You know I made it to range today but in my hurry to pack I forgot my 223 ammo. I shot some video and tested some lesser armor. I may show you some of the video but probably not. The video sucked. I need a cameraman!

Here is the video. I figured what the hell. I have to watch. You don’t. You can though.

Stay tuned. I am going to show you a results video that bodes well for Chocolate Barmor.

Here are some pictures as a warmup to a video.

Weighs 1 ounce. It is in video above and will be further discussed in results video.

Weighs 1 ounce. It is in video above and will be further discussed in results video.


You did not know it until now. But Chocolate Barmor was tested today. It did very well.

You did not know it until now. But Chocolate Barmor was tested today. It did very well.



Chocolate Barmor is svelte.

Chocolate Barmor is svelte.



Long story short, I don’t feel like shooting today. I don’t need the practice. Not today anyway. I got on demand skills already. I can’t get much better. I can but it is a lot of work now. I will chill today.

I will be at range today.

This is not ironic.

I will test my armor today.

I am still debating which configuration of one design, and I have others not done yet.

Shooting is a love/hate relationship today, many days….

I enjoy the days when the shooting is pure.

Testing armor is about war.

Stopping bullets.

You know my armor is really good.

It is ironic.

See, we have to live together. We have no choice.

Well, I may not get to range, had to leave a message.

It is a lot of physical and mental work building this armor only to destroy it. It is for destruction though. It is made in America.

It is a lot of physical and mental work building this armor only to destroy it. It is for destruction though. It is made in America.

You know it is just as well not to get in today. I can make more units to test and also make more handgun project test beds.

I am going to work on those today instead.

I just got a few ideas….


Calling the range shortly and trying to get in today, probably. I may not, may wait until I have more units to test. All my art must have some practical application these days.

It is too bad about America losing its way and all.

I ain’t the one who signed of on permits to exercise rights.

That was the NRA and Hollywood.

That is right. I don’t support NRA or Hollywood. They are two sides of same coin.

Finicum loved America. America murdered him.

Gun trainer cheered.

Not me.

Hey soldier, you ain’t protecting any rights. You are being used.

NRA Huh? I pass.

America is a pain in the ass.

Guns are a pain the ass.

All this talk about life, liberty and justice is a pain in the ass.


I don’t have a solution, firing or otherwise.

I may or may not salute.... Don't hold your breath.

I may or may not salute…. Don’t hold your breath.


A fire-control system is a number of components working together, usually a gun data computer, a director, and radar, which is designed to assist a weapon system in hitting its target. It performs the same task as a human gunner firing a weapon, but attempts to do so faster and more accurately.


Fire control and the system….


Control. And Chaos. Get Smart?


Not entering a submission. It is not a goal of mine to work in Hollywood. It may have been in past. But post WSU and in light of how I view Hollywood, I am not interested.

Writing some fiction or similar is not something I really care about anymore.

I don’t care about philosophy either.

I may write a poem once in a great while, but even that means little to me now.

Hell, I still may plug Shakespeare.

The human condition is out of control and not in my hands.

And you Hollywood bastards want my guns.

You are the kind of people who shot Finicum.

I don’t wave the flag.

You sick FBI on me and I will shoot them.

It was one of your judges who put Hammonds in double jeopardy and started this whole deal.

I don’t want anything to do with you Zero Dark Thirty and Jason Bourne bastards.

If I ever make a movie, it will be my way.

I mean this shit. I don’t believe in your socialist and or fascist agenda, Hollywood.

Now granted, it was Canadians who invited me to enter but I don’t do Hollywood.

It was nice of you to ask.

I train with guns now. That is mostly my deal.

I build armor.

That is my art, guns and armor.


I don’t support your FBI. I don’t support the Pentagon.

I don’t. You do.


When in your car, what kind of calls do you get?

Two Hamilton, Ohio cops were driving around. They got a call to respond to reports of a person jumping a pharmacy counter in prescription area. That is basically all the information they had.

When they arrived, suspect had a knife to throat of pharmacist.

They issued commands to suspect. Suspect did not comply. One officer shot and killed suspect, never injured the pharmacist.

That is something I never want to do.

I criticize police all the time.

I try to be fair.

I have heard many police describe their experiences as a range of boredom to pure horror.

Sounds like you did well officer.

I don’t envy you. Like I said, I would not want to get that call.

You saved a life under incredibly difficult circumstances.



Los Angeles. And Me. INT/EXT. VIA Canada

imageTo Whom It May Concern,


One page?

First Page Supreme.

I have never really formatted a script myself. I just wing it.

As for LA?

I don’t love LA. I don’t hate it. I don’t like it much.

It is something for me to work through.

It is the Hollywood political scene I don’t dig.

By the time I saw email, it was three days to deadline. And like I said, I never wrote a true sript myself. I often just improvise in character in a particular scene with the moment before entrance....

By the time I saw email, it was three days to deadline. And like I said, I never wrote a true sript myself. I often just improvise in character in a particular scene with the moment before entrance….


Situational Awareness: Couch Potato Goes to Walgreens, for a rash

Been a rash of armed robberies at Walgreen’s here lately, multiple stores, of drugs.

You may be wondering why Walgreen’s is getting targeted.

It don’t matter really.


Crime always has a why. You probably won’t know why.

Whys are everywhere.

But if you already know specifics going in you are more aware….

Being aware is only part.

What you going to do?


You must be aware of yourself, and your surroundings.

You have to know what you can do.

Somebody attacks you? You better be self aware. You better be able to act in the correct manner.

Or, your story may end abruptly or be forever edited adversley.

That "criminal" will think of themself as a Supermodel. They just might be.

That “criminal” will think of themself as a Supermodel. They just might be.


OODAing after yesterday. E of ADDIE.


Incident: dehiscence

Parameters: patient plus three other clients. All with MRDD and medical concerns.

Eventually  two medics….

Suppertime. Med time.

And me.

I have to analyze (evaluate) everything we all did. Then I have to get better.

Situational awareness.





Develop or enhance training.

Analyze staffing number requirements, other human assets….

In other words, me. I am not in charge of hiring. So I must be like two or three or four or more, probably more people….



Medicine: To rupture or break open, as a surgical wound.

This happened to one of my clients today.

By the grace of God, I saw it may happen and had the squad there when it did right before our eyes.

Thank you squad 57.

Long day but all my clients are here.

That is my job. It is hard. I have lots of good help.

My coworkers are amazing. And the squad never lets us down.

I was told I did an awesome job today.

I didn’t do anything my co-workers would not have done.

And ultimately it was God.




Home from work and tired as hell. Back at work in 7 hours

I will probably stay up a while. The mental rest is more important on my short turnaround each week than the physical rest.

My job is taxing both ways. Taking care of the MRDD is way harder than you probably think.

It is rewarding but it takes a lot out of you, especially when there are medical concerns too.

This is the most stressful job I have ever had.

It drains me. The whole time I am there is stressful….

All my clients but one have serious medical needs, and one just got back after surgery.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love my job.

But it is life and death and that is stressful.

I have had this job for four and 1/3 years. I am a tough son of a gun. 😄

These clients are like my kin.


Considering shotguns. Here is my first notion.

Maverick Arms 88 Pump 20ga 22" 2.75" 2/Cap Syn Blk Finish

Maverick Arms 88 Pump 20ga 22″ barrel  Syn Blk Finish

Maverick 88 barrels are compatible with Mossberg 500 model barrels within gauge and capacity.All Maverick models include a cross-bolt safety in front of the trigger for speed and convenience.All Maverick 88 choke tubes are fully interchangeable with Mossberg Accu-Choke tubes. 88 model barrels are equipped with 3″ chambers and handle factory 2.75″ and 3″ loads.All Maverick barrels and choke tubes are capable of firing lead, steel or other non-toxic loads. All models feature a blued metal finish and durable black synthetic stock and forearm. All models feature dual extractors and twin action slide bars for positive, non-binding extraction and ejection. Free Cablelock included with each model.

I will buy a 20 gauge, not a 12.


Here is one reason.



It is still a source of great happiness to me that Wright State University was unable to host first presidential debate of 2016. Seeing them fail utterly and completely in this regard suits their very nature. They are some piss poor Americans!

One of their students tried to attack Trump.

I am also glad Greene County lost the cash cow too.

Piss poor Americans shot, John Crawford III.


My niece was accepted to Wright State. I never said a word to her about not going there, her life.

My brother in a law, a combat vet, got on her though on my behalf. He did this of his own accord.


She is attending another university.


I ripped our flag to shreds and I burned another but I don’t support banning it.

Dude where I live has a huge ass American flag in his yard.

I ain’t gonna touch it.

It is his flag. It is mine too, sort of, but mostly his.

I know it his hard to make sense of perhaps, everything is these days in USA.

Places in NY and California are banning our flag.

They will probably raise UN flag.

Those are some sons of bitches I may have to shoot someday.

It won’t be a problem.

I will wave Confederate Flag or US Flag whatever I feel like.


My Confederate Flag Aint banned. My US flag ain’t either.

Ripping, burning and displaying flag are all free speech.

The banners of the banner are the ones really trying to destroy US.

Not me. I am trying to save us.

If I find a Confederate Flag, I will fly it.

You better not touch it either, any of you.

I don’t give a rat’s ass about the Nikki Haley Republicans and sure as hell not any Democrat.


RattleSnake Armor: metal matrix

It sounds so complicated? It is actually the easiest part.

It is what goes in it that is the hard part. And how.

Consider the matrix and its encased material must take a metal object from Mach 3 plus to O FPS in mere inches, and be light enough to wear.


A quality trainer in the Dayton area teaches combatives in 9 designations. The price range is at $300 to $525 at least, for some. This trainer uses others to train you. So, how do I know who is training me? Most people have no basis to analyze these trainers, or their programs. These people are police. Too many assume police know best.

See, I was considering possibly taking this particular class. I research it and find out someone completely unknown to me is instructing.

I was researching the owner, as my trainer possibly.

I won’t take the class unless I believe in the instructor.

I research instructors first. Always.


Two for price of none. Best value in education.

Our Own Worst Enemy? (Podcast – Season 4, Ballistic Radio Episode 173, August 7th, 2016)

Yeti ‘Nother Ballistic Radio Episode (Podcast – Season 4, Ballistic Radio Episode 174, August 14th, 2016)


Delta V, Delta P and Constant C

How do changes to V and P affect their interaction with C?

Measurements of D….


All these theories and laws….

Conditions, qualifiers, and science is but method.... It is something to do....

Conditions, qualifiers, and science is but method…. It is something to do….

Supersonic to zero.


Why am I listed as living in a Scottish Baronial Castle?

A royal pain in the ass….

An interesting last two days I have had, discoveries.


Not the Australian.

Not the Australian.


Why would I want to be a baron?

What makes you think I want to be a baron?

Is it because of the ongoing feud?

Well hell, if I look at it that way, I kind of have no choice, not really.

Inheritance? Conveyance?

– Baron of X




Will be watching Canada v. Germany today in semis. Germany will put their best team on field today as will Canada. This is going to be the match of tournament. This although a semi is quite likely for the gold. Canada is WAY under ranked. They deserve top 3 accolades. They are really good. I am pulling for them.

Well Canada has underwhelmed today, flat defensively especially.

Barring a miracle, Germany looks to win 2 nil.

Germany played good enough to win.

I would say now that Sweden will win gold.

Germany does not look as good to me. They can play better too.

I will root for Germany though.


Range Time: Armor, and Handgun Project

I don’t know when I’m going to be able to make it to the outdoor range again. The forecast calls for rain all day today.

Now since it rained pretty much all day yesterday and it looks like it’s going to rain all day today the outdoor range maybe too soggy for my taste even tomorrow.

More than likely I will be going to the indoor range today because it is half off from 11 to 3 on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

I don’t know if this particular range will let me test soft armor.

The former range I used to use would not let me test armor.

There is a range being built in Warren County and the owner has tentatively agreed to let me test armor.

The outdoor range I use, owner is way cool and he lets me test my armor with very few restrictions.


Hire Hiram Abif

He is apparently unemployed.

He is apparently unemployed.

33,600 workmen….

Masons or some deal. You think they have a union? Hahaha

I hear Jesus was a carpenter.



This was the shooting event I wanted to see most. I have seen all these shooters before. In this event were the World Record Holder, 2012 Olympic Champion, 2012 Bronze Medalist, 1, 2, and 3 top ranked in world….

Gold on left, silver on right. This sums it ALL up. There is a lot of respect amongst these fellows. They meet a lot, in the finals.

Gold on left, silver on right. This sums it ALL up. There is a lot of respect amongst these fellows. They meet a lot, in the finals. 25 Meter Rapid Fire Pistol.

2012 Olympic Champ, Pupo of Cuba

2012 Olympic Champ, Pupo of Cuba

If you watch this event over multiple matches, these are the shooters you will see in finals. They are the best.

If you watch this event over multiple matches, these are the shooters you will see in finals. They are the best.

Reitz is the 2016 Gold, 2012 Bronze. Reitz is a German police officer.

Mazzeti, is an Italian soldier and World Record Holder.

I will tell you more later.

The two Chinese shooters are ranked 1 and 8 in world. One took bronze, do you know which one?

You should watch.




The HRT and OSP went right up the tree for Finicum. They murdered him. They were specifically selected for the job. I guarantee you.

Now, most overlook this. I don’t.

On the flip side, some, perhaps even most do it right.

That does not change the fact that many are chosen because it is known they will do it wrong.

This is the most problematic killing I have ever seen executed by police.

It is a problem.

Now, I don’t pretend it isn’t like many trainers do.

I differ from them greatly on this.

I don’t support police easily.

There are other problematic killings but the murder of Finicum trumps them all.

All. It was an orchestrated systematic hit.

I don’t support random violence against police, at all.

I do support holding police accountable.

The murder of Finicum has more than any other act lowered my opinion of police.

Much of the reason for that lies in the reception of the murder I have seen from those who train and support police.

The police who murdered Finicum are worse than the criminals on the street.