This Affordable Care Act bull shit cost my brother his insurance and now the IRS is fining him. I am not fine with this shit. I am not and I offer no apology. This Affordable Care Act is tyranny and must go!

I have substantially drawn back my criticism of president Obama. It has little to do with me “liking” him more.

It is mostly due to the fact that it has not been worth me wasting my breath.

President Obama is just a globalist tool.

Trump probably will be too.

It is either that or Deep State assassinates him.

Meanwhile, bull shit tyranny like

Affordable Care Act happens.

I am mostly just training so I can be ready for SHTF.

All you Intel community can kiss my ass.

See you assassinate Trump don’t be surprised if you get hit back!

All you NSA JFK/MLK spying on assassinating bastards, we are sick of your shit.

We know Ft. Lauderdale was yours too. We see your fucking carpetbagger sheriff and your Senator and Congresswoman.

You military bastards don’t fool us either.

You bastards better keep Trump alive.

We see you.

Trump you better watch this Pompeo bastard.

It is time to clean house!


Is anyone reflecting the MLK legacy? If so, who? I don’t see anyone doing so.

One exception is MLK’s niece, Alveda King. There are probably more. But honestly, most in the public eye are not reflecting MLK at all.

I have heard Alveda King chime in on several things in recent years. And she strikes me as level headed.

I am no expert on her. But what I do know is positive.

This John Lewis is not. He looks filled with hate to me.

Not attending Inauguration. Look I don't buy into the Federal government at all really. I know it is a bunch of shit. But these jokers all think it is God's gift. Well as long as it goes their way anyway. You know the Feds killed MLK right?

Not attending Inauguration. Look I don’t buy into the Federal government at all really. I know it is a bunch of shit. But these jokers all think it is God’s gift. Well as long as it goes their way anyway. You know the Feds killed MLK right?



Boker A-F 546

This is my first choice in fighting knives. It is the shorter version, the Boot Knife. There is a larger version.

This is my first choice in fighting knives. It is the shorter version, the Boot Knife. There is a larger version. It can be had for $110.00.

Most of the “tactical knives” on market are crap. This includes the offerings from the big brands.

Don’t waste your money on them.

If you want or need an inexpensive “tactical knife” look at S&W HRT line with spear points. They are not this Boker Poker. But they are better than the crap most knive companies are pushing.

Gerber has screwed up the MKII with serrated edges.

Stay away from it.

Get the Boker.


Die kleinere und damit handlichere Ausführung des Applegate-Fairbairn Einsatzmessers ist nach dem gleichen Konzept entwickelt worden, wie sein großer Bruder. Glasfaserverstärkter Kunststoff-Griff mit integrierten Edelstahlgewichten, Messing-Knebel und 440-C-Klingenstahl. Die Klinge verfügt auf der einen Seite über einen typischen doppelkonischen Dolchschliff und auf der anderen Seite über einen Hohlschliff. Lieferung inklusive Kydex-Scheide und großem Tek-Lok.
Passendes Zubehör für diesen.

Or in English.

The smaller and thus more manageable version of Applegate Fairbairn usage meter has been developed based on the same concept as its big brother. Glass fibre reinforced plastic handle with integrated stainless steel weights, brass knobs and 440 C blade steel. The blade has on the one hand over a typical double-conical dagger grind, and on the other hand a hollow. Supplied with Kydex Sheath and large Tek-Lok.


Fighting Knives by Smith and Wesson

Smith and Wesson designs knives for Law Enforcement. For what they are, they are pretty damn good.

I have been preliminarily evaluating them. I have owned their knives in past and found them to be value laden.

I recommend carrying a fixed blade knife. Many places prohibit it.

Fixed blade knives are what I am going to discuss here.

I will write more later.

But for now, the S and W knives I am going to highlight here are well within everyone’s reach money wise. They are based on Fairbairn, Applegate and Sykes knives.

You can snag them for $20.00 or less.

The best weapon in close quarters is often a knife.

These knives are fighting knives.

They are not perfect clone designs of A, F and S but they are “close.”

I may mention a Kershaw knife in this post too. I may write about it separately. Probably.

HRT Series (FBI)

One option is S&W "Boot Knife." It can be had for under $15.00. It will be discussed.

One option is S&W “Boot Knife.” It can be had for under $15.00. It will be discussed.

Another Boot Knife variant from S & W. It too can Be had for under $15.00.

Another Boot Knife variant from S & W. It too can
Be had for under $15.00.

A well made tactical knife and a person who knows how to use it are a lethal combination.

I suggest you study Applegate, Fairbairn and Sykes.

1. Knife must be sharp. You want to sever arteries completely. Merely ripping them may allow them to seal via clotting.

2. Ideally you want two cutting edges. Such knives are increasingly hard to find, and more expensive usually when found. The Kershaw may be an exception, still researching it….

Smith and Wesson has “fixed” this by putting what they deem a “false” cutting edge on one side.

The only flaw of this knife tactically is it is one sided. However, it is better in this regard than almost every competitor out there and for a whole lot less money.

Boker makes Applegate Fairbairn and it is usally at least $175.00. It is the real deal though.

But that is a lot of dough for a lot of people.

Gerber makes a folding knife they call AF, but it really is not. One it is a folder and not fixed blade. Two it is one sided. It ain’t cheap cost wise either. It has nothing on the Smith and Wesson Models.

It can be modified though to add a second edge. But so can the Smith and Wessons.

This must be done well though. Let a master craftsman do it. Or leave knife as is.

Fairbairn and Sykes had a lot of influence on US Army’s Rangers, factoid.


Smith and Wesson also has HRT series knives that are dual edged. They too are harder to find. But there cost is still accessible for many around $40.00.

I definitely recommend the HRT pointed knives. I am not a fan of the Tanto blade designs.

I recommend spear point and that is all about fighting efficacy. Applegate, Fairbairn and Sykes made their knives pointed for a reason.

The reason? Lethal efficacy.

Who can equip you on a low budget and have you capable of kicking major ass?

You know who.


Fairbairn was in addition to a soldier, a policeman. He worked for the Shanghai Municipal Police.

Shanghai was definitely most dangerous place on Earth at time.

His Defendu was based on techniques he learned from two Japanese and two Chinese masters….

He is the father of modern combatives.



Tiffany Jenks?

What is her story?

It is sad. That is all I know really.

Everybody has a storied life.

Apparently her story ended with a bullet to forehead.

Well, her story goes on. They do that.

She was believed to be a TI….


Slamfire and Muzzle Safety and Maintenance of Semi-Autos and Where in the Hell are the Gunsmiths?

If you own a semi-auto and you don’t know what slamfire is you could be in a world of hurt.

Slamfire can cause an unintended discharge, and even full auto fire.

Its causes are multiple and can happen to either striker or hammer fired semi-autos.

We have a lot of people who are “maintaining” their guns and modifying triggers and they should not be!

And gunsmiths are needed and they are few and far between.

I had a Raven slam fire on me once and you know what saved me?

I had muzzle pointed in safe direction!

Always be aware of potential for a slam fire.

Research the phenomenon and do not alter your guns.

Find a gunsmith if you can!

I hear of people changing their sear springs and stuff and it makes me crazy.

Use springs that are in specification only!

And replace them when required!

The Raven was bought used as only used ones are available anymore. I was evaluating it as I do for all guns I buy but especially used guns and even more especially out of production used guns.

When you chamber a round, do it following muzzle rules! Never point a gun at anything you are not willing to destroy! Same thing when you clear a round from chamber, muzzle safety. Don’t get slammed or slam anyone else!

Whenever I fire a gun for first time new or used I only put one round in magazine before chambeing it. And muzzle is pointed in safe direction.

I didn’t mention slamfire in this video and I should have. The recoil spring here makes it very hard to set striker. I set striker before I chamber a round in this gun.

Saturday Night Specials can be higly likely to slamfire.

But any semi-auto may do it.

This is a specified spring for this gun. It is “in spec.”

It can still slamfire.


Subject X: these researchers with their “well defined” programming levels crack me up. They mean well though, most anyway.

They talk about propensities and bloodliners and Blah blah blah.

It is misdirection. The stuff is planted.

All you really need to understand is that these programs are evil.

Alpha, Delta, Theta is arbitrary really. It is pseudo-nomenclature.

They tell you of “Sex Kittens.”

They tell you these kittens are for spying, blackmail, a definite set of such things.

You think them kittens won’t or don’t kill too?

Think again.

And theta all the psychic realm, etc.

You think they can’t kill?

Think again.

And Delta? Kill? Well yeppers.




What outcome is desired?


What did they say about the dead Justice?

They, some said, he was with a prostitute, a kitten.

He dead now.

Hostess with Mostess


What is the real world in this age of Ultra? Do you know? This is from another blog. It doesn’t really matter which one. Not really. If you want to know, I will tell you.

But it really don’t matter. In this age of “mind control,” you have to try to “make up your own mind.” The National Enquirer is now as much a beacon as any other beacon of the press.

Impressionable minds want to be impressed….

On March 4, 2016, The National Enquirer published an article asserting that Scalia had been assassinated by a prostitute. In Dec. 2007, when mainstream media refused to investigate, it was the Enquirer that broke the story about then Vice Presidential candidate Sen. John Edwards having a mistress and a out-of-wedlock child. For their work investigating Edwards, the Enquirer was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize.


You know Trump allegedly has ties to National Enquirer.

You know Trump allegedly has ties to National Enquirer.


I must have one of those faces

A young briar (Kentuckian) named Cameron asked me to give him a ride to air up a tire. I learned his name as I drove him to another gas station that had a functional air pump.

He flagged me down as I left the store at the gas station we were at.

The young man is shipping out to Great Lakes Naval Base in Chicago in one month to start Navy Basic.

His MOS will be Engineman. He will be working on combustion engines mostly diesel.

Nice kid.

Tuesday another person flagged me down to help them lift a TV into their car’s trunk.


NIMTFIR: Trainer Extraordinare

One of the instructors who is a “non-NRA” “option” to get “credentials” is all into Hollywood movie gun suppliers.

He is in NRA.

Whoopi Goldberg is or was or something too.

At some point in relatively near future I will be in NRA again.

I will partake of classes.

Then I will be “credentialed.”

I am going to be a different animal than ever seen or heard of before essentially.



Clyde Lewis and His Classic News Theorem, Bitchin’ Man

He compared our news cycle to a classic rock rotation.

Same shit over and over everyday….

He was Bitchin’

Wants to talk about Robot Rebellion.

I don’t know that there is a Robot Rebellion per say.

There are killer robots though. There are robots not designed to kill but that have. I know that.

I also know security robots run over women and children….

Clyde Lewis may be onto something with these robots.

Rock On Clyde.

I have been training to kill robots for at least three years myself.


Subject X: part of me

The faster I get the slower I can go.

The faster I get the slower I can go.



The Ultra part of me is only part. Understand?

It is a BIG part but only part.

I am the anomaly. I am the only one of my kind.



Laser Alignment Importance

There are different methods to “zero” a laser. Each requires different methods of “lining” up a shot. Train for how you zero your laser. The sighting methid affects point of impact. At short distances it is not as critical.

Here is a good explanation of one method and its Considerations.


Another method is bore alignment.

I will look for a good one on it.

Here and this has tactical considerations too.


Ask your trainer!

Lasers require proper installation, alignment and training. A laser can be very helpful or very detrimental.

Don’t get lax with lasers. Fundamentals!


Sneak Preview:

Lasers can be used in drills too where laser is a training tool.


The “weapons” of Guantanamo Bay

Who knows who had these models of guns, and that knife?

Who knows who had these models of guns, and that knife? You know what the weapon was? The Person who owned them. He was made into a weapon…. He was one of first.

You know general Mattis?


I hope you don’t yet general.

It is Ultra general.

And this is just a band’s song.



This letter is attributed to the Person.

The Person may or may not have written it.

I am leaning toward someone else did.



You like the movie general?

It is Hollywood. You really proud of this Marine?

Can you find the truth general? Or do you already know?

I hear you are a student….

Oswald is referenced too but he was a patsy. I am not talking about him.

Oswald is referenced too but he was a patsy. I am not talking about him.

It is an English/USA film. Hollywood. Ultra. Putting that trash out there and the “celebration” in the “streets”….

Dont want to meet you general. I don’t want you planning to kill me. That is the general theme here.

Notice I am not calling you the name you dislike.

Notice I am not calling you the name you dislike.

I don't much care for this Sgt.

I don’t much care for this Sgt.


"Special Weapons and Tactics".... SWAT. Shooter W Austin Texas everything is a joke to "these people." Know who they are?

“Special Weapons and Tactics”….
SWAT. Shooter W Austin Texas everything is a joke to “these people.”
Know who they are?



Is Portland even real? There is no Portland really Huh? I bet not. I mean the stuff I hear can’t be true. I think the left just made the place up.

I mean there is not one person in that town that can drive in snow. Unreal.

Someone pissed in their drinking water reservoir. And they drained the whole thing. Twice. Unreal.

Clyde Lewis show should be on from 12-1 on iHeart.

I may call in and ask, “Is Portland for real, Clyde? I know that is off topic. But what I hear about the place is unreal Clyde. Unreal.”

See, they preempted Clyde for Weather and Tragffic?! Who does that?! No one does that. Except this Portland. It has to be fake.

See, they preempted Clyde for Weather and Tragffic?! Who does that?! No one does that. Except this Portland. It has to be fake.


Clyde Lewis is suggesting that an insurrection is rising against Donald Trump. I don’t know. Maybe. I won’t be fighting with them against Trump. If true, things could get real ugly. I won’t be involved. If fools want to “Insurrect,” that is their business. There are Republicans and Democrats involved. If Trump hammers them, it is their problem.

Apparently, people are trying to link Trump with Russia. They are labeling him a fascist too.

All I got to tell all who are involved, don’t mess with me.

The people doing it are fascists and communists themselves.

If you want to start shit and it gets you killed I won’t really care.

But you crazy bring that shit here and that is a different matter. I will care then.

The progressives are looking to cause big trouble.

The same people who wanted to arrest bakers and fined them etc.

I don’t stand with these people.

I don’t.

As for Trump, I will wait and see.

If Trump kicks your ass that is your problem.

I am not Trump’s biggest fan.

He is perhaps a globalist too.

So, if he and them duke it out, not my problem.


Let the crazies fight amongst themselves people. Stay out of it unless they attack you.

It is what I am doing.


Yall better stay chill. Shit is being heated up.


Google took gunfight video down. So any analysis will have to be from memory.

I was getting ready to analyze that video and now it is gone. I have a good memory true. I can recall gun store worker had his hands up and did not draw on a drawn gun. He alerted his partner who then maneuvered to hide his draw and also used a pillar. I know based on what he said that he only drew after perp fired shots. I know Gun store worker had gun and chose not to draw. After gun store owner dispatched first perp he engaged second who fired and then fled upon return fire. The worker presented gun after shots fired too.

Videographic memory Google but this Aint about me.


Self Defense Gunfight for Analysis

I will write on this later. I have to analyze it first. But I work at 1100 hours today so, later.

There are two videos, incident and interview. This will help you learn and me too.

Glad the victims were not victims. Know what I mean?

Having an interview of details with survivor is HUGE.

Yall be well.


You Zinc?

(Note: I rip NRA. I do. I call their membership less than nice things. But I don’t hate them. I may re-join them. But I guarantee you all these people are in NRA. I need to not call them stupid or worse, sort of.)

(Although I would not do what the MAC guy does to Hi-Point with any firearm. I sure as hell would not do what Iraq888 and his partner do with a Hi-Point or any gun. I have no qualms calling that stupid. I know why they do it. I ain’t ever gonna do it. I will show you the “stupid” shit Firearms Guy does with a Hi-Point too.)

I Zinc.

Illinois don’t Zinc and that stinks.

Zinc guns are all some can afford.



Notice the states where this Zinc gun cannot be sold. If allowed, you can get this pistol online. If you want to know where, ask me and I will tell you via email. I will eventually test this gun.

Notice the states where this Zinc gun cannot be sold. If allowed, you can get this pistol online. If you want to know where, ask me and I will tell you via email. I will eventually test this gun.

I watch all of these guys reviews. I don’t always agree with them but I keep an open mind.

I “like” all of them.

They are all among my “go to guys.”

I disagree with MAC about the 380ACP and use of FMJ. I say no FMJ in 380 for self defense. It over penetrates!

This next video is NutnFancy. He is so thorough. He cracks me up.



RIP Roy Innis



Roy Innis was a man I learned of way too late. He was in NRA which I only learned after his death. Readers of this blog know I cannot really stomach NRA and I have GOOD reason not to.

But there are good people in NRA. Roy Innis was one of them.

He was a brave man.

He lost two of his sons to criminals with guns.

He was a civil rights leader who saw through the bull shit of Democrats especially but all generally.

He was not without controversy. But who is?

He decked Al Sharpton and some white supremacist dude.

He probably should not have. But as things go, there are worse things.

He for a time supported black separatism.

I am not in total agreement with Roy Innis. I am not in total agreement with anyone. The simple fact that I like you at all means you are “good.”

I still may rejoin NRA so I can get “trained.”

I only need their training so I can teach.

But perhaps if I rejoin I can wake their members up.

I really don’t want to join NRA but knowing Innis was in it may make it easier.

I have been wrestling with this for quite some time now ever since I began to hear the calling to teach new gun owners.

To talk of Roy Innis is to talk of the fight for our individual rights.

He was way against gun control.

He hated 1968 gun control act especially.

He knew it was intended to keep poor especially black poor from having firearms.

This song is for him. I will always have Zinc guns and it is an homage to him as much as George Jennings.



I really cannot stomach thought of joining NRA.

They do not truly support our gun rights. They are more detrimental than helpful.

It is obvious that military, police and politicians knew what was going to happen in Ft. Lauderdale and why.

I am not going to bother spelling it out for you.

You (probably?) won’t believe me anyway.

But if you really break it down and look at facts yourself you will understand.

I can’t in good conscience support our police, military or politicians. The NRA does all of these things.

Me and them won’t get along at all.


There are good people in military, police, politics and NRA.

But they are all misguided at best and some are truly evil.


Hey NRA. Look!





The bill above was to make concealed weapons legal in FL. airport baggage areas etc.

Yep. But now vote is cancelled.

You see why Dude went to FL?

Now you know.


I am hearing that the sheriff there is looking to prosecute whoever gave this video to TMZ.

I have three stills here.

You will see concealment, draw and second shot of perp. Look at video elapsed time.

That was “slow.” But it don’t matter when you are only one with a gun….





This was an operation folks. It was. They almost always are.

And NRA, you, your cops, your politicians and your soldiers are useless to me.

They are great for the traitors though.