In the cards

Legend has it I missed the third shot on purpose. You don't see the first shot. See if you can see where third shot goes. It comes real close but just misses by a hair.

Legend has it I missed the third shot on purpose. You don’t see the first shot. See if you can see where third shot goes. It comes real close but just misses by a hair.

Thinner than spaghetti a playing card basically

Thinner than spaghetti a playing card basically

You can see the CVS key chain card flying after impact....

You can see the CVS key chain card flying after impact….


Shooting spaghetti aint easy

I don’t use a benchrest when I shoot. I shoot freehand because one must be able to control the firearm them self.

If you pull your finger anything other than straight back you miss the spaghetti. Don’t miss the spaghetti. If you move your sights even a tad, you miss the spaghetti. Don’t miss the spaghetti.


Tweep Poet Tactical: minutia

Response time matters. Do you know exactly where your self defense tools are and their true state of readiness? Say you recall where they are and their functionality? Can you retrieve and adequately use them without having to waste time thinking about how best to do it?

I read an account of an attack victim who took multiple severe injuries before they recalled they had a gun in their pocket.

They were being injured and the whole time trying to get to tools to defend themselves with.

It is ALWAYS better to have a gun on YOU. But you must know you have it. Discipline yourself and always know your SD equipment status.

As soon as this person retrieved this gun from their pocket and fired the attack was over.

Then it was time for emergency medical response. You should know that too. Survival is multi faceted and surviving the initial attack is not the whole deal.

Ballistic Radio guy is a good resource to find medical tactics.


Drilling with Slim


Shoot fire.

They have studies for everything, schools all thinking thoughts. There are combat science schools.

Modern universities are often actual battlegrounds these days.

And drilling is what some do.

You ever study anything?


Combat science is about behavior and technology.

It is about how humans use weapons to win wars.

It has all these classes, subjects and schedules. It has rosters and instructors and….


It has this flow to it. It is entropy combat. It is orders in chaos.


Subject X: I am not a machine I am

I am human technology. I am this technology.

To study my behavior is impossible

You can peruse aspects, moments and more but not all or much.



The maestro writes pieces that travel his spine.

He produces movements in combat science and deciphers jams.

The music does much of the talking.


Truth: Guns and Me and You

I was Minority Reported. I was. I am endangered. I am on government watch lists most likely. I am just an average human.

I ain’t special.

The world is crazy.

I obey gun laws.

Gun laws are stupid though.

But Jesus said to follow the laws. Now I agree with him up to the point when they want to put me on a cross. I mean Jesus essentially said when he came back he would
Be cross with the wicked.

I ain’t Jesus but neither is Jesus.

I won’t ever shoot anyone unless they ask me to.

Now for example, someone pointing a gun at me is begging to be shot. I will oblige them quite likely.



I wear one because I know I am cross, often times. I know what I said about why I wear the cross.

It is true too. I was cross when I said it.

And crass too. I am a crass, cross person many times. I am no saint or even prophet. I am just a man of God.


I work in a gun free zone and quite honestly it pisses me off. It places me in danger without a gun. For you see the whole world and I mean the whole world is a dangerous place and there is no escaping that

Look I’ve been able to shoot guns for a long time. I stopped shooting for years. When I took this job, I didn’t have guns and I honestly rarely thought about guns for decades; but you know after watching this world really closely and being attacked by my own government and by my fellow citizens I got me some damn guns.

I am building body armor too and if any of you try to take them I will hurt you.

There is no safe haven.

I keep this job because I like it.

God wants me there. He knows I am a bad ass.

He knows what I will do if I have to protect my

God also knows I am a teddy bear.

It is fair to say I am mad at God. It ain’t his fault really though.

I have and had moved away from guns. I was wrong to do that.

Still I have no great love for guns really. BB guns perhaps.

But guns exist and therefore, God told me to buy guns. He didn’t tell me to shoot anyone.

God won’t do that. If I ever shoot anyone, the person I shoot will have told me to shoot them.


Cover you carry with you

I write posts under the title Tweep Poet Tactical. I don’t really need to use the identifier. I don’t even need to write about things tactical. It is just the X in me.

The X in me knows it is better not to have to ever look for cover.

What is your favorite cover?

I like all kinds.


Rattlesnake Armor: 2.5 x 2.5 x 1 inches and 3 Ozs. Of stopping power

Very strong, crazy strong....

Very strong, crazy strong….

Same Unit with Mad Scientist face on it, indicates unit strike face. Dude is going to get smacked. Repeatedly.

Same Unit with Mad Scientist face on it, indicates unit strike face. Dude is going to get smacked. Repeatedly. Don’t worry he is tough and although he will be utterly destroyed eventually I can rebuild him.

Po' Mad Scientist. I just shot him in the mouth, twice. The first shot was a BB in same place, bounced right off. Second shot a pellet from same gun.

Po’ Mad Scientist. I just shot him in the mouth, twice. The first shot was a BB in same place, bounced right off. Second shot a pellet from same gun.


Most tend to wear the cross and think peace. I don’t . A cross to me is a reminder of what people did to Jesus.

All you Americans and others out to hang Jesus better watch your ass.

I don’t give a damn about any flag.

The Pope? Fuck the Pope.

I don’t follow Jesus or the Pope. I follow God.

Now as for Christians and Jews and Muslims I am none of the above and neither is God.

Mecca and Jerusalem mean nothing special to me. The Holy land is the planet.
Now, there are ten rules to follow and I suggest you do this. I also suggest you leave me be.
I don’t care what you call yourself. There is only one true church and I suggest you find it.

I have fought off your ELF waves once again satanists. You can’t beat me for God always repairs me.


Subject X: the ELF waves have been amped up on me

They have amped up ELF waves on me again. They are not happy that they have not been able to break me yet.

thing is I am broke.

There’s a battle in my mind and I have to win because if I don’t we all lose.

I am in physical and emotional pain constantly and some days I am not up to reprogramming my person to being civil. It is on these days I must guard myself against all of creation.

I don’t have come to Jesus moments. Jesus ain’t my real role model. He got hung on a cross.

I don’t have a problem with Jesus other than he let people hang him on a cross.

This society is trying to hang Christians. I am not a Christian but I like one or two. As for you being my fellow American that means little to nothing to me anymore because Americans tried to hang me too. You think I forgot?


It is American equipment they are using on me.


True Crime: tactics for survival

Analysis is one thing I do. I can analyze anything, anyone. You can too.

You may not do well. You might.

Anyway, if you see one police light only, be real wary.

Criminals are smarter than you think. A hit man used the tactic to pull over their prey recently.

Dark matter.

You probably will be surprised.

Instincts help.

Studying actors helps. I don’t mean movie actors.

Most of you won’t have guns when and if a hit man comes for you. Hit men killed Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield.

Those two were armed but obviously caught off guard, surprised. They would have had to have been hit fast and at same time.


Subject X: no excuses

They say some military dudes accept no excuses. I don’t know if it is true. That is the thing.

I am not a soldier.

Soldiers take orders.

For some reason orders come out of chaos.

The book Webster’s has a sentence about it.


Genesis 8: 21, 22 Significant for many reasons

21 And the Lord smelled a sweet savour; and the Lord said in his heart, I will not again curse the ground any more for man’s sake; for the imagination of man’s heart is evil from his youth; neither will I again smite any more every thing living, as I have done.

22 While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.

Point 1

There are no holy men. So the Pope is not Holy. No Pope has or ever will be.

Jesus, not Holy. Sorry. He ain’t. He may not be Satan but he ain’t holy.

Point 2

These two verses alone nullify the whole New Testament, and probably much of the old. There is no savior.

Point 3

When God flooded Earth he essentially washed his hands of us.



We all have our quarks. Up quarks, down quarks and allegedly non strange quarks. Asshole physicists had to go make their strange brew from strange quarks though. Very few of you and I mean probably none of my reader’s can probably even begin to know what I am talking about.