YallQaeda recruiting Jewish doctors. Apply online @ YallQaeda.com



Most seem to think books are necessarily good.

Maybe. Maybe not.

Everyone reads differently and information is metered out selectively.

One man’s kindness is another man’s belligerence.

We all need each other because like it or not, we are all connected. We are computers networked…. We always have been and will be.



Get the hell out of our rally!

Oh wait. Stay.

We’re not really cut out for this kind of stuff.

Nurse? Nurse? Nurse?!!!!

Where is my Nervana? I need the placebo. You know I need my placebo! What the hell took you so long?!



Fire all police. We are safer without them and so are they.

Did police save the little old lady a monster killed and stuck in her trunk? Did police save the man bludgeoned with a hammer in his own home? No.

They did catch them later but anyone could do that.

Now the scumbags are in jail costing us money. The family or friends could have just hunted them down and wasted them. Money saved and murderer dealt with. I prefer my system.


What now?

What do I do today? Forget about tomorrow because tomorrow is no sure thing. Five minutes or even less is not either.

I let my phone expire because I don’t really need a phone.

I may use another carrier. I may stay phone-less.

I really only need a phone to call family and I can do that at home.

I may “need” a phone to call 911 but not really. Someone else can do that.

I don’t need a phone to call police because if anyone attacks me I will kill or be killed and go on.

Now I guess I may need to call an ambulance but other than that.

Now people will expect me to call police after a potential SD but I may not. F the police. You don’t want to die? Don’t mess with me!

Police are tyrants. I like them less everyday.

And the NH primary is today to select candidates to be the next fascist spokes model.

Ain’t interested.

It snowed today my only real day off so going to range like I hoped became more of a pain in the ass.

I didn’t wake up fighting mad today, just blah.

Another day in America with Americans….


Is that right?

I have a product. You will buy it. If you don’t, I will still charge you money. You must pay so another can be forced to buy it. I may actually provide the product but I don’t have to. It is all up to me.

Now if you don’t comply, and buy or pay, I will jail you or even kill you.

Furthermore, all your medical records belong to me.

President Obama



I got a question.


One time….

Hold on. That ain’t a question. That is a story.

Now do you have a question?

One time….

Go sit in the corner.


Subject X: groomed

Dad, I was groomed to be (ultra).


I am not mad at you anymore.

I found (-,0,+).

How do I proceed? How do I show people?

From now on, how?


Sheriff Clarke

Sheriff Clarke,

Sir thank you for what you said about the Oregon situation. You are spot on.

Mostly you are spot on. You did not express the full level of terror they and others are experiencing. They are beaten and threatened for their lives.

Finicum was executed. Shawna Cox’s son in law was murdered too. They blew up Ciox’s guns and munitions.

That is why the Hammonds chose to simply go back to jail. They are afraid for theirs and other’s lives.

As for the bloggers, most are scared too. They are afraid to be jailed or murdered.

Now, we both know that you are not really a second amendment supporter. That is a shame. Because people need their guns and more honestly. They should not be required to get CHLs. There should be no gun free zones.

Such things infringe on natural rights.

I am not singling you out because you are WAY better than most. Our sheriff Jones is too.

But long story short, God bless you sir.

PS: welcome to the family Sheriff. 😄