The more I study, the dumber I feel.

Life is apparently beyond my ability to comprehend.

I must be too stupid to realize that?

Part of me still yearns to try to write a “work of art.”

It ain’t being afraid to fail that stops me.

It is I don’t what story to tell. I want it to be true.

I am not sure truth exists.

It is an excuse, a cop out, my not writing. I write this crap everyday!

I must be afraid to try again really.

I am all scared and pathetic.

I don’t have real faith in anything or anyone. I say I have faith in God. I don’t really or I would not be so afraid.


I am the worst shot ever.

I can’t hit the broad side of a barn.

Celebrity shot impersonated….


Know what this means? Nothing.

It really doesn’t matter how good of a shot any of us is?

No one knows.

It is better to never find out.


You see yet?

Even the most sincere words are bull.

Even the most sincere words are bull.

I can train and train and train.

I can’t guarantee it will pay off.


My manner has a ways to go, to say the least


I can stay calm, and improve, and carry on.

I am good at carrying on.

And hey, I know most are good. I forget too much….


I see trees, and the forest. It is burning in some places and ready to ignite constantly.

It is a slow burn.

We still better extinguish it, all of us. We better let fires burn too.

I can put out fires. I can try to prevent them. I must let some continue to burn.

Fire is a living creature. We are all on fire. We burn oxygen. We can ignite anytime. We already are ignited.

It makes no sense and perfect sense.


I don’t know what to do about America’s tyranny. I don’t want to start a war. They don’t work. I don’t agree or even like many Americans, but I don’t want them dead or maimed.

Neither did Finicum. But most of America believes he did. They believe this because the mass media portrayed him quite different than he really is.

Then the government wasted him.

That was a message.

Finicum is not unique. Many others have died after media or others lied and government hit men wasted them.

This is the ugly truth most do not know or admit.

I only plan to try to stop the violence first and defend if I must.

RIP Finicum.

Oh and the Bundys and Hammonds are in prison.

They are the victims, of America!

The Hammonds chose not to fight and go to jail. I am not calling them


They don’t have to fight. They would probably just die anyway.

The media keeps telling you these ranchers are terrorists.

Quite the opposite. They are being terrorized!

There is bravery in pacifism too.

In many ways, it wise.

But wisdom is sorrow.



I train to defend. I do it everyday.

No one came to my defense. It was at that moment, I knew America was lost.

I decided then that my nation was not worth defending. I defend my family only now pretty much. That means three American counties.

I write altruistically trying to stop tyranny. That ain’t my choice. God makes me. I prefer to stop. It makes my mission harder.

It makes me a target, and perhaps my family.

I think God may let me stop writing now.

I ask him every day for permission. He, unlike me, has not given up on you.

My primary mission is to defend my family!

I won’t start anything. That endangers my family.

I mean no harm to any of you; but you are on your own.

I suggest you arm yourselves, train and stay home.

Do what you will though.

I will add this, if you depend on police or soldiers, you are fooling yourselves.

They defend government first. They have no duty to protect you. See Warren v DC  Decision circa 1980.




My Mission

Anything outside Butler and Warren counties is a foreign land. I am always mere minutes away. I am no patriot. I am here for my people first.

My mission is to protect my people.

The people of these counties need only fear me if they attack me.

They should know that.

If terrorists attack here, I will kill them or die trying.

I have kin in other places too. If they need me, they know how to reach me.

I suggest you have a similar mission.

I am not going off to defend anyone.

I will always be mere minutes from my people.

Most of America is a foreign land to me now. It is your responsibility, not mine.

I have family who went to Chicago for a while. I counsel against it. Chicago is an occupied foreign land.

I am worried about them being in that hell hole.

I have to let them live their own lives though.

Personally, I won’t go to such places unless asked to by family.

Places like New York are too tyrannical.

Hell even Ohio is too tyrannical but that is where my people are.

The mission is difficult at best and requires much sacrifice.

Dying in some foreign land to defend my people is counter productive. Joining the military is a damn fool thing. You are leaving your family to defend themselves against tyrants.

Poor Finicum should have never left Arizona…. He was in a foreign land. Now his family is without him.

Finicum was brave and honorable but he died for nothing and left his family without its leader.

He died trying to defend people who would not defend themselves. I won’t do that.

My family needs my sharp shooting ass here.



NFL Graft Tonight

Teams looking to graft the players they need to their team. In the draft, as in life, players need an agent to avoid getting the shaft. That shaft is a bad….


Nanny for president

I am going to find out everyone you know. You do it to me. I am going to listen to all your conversations. I will track your every move. It is a matter of my security.

You will provide me with anything I ask for.

You will do whatever I tell you to do.


God give me a better manner?

Permanent Record. 😄

Permanent Record. 😄

The one I have now is insufficient to get the job done.

I continue to leave my posts that are me at my worst.

They will always be out there.

I am not perfect. I am trying to improve my manner. It is all I can do.

This is irony. The picture I am about to put up there.



What is the manner with us?


Maybe you are perfect.


Maybe not.

What manner would be used to determine perfection?

Mind over manner.

Manners matter.

Let us say freedom is a destination. By what manner shall we arrive?



What is the manner with me?



It is funny. Sort of.

Mind over manner.

a way in which a thing is done or happens:
“taking notes in an unobtrusive manner”
synonyms: way · fashion · [more]


You figure it out yet?

It is about Nones and the Nope.

It is about how words don’t really mean anything.

All words, nones and nopes.

All that matters is what happens.





Words have some meaning but no one really understands them.

Derrida. Do Da. DaDa. Hoo Ha.


The USA is free. (Translation Below)


Scratching your head?

Not me. Not anymore. It is over my head. I just accept that now.

and people tend to hold stuff….

People give orders. Then they hold them over your head.

All the best….

Always reminds me of The Terminator.

Hahahaha all you GMen.