Tomorrow I shoot the Ruger P95

I have broke her down and inspected her. She does not need cleaned and everything is up to snuff mechanically.

Disassembly and reassembly are easy.

Her serial number says she shipped in 2008.

She has not been fired much.

That will change starting tomorrow.

I have dry fired it some, not a lot. I could not find snap caps.

I don’t need much dry fire. The fit is perfect and my technique sound. The sights never moved.

I may clean it before range but I doubt it. Ruger rep says maintenance requires a dab of gun grease on slide rails. This is the first gun I have that calls for that. I will inspect that area again first too. The grease is recommended most likely as frame is all polymer, no metal inserts on frame for slide to ride on.

I have not even shot this gun but I already know it well. That is how I roll.

It is fully technically designated P95PR.

Tonight I will do some “firing solution manipulations” in an unloaded condition.

James Bond shit. Hey the de-cocker is Walther Style.

She will shoot any ammo!

She is a gun that is adequate for ALL purposes.



Been driving Miss Grouchy.

There are actually two Miss Grouchys. One is my mom and other is my niece.

Grouchy. Grouchy.

Two days in a row. They never ask.

It is always, “You are taking me (all over damn place).”

They went to Appleby’s yesterday though, without me.

I took my mom to doctor yesterday and today. I sat there 50 minutes starving to death. Finally, she is done and I am thinking good I can eat now. No!

She has to go to Walmart. It can’t wait.

She said doctor gave her two shots. I asked if one was Tequila.



I have decided to get my Ruger out of lay away today.

It is a pain in the ass.

Paperwork, the drive, the cash and all the work I will have to put in.

I can’t wait though.

I have waited long enough. It is time.

I do love shooting. If I had land, I would probably shoot firearms everyday.

It is fun.

I said I would not shoot it today. But if I get it inspected and cleaned, I might. I do want to.

Baseline purposes you know. 😄

When I do shoot it, I will baseline both hands.

Probably won’t shoot it today though. I most likely will just dry fire with each hand, and get a feel for fit.



Guns are a pain in the ass.

Even Airsoft guns are a pain in the ass.







It (Ruger in lay away) needs a new front sight, or I may paint it.

I was so excited earlier today that I was going to get it out….

I may make myself wait. It is just a gun.

That is just one example of why guns are a pain in the ass.

There are infinite reasons….

The politics of dancing….




It is not the guns themselves.

It is our attraction to them.


Everybody wants guns one way or another. Everybody.



Today is probably the day I get my Ruger P95 out of lay away. I am really leaning that way.

Ruger P95 9mm, the P is for Perfect.

Ruger P95 9mm, the P is for Perfect.

All the numbers add up. 9/27/2016, 9/9/9. It is a 9mm.

Then I commence to learning about it and training with it. I have already done preliminary learning, but today we begin to rock.


I have been waiting a long time for today.

It will bring my firearm inventory to? You guessed it. 9

Been reading manual....

Been reading manual….

I have a lot to learn before this pistol assumes its intended role as a primary defense tool.

My other guns still are over it. Soon as I learn it, it goes to number 1.

I won’t even shoot this gun today. I won’t even consider it.

I will buy snap caps, dry fire, drop mags, reload, and maybe even draw.

I won’t fire it until all that and a cleaning and inspection which I will do first.

Know the ordinance.

Know the ordinance.

You know what? I need to see Gun Smith too. Probably. If you buy a used gun, Gun Smith, real Gun Smith, is a real good notion.

This notion is true for all, but especially for newbies.

Find a real gunsmith and unfortunately that is rarer and rarer.

This ordinance is a Mach 1.5 essentially. That is a fair amount of power.

This ordinance is a Mach 1.5 essentially. That is a fair amount of power.



Subject X: God said

My car window works again. What did I do? I had faith.

This is God speaking to me, and through me in this instance, to whoever reads this.

I can open and close windows when God says I can. I just flip the switch and see what happens. It is an everyday thing. It is a miracle. Maybe I should try to work on the door handle next?

I can open and close windows when God says I can. I just flip the switch and see what happens. It is an everyday thing. It is a miracle. Maybe I should try to work on the door handle next?

Turn it in again.

I told God I really needed to put that window up again.

It is the world we live in.

Window. Works.

That is huge.

You are just going to have to take my word for it.



Ryan Fitzpatpick. Dude I had to spell that out. But Fitzpatrick, I am going to review “highlights.”

Fitzpasspick, whatever your name is, Dude you gave a whole new meaning to pick 6 and pass for 6.

That is an achievement in and of itself.

Just go with it, sort of.

Shit happens.

You are a good QB Dude.

OK I saw the six, four at one view
appear to be all yours and two I can see you going for receiver to make a solid play for ball.

It was a fluke game Fitzpatrick.



Marvin Lewis is best coach in many ways in Bengal history. He is a fine coach. But if Bengal team, including coach, don’t get her done in playoffs, he will be fired. Most likely. That would be a shame.

Marvin Lewis, don’t start AJ Green next week. He can play after first series. He don’t see field until second series. Drop a third down ball for first and it being game on line? Uh uh.

And Dalton, lame throw.

Consider benching Dalton too!

Tell that CB he ever stops a pick 6 again, he is demoted.


Jones and Burfict better be perfect too.

You know.

Arrest the bad guys coach.

Arrest the bad guys coach.


Looks like my Bengals pick was wrong. My Fantasy plays right on though.

Bengals are trying to make it interesting, shows heart but they just make too many mental mistakes.

One thing I would do which they won’t is start AJ McCarron.

But even then, the defense would have to play better still too.

Dalton is just not the guy I think.

It ain’t all him though. Bengals receivers keep dropping balls.

Very disappointed in Bengals.


I am starting Quincy Enunwa at WR in both ESPN and CBS today.

Folks who follow me know I know fantasy football and football in general.

If I start someone, people take notice.

I am rarely wrong.

I remember the players I was most wrong about.

But it really is rare.

I am sometimes a tad early but players almost always shine.

This Enunwa just gets job done, and his QB is solid and trusts him, plus Marshall is limited. KC is good but Jets visit Red Zone a lot!


Bengals defeat Broncos today.

Denver is good. Bengals are better.

Bengals are better than most, just need to get their head out of their ass.

If they just play the game, they will win.

The only team that really is better than them are Patriots.

Patriots stay healthy on O and D line, they will be damn near possible to beat.

Bengals, do your job.


Well late in fourth Bengals have found their head in their asses again.

Stupid penalties and missed plays.

I am not actually surprised Bengals are losing.

They need to play better. They don’t play whole games.

They find ways not to win.

I won’t pick them to win any more until they get consistent.

I picked with my heart more than my head.

Bengals are talented, not a good team currently though.

They should have kicked Denver’s ass. But they don’t play a full game.


A tale of two fantasy football teams

In ESPN, I am 2-0 and lead the league in scoring each week.

In CBS, I am 0-2 and that is due to my draft day. I had fourth pick and hoped to get David Johnson, did in ESPN. He went third to someone else and that left Todd Gurley on board. I had to pick him there. His team is way underperforming. I was afraid of that.

I am considering whether to give him one more week as starter or just bench him.

My CBS team is not bad but I need to get him going. I need Aaron Rogers to play better too!

I have been 0-2 to start and still won many a league so I plan on winning games!

If I do bench him, Kenyan Drake probably gets nod. Wait I forgot I had LeSean Mcoy, oops. He goes in. I have had Melvin Gordon in. He stays!

LeSean Mcoy starts for me in ESPN too. He is a special player. He really is.

His head coach needs to do better though. He, not the OC who he just fired, also has me a bit troubled, cost the Bills game by not kicking a field goal on fourth. Idiot.


9mm goodness and a possible new armor build technique.

My work achedule will be lessened now and I will have time for more personal stuff.

Odds are good at 1000 Tuesday I get my 9mm out of layaway. Store closed until Tuesday.

It is possible I make one more payment and get it out next month. I am not sure yet.

I also am considering losing my gun super owner status and selling or trading some guns for cash to buy other guns.

I find myself considering many guns, but that is an everyday thing.

There are numerous guns I want but I can’t afford them all.

Thing is, I get attached to my guns and selling them is very difficult for me.

I have sold three previously and each time it was a very hard choice.

The guns I have in mind now for that will be even harder to part with. The others made more practical sense.

I have a new build method I will be employing on ceramic armor aspects soon. I suspect it will be a leap forward. I won’t know until I build and test though.

If it works as I hope, it will significantly reduce the weight of my armor.


Subject X: father’s son?

I was in a car that turned over multiple times. I remember the surprise of the farmer who saw and came out to help us.

I was the only one hurt.

The driver was at fault.

It is just one of many incidents in my vault.

The dog got out first and ran. I got out second and immediately noticed gas flowing from the fill.

The cap and door were gone.

The dog, gone.

I immediately started to get the rest out too.

I was five.


I jumped out of a moving car right after my father did.


You don’t have my vault.


There is nothing ordinary in my world.

My whole life has been all but ordinary.

My whole life has been all but ordinary.


My vault is loaded.

They want my vault.

They can’t have it. It is mine.


Why does no one protest a cop killing?

I don’t see people marching for cops that are slain.

Look, cops are people. They ain’t that smart cops, unwise.

Being a cop is stupid.

It really is.

Why shoot a mentally challenged person?

Look, we all are stupid.

We are mentally challenged.

Einstein? A moron. He built Bombs.

He did it knowing it would be used.

If there is a smartest among us, they are hiding.


It cracks me up I guarded Bush.

I saw lead teams operate, and I was right there.

I used to get paid to do security.

I have done some intense jobs.

I am not cop, or a soldier.

I am a specialist.


Smith, B.

Navy Vet. Trainer. ADDIE Etc.

I learned from him and other ex. miltary.


Anyway, the lead team scouts routes and more. They inspect the routes if travel and look for assaults that could happen and escape routes. They look at lots of routes…. They inspect whatever must be.


The media is one reason why cops are shooting blacks so quick. Cops won’t admit it but they are scared to death. I see it in their eyes.

Cops are not merely afraid of blacks though.

I observe people, especially cops.

They are afraid. It is easy to see.

I don’t blame them.

Blacks are afraid too.

Hell, most people are.

Scared to death.

The fear is not rational, at least at its current total level.

Some fear is healthy. Too much fear is not.

You think targeting police is going to save blacks?

Oh no. Quite the opposite.

It is going to get blacks killed. The powers that be know that.

Fry pigs and roll them in a blanket Huh?

Better think again.


The point, one anyway, of MK Ultra is to use media to make as many people as possible insane and violent. Another is to make you afraid. Of what? Everything except government….

MK Ultra is more than single assassins, it is world mind control.

Look at the cities and the hordes in the streets all saying police are targeting them.

Look at the police being targeted.

We are all potential targets.

Stay sane. Stay brave.

Truth is these are dangerous times.

Question everything the media tells you and I don’t mean just on news.

Question all media messages. Movies, music everything.

It is all potentially MK.

Know that many won’t!

Too many do not see whole picture.

Catch yourself when you get too much feeling in any direction. Love or hate.


I brought myself back from the brink of hate. If I can, we all can. Read this blog and you will see my hate. You will also see me realize I was wrong!

At some point, I realized that damning entire groups was just wrong.

I know I probably still come across as thinking I am perfect.

I ain’t.

I am trying to get better.

A commenter just mentioned sanity.

That was brilliant. Sanity is what the world needs most.

It is insane to hate entire groups.

I was never a “worst case.”

I was getting close though.

I am angry often still.

It stems from frustration at seeing the world burn.

But commenter hit it on head. We must stay sane!


Who amongst you really cares enough to call the world what it really is? A hell hole. We ain’t in this together!

I ain’t the violent one. You want to see the violent one? Look at yourself first.

I don’t support your police, your soldiers or your protestors.

They are all people with agendas.

I participate in society as little as possible.

It is all I can think of to not be a part of the massive bull shit that spins this world.

I am so tired of even that.

I pay cops, soldiers and protestors salaries and that sickens me.


Subject X: MK Ultra

Ultra is as secret as it gets.

You want to know a secret?

I bet you don’t.

I know you don’t.

How do I know?

Because you refuse to see it.

It is all around you, everywhere.


Sell It Now. You say it is over. It ain’t over. War Pigs.


You don’t control me or my mind.

You will all back off me.

I don’t buy your bull shit.

America is a lie!

I am the truth.

I am!

I watch you all.

You kill in the streets world wide.

You tout this place.

This place is a hell hole.

Ain’t no life matters to you.

Ain’t none of you special.

Wake up!

Who among you is not full of shit?!

I have yet to find one!

The whole world is a hell hole!

Of course I am all alone.

I can’t trust any of you.

I know that all of you can’t be bad. You are just too afraid to stand out.

You all want to fit in.

I don’t!

Of course I am alone. I am one of a kind.

God help humanity. They are some sick fucks.


Make your own freaking cake.




9/23/2016 Part 2

Home from work….

Long day. Longer one tomorrow.

My family is at family reunion. That is where I want to be.

I have to work though, understaffed.

I NEED a vacation.

I knew I woke up out of whack today. It took me until midday to figure out why.

I want to be in Kentucky with my kin!

I got through this day but it was rough because I didn’t feel well.

I feel fine now. I have for a few hours. I just go on. It ain’t like I have a choice.

My work load will lighten up after this weekend and that is good because I am exhausted mentally and physically.

I have Hannity on and it is a Trump town hall in Cleveland.

I will be turning it soon. I am so sick of all this political shit, all the bull shit and pandering.

The only change that will come is for the worse.



I woke up 0600. I had nothing to write about really.

I am hitting shower and leaving for work shortly. I work 10:30A to 9:00P.

I watched news, same shit different day.

I woke with a slight headache and other pain so I chilled.

I figured I should write something but I almost blew it off.

You won’t hear from me again untill about 10P at least.



It gives me no joy knowing the OK officer is being charged with manslaughter. It is probably correct charge. Now system must decide. For me, it just drives home how important it is to know when to use deadly force and when not to. The officer is likely not a monster but she messed up.

Hopefully judge can instruct jurors to consider a lesser manslaughter based on facts that may warrant it. This looks like a manslaughter of some type to me.

I see it more as a second degree….

I am rough on cops. I know they are human though.

Just as we can’t have civilians firing wrongly, neither can we have police.

We have a man dead who clearly had his hands up.

It cannot be overlooked that man was possibly on PCP. This may have played a role in officer’s decision to fire.

It does not justify it. It may partially explain it and may warrant a lesser manslaughter….


I have Houston defense in ESPN. They face Patriots tonight. This QB of New England has skills and presence. I watched video on him. The Houston D/ST has played well. I am considering another unit though. Short week and they have nothing on this QB. The way NE OL has been playing, I won’t be surprised at all if NE can move ball and score. I may switch the D.

I picked up Ravens D. I am going to start them. Houston D is really good. But my gut says this NE offense, will still be a juggernaut. This team overall is quite impressive.

This QB can play too.

Of course I kept you
Houston D.

I don’t like rooting against Patriots. I like the Patriots.

For whatever reason, many rookie QBs don’t play like rookies much.

I think the QB shines tonight. This NE team is very well selected and coached.


Got to go to work meeting shortly. It is a two hour deal once a month. Afterwards, I have no idea what I will do, no plans. I may go buy some range ammo. I may not. I may go buy armor stuff. I may not. The only thing I know I am doing for sure is watching the Patriots and Texans later.

I may go to range but probably won’t.

Most likely, I will go buy armor stuff.

I most likely will go to Home Depot and Lowes. Maybe Menards too.

Save big money at Menards.

I need some materials.

I want a spray on polyuretane adhesive possibly.

I need stuff!


Cops have the right to life too. I say bad things about police too. I never forget they have rights. Even more than that, starting a shootout with police is a damn fool thing. See, guns are a pain in the ass.

I don’t recommend seeking violence with anyone. Seeking violence against people armed to teeth is really a damn fool thing.

Plus you are outnumbered.

It is insanity.

Even if you survive, you will never be free again really.

Very rarely is the system going to take your side over the cops.

The system sucks! It is better than killing and dying though.

Don’t tell police to shoot you, they just might.

Ask Finicum.

Now as for Finicum and even OK incident recently, did you see who died?

If you encounter cops, they are dangerous.

They are.

I am by no means a fan of cops.

I wish they would resign.

Or at least enforce much less.


Apparently in NC, officer who fired fatal shots was black. So leave race out there. Leave it out. It sounds like officer was justified.

Does the cop not have the right to protect his life?

Of course he does!

Making color an issue when it aint, does not help!

Even if cop were white, defaulting to claiming racism without evidence is not helping either.

The truth, every time!

It seems like the protests and violence in NC have no justification at all!

Violence solves little to nothing anyway.



Trooper: Bundy Driver was Government Informant


Time to tune into Clyde to get his take.

He may not even be talking about it. I will know shortly.

It cracks me up Clyde is in Portland.

I don’t see myself there. But I like Clyde.


I like this station. It has actual conservative values. I was shocked as hell I liked this station.

I listen to it in morning because it is on all night while I sleep. They have a call in show and it is a trip. I could not tell you the host’s name. Some dude.

It might be that Lars Larson I see on the website. Dude is apparently everywhere.

It is a trip for me because I get the weather for Portland and news so if I forget it is Portland because I am not awake….

Dana Loesch is on to some depending on how early I awake.


Clyde is not talking about Charlotte.

Clyde is talking about Bigfoot.

I currently have no interest in Bigfoot.

If there really is a Bigfoot, I am probably cool with that.

I can’t have a Bigfoot kicking my ass for example.


General Flynn, you see the operator act? Did you?

It is the COG General. Later.

Do you see them?


General, you are operations. You know.

I know you do.

They wanted police or others to fire.

Charlotte PD acted courageously and honorably.

They did not fire.

Being police sucks.

There are elements that are using numerous social institutions to bring conflict, and protest, and sending violent actors in to start violence.

With “terrorists” they just don’t stop them until after they strike. Or they use Mercs and use the people as patsies.

I have no credentials general.

Just a dude.