Round Abouts Huh?

I didn’t like them at first. I am not sure if I do yet.

But, I will say, Bristol Baby.

NASCAR, you may want to go front wheel drive, or all wheel?

Pull through the turns man.

God help me, they put little race tracks all over the county.

I am glad they didn’t have them 30 years ago….

Personally, I have come to prefer front wheel drive. It is more intuitive for me.

For me, especially in cars meant for them, curves are invitations to temptations for what I tend to call the Zooms.

I just love to tame turns….

I am not getting carried away.

But there are some roads here in country that would be excellent road race or rally or combo course.

I tell you what.


Things two year olds and I have in common.

We both say things like, “That person just pee’d in driveway.”


“You go away now.”

Stuff like that.

We are not always so blunt though.

Folks, my job?

It is a series of trips.

I swear to God, I never know what I will see or hear on the job.

People are a trip.


Mother Earth

Whatever that means.

You know?

I asked Earth once, “Earth, are you my momma?”

The Earth was silent on the subject.


Father Earth

Do I perplex you?

Do I appear to you as a contrarian?

Or dare I say misogynistic?

Father Earth.

Who is Earth’s daddy?

Father Earth.


Earth has a father.




I have done real well so far actually.

I have literally hundreds, perhaps thousands, who all want me to be fast for them.

Yet, I have still been slow.

Pretty much.

The one client that stiffed me last night?

They got locked out.

I didn’t do it.

They did it.

I didn’t laugh.

I am now though.

I got there fast too.

I waited on them.

You would be surprised how slow you customers really are.

I wait on you bastards more than you wait on me.

Get your arses to the door. Don’t leave home either. I am fast. I will be there before you get back.

You would be surprised how many people think they can beat the pizza driver.


My occupation? Waiter. Who am I waiting on? You.

Giddy Up.

People want me to be the driver.

They want me fast.

They don’t seem to care if I crash.


See even the ones who are understanding secretly want me to be the fastest SOB on Earth.

I am waiting. Let me see you do it?

As for the cops? They actually are least of my worries.

I don’t speed. I don’t get wreckless. They leave me be.

I was not flying yesterday. Borderline.

I got myself in check. I can only get so much out of four, and five.


I ain’t complaining as much as explaining.

Later, Alligators (bastards)



God help me.

I cannot believe I have the urges to drive fast again. I never expected the idea to come back.

It has.

Son of a….


Slow Strobbe.


I am fortunate really to be alive.

I have been in lots of car “events.”

I have been in cars that driver jumped out of, cars that driver rolled iver, cars on two wheels, no wheels, spinning like a top, spinning and then going backwards, and more.

I may actually try to count them all some time.

After all that, and I still have urges to go fast in a car?

I may be crazy.


The Spool.


The Launch.


The Run.


The result.


Very good Z money tonight!

Some nights it just boggles my mind how much money I make delivering pizza.

If I had known this before, I would have always delivered pizzas.

There is no real sense in doing another job.

It sure beats my corporate days.

And I had intended on teaching at a college eventually. But now I won’t even step foot on a university.


I was perilously close to getting a speeding ticket tonight. I got this Nissan working real smooth. I am gonna have to really watch myself.

I was going up a hill and a cop came over hill and I just happened to notice I was speeding. I got off gas real quick, no brakes though.

Fortunately I skated….

I didn’t really have to worry about a ticket before I started getting this Nissan to its potential again.

I fixed a vacuum leak today. And it really freed up some power.

I am starting to think Nismo has understated the power of this motor.

Chevy does that a lot too.



I got y’all thinkin’ I can drive around you in a four banger.

Admit it.

Y’all see my at the light and you will be wondering’ if you can beat me.

It cracks me up too.

No racing on the streets.


Go to dealership and say, “What is most Torque I can get for X amount of dollars at your establishment?”

Know the answer already pretty much.

See what they have a say.

You want the T. The P is OK. But the T is most importante.


Subject X: H-21

Javanese? No. Dutch.

Spy? Low level at most.

Traitor? Probably not.

Screwed? Definitely.

Deep State been around a long time.

Mata Hari

RIP Zelle. I dig the no blindfold.


Subject X: FOIA

So they have stuff fo ya.

Right now apparently the world is for whatever reason endeavoring to learn of some MK Ultra aspects. One area is Targeted Individuals.

It happens.

Most won’t believe it happens.

Some are targeted and don’t realize it.

Mind control is real.


Read William Cooper’s book. Behold a Pale Horse.

I don’t agree with some of Cooper’s notions. But he was well informed, studied  in many ways.


Hollywood Version:


It is more complicated than even vampires.

It is more complicated than most will ever know.

Unless, unless we can pull some Dr. Seuss type shit exponentially.


Hello Google, why you targeting me?

You are the one with the military industrial complex companies.

And you are not even called Google anymore are you.


You think I will ever attain .05?


Anyway, Alphabet or whatever,


How a drive?

Notice a motor trend here?

These are Baby motors. They are.

But I can drive them babies.

I can especially drive that Nissan. Tach.

I can max these little things.

I don’t trust myself with more motor.

I can fly in these already.

I like them both.

The Hyundai is pretty cool too. And I can a drive slow easy.

I still need to get better on clutch with Hyundai. It is a lot different than Nissan.

I am getting better with it gradually.

I have not “launched” either car yet.

I used to launch my Talons sometimes.

But I don’t let myself do that anymore.



Hyundai 1.5 L produces max Torque at 2000 RPM. Little bit a low end…. I is a learning my Hyundai now.

(Now I am learning that some report max Torque for this engine at 3000 RPM which most would not consider low end. But since I have no tach, and little time driving it, I have no definite opinion. I will say that it surprised me by its acceleration. I would not be surprised if it was max at 2500, low end.)

Did you know Hyundai has crate motors now? If you are in tune with that kind of deal.

You think one would bolt in to Accent?

I am tripping on this Hyundai with its more Torque than HP dealio.

It is 98 T and 89 P.

That is a trip. Little Nismo? And they put it at 2000, that just cracks me up.

It has no tach though. So I can only “guess.” The sound of the music so to speak. I must learn to listen to this the engine.

It has actually surprised me some with what it will do.

Hey man Dyno my Accent?

You get out of town. Geesh.

Somebody dyno an Accent? Please?


OK I finally got smart and went to motor trend Dot Com.


Pizza Drivers and the store should have radios. They could move more efficiently then many times. See, there are times when one has to move it, move it, and times when one only must move it. It is better to not move it, move it unless required. And by move it, move it, I don’t mean speeding, and bobbing and weaving. I see people tailgating, and bobbing and weaving all the time. It is crazy. I am on road a lot. I see accidents. I don’t want to be involved in any. And if I am, I wouldn’t want to be hauling ass.

Speed kills.

It is funny that people drive like they are pizza drivers, and I try not to.

I ain’t gonna drive dangerously to get you your food.

I am going to drive efficiently.

Sure, if it was a real race, I would probably win….


I need to try to get permission to park pretty much anywhere I please at that darn the Outlet Mall. I mean no breaking ordinances but just like close like at certain critical locations…. Otherwise I must walk a long way. And I ain’t as fast as my Nissan is.

I mean it is crazy there. They have like fifty handicap spots at main entrance. And I can’t park close.

But there are tantalizing spots on “sidewalk.”

But I don’t park there because I don’t need to go there, so to speak. So I park a “mile” away and walk.

There is little else I can do to save time.


Tonight, I gave them a glimpse of how fast I can really go. And my Nissan? Superb.

I am going to have to watch myself though. There is a reason or two I tend to drive slow.

For most of my life, I was a speed demon. I used to get pulled over even when I was not speeding so the officers could remind me to drive slow.

So, I made myself drive slow always.

But now that I pretty much must drive fast? I have started to.

And OMG the need for speed addiction is back.

When I am striving to drive in the power bands? Look out.

This newer Civic SI tried to pass me and I just laughed.

He never had a chance.

If I go balls out, I go balls out.

Most people do not really understand their cars and how to get most out of them.

My Nissan is rated at 115 HP and 108 Torque.

Those numbers are pretty low.

But it is light.

And it has a manual trans and a tach. By managing the gears, and RPMs well I can dust much more powerful cars unless driver knows how to drive.


If I find what I seek, I will be unbeatable.

I don’t bob and weave in delivery.

And I don’t speed. But I can get up to speed real fast.

I don’t pretend I am on a race track.


I have literally flown in cars.

I don’t really recommend it for you.

I will continue to drive like a grandpa mostly.

I have no desire to fly.

Not literally anyway.


Tow truck driver looked at car, then at telephone pole, fence post, hill and then me. Then did it all again.

The fellow then asked me, “How did you miss the telephone pole?”

“I aimed.”

“And the fence?”

“I flew over it.”

My fans?

“Bo and Luke Duke he is.”

That is what they said.

They are crazy.

Bo and Luke Duke

See, they all thought I was some kind of hero.

They all thought they were gonna die most likely.


I had no plans on dying then.

I had no brakes.

The brakes failed and well I did what I had to.

I don’t ever want to do it again.


Fighting back grouchy. Winning.

What I’m saying is I am fighting my own grouchiness back.

I am winning.

I could be pissed over some things but it don’t help.

I may have exaggerated both the winning and the trying.

I am grouchy as hell aday.

But I am trying not to be.

This song will help me.



I still have not been able to fix it. So I have not been able to shoot it.

I left Beretta a message yesterday.

And hopefully they give me guidance on how to fix it, or they fix it for me.

This had better be fast and free.

I am not happy with Beretta.

Every gun I have I can fix but this one.

Once I fix it, it probably goes bye bye.

We will see though. Thing is I think once it goes bang I will like it a lot.

It just seems to fit me.


Subject X: what does it mean when you describe a nightmare as a mere dream?

I had a dream last night. At least that is what I have been calling it in my mind.

But it was a nightmare.

Dream Scape?

What if it was not a dream? Or even a nightmare?

What if it was a memory?

Welcome to my world.

Living the dream?


The Lion….


If I was a lion, I would be in a ?


Emotional Mind. Rational Mind.

And people who don’t mind.

It is a math problem.


I won’t tell you the dream.

I will tell you it was a nightmare.

“I just got … and I ain’t ….”

It was all so matter of fact.

Thing is, which Mind?

The meaning?

Rational Mind is a better way to proceed.

But each of us are of differing minds.

Later Alligators.


I will be on golf course “soon” so be ready to duck and cover.

What are you playing, worst ball? We ain’t got all day.

I saw you on the golf course. Your tips can’t be that bad.

I always get a kick out of when last hole is right in front of clubhouse.

I am always paranoid I will drill it. I tend to use less club then as opposed to plus 2, I tend to go minus 1.

The person I golf with is a scratch golfer and he is teaching me.

I have never been coached in golf before.

I am quite coachable. By end of year, I will be much better.

I will let you know how I fare over spring, summer and fall.

By fall, or sooner, I plan to be scratch too. That is my goal.

Sunday was to be our first outing of season. But now I have to work so we are going to find another day.

I could go still but my partner don’t do early typically. So….


All my tips were lame tonight except 4 and I got stiffed 3 times. There are shifts like this sometimes. Two stiffs tonight don’t honk me off much. But one does. The people never tip well to begin with, live far out, and in a $300k home. Tonight I got them their shit fast like I always have and they stiffed me. That pisses me off. Next time I have multiple orders, and everytime their’s goes last. Regardless.

I got stiffed by a teenager, NBD. That happens often relatively.

I also got stiffed by a security guard. That happens about 1/2 the time. NBD.

Neither group are typically wealthy.

But when you live in a mansion and you stiff the driver, that is just a tight ass.

It is the principle more than the actual money.

Hell, I had a teenager give me less money than the order was once. And I knew it. I just took what they gave me. I figured Kid was hungry and didn’t have enough money. I gave them a break.

I have done similar several times with customers in various “situations.”

I don’t make a habit of it. But for some I do help them out.

It depends on the vibe I get….


I reserve right to deliver in whatever order I choose to.


People expect you to be Superman.

They really do.

I guarantee you the vast majority of people could not do this job.

I guarantee it.


There is an outlet mall and regardless of where the
Customer is, I cannot park close enough to not have to walk at least a quarter mile round trip.

That takes time. Half of that trip is carrying food and drinks. All of it is carrying something.

I had one of those tonight.

There was a train.

There was an accident.

None of that can I control.

I can only adapt….

I already am. I am learning the ins and outs of this the Monroe.


Truth is I play the odds….


I can probably get faster.

But I don’t think that I am slow now.

I already am doing shortcuts, and I think I have one to outlet mall now. It should save me lots of time by avoiding traffic and lights.

If I go Lebanon Rd. To Gallagher, I can come out just past the road where mall is and hit only one light tops.


Subject X: taxed?

How many tax dollars you have in me?




Contract law:

You broke the deal.

End of that chapter.

You of a different mind?




None of this is that?

Random or Plandom?

Poetic license. (Plandom)


What if old Jeff Cooper went on an offensive?

See, he didn’t. He didn’t feel persecuted.

He himself said the government could get him. He said that almost as if it was ok with him.

I am no Cooper fan boy. But he does make numerous good points.

I don’t know if I really even like this Cooper. I don’t know that I don’t.

But would he feel persecuted now?

Do you?

You did see what really happened to Finicum right?

Those people are still out there in this the US of A.


And they may kill you or someone you love.

And then go eat lunch.


That is offensive.

And there is really no defense for it.



The only thing that could get him so he said was our government. You think they really could have got him? He was a legend. You think they could have got him? They got Finicum. Hey you got NRA?

I mean what is your plan should the government want you got?

You gonna put your hands up?

I bet dollars to donuts none of you are ready for the government.

They got all kinds of “men” and equipment.

What you got?

It is hard for me to keep a straight face anymore when one mentions my government.

I saw what the government did to Finicum and others.

It is not something to be ignored.

I saw who did it and how and why.

And it is something that no one can really get ready for.

Hey government what you gonna do if someone shoots back next time?

See the only way to win is not to play.

So I ain’t playing.


We don’t have a real choice?


Two dead men from Arizona:


See the last thing I want is to be “Freakin’ Tough Guy.”

It really is.

But what if I don’t have a choice?

I will then have to be Freakin’ Tough Guy or just put my hands up and get shot.

That is not acceptable.

It is a lot to keep in check. Me and them.


As you see, government men will shoot you dead.

They will.

And who is gonna ever really call them on it?


I didn’t call them on anyone they killed. All I have done is write.

I have not gone ballistic.

Do you know how crazy those odds really are?

And what good would it do?

See we had a revolution so I am told.

Did it really work?

See it is all insanity.

It really is.


You really analyze this freedom?


Those government men should not have stopped Finicum, much less killed him.

They did both though.

They are horrible people.

They truly are.

And by rights, they should never even existed.

Yet they do.

They blew a man away for evil intentions.

They are not to be taken lightly.

The funny thing is if Finicum had blown them away they would have just sent more.



Sometimes I forget the pops. It is my most common mistake. Most orders don’t have pops.

Pops are my personal biggest pain in ass. There are lots of reasons….

But anyway, the last one I forgot, I remembered after I was half way back to store.

So the guy you saw in white car talking to himself angrily was me.

Any error on an order/delivery is BAD.

I wish I was freakin’ perfect. I wish we all were.

We ain’t.


I got yelled at by a prison guard on my job. You ever have that happen?

The guard in tower yelled at me to turn off my car. I already had. I showed him my keys. It was a trip. I am not gonna assist in a jail break officer.

The other people were nice, guards and other staff. They helped me know where to go as it was my first time there.

And the pop I forgot most recently was there. So I had to go back. Tower guard was chill.

I apologized for the pop….

I had tried to call customer upon initial arrival twice but no answer.

As for the tower guard, I knew to turn my car off, and I had. So I was shocked a tad when he hollered at me.

I guess they are under pressure though.

And I was an unnknown….


It is night. You are driving to a prison. And there are bad people there. And people with rifles.

Crazy huh?

Here is some pop music.


I should not have forgot the pop.

I should not have forgot the pop.

I should not have forgot the pop.

No excuses.


There may be aliens, others. It don’t mean they are here or ever coming.

I just know there is no evidence of them. None.

The best “evidence?”

The Bible

I used to be more open to aliens being here, but now not as much.

I don’t know….

They may be here. Or they may be dimensional creatures.

See even if they do exist, it doesn’t mean they have any more tech than we do.

We can not travel space.

We didn’t really go to moon.

We can’t.


Do you understand what I meant by UFOs? See the balls of light? Those look like anything to you? See it is real easy to make them look UFOish.

They launch and film shit, and tell you it is a UFO….

All this was to do what really?

All of it?

What everybody has done here?

What is the meaning of this?!


It is the simple made to appear complex. More or less.



Who among you said the reason was to prolong this war.

And if it escalates, all the better.

Put your helmet on?

Mean Kind




Often times they are drones, simple drones.

Drones have been around for a long time in some form or another….

Watch closely. And after this video, another I am going to place.


People were real generous last night so I did pretty well. It is funny too because I got stiffed on a run that had given me a ten dollar tip before. If I had got that too, my numbers would have been crazy good. As it is, I really can not bitch.

I eventually will hit all good runs or mostly and when I do my numbers will be even better.

The move to a new place has proven to be masterful.

Tonight could be better?

I did these numbers on a sunny day too and I figured runs would be down.

They were not. That is a good sign.

The faster I get, the better I will do.

People don’t tip as well when we are slow.

And I get that.

I am getting faster generally each shift.

I don’t speed. I never speed.

I take best routes.

I do accelerate faster though when I need to. And then my Nissan goes into move it mode.

It is an art.

It is not a bad way to earn a living.

I drive. I listen to rock and roll or talk radio. I go see the people, talk to them, and I get a paid.

What is not to like?



I have been contemplating why we should be wearing helmets when driving our cars. It is kind of stupid not to really.

Helmets worn by people in cars would save some lives and TBIs, traumatic brain injuries. It would not save all. It would help a lot.



I have a Nismo Gizmo and I love it, freakin’ love it.

Nismo, that 200 SX SE Gizmo?

Dude, it is old. But it still goes and good too.



I have a car in mind. I am not going to say what it is yet. I will say that if I find one in good state, I am quite likely going to snag it.

It is to many, a dream car that is under the radar of yet many others.


Nissan was fine last night. After work, I went to a friend’s for a while to catch up. On the drive home, I found myself so tempted to let that Nissan fly. But I didn’t. That car is 21 plus years old but still strong. I may have some bolt on mods done.

There are tracks for driving fast.

Wouldn’t it be nice Beach Boys and Girls if every community had a race and drift park?

They do. It is called California. But I ain’t going there. Probably not anyway. And I am kidding! No draggin’ and driftin’ on Z street please.

Hell the plugs and wires are old so even just changing them would pep her up some.

But she needs an exhaust so I may give her Cat back mods at least.

I doubt I mod motor but may put different exhaust manifold on.

A cold air unit is a possibility also.

If I “launch” her she will fly.

I may just find me another Nissan that is more powerful.

I have been quite impressed with this 200SX. It is quite a performer for such a tiny, normally aspirated engine. But it is old, the car. So even though I know motor is strong, I may not be able to justify putting a lot of mods on it.

But a cat back exhaust mod is not unreasonable since it likely needs those pipes replaced anyway.

I have owned Mitsubishis before and I liked them a lot, Eclioses.

But I tell you what, I like this Nissan better.


Stubborn Grace

First born son of stubborn Grace.

She wanted a poem about her written by me.

I didn’t know how to do that.

I still don’t exactly.

But I started.

I love you mom.

Thank you. For everything.

But mostly for staying.

Everybody else left.

You stayed.

And I am less a mess than I ever would have been because of one person, you mom.

I know you don’t like being called Grace.

But you are.




Do you believe, Jeff Cooper when he says he does nothing for effect? I don’t. But that does not equate to me thinking he is full of shit. I mean not anymore than any of us are. We almost all are to a degree. That is just my opinion. It is based on my experiences, my education, my viewing of videos by Paul Harrell, Cooper and myself, others.

I watch all these videos from people who live with guns.

I do my damndest to “steal” all their best notions.

I try to find their “errors” and mine.

And I do stuff for effect.

My goal?


And if not possible?

Effect. The effect of making whoever, and I mean whoever, stop.



‌I am enjoying the drive again.

I have regained that feeling I used to have more fully of being connected to a car.

It is funny to me.

That Nissan has had issues lately.

But big picture? She is fine.

I am sure my boss may wince when she sees it tomorrow.

But I have full confidence in it.

And I would rather be driving it than Hyundai.

I like the Hyundai. But it was and is a value back up vehicle. It was just too good a value for that role to pass up.

The Nissan is the car for the job.

I have had that car in job for one year and it has been spot on mostly.

Hell, it even went on after the accident.

I heart the car.

And when I need a move it, move it, I can.


Nissan is back home for $172.75. And I am So Happy!

I was so happy driving home.

I love that car.

People don’t seem to get it sometimes though.

It is going back to being my primary vehicle immediately.

I must put all the essential stuff back in it that I put in Hyundai.

I prefer Nissan to be my primary.

She will be getting brakes soon. I don’t do brakes. So shop will do them.

Maybe another shop my brother says to send some work to.

People sometimes want my car’s autograph, Nissan.


Two more shifts, tonight and tomorrow night, then day off. I may make it to range tomorrow. It depends on weather.

I have not worked a Sunday close yet. Tonight will be my first. There is another driver there until 2100 so it should be pretty laid back in terms of having to haul ass.

Monday and Wednesday nights it is just me.

Those are the nights where I really have to haul ass. It is just me.

I would not complain having a second driver every time. It makes it easier to be fast.

I don’t like being considered slow either. I don’t because I really am not.

Not really.