Week 6 Fantasy Update for my 2.89 team: ecstasy, agony and more agony

Injuries to key players have impacted all of my teams.

My records are 3-3, 3-3, and 2-4.

My CBS team that started 0-3, is now 3-3 and leading league in scoring.

My Team X lost and fell to 3-3 and into second in my division. Injuries again wreaking havoc.

And my ESPN team just could not overcome the ever mounting injuries.

I have some real going to do against real good competition.

Byes complicate things too.

I essentially must win out in ESPN and in the other two winning out would be nice too.

I have a lot of odds against me but I will press on.

I still plan to make playoffs in all three.


This photo text below) is what I have really tried to do. I have been focusing the most energy on this team. I had to. It was devestated quarter 1 week one.

But my other teams were hurt by injuries too, and I didn’t give them enough attention.

I have to fix them or I won’t make playoffs.

That is not acceptable.

This is ecstasy. It is. But it came at a cost. That is agony.


Nerd Pro-Tip

Look, 👀 I don’t know who made video I am putting in here. They may not be a nerd. But I am. And I needed to put a video in about metal detectors.


Court House Reflections

I am sitting on the couch (not psychiatrist’s). Well unless I am
the shrink. Then I am….

In fact, courts deal with facts and on that note let us just say I am the shrink.

I saw lots of different people and things, some good, some bad, some happy and some sad.

I saw things too that I didn’t expect.

I saw some things that I didn’t understand.

I was overall impressed by the court personnel.

I was smiling when a deputy called me sir. He meant it too. The way deputies “carry” themselves around here is impressive.

Deputies are sort of different than most cops.

They in my experience tend to be the cream of the crop.

One of things I didn’t understand was a security matter. I hope they fix this because it is a gaping hole.

I won’t identify it here. And I am contemplating making them aware of it.

But honestly, it is so fundamental, I am hoping they will figure it out on their own.

You could say I grew up in the “projects.”

In the projects, you can “learn”
A lot.

Lots of cases in projects, and court house. Some are head cases.

Some can be re-tasked, some cannot.



I say I don’t have any now.

That is not completely true.

It is just likely that I have no definitive version of a hero left.

Hero is like zero in that no one truly knows what it means.


A lady judge was my hero. I don’t think she wanted to be. I could be wrong about that. It is my read though.

But that lady was my hero. She still is.


First was at about 311 in video

At 311 or 312, first shot heard.

At 316 or 317 second shot heard.

After that several more of unknown number occur.

At 334 or 335 someone shouts go then go go go and people start fleeing.

At around 344 video taker asks what is going on as he sees people fleeing….

There was definitely gunfire occurring in or around Mandalay Bay before crowd was targeted.

Started going down….


Just viewed video that suggests gunfire occurred inside Mandalay Bay prior to gunfire being unleashed on crowd. It happened about 30 seconds before, and suggests select fire weapons involved.

The interval upon further review of video is more like 40 seconds.

Some in crowd started fleeing before rapid fire began on crowd.

This lends much credence to gunfire occurring inside Mandalay Bay.

The band kept playing too.

And the shots prior to those rapid fire were single shots. I have not counted them yet. I will. There are not a lot, but they are significant.

Analysis of these initial shots also suggest multiple shooters and perhaps an engagement between two “sides.”

In other words, someone may have tried to stop the people. Maybe.

I hear three prominent shots and at least as many “attenuated” shots.


Subject X: Time Signature

Of the matter in question, how did I know there was more than one simply by hearing the audio?

There were multiple “songs” playing.

To say it is impossible to discern simply via an ear set is not exactly true.

Some said that. For most it is probably true but only because they are not musically inclined.

You can use science if you want.

But I used to be a poet.


Subject X: winning

Winning is often ill defined.

I don’t really know how to define it anymore.

Winning may in fact always be ill defined?

I really don’t know.


I have my trophies 🏆 still.

Winning is a thing.

It will always be a thing.

I have my stock market trophy still.

It shows I won at least once over other talented and gifted as we were called.

I was young then and I wanted to win. I did win too.

I won lots of times.

I got bored.

I got targeted too.

I won a hot shot competition and I should not have competed really. I knew I would not be able to afford going to Chicago for next round.

It was basketball.

I should have lost or not competed.

I knew that.

So I told them to send runnerup.

I won but I lost.

I would have like to have had my
Chicago shot.

I won though.

I was best shot in town.



I have a big mouth, sort of, in a way. You noticed right?

I mean, I go on and on often and I say less than nice things a lot.

Nobody is really immune from my big mouth, not even me.

I try to make things better via writing.

I have varying degrees of success.

I operate alone now.

It tends to make me less inhibited.

That is generally a good thing despite what I may have inferred above.

But now a pillar of the community wants to be my Facebook friend.

That has given me pause.

I am not accepting Facebook friends.

I have told you the reasons for that.

In another life, I would have gladly accepted. I still might.

I have not decided yet.

But I am considering the ramifications for both me and them.

I am a work in process. I try to avoid phrase work in progress now. I don’t tend to like progressives.

I cannot be inhibited in my speech. I might be better off then though…. Perhaps.

And I have come to appreciate this pillar on many levels.

In short, being my friend is potentially bad for them.

There are still many who view me poorly.

It should be apparent that I do on some levels too.

Before I accept or decline, I must consider the pending action fully and fairly.

I have been an outsider so long that it is all I really “know”

I critique the system. It is what I do.

And right now, I don’t know what to do.

My only Facebook friend now is a cousin of mine, very brave.

I let them stay because they are stubborn like that and kept sending me invites.

I am a “good guy.”

I am.

But not all see that yet.

So here I am.



It is almost basketball season.

I was first a Sixer fan. Then I became a Bulls fan. That is where I am at today.

Now, all my favorite Bulls are gone.

They mostly are gone to teams I never really considered rooting for before.

So I have an association dilemma.

Should I stay or should I go now?

Son of a.

EVERYBODY knows I prefer East Coast style of play.

But I may venture out, to like mid-west edge.


My choices?

Bulls, OKC, Minnesota, and Cleveland, or less likely, some other.

OK. I made up mind.

All things considered, I stay with Bulls.


Fantasy Football Update on my 2.89 teams. Call it WWW

Here is how my .89 team won second in row.

Dude has one player left. He won’t catch me. Will lead league in scoring. Now I got a ways to go because of bad injuries. But like I said last week, things are looking up.

Team X was 2-2 entering week five and atop my division. I played the only undefeated team left in our league and vanquished them.

I will stay atop my division and move up in power rankings.

My ESPN team, also devastated by injuries, will win this week and should go over 100 also as I am at around 98 with one player left. My opponent is done.

I can do this.

Here is what the league reporters were saying after my week 4 performance in two of the leagues above.

Wait and see what they say this week.

I have a big hole in two leagues because of injuries, and my third team has suffered from them some too.

But I am still the best and most dangerous fantasy operator in world.


Subject X: times of an MK Ultra life

for example there are some cops who recall a white male around 26 years of age and the mess, literal he lived with and in.

the subject does too.

what you saw was a young MK.

most don’t reach old.

think he was weak?

yes and no

that was then.


now it is like a type of math.


X Math


and cans


he was weak. he was full of excuses


he remembers you didn’t judge him like the rest.

never forgot that.


have a boring day.


good turns


still a work in process.

but showing signs of improvement.

times are X

it was the X of times and it was the X of times.



You think I write too much?

You know what I mean.

Promises. Promises.

You write the Bible?

I didn’t.

You like being an arteest, God?

So what do I owe you now?

I feel like you sometimes God, least I believe so.

You ever feel that way?

You got the whole world in your head.

Me too, pretty much.

I don’t bother much with the universe. I leave that to you.

Why do people like Florida?


Given what the patrol officers in Las Vegas had to work with, I cannot criticize their response to the shooters. In fact, from what I have gathered, they acted heroically. This does not mean there is not ample room for improvement. They need better tools at the ready. And that means heavy duty tools. And private security is going to have to be armed well too. Large venues essentially need their own “army.” And citizens must be armed too. I have ideas in mind. And I know you probably won’t like them because I don’t either. But it is what it is. Massive firepower had to be unleashed on those shooters and it was not. And until that capability is there, there is nothing to counter such an attack again.

You (tacticians) know what I write here is generally correct. You can tweak it how you like or ignore it altogether.

The choice you have to make is whether or not you can live with 50 plus dead and over five hundred gravely injured.

Because if you do not have massive firepower in place to counter such an attack quickly, it will likely happen again.

The shooters needed to be countered immediately and that would have meant police shooting at that building.

It most likely would have meant “collateral” damage.

But in total, it would have saved lives!

I recommend semi-auto 308s for the task. It would have given the officers a chance to increase their “buffer” zone….

And MRAPs could help too, especially with 50 calibers mounted.

What was present in Vegas was a war zone. And only one side had sufficient firepower and the willingness to kill.

May God helps us all.


Fantasy: seriously looking up

I am 1-3, 1-3, and 2-2.

I have had numerous top line players get hurt.

This has hurt me hugely each week.

But my .89 team won last week finally, and is showing well this far this week as are my other two teams.

We shall see.

I have been here before. I have triumphed from here.

I am planning to do it again.

Look at me braggin’ still.


Here is my list of Z injuries.

David Johnson from my .89 team.

Allen Robinson from my .89 team.

Both on IR early in week one.

Julian Edelman I lost from one of my other teams before week one to IR.

Jordy Nelson got hurt week 2, killed me.

Ty Montgomery week three broken ribs early in game. He was killing it first drive. Killed me in two leagues.

Julio Jones is hurt also and is on two of my teams and underperforming.

But I reloaded.

I needed TEs in all three leagues. I found one in two leagues, Cameron Brate. He did Brate tonight.

He was not available in one league.

So I got this guy. Here are his stats for last two games under new coordinator. Here too is his NFL draft prospect comparison.

Know who he is?

You will find out.


Subject X: the darkness in me

This is the dark side of me. It is contained. I contain it. I have no plans to unleash it. I can at anytime though.

I prefer to stay in the light. But I take the darkness with me everywhere I go.

It has grown much stronger over the decades.

It without a doubt instills fest into the hearts of many.

I used to hate that.

But now I have learned to live with it.


God, thanks. Amen.

I am stronger now than I have ever been.

And I owe that all to you.

My head is clearer now than it has ever been, and that is in you too.

The world 🌎 is in many ways a mess.

But you give me strength.


You know that three of my co-workers have had wrecks since I have. And two of them are in a hard way now financially. Please say a prayer for them. As bad as the experience was for me, it is worse for them. Although I was only one with lasting scar, I was quite fortunate compared to them. They are all good people. So I ask you to pray for them please?

One is back at work and will be OK.

One is never coming back and is now in quite dire financial straits.

The third may lose their job.

Earning a living these days is tough.

For most, it is tough.

For drivers, it is not only tough but dangerous.

So at a minimum, please tip well.

I would not be doing this job had I other options.

I don’t.

At least I don’t yet.

They probably don’t either.

And for sure, be careful driving.

I drive slow. I do. And literally that saved my life.


They were not all white. And I still don’t know who killed them. I probably never will. I hope the monsters who celebrated their deaths realize how horrible they are and change their mindset. And I pray too that a real investigation occurs. There can be no semblance of justice blaming it on a patsy. These three things trouble me and they should you also, murder, celebration of murder and accepting a false story of who really did it.

Listen to the dispatch. It is all you need to do to realize that the story we are being told is a lie.

And I can’t really understand how anyone who calls themselves a police officer can stand by and let this false narrative live on.

So many of you ask and expect me to respect the police.

No way in hell. They know it didn’t go down as we are told.

And all you media telling the lie sicken me too.

I find you abhorrent!

And you trainers who I see also feeding the false narrative sicken me too.

This was a professional hit carried out by multiple people who are most likely current and former US military.

And I will be damned if I let it go.


Yesterday was a big day for me. I didn’t make a bunch of noise about it because of the horror in Vegas. But it was. Yesterday restored my faith in the “system” somewhat. That is huge on so many levels. The system could have screwed me. They didn’t. That is really, really huge.

I said before my vibe on the judge was not totally bad. It could have been. But it was not.

This judge I heard admit she tended to side with the police.

She didn’t here. And for me, at that.

I am impressed judge.

I won’t make you look stupid judge.