time….

“I have called police. Get out of my home.”

“Drop the knife.” (Other)

Verbal commands such as these are VERY IMPORTANT.

So important that if you use them, you very likely won’t have to fire a weapon.


Work 16:30 to 2300 and I slept through my alarm and woke at 1600. I tired. But I do feel refreshed now. I hurry.

You think I have been busy lately? Or something?

I must a be.

I rarely need an alarm much less sleep through one.

My body was tired!

I really do feel better now.

A lot has to do with those meds, their side effects and withdrawal.

In fact, I put off range at least one more day as I knew I was not quite right yet.

Bengals play tonight and I live in their nation. I will probably see a lot of fans tonight. Work gonna be hopping most likely.

You know what that means?

Z money.

So far in my two shifts this week, I have made a fair amount of Z money which should continue anight!


Subject X: scripture

Exodus 22:29 Thou shalt not delay to offer the first of thy ripe fruits, and of thy liquors: the firstborn of thy sons shalt thou give unto me.

Like I ever had a choice. God claimed me off waivers.


POTUS, I hear there will be no federal investigation into Freddie Gray’s death in police custody. Somebody killed him, police or no. Odds are it was police. Does this not trouble you? Now the B and O railroad trial don’t work either. How about an honest look?

Now it would have probably been better had Freddie stayed out of trouble.

That is both on Freddie and system.

I looked at his “record.” His busts except one were drug or nonviolent. The one of violence is likely over stated.

He ran from cops according to some because they had beaten him before. I can’t say.

But did Freddie really deserve to die?


I will say that if police had simply left Freddie be, none of us would be “here” or “there.”

He had a switchblade.

So what?!

People have the right to have arms.

Hell the constitution does not exclude anyone, even felons.

And we all know a gun is pretty easy for the criminals to get, period.

Hell the US government has often been the provider.


1630-close tonight.

My head is still clearing from the meds, but getting better. I have been experiencing some of the withdrawal symptoms too, also better today, but still present.

Tomorrow, if my head is 100 clear and I can get a range slot, I shall go.

I will perhaps call tonight to get a spot tomorrow.

My head is clear enough.

I may shoot video.

I may not.

Tomorrow will be about “driving” the gun.


Index Cards

Watch this?

(Look for people who should have high tailed it out early and who did not! And I don’t mean just person with camera.)

(Look for the police. They should have ran too. They didn’t though.)

You want a gun in this situation?


Do you even begin to know what that would mean for you? Others?

There were shots cameraman could have taken with a gun.

You want to make those shots? Then? There? Ever?

I don’t. I will tell you that right now.


Subject X: wit

To wit,

To keep one’s wits

While trying to smile.

Thank you to 3×5 Tactical.

Their motto?

Everything you need on file.

Essentially an index card, only a bit smaller. It is a good “index.”


Merely, simply because this work deserves more views

I think I may understand the artist’s actions at end? I mean she obviously wanted to nail it and she did.

I was “looking” at a “Dazed and confused” thing for something else.

I found her work. I said what the heck and watched.

Then I immediately put it here because it had like 2600 views.

It is better than most of what I find today.