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Police and politicians conspired to allow masscres in San Bernardino and Orlando. No prosecutions expected. America is corrupt.


The narrative that police protect you is false. I suggest you stop repeating it. Truth is police put your lives and liberty in danger.

I will not spread the lie that they protect you. The opposite is the truth.

Virginia Tech massacre was same deal. I suggest you fix it.

It ain’t really my problem.

It is your problem.

You want to let police and politicians continue to get you slaughtered, go ahead. Join NRA they support this.


Look, I did not seal my car last night. Dr. Month may not approve. Whoever took my change, I could seal my car up. If it were whole, I would. I prefer you ask. But I know what poor is. Don’t steal. Cops or others may hurt you. If you need help, ask. Less tired me will probably seal my car. But honestly, none of my neighbors proper frighten me. Again Dr. Month may not approve. But honestly cops are more frightening, not necessarily the ones here. But cops steal guns sometimes. Yep. Crazy world.

imageIt is funny really how people think, some anyway, that I am Violent, and or a bastard. Truth is, cops are way more likely to be a prick than me.

That too is funny, because most cops are not pricks. They just are stupid and enforce tyranny often times.

I pay police very little mind actually. As long as they never and I mean never mess with my gun rights, they are fine.

But telling me I need a permit for concealment or transport should I decide to do so will be very bad.

At that point, they become the criminal.

I don’t support you cowards randomly gunning cops down.

My goal is to get through life never having shot anyone. Don’t attack me or try to take my gun and everything will be peachy keen.

I am as chill as they come typically. I can be hot. I can be cold.

CHLs are illegal.


Weapons charges against a legal gun owner are gun confiscation and illegal imprisonment. For example, the charge of illegal concealment or transportation is bogus, although corrupt courts will not recognize. Cold dead hands Huh?

I told you. Shit is getting dark.

Cop killed Dude in MN. This is an example. The arrest of Eric Sheppard is another example.

These acts by police and courts are illegal. What you do to these governmental criminal actors is up to you. You will not be told to stand down.

The dead woman in New Jersey is another example of courts and cops breaking the law and killing US citizen. Do what you feel you must.

Again in this matter you will not be told to stand down.

The acts of courts and cops that are illegal in terms of gun rights must be stopped. How you stop them is up to you.

Random targeting is not supported.

However this issue was the basis of Revere’s ride and the ensuing war.

Acts such as the murder if Finicum are another example. These should not be tolerated. Actors involved in this are not considered random. You will not be told to stand down.

John Crawford III death is another example. If police and courts do this to your people, you will not be told to stand down.

Police and courts must be stopped from killing gun owners. How you do this is up to you. The only caveat is it cannot be random.


Not Really Acceptable ( NRA)

Not Really Acceptable ( NRA)


You all know the story of the New Jersey woman begging for a gun permit who was stabbed to death by her ex? Thank the police and politicians. They might as well have wasted her themselves. So no I won’t be thanking the police, politicians or NRA. They get people killed everyday.

This is not to mention all the other rights they violate on a daily basis.

Pick one, pick them all, because they violate them everyday.

They violated mine too.

I will thank them to go away.

CHL are a violation of rights and common decency. Cops are tyrants enforcers.

Worship them at your own peril.

Now, who is the pscho? Me? Or the police and politicians?


Denying people their gun rights is no small thing police. It gets people killed. That is why I call none of you my friend. What you do is wrong. No amount of good will make up for it either. You and others tell yourselves you make up for it. Well you are all lying.

People die or are raped or maimed everyday cop because you denied them a gun.

Stop lying to yourself and others. You don’t truly protect anyone. I don’t care where your heart is.

Politicians are worse than you but you are bad enough.

Look at Chicago? Elsewhere?

Everyday people die because you denied them a gun.

When I tell you to resign and we would all be better off, I mean it!

You would be better off too. You would not have all these chicken shits taking pot shots at you.

I know you all mean well but you are not helping.

The scumbags who randomly target you are inspired by the same bastards who order you to deny us guns.

You cops may mean well but you are some dumb bastards.


I am freaking trying here. I see people being slaughtered and raped and otherwise maimed and I know damn well a lot of that could be stopped if people were armed. The police are largely responsible for this disarmament and I won’t let them slide. But it is mostly on the politicians.

I have said over and over, “If I ever try to physically hurt you, shoot me.”

I am not one of these fake revolutionaries who thinks me putting a bullet in your head from five feet or a thousand is going to save the damn world or right some wrong.

I promote people’s right to defend themselves. I don’t care about any damn laws really. They are irrelevant.

The chicks who lied about me and the cops they called are all chicken shit fascists.

I got news for all of them, no law saved any of you.

I never planned on killing you. If I had no one could have stopped me.

I don’t murder people. That is the Clintons and Bushes.


Why BLM do you omit the fact that Sterling threatened someone with a gun? Why do you omit he was a registered sex offender? Why do you omit fact he was multiple felon? You support murdering cops for that Huh? I ain’t cop’s biggest fan but I will take them over you any day of week!

It is a messed up world and I support gun rights more than anyone but you don’t see me pulling them on people and ordering them around.

I get on police all the time. BLM you are worse than police ever thought about being.

After you Mike Brown and Alton Sterling cop murdering bull shit I will never take you seriously other than to watch your murderous asses.


Americans it seems you forgot that hands up is an act of surrender. You have all surrendered.

Getting massacred is the fate of slaves. And the police are not really your friend.

Now I am not saying randomly target police. But them sons of bitches took your guns and you are getting slaughtered and worshiping your masters.

That is a recipe for disaster.

I won’t be thanking any police. I told Mrs. Smith I would vote but I probably changed my mind for good.

Screw this whole system.

The law and order candidate does not excite me either.


Where is the trustworthy person?

Life is hard for me now because it is meaningless. All the alleged institutions and those that run them and participate in them are corrupt.

Police are an easy example. They are alleged to protect me. They take my gun and enforce the laws of liars.

I don’t waste them. I don’t waste anybody. It is a waste of time.

I am probably the most righteous man in Earth.



All this civilization talk is utter nonsense. I cannot believe I actually believed any of it.

Munich, Paris, New York, Chicago, Orlando and the lot of you, Dhaka, all of you, nice civilizations.

Laws and orders Huh?

People can sometimes get along.

It is more of an exception that you are told. People are fake.

They smile to your face and stab you in back.

I ran across another fake person today, a nurse.

I give people benefit of doubt but I don’t trust anyone until they earn it.

The person of whom I speak I will never talk to again. I won’t help them at all ever either.

They don’t even exist.

I am not fake. I am the real deal.

I find that it is better to be removed from society. People are not to be trusted.

You know JFK was a fake right? Yep. Him too.

Whoever blew him away, fake also.

I don’t like anybody anymore really. I don’t waste them though.

God knows I have the skills to do it though. I can drop anyone. I don’t.

I didn’t used to be this jaded. I am now and I don’t see me changing.

I don’t seek people out. I never really did, now I really don’t.

I have found that humans are rarely trustworthy. I find them to be frail and fickle.

I find their pursuits trivial.


I tried to be nice to NRA. But I just can’t. They are against second amendment and for police. I laid off police after their recent slaughters. But did you hear the Cleveland police union? Those police claim to support second amendment too. That is horse shit.

NRA, you do not support second amendment! Stop lying to people!

The security of a free state requires an armed people. CHLs are gun control. Gun free zones are gun control.

All gun control is people control and as such tyranny.



Forget the see something say something! You saw a toy truck. You said it was a gun. You got a man shot! Do not tell cops a gun is in play unless you are 100 sure!

You really should not even say the word gun to cop because it is often a trigger word that increases their tendency to shoot someone.

It is how many are trained. Cops will shoot people. Do not call them and accuse someone of brandishing a gun unless they really are.

I am not the biggest fan of police but I am even less a fan of chicken shit dumbass busybodies!

You probably don’t know what you saw. The cop didn’t either. You said gun and he never got past that.

People think cops are really well trained and experienced. Well trust me, most aint. And many did not go through all the tests either. Their buddies got them fast tracked.

You cannot truly train someone to be a cop, not the life and death part. It is fallacy to say most police are well trained. It is exactly the opposite.

We have too many stupid laws, and stupid people who don’t know their head from their ass.

Dispatchers need to do a better job of screening callers!

Police need to stop preaching see something say something!

People are stupid about guns especially and this includes many police!

I am not like NRA people who praise police. Police work for tyrants. Police protect government first.

Police are brainwashed like so many of you. Law and order is illusion.

Did the police bring order with their law? Or chaos?

It should be called law and chaos!

And this whole anonymous accusation shit has to go too!

This shit pisses me off royal because it happened to me too! Anonymous liars called stupid police.

Police are dangerous to free men. Law is usually tyranny.

NRA you should disband or at least get your noses out of police asses.

Police deny us guns and therefore our life and liberty.


RattleSnake Armor: “Easy Bake” Armor Recipe

I am not really going to give you recipe? Probably not. If you pay attention, you might figure it out.

Wait until you get a load of this.

I worked on my car and probably won’t go to range today. I need a few more ingredients.

But this armor will be fun, easy and effective.