I am going to visit my clients shortly. I can’t stay too long, have to work later and have some chores too. But making time.

Unfortunately, my former boss still has not found a new staff person for my slot.

That is such a shame too.

The staff there are special, special people. And they work real hard.

My boss wants me to return. I still am not allowed.

When the time comes that I am allowed, and it shall, I still may not return as an employee.

I will at least volunteer to help.

I really am not sure if I will return as an employee.

But when I am allowed to work with clients again, I will at least volunteer.

And God, we all know I am replaceable, so please get them some help.

The ladies need more outings and they really can only get one a week now.

They just don’t have enough staff!

And the staff are worn out!

It Aint me who is suffering. It is them.

I can’t go back to help. So get someone who belongs there, there.



Critiquing myself for day

I was not perfect.

That is not news.

I saw a cap with a logo on it. I felt I should know it but I was not sure what it was. I was thinking gun.

It was Browning. Dude shoots clays.

Browning I tend to associate with pistols. But I don’t own a Browning anything, just Browning influenced.

And I have shot shotguns but I don’t own any. If I ever do, probably Mossberg or Stevens.

But I can’t say for sure.

And I was a tad grouchy at end of shift. But I was not out of line.

I did pretty good and people were chill.

As for Z money, it was best day ever. But you know what?

People give me the Z money.

That speaks well of them.


I worked until 0100 this morning, hour over scheduled shift. I go back at 1030 until 2000. I won’t likely work over today. May get off a tad early, it depends. YALL have a good day. I most likely will.

I tied my third most Z money for a shift. Day before I worked only three hours but made outstanding Z money per hour, probably my highest yet.

Today could be HUGE. It depends.

Once I recoup my Z money expended on my Nissan, and a bit more, I will be buying some kind of new or new to me gun. Probably.

I may wait.

Probably next week I will start a new investment in stocks as I said I would.

My car insurance renews in a few days but I got that money mostly set aside already.

My bank card arrived finally so I can easily set up an account for stocks now.

Most likely tonight I revisit some research….

I was going to use $100.00 on my initial investment for blog related posts. But I may reduce it to $50.00 to start now.

I will Jack it up later.




My blog is so sophisticated.

If we still have freight trains in 25 years, and one leaves the depot at merely a top speed of 50 mph, what went wrong?

If the sun is hot, why am I cold in 50 degrees?

What are Spring colors? Do they bounce?

Is it really possible to trek the entire world? I mean really.

Can I get my gills back? Would I want them?

Bull Sharks can kiss my ass, River swimming sobs. And pirrhana too. Bastards.


You treat me like I am a war chassis.

Hell, you have me doing it too.

Maybe we all are?

Mr. Platform


They are real enough.

This Stephens was one. There are more.

Hell, pick a place.

I don’t want to be a war chassis.

It pisses me off that is how I am thought of.

But I deal with it.



Pics of Steel Head and Armor

    • All re-usable.

Pass throughs of 22 rifle rounds, nothing exotic about the ammo.

Picked as much lead out of strike face as I could and am now reconditioning it for re-use. It will be as close to original specs as I can get it. I could replace strike face with new section easier. But I want reuse data. Yes it is wood. No I am not telling you the kind. This armor is top secret.

Ready to go again.


Looks like perfect weather for a range trip. Going if I get a slot. Steel Head may go back too. I am reconditioning him. He did well. He stopped what I figured he would. I knew my 22 rifle would rip him a new one in terms of penetration. But he is more than capable of being reused.

I may decide to just build armor today though. Based on yesterday’s tesults, I am really onto something in my combo Revere and Barbie armor. I have really improved the matrix.

If I go, and wind is down, I will line up some stuff and mow it down real fast.

I need to work on my rifle at home more. I have been focusing on pistols at home (Airsoft) and neglecting my rifle training. No I don’t shoot firearms at home, Airsoft and BBs.

But I tore my range down at home so BBs can’t be readily used. I am looking for Airsoft rifles that will mimick carbines. I have one in mind.

I noticed yesterday that I am not up to my standards with my rifle and that is because I have stopped drilling with it and almost exclusively been working with pistols.

Don’t misunderstand me, I am good with a rifle still. I just am not as good as I should be.

The techniques are way different in terms of grip and sight alignment, trigger Aint that different.


I shot Steel Head a lot today. I did that off camera with my Beretta 21A, Raven MP25, and ultimately with my Mossberg Plinkster. The Plinkster took his head off. Poor Steel Head. I will show you him soon. I also shot armor with my Plinkster. Armor did well.

The 22 LR rifle don’t play.

I put seven pistol rounds, 22/25, in Steel Heads face, recovered all seven.

I put seven 22LRs from Plinkster into his face, all seven exited the back of his head.

I put a lot of rounds through his neck too, pistol and rifle. I did not shoot any lower today.




I need a dedicated camera man.

If you are not hitting target, it doesn’t matter how fast you fire.

Plate from video.

Aint very big is it?

It takes practice. Lots of practice. Do everything right every time.
I hit that from low ready, one handed and with the double action pull. It literally requires perfection.

If you watch my videos, it should be obvious why I prefer to shoot outdoors.

I can’t really train indoors.

unfortuantely when shooting, I didn’t keep camera on plate. I would love to know the order these hit.

But all in all, content.

With one hand, pretty good.

I want a more vertical pattern in center. But all in all, pretty good.

One is dead center it appears. One is real close and the outlier is more than acceptable. This is especially so DA on first shot.

i need to get better video for me to critique myself more fully.



Harder than it looks

That is how it is done.

If I ever get a day without wind, I will show you more stuff.

Also, shooting with a camera approximates holding a flash light.

Folks, you ever try to hit the bottom of a pop can one handed like that?

Don’t ever believe Airsoft training is not worthwhile.

I shoot more Airsoft than anything else. You just MUST be fundamentally correct.


I am going to range today at 1400-1600 even if it rains. It might. I am having charging issues with my phone again but I will try to video something. Otherwise pictures, if I can.

Steek Head will be evaluated against 22LR and maybe more.

But today I mostly want to try to merely plink.


OK update: I built an armor to take. It is mostly for preliminary testing as a target because I am not taking a 9mm or 223.

I am only taking 22 and 25 pistols for sure.

I may take 22 LR rifle as I have not shot it in a while and it would be sufficient to get a feel for how tough this armor is.

I may take my 9mm but I am leaning towards not.

I will see.


Hidden in Plain Sight

Flashback a few years on this thing we call Facebook. Recall the military “study.” Now fast forward. What you seeing? And I hear some of you are openly wondering why no “official” stopped Stephenson.

And also why it took so long to find him.

You ever hear of MK Ultra?

You may want to look it up.

Also, operation mockingbird, operation paper clip, Montauk, and so much more.

You won’t like what you find.


Subject X: subject x

It is me as MK Ultra.

What that means is many things.

I did name this X Sect.

But I am MK Ultra, not Jesus or anti-Jesus.

But there is a Jesus.


Ultra is a program of the old ones.

It is as the name implies extreme.

These are the ones who can do anything to anyone.

The old ones are who I mean.

There is no one they can’t get, if they want to.

If they want….

I am an anomaly of sorts, an MK Uktra subject who has “escaped.”

I turned to God, and eventually found this cat, Jesus.

I know what I am now.


Did anything or anyone stop Steve Stephens before he struck? Consider all you got in terms of potential to stop him and did anyone? I didn’t. But I didn’t know until afterwards. I probably still might not have been able to stop him. And I am like a pro or something. Could he have been stopped? Probably. But he was not.

The victim is the one in the unfortunate position of being in the exact right place to have stopped Stephens.

Someone took his gun and understanding that he could have tried to fight.

He needed a gun. He was elderly and it was tragic.

That is the essence of what most miss when they even consider violent encounters.

They tend to think of some concept such as fair fight, and reason.

There is nothing reasonable about it.

See the victim was denied any chance to stop Stephens.

Thank the police, and politicians and the preachers.

You better be a snake.


Subject X: Sectarian

The X Sect is a God first Jesus second type deal.

The Will of the Father presides.

We believe God is love and that we are made in that image, love.

We say, “Peace be with you.”

We mean it too.


Christians, you can still rock in America.


The X Sect is a derivative of Judaism. It does not quibble with other sects.

It does not quibble with Islam.

It Will defend itself.

The X sect does not seek to convert anyone. God has provided people free will.

We adhere to ten commandements.

Jesus will come quick so we must be ready consistently meaning we must be right with God.


We are new. We do not seek to grow in numbers. But anyone who wants to accept these few precepts is welcome.

We do not require any services but congregations are not discouraged.

We are not registered with any government.

We prefer to avoid interaction with government.

Our kingdom is not of this world really.

As a spiritual body, we exist.

We take no money.

Our gains are spiritual.

We see no need to interact with any government.

We have no authority as a church body. All authority belongs to God.

We won’t be stoning anyone for example. None of that shit.

We are allowed to curse (cuss) but discourage it save for appropriate emphasis and or usage.

X Sect members are encouraged to attend services of other sects if that sect allows them to.

We prefer Baptist, or Anabaptist. But it is open.

We are deeply committed to peace.


Subject X: Christian

Son of Man

Made in His image.

Man Kind

Man Kind Ultra

There is a program set that is not righteous.

There is.

My Kind Ultra.

I am one of a kind.

And God trumps you.


Peace be with you.


The Ten Commandments

They still make sense to me.

And I don’t need a religion to validate them to me.

I don’t need a savior in any guise.

What I need is for people to be better than what they have shown.

I would include me in that too.

There are those who have done well. There are.

And many are religious. But not all.

But there are an awful lot of posers.


Wave that law book around like the Bible Huh?

So you must be one of the president’s disciples.

Or the governor. Whoever.

The lesser Gods like the police chief.

Or maybe the crime chief.

Some armed crazy power tripping sob.

And you got your bible.

The Force is with you.

Don’t you see how crazy the world really is?

No one plays by any accepted rules but fools.