Exodus Monday a term and concept from the mind of Jeff Strobbe

It is Jewish Christian “escapism.” It ain’t true mysticism, but rather a type of self deprecating humor.

It is about oil and eight days in a temple and children of God with nowhere to go or to do.

Throw in some miracles and kings and joy to world and stuff.

It is religatopia.


It is about spirits.

Jesus lit the Menorah.

It is inescapable.

Forever linked….


I am a rabbi preacher. This is the song for the commencing of this Holy Day.


Subject X: Exodus

Thou shalt not kill. – KJV, Exodus 20:13

I prefer this version of the verse. God values life and expects us to also.

It is ironic that the chapter is called Exodus. There is nowhere else to go.


Subject X: abortion

X talking to J….

J is the same as X. X is actually a set. J is the range of X and X is a partial unknown.

Anyway, why X do you who wishes he was never born care if babies are aborted?

God says… no murders. Simple as that.

What do you care about God for?


I am his child.

Who are you J? I mean really.

All this X.

X you will never be J.

J, neither will you.

I know.

Do you now?

Well X, tell me now who you are?

You mean you do not know X?

J only knows the neurostructures are present and knows X to be a range of sets….


Planned Parenthood Murders: People snuffed and shot while waiting patiently to kill their babies or while trying to save the baby killers

I tend to feel sad when spree killings happen. I really didn’t this time.

I tried too, nothing. I felt no sadness. Now I felt no joy. But no sadness at all, not even for the dead cop.

I mean the cop was trying to save baby killers.

Who would do that? I would not.

Killing people is wrong. Those who died were either planning to kill or trying to save the planners of murder….

This is the truth.


I will make a short video today showing the unit on a kitchen scale to show you how my Barbie Armor weighs essentially nothing. It will stop damn near anything though. It is the best there is and you probably Cannot have it. You ain’t in the family.

The world is getting crazier. My family is my only concern anymore. The rest of the world has largely treated me poorly. As such, they are on their own.

If you abandoned me, there is no coming back….

I ain’t out to get anyone but don’t fuck with me again.

I am training and building. I get better everyday too.


Tweep Poet Tactical: problems

People will tell we need tools to solve problems. True story. Tools are problematic themselves.

People come with various problems and sometimes people share their problems violently.

Problems are numerous.

I said to others a few days ago that everything is limited. This is true but the limit is so large it tends to deceive.

Limiting factors are problems themselves….


Auditory Exclusion and Tunnel Vision

The inner workings of the human mind during its interaction in the environment….

You have a threat to eliminate and that is what your mind is focused on. Remind your mind there may be more. Know you may not see or hear them.

You better.



Subject X: JSS Enterprise

I have the letter of recommendation you wrote for me still. I have never used it. Thanks for writing it though.

You said I was an old warrior soul when we last spoke at the Audobon Farm.

That is not true I hope.

I miss the Antioch me but he was never real either.


I don’t identify as anything or anyone anymore. I am what I am and essentially that is nothing.

Nothing is exactly what I want to be.

The only thing I want to be is happy and that ain’t ever going to happen.

Tbe only way it could is to be completely ignorant and I am only partially so.

I enjoy little to nothing and it has always been so.

I used to think that eventually I would find a niche but I won’t.

My niche is to bitch and I am tired of that.

I wanted to love but now I don’t ever want to feel it again. I do but I want the feeling to leave. I am not lovable.

No one has ever loved me. I don’t want to ever love again.

I don’t want to hate either. Mostly I just want to do my time and then die.

I tried real hard and now I am just worn out.


Too jaded to ever be happy again?

I had a dream last night about someone. It is crazy.

It is like being stuck in mud.

That is only a symptom of the jade.

The only way I can think to describe it is stuck in mud.

I am stuck and only sometimes does it feel worth trying to free myself.

problem is the mud surrounds my heart.

May this will help me?


HR378 and the RattkeSnake

Level IV armor must stop this beast at least once., 30-06 M2AP. Thing is, often it will only stop anything once…. What kind of standard is that?

Plus we have the vague wording of HR378, seeking to ban “enhanced body armor.”

Oh and the Feds, others want our guns too….

I will build my own thanks.


Officer Buttinsky

All cops are named Buttinsky. Sometimes they must protect Planned Parenthood people and other less than good people. They must protect people who abort babies, sick people who suck life from wombs, womb to tomb.

Officer Buttinsky died trying to save killers.

This is a fact of the case that is either typically glossed over or omitted entirely.

Moral, don’t be a cop unless you are willing to die protecting people who are not worthy of protection.