This is Jonestown at the airstrip. This is just as attack had begun. Shots had already been fired and the kill team was moving in on foot from tractor and trailer. If you look to right of trailer you will see a soldier in uniform. If you view the video you will see him move and have no doubt. There are at least 4 in this team that I see for certain in video. The Jonestown people never killed anybody. The soldiers did all the killing just like I said all along. They still are. They just did another school.



1st day on new job

Went in watched two training video sets and tested.

Then hit the road. Day driver went home and I drove alone rest of shift.

My GPS was not working but my boss gave me directions.

My car wouldn’t start after I completed 6th delivery.

I had to get that diagnosed and fixed as best I could.

That thankfully took only about 15 minutes probably.

I had to fix it like 7-8 times.

Pretty good considering I had no tools.

Except my brain.

My boss writing directions helped. I knew like 1/3 or so. The other 2/3 I needed help.

Tomorrow I repair my car thoroughly. And I figure out what is going on with my GPS.

I don’t work tomorrow.


I could use Harry Hogg.

Thing is, it went fairly smooth.

There are similarities and differences in the two places.

This one I am gonna like more.

I can tell already.

What is broke on my car is negative battery cable.

It should not be too hard a fix.

It broke because battery was moving. So I will have to also figure out and build/install a brace for battery.

If it has one that is repairable then I will use that brace.

I honestly should have caught that in eyeball check. But I must have missed it.

If it goes easy, done in 30-60 minutes.

Dealing with dang GPS probably take longer. 😕


It was funny today.

I went in at 2pm. I stayed to close.

And I figured going in I was gonna just watch videos.

I was the lone driver within three hours.

It was funny. I just did it.

It would have been nice to have GPS capability. And a whole cable.

But it worked out.


Non-Permissive Environment: result # I lost count

It was near San Francisco.

Main actors: soldier, deputy and three medical personnel


So they say.

I started but there is no real point at this time.

To solve the NPE without cheating is impossible.

Who am I? Captain Kirk?

Nope, not in reality.

High Combat Effectiveness in an NPE? Who you think I am? Captain America? I ain’t.

That ain’t Strobbe.

OODA, OODA, OODA horn of a model A


Wherefore art thou, Vimeo? I ain’t a mad at this the Vimeo. They are alright with me. They got to make Z money. And they ain’t on my back like the others. I give Vimeo some love aday.

I made and put videos on Vimeo and some are even good.

And if I take some down I can’t put more up.

I don’t want to take any down.

I might but I may just pay to add more some time.

It ain’t that I think they are Fantastic these videos. They are just sentimental.

I am SentiMental, ask anybody.

I miss making videos.

I never really tried to make great videos. I just like making videos to show stuff, and stuff.

It was something to do.


Subject X: Fantastic

X always has his own take, on everything.

In X, Says he is Fantastic.

You believe him?

MK XS (Ultra Man)


X is the reminder, the remainder, and the big picture.

And Fantastic?

Relative on a grand scale, and heavy.


Watching basketball, healing, and shopping for stuff I probably won’t buy but might eventually.

I am starting over in some areas of my life some obviously and some subtly.



Like right now, my mind is healing. It ain’t all focused on anything stressful.

And my body is on the couch.

And I am looking at Electronic Devices.


Fantastic Story



My name is Fantastic, and this is my story.

I could start it this way and it would be true, boring relatively, but true.

See I started telling everyone who asked my name that it was Fantastic. They didn’t believe me at first but after a while they came to believe I was in fact, Fantastic.

People say to me often, just be yourself. It is such a compliment.

You may have surmised that my name is not really Fantastic.

You may be correct.

I told people my name was Fantastic?

I had to. It guaranteed a Fantastic story, on some level.

See I can be Fantastic. I can. That is a fact.

Am I always?

No. Not really.

Although, there are a few true believers.


What name do you wrestle with?

See everybody wants to be Fantastic.


Truck It

Anybody notice a theme going on?

I mean besides I am a bastard a tad.


I am looking at my little Nissan “truck” and it is smashed in left front fender.

It was “hauling” at Z work.

My truck is tired too.


New plan is to call off. I ain’t into it. They got people to do it. I can’t believe they gave me those shifts anyway. I made my other three shifts this week. But not tonight.

Believe me, they have enough people without me there tonight. They will make Z money, and do the work.

I am on vacation.

Last night I was thoroughly reminded why I was leaving.

And I just ain’t got 10 plus more hours there in me.

If I see one more newbie standing around I am gonna scream.

I am tired of all that stuff.

Look you can judge me harshly for not going in. I can take it.

But truth is I am doing the management a favor. The newbies need to step up because I am gone.

I won’t be there to do what they won’t do.

They better ALL be ready for that.

Old and new alike, because I am done.

Plus I want to heal up physically. I still have pain from my skin condition, back and head.

I do feel a tad bad. I will get over it.

This is some of what I am not up for:

New drivers not answering the phone.

All drivers standing around while I work on a required task like stickering boxes, tending oven and getting items for line.

Last night I don’t know how many times I was doing such things and a call from line for dough etc. would come out and I watched no one do it as I finished what I was doing and then did the latest request.

And orders being boxed wrong, taken by wrong driver, or otherwise messed up.

And my “favorite,” newbies scheming for doubles.

It is bad enough that old timers do it too.

The above and more is what I ain’t up for.

Believe me, there are more reasons, all that involve things that will make tonight’s shift a bitch.

No one put truck up last night and that alone is gonna cause problems.

I didn’t do it. If I don’t, it really never gets done.

I would have done it tonight.

But not tonight.

It is all their store now.

Let me put it to you this way:

Would you want to be in a place where everyone makes same amount or more money than you, but you do way more work then all but one other?

Probably not.

I don’t hate them.

I just don’t want to work with them anymore.

So, I called off.

They can do it.

They have to.

I don’t anymore.


My cousin used to drive coal buckets. Some kind person sent me a piece of mail today offering to pay my tuition to a CDL A school. I have the mindset for the job. I don’t think I have the skill for it though. Going forward, I am good. Backing up? OMG I am appreciative and I am considering it some honestly. But OMG. I know them trailers are a pain in butt forward. But backward, for me, OMG.


A trucker’s life huh?

Breaker breaker this here is the TBD, who has their ears on and something to say? Come on over.


I really don’t see me in many states.

I don’t do them.

So if asked to, I won’t.

Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, Pennsylvania? Perhaps


floating the gears, at 1.5 years….

double clutch Dutch

I float gears all the time.

I ain’t worried about that.

Just the going backwards.


A proper strength training routine used in conjunction with appropriate gun manipulation training will make you a much better pistol shooter. When you press a gun out for example, it mirrors a close grip bench press. And I am of the mind that pectorals are most important group of muscles for controlling/stabilizing a pistol. They are way more important than the others, although you should build all.

When I shoot, I use my pectorals and Deltoids to control the pistol.

If I had to recommend one type of exercise that essentially anybody can do to make them a better shooter, push-ups, all accepted variants.

And also, sit-ups, all variants you can do.

Just make sure you work with a doctor first. Make sure you don’t go too hard too fast etc.

In person, I could make almost all of you better than you ever imagined you could be.

There is one trainer/instructor that if I can recall his name, I will post one of his appearances on Ballistic Radio.

He talks a bit about conditioning in it.

Unfortunately, no one discusses it enough.

I have not either, until now I mention it.


It was probably a dude named, Paul Sharp.

Yes, study his dealios.

He is a police officer….

I don’t know him.

You know I don’t like police, much.

But that is my problem. I am 1/2 kidding. Why? Good and bad cops like everyone else.

This Sharp, he gives police a good name.

Ironic too in terms of me liking him is he is in a state I really don’t like.

He even describes it as enemy territory.

When I stand up for police, it is for ones like him.

Staying Mentally Healthy



Last post seem weird? It does perhaps. It is “right” though.

I have to focus on every detail to get better. I am going to perhaps sound arrogant. But I am so good now it is hard to get better. But I can still get better.

I put different perspectives on pistol “control” in the last post. I even put in ones I didn’t agree with.

What works for me may not for you.

And don’t learn it wrong first because undoing it is harder than you may think.

I asked a new shooter how they were doing with their pistol the other day. I simply asked if they were hitting what they were shooting at. They said no. So I told them to stop shooting.

They looked at me funny.

I told them I was serious.

I told them to study more first.


This may not work in “real world event” so if you miss, you may need to shoot again. Maybe not though. For one, you may be dead.

I really try not to miss.

But rarely will one have all day to work it out in one of these “real world events.”


There you have it.

It don’t really make sense does it?

It only kind of does, only kinda.


Study other shooters.

Don’t automatically do whatever they do. Know why.

I am going to show you a video shortly that will kind of illustrate this madness of which we speak.

But first.

You know three rounds of 357 magnum flew by that agent and he never even knew it. Then the perp never fired the rest and walked away. He must have never knew he missed. They had both been shot to hell. One had a glee in his eye. He was the bad guy who started the shit.


But anyway, real world aside, do the best you can.

And never think you have reached some pinnacle.

You haven’t. Neither have I.

Know the 4 safety rules, always use them, proceed from there.

If you look closely enough you will see instructor above make at least one mistake per the four rules.

Lots of others do it too. I try not to. It is during his reload….

Know why. Know what.

Video yourself.

Video yourself.

Video yourself.

Watch yourself.

Watch yourself.

Watch yourself.

That is what I do to me.

I doubt I would take this fellow’s class myself.

I have a number of reasons for that.

I would not instruct you not to though.

I ain’t the boss of you.

The LA Glock Store guy? I probably would take a class from him.

It is kinda like martial science.

Well it is.


Smile. You are on camera.

It ain’t like the movies though.

Well not exactly.


Submaximal Isometrics and firearms.

All the angles.

All the fine motor movements and muscle groups large and small.

All with the aim of ultimate performance in speed and precision.

This is about people and their guns.

You have a gun? You just got married.

Don’t fight your gun.

Become one with it.

Keep working to improve. I am pretty steady though. Don’t you think?

These things may make no sense to you.

They do to me.

This post is about people and their guns.

I developed a new “relationship strategy” with my pistols today, and eventually will do same with my rifles, if required after we “talk.”

The following is for Olympic type training. It is necessary to modify it for self defense type scenarios.

But the basics are there.

Unfirtunately there is a huge lack of training that teaches the biomechanics of shooting thoroughly enough.

It is too bad because it really is not that hard to implement.

Even this is not good enough.

The video below I put in here but honestly I disagree with most of it. It is an attempt to incorporate isometrics.

But his shooting technique is different than mine.

I will try to find someone more similar to me.

This technique (theory) is closer to me. But he doesn’t mention the role of pectorals for example. Too few, essentially none do.

This guy is from California? Really?

Get out of town.

This California guy actually makes sense. He ain’t really from there is he?

He still doesn’t say a thing about using pectorals though.

And no one has yet mentioned my counterbalance of trigger pull method for offhand.

But they are trying.

You want to be better with a pistol?

I have gave you clues.

Here are two of the “keys” I use that help me.

1. When I “press out,” I use my pectorals to also give me power to control/grip the pistol. This provides majority of power I need as long as my presentation is correct. If you do it correctly you will automatically invoke your Delts to help out. You will feel it. It takes practice.

2. I apply just enough pressure with my offhand to equal the trigger pull force provided by my dominant hand.


Decent shift. I don’t mean money wise, people wise to include me. I was genuinely kind today. I like me better then.

The bad things that happen in this world take a toll on my mind.

I get angry then and often unkind.

This MSDHS Massacre has me really pissed.

There is no doubt in my mind we are being lied to, again.

These mass murders always bother me.

When I know it was an operation like this was, it really pisses me off.

And I have been tracking these incidents for so long now and they never really leave me.

It gets harder all the time to not get upset at EVERYBODY.


Because so few of you are pulling your weight.

It is often blatantly obvious we are being lied to and yet so many, most all simply let the media and government keep pulling jobs.

And in fact, many Americans are actually part of the problem we call mass murder because they bully people into being disarmed.

And these bullies include the police.

And frankly, it disgusts me, all of it.

So it truly is hard for me to be kind.

But I try to be.

I fail sometimes, many times.

I need to figure out how to truly get through to you though.

Because what I am doing is not working.

And that makes me angry too.


I am still leaving. I have no idea why my boss gave me these shifts now. It is kind of funny because if they had stayed mine anyway, I would not be leaving.

I don’t know why she did any of it. None of it makes any sense.

I am glad that it worked out such that I leave after the notice period instead of before.

In a way, she did us both a favor this week.

In a way. And like I say, I don’t hate her.

But I think many of the newbies she gave my hours plan to leave soon.

I can’t say for sure.

But I just move on.

And like I said cat tends to come back.

Now I probably can too.

Since I am leaving right.


The worst massacres of police in USA have all been done by former US soldiers.

You ever stop and really think about that?

Newhall, Miami, Dallas, all soldiers….

Dorner? Soldier.

It is worth noting too that many cartels and other gangs are having their people enlist in our military So as to receive high level training.

They also enlist for other reasons, all nefarious.

Police are way undertrained, and under equipped, almost all.

It is not very comforting.

Especially since I can’t typically or easily have a gun because of some stupid series of laws.

It cracks me up that I keep training and that I am So good.

Because to carry a gun, I pretty much have to break the law.

If I don’t carry a gun, well that leaves police.

And I gotta tell you, they almost all suck.


Why do I train with a rifle at 9 feet? You ever study 1986 Miami shootout?

I heard a very good cop say once that a shotgun is his preferred choice against perps in vehicles.

I suggest he study this gunfight more closely.

And use a rifle with rifle cartridges. If you insist on shotgun, slugs and not shot.

You are good cop, just not perfect. But who is?

The best analysis I have seen, other than mine, is that of, Paul Harrell.

There are other good ones but his is best.

He doesn’t do as well as he could but better than the rest.

I have heard wise people say, when you know a fight is coming, take a rifle.

My only problem with that is fairly huge, just take a rifle regardless.

You want to live right?

It is easy for law enforcement to carry a rifle. Why they don’t always is beyond me.

I will put Harrell video in here again.

The lessons have not been learned. They have not. I see the results of that all the time.

The FBI ain’t my favorite. They wasted Finicum.

I perhaps should not try to help them.

But I know most mean well.

My main tip to all you cop types is never mess with me. I am
Better than all of you.

Don’t bring just a hand gun to a gun fight!

Bring a rifle.

This event below, tragedy, happened 14 years after Miami.

And the deputy was brave! But he was outgunned. I know carrying a rifle is a pain.

It is better than dying though.

This is so sad. And it is still happening. It should not be.

But they never seem to learn.

They (police) are too concerned with appearances.

Folks, there are lives on the line.

On a related note, all school resource officers should have rifles. Period. No exceptions. They can have a pistol too. But they better have a rifle.

See, I have no plans to waste law enforcement, so I hope they start carrying rifles.

It would be better for everyone, except the violent criminals.


Considering a break, from everything, for a while.

That is not entirely possible.


But there are a lot of things I can “avoid.”

For example, I can watch no media, listen to no media, take no calls, make no calls.

I can even go live in a cave.

I am just not into much lately.

I am tired.

I am not inspired.

I ain’t looking to be admired.

And I am no joy to be around either.



Break from reality?



I am now completely in my own world.

It is a tiny little bubble.

I hope it don’t burst.


Worked on something “new” today, with my Crosman.

Everything was “fast” into a .75 inch circle from 9 feet.

I will start timing it soon and vary circle size.

Varying circle size is to simulate varying distance and the required amounts of speed and precision required.

2nd round, I had one error. But after that, I got my focus and my reference points on rifle and my body right.

1st “round” and I was still referencing my technique.

For reference, this is the equivalent of a head shot at 25 yards.

I can make it in under two seconds, and sometimes even under one second, from low ready.

I am placing more emphasis on reference points on my firearms and body so I am more consistent than I even am now.

I am pushing myself harder and being more serious than I ever have. I must to get better.

I doubt I make anymore videos.

But trust me, when I am “done” I will be better than I ever have been.

These times are what I did cold at a head sized target from 9 feet and from low ready.

The target is black and the sights black. If I had white sights or target, I would be faster.

the second “shot” in second picture is target falling over.

Look, these things don’t mean anything.

Richard Marx may have failed English?

Maybe we all have.


Speed and Precision

How fast can I go, and not miss?

I needed to find something to “pursue.”

I needed to find something worth doing.

And this it what I came up with.

See, it is a messed up world.

So being the fastest most accurate shooter I can be is worth my time.


Three people were murdered in California by an insane former combat soldier.

A deputy exchanged fire with the killer but was not able to stop the perp.

That was the one and only chance.

It was missed.

Now the victims were unarmed. They had essentially no chance.


The deputy was not good enough. That is not a judgement, a fact.

I don’t want to have that problem.

I should be able to break .4 seconds eventually.

As for the 25 yard shot, here is me doing it (first shot at head sized target) in about 1.5 seconds with a 223 break barrel from low ready.


See this is worth my time.

And I am just going to have to accept that I am quite talented at it, and just go with it.

It is about the only thing that makes sense to me.

Like I said, the world is all messed up.

And there are loose cannons everywhere.


Electronic Device

My electronic device, iPhone 5 is about toast. It has a battery life of virtual (reality) nil.

If I have it plugged in, it typically lasts, not always.

And Apple fried my iPad 2 with an update and they never even offered to fix it.

So I am not happy with Apple.

And Google? You know I hate them bastards. I won’t buy another Android.

And the windows stuff is mostly crap.

So I am in electronic device “hell.”

I will need a device I can count on for my new job.

And I really don’t want to buy any of these electronic devices.

So I am tempted to keep milking my iPhone.


I will be washing my uniforms and returning them today or tomorrow. My time at this employer is over. I am never returning to work there.

Somebody about a month ago stole $100 dollars plus from the store. (It was missing, presumed stolen. I really don’t know, don’t think anyone does for sure.)

My boss had to cover it. She was crying.

I gave her a C-Note.

I told her yesterday just to keep it.

I am such a bastard.

I ain’t gonna miss the place.

I am too good a person to work there.

I am now anyway.

As for the C-Note, that is truly from Brian “Scoop” Lenaburg. I owed it to him. He died too early.

And as for the job, I really do have a headache and back pain still.

So I heal up and go to a new job.

There just is no sense in staying there.

I am miserable.


I did call off today. I still don’t feel well and they don’t need me today to work 1-9. IDK about tomorrow either. I still have Head and back pain. And I just don’t feel it worth troubling with.

My stomach is still bad too and eating isn’t fun either.

I may never go back other than to drop off my uniforms.

My back etc. are a mess, worst they have been in some time.

I have worked through this level before but this time it just ain’t worth it.

It really ain’t.

I can’t even breath without it hurting.

Today and yesterday after work I have really been resting.

I may go tomorrow. I may not.

It depends on how I feel physically and mentally.

If I ain’t up to it, home body.

My boss is all bent out of shape too apparently.

She texted me “wondering” why I am so pissy.

One thing she said was she scheduled me for 45 hours this week. She didn’t. She said other things too, also incorrect.

But here are my hours for this week. All crap shifts and add them up, they ain’t 45 hours.

And besides, none are premium shifts. Hours don’t make this job anyway. Premium tip hours do.

But here is my schedule add it up.

I don’t hate my boss. And she has a lot in her mind.

She ain’t my favorite. I ain’t hers.

It is time to move on.

That is all.

I didn’t even bother pointing out her errors to her.

I just told her I wasn’t coming in because my back and head hurt.



Jeff Strobbe reports he is afraid to go to school, any school.

Is it really that irrational?

For the record?

I really was scared.

Nothing happened there to cause it.

There were no obvious or possible ominous actors for example.

But in back of my mind, I wanted out of the area.

I could leave.

I could have refused to even go.

Those there?

They have no choice.

That was real heavy on me.


Out at 1600 like I said and already in my PJs thank you very much. And I have not decided about tomorrow and Saturday for sure yet. But getting out early aday? Genius. I need to rest my head and a stuff.

If I go in tomorrow, it will only be for whatever money I can manage to scrape on that crap shift.

It will have nothing to do with loyalty or honor or any crap like that.

And if my head or back hurt in least I ain’t going in.

I already have my paycheck so….

I won’t be going in tomorrow, that is decided. Saturday is also highly unlikely.

Both are crap shifts and I won’t make much money.

Tomorrow they would expect me to put up truck, ain’t happening.

And Friday, and Saturday and Sunday too I will have to interact with those people.

I ain’t into it.


The odds of me showing up Friday (other than for my check) or Saturday are virtually nil. Sunday I may make the 5-9 pm cameo.

I cannot emphasize enough how little I desire to be there.

I just don’t feel like putting up with all the shit, especially since I am just ending a migraine and I know it could flare up again any time.

All it takes is one tweak of my back or blood pressure spike.

And I cannot guarantee that these lazy annoying bastards won’t get on my damn nerves to point I can’t jam them and they will be jamming me.

In fact, the mere contemplation of going in today has my symptoms returning now.

And here I am with this misguided sense I owe these bastards something just because I am only one scheduled.

If I don’t go in today, no one will until 4 pm.

So “Duty” says I go in.

Duty is another word for?