Winning a gunfight that you were involved in mostly because of flawed tactics does not qualify you to train others.

Dude I have analyzed what you did and truth is you got lucky.

Folks do not assume that a cop or a soldier make good trainers. It simply is not always true.

There are lots of reasons for this. One they are often not as good as they or you think. Two,  their tactics often can’t be used by civilians. Three their tactics often suck. There are more.

Choose your trainers wisely. Sad thing is you need to know how to fight first before you can really.

This is one reason I give you people to study.

Also, use different sources and compare “notes.” Keep up with new data and tools etc.

Your life and people you love lives depend on it.

It is no game. It is not even MMA. There are no rules for bad actors.

I know of at least two trainers with LE backgrounds who also have MMA backgrounds. MMA is not always good in a street fight. It is a different “arena.”

I just studied a cop whose use of MMA principles directly lead to him getting shot in the head.

Any MMA technique of bringing perp close to your person is not recommended. Very rarely will this help. Distance is your friend.

This cop did a better job. He used a kick to keep perp off him and already had his firearm drawn.

This too is an "MMA Tactic" but one designed to maintain distance....

This too is an “MMA Tactic” but one designed to maintain distance….

There is no be all end all tactic and all require practice. The kick above for example would be a bad choice against a perp with a knife, club or gun etc.

Bringing a perp close to you is almost always a bad tactic.

I am hard on you cops and military but ultimately it is for your own good. You want to live right?

Practice ALARA, use time, distance and shielding to your advantage.

John Johnston is good. He says that if you are in a gunfight you have done stuff wrong. John, you had the guest I had in mind here on. Dude, look at what he did wrong too!


It is the open exchange of ideas and if we go Kid Ego it may be our ass.

I am talking to me too.


Let us look at time, John. First I take time now to mention I leave name out. It ain’t personal. It is Open Exchange of Ideas. To my readers, I take time to tell you John Johnston is really good at what he does. Like all of us he could get better.

We ALL must take time and use it wisely to get better.

Now, back to time in incident. Why pursue at all? Or if pursuit must happen, does it have to be immediate? Probably not. So go after shop lifter from a planned position of strength, later. Catch him at a later time and when he is off guard.

John, I like your show man, keep on getting better. You have made me better.

Lasers Can get it over quick, John. I came around to the laser light show. Your show....

Lasers Can get it over quick, John. I came around to the laser light show. Your show….


Light us up, John.



Tweep Poet Tactical: Rs by Tom Givens, the start, Realize, a fifth R

Research, another R, but anyway, study Tom Givens four Rs. Officer Reston’s incident was a Robbery.

Respect, Rape and Road Rage are the usual start of violence.

Realize this and all Related, another R.

Realize that all of the Rs listed by Givens are violence. The question is answered. The factor now is level of violence present and required in Response.

The Perp stole jeans. Reston pursued knowing this. He pursued for jeans.

Perp for whatever reason saw this as worth killing over. His Response. See it is a Grave mistake to assume there will not be a violent Response from a Robber.

His Response was to shoot Reston in the face. And when Reston fell perp pumped in more 45 ACPs into Reston’s chest….


Why did Reston live? And the Robber die? Now this analysis must be made  of sub-analysis of numerous aspects of an incident that determine survival.

Tools is one…. Reston had a 40 Smith and Wesson. Perp a 45 ACP.

Where were impacts? What effect? So much more….

Body Armor: Realistic Analysis. Reston took hits to legs. Those could have been lethal. Response. Medical response by officers first…. Requires training and equipment. Reston took hit to face. Possible increased coverage?

So much more….

Reston was using standard protocol attempting to bring Perp to his body and then ground. He was shot in head then. This needs to be analyzed! Reston got “lucky.” He did and he didn’t…. That tactic and what exactly he did must be assessed.

Also Response should have been both officer’s engagement!

Equipment: Billy Club, Baton would probably been useful. I don’t like the bring Perp to your body tactic.

Strike hands and legs or head if required. It is an acceptable escalation many times and may have helped a lot here.


Training with ADDIE

The Return

The Return


The baton is a very useful self defense tool. Too often it is illegal for  civilians to carry. It would stop a lot of trouble.




I sent soldier boy’s general guarding, government supporting ass packing, true story. I don’t like generals or government. No apologies. Hit the road.

Do not mess with me generals or government. I don’t take orders from you.

General J and General M, I know what you and the others do.

General J and General M, I know what you and the others do. I don’t take orders from any of you. I never will. You are scumbags. Mess with me and I will wrap the chain of command around your neck and hang you with it.

All I remember today and EVERY DAY,  is PTB lie.

How is your memory doing today, General J? You scumbag!

I told you not to join soldier boy. Do not ever approach me again.

I can never trust you again now. They got inside your brain.

Cue the sad but true. Be well soldier boy but never approach me again.

It is better that way.



Pat Tillman died because he was going to expose the true nature of our wars. They shot him in head three times while he slept.

Aint one of you remembering anything today, not anything true anyway.

Do soldiers a real favor, forget them. Forget to send them.

The leaders covered it up, military, politicians and bureaucrats.

RIP Pat Tillman.

Youth do not join our military. Don’t do it!

If this nation is to survive, we will have to exist first.

We don’t. We are a lie.

Truth is the USA does not truly exist. It is story we are told.


I do not celebrate filling youth’s heads with a false sense of mission and celebrating their death.

You are not protecting my life and liberty soldier. I know you are told that and that you sincerely believe that. It is a lie though.

You are brave and noble but it does me no good.

It does you no good either.

Your leaders, your politicians, and even your Countrymen lie to you.

I don’t. I tell you the ugly truth.

Hate me if you like. I can live with that.

Stop filling soldier’s heads with lies and sending them to die!

I won’t be a party to it. Ban me.


Today, Tutorial Day, I celebrate someone who DID NOT DIE.

I want my damn guns. I want a fighting chance too. I don’t celebrate dead people who died in some foreign land over drugs. It does me no good.

I celebrate someone who had a gun and took a punk bitch out who was trying to kill him.

I can get onboard with that.

I will and am telling all 320
Million of you American SOBs soldiers do me no good. None.

They die for the elite. That is their problem. They don’t do shit for me.

I won’t apologize for speaking truth.

Truth is soldiers do me no good whatsoever. I won't lie and say they do. They don't.

Truth is soldiers do me no good whatsoever. I won’t lie and say they do. They don’t.


Stay Together: lots of meanings

I have heard this officer describe this incident several times now. I will keep reviewing this incident too. I have heard him discuss it on radio, and in several videos.

This video is the first time I heard him say he had a partner.

They split up. They should never have done that. This officer did a lot right. Splitting up was wrong.

If they had stayed together, the gun fight possibly would not have started.

If it did anyway, they would have had perp outgunned.

It also is telling that officer was shot in face At close range and thought he had been punched.

I for one was shocked to hear this and it made me rethink a lot of things I assumed. I mean you figure you would hear a shot, especially a 45. Nope. You figure you would see the gun come into play. Nope.

Just like that? Yes and no.

The officer kept it together though and is still here.

That is very good.

It is always a better idea to not be alone too.

This was over shoplifting. As a civilian, you should not pursue. Let the items go. They are not worth getting shot or dying over….

Also, his taser failed. Equipment fails, be ready to adapt. He had body armor on too. It saved him!

I have said many times that body armor should be considered by civilians. You never know when you will take rounds! If he had not had it on, he would not be alive.

I hear many instructors scoff at civilian body armor. I totally disagree!

Also, as a matter of protocol, the officer did not have his sidearm drawn. That too is perhaps an error. Peace through strength.

Civilians don’t pursue criminals. Most civilians should never present arms first. Police should consider it.

If he had firearm drawn, perp may have just surrendered. I know many may disagree. It is something to consider. The officer would have been justified at least once he was struck in initial Contact. Use your tools!

In my opinion, if somebody hits you, that is justification to present. That is an attack. I am so tired of this unarmed bull shit.

If someone attacks you, you must assume they intend to do you in, gun or not!

It may not have helped here. It will sometimes though. Do not tie officer’s hands. If they are Attacked, let them have more freedom to go to weapons drawn.

The criminals will not hesitate.

This was over clothes. Society asked this officer to risk his ass over clothes, that alone is insane. It really is. So don’t tie their hands and ask them to do stupid shit. Dying over clothes is stupid ahit!

Honestly, reconsider pursuing shop lifters too. It ain’t worth it!

As for the perp, prick got what he deserved, trying to kill over jeans. Moron. No loss there.

Police are at disadvantage, especially when alone. So don’t be alone. Pair them up and tell them to stay together!


If I get the chance, I am going to kill the World Wide Web. I am.

I am not a fan. I dislike technology generally.

We would be better off without technology. Technology has ruined us all.

I will be pretty much abandoning the Internet soon. I may even do it completely. I find the world depressing.

I don’t want to hear “what is going on.”

I find most of it to be lies or half truths, like ISIS….

Take a hammer to your computer and your smartphone!

If I had it to do over again, I would not have ever used the WWW.

It is a tool of the elite to spread lies and start shit.

It is a propagandists dream and my nightmare.

hashtag, kill the World Wide Web. Put it on all your sites


Perp Management

Magazines. Rounds. Reloads.

Magazines. Rounds. Reloads.

I hear John Johnston of Ballistic Radio say many times that he does not know where a civilian had to reload in a self defense incident.

That may be true. Probably is.

I suspect that God forbid I have to defend myself that 1 magazine of 25 22LRs (CCI Velocitors) in my Mossberg should manage up to 5 perps at least.

But just in case, I have 79 more various rounds ready to go.

I have 25 more Velocitors in mag 2. Mag 3 has 10 CCI Stingers. The Stingers I keep in 10 round magazine mainly because they are too large to feed consistently in 25 round mags.

Plus, they are usually not required. The Velocitor will usually do trick. But if I need more power, I have it.

I have more 10 and 25 rounders too. People ask why I bother buying 10 rounders, well now you know. I rotate mags to keep springs in good order.

The pistols are all back up….

I do my homework. The 22 LR rifle is used by crack units of Russians, IDF and Chechnyan Rebels. It is lethal and quiet. It is my primary and always will be.

Don't dis the 22LR rifle. Mine has 25 foreign objects that will rock perp's world.

Don’t dis the 22LR rifle. Mine has 25 foreign objects that will rock perp’s world.


Working on rifles today, cleaning, sighting in optics, removing optics, storing and training….

I have already done all of those things today. I will do more later at range. I sighted in a laser on my Crosman and trained….

I took it off and put it on my Mossberg for range later today.

I took scope of my CVA Hunter Compact. I am likely going to try to install a laser and or red dot, perhaps. I may just keep it scoped. But I want to shoot my Beeman in 177 today or soon so I need the scope. I also have to change out 22 barrel….

I am going to do some micro armor testing in .177….

A laser on my Mossberg makes me lightning quick. The unit really is my primary self defense tool.

The laser also allows me to shoot from awkward positions and locales. I don’t need a perfect stance, sight picture etc. This offers numerous advantages over sights alone.

I obviously have other rigs too that I am proficient with.

I can shoot all my rifles and pistols one handed. Don’t do this unless you can, for real. It takes practice!

Pistols you can start with. I recommend not possessing a pistol you can’t control with one hand, at least as a primary.

Exercise hand B too. Be even more careful with hand B. Do not do the rifle stuff one handed with hand B unless you KNOW you can.

Start small, build…. Keep practicing, learning….

Last shot I took today with Crosman equipped with laser. It was real fast and real accurate.

Last shot I took today with Crosman equipped with laser. It was real fast and real accurate. After this shot, I removed laser and installed on my Mossberg for range….


Fun with schizophrenia in quadrophenia

Listening to The Doors watching TV news talk show on CBS knowing full well the people there just read something I wrote and that explains the look on their faces.

I don’t hate her, quite the contrary. I am Contrarian. It is a blessed curse of voices singing inside me.

I don’t want you to hate her. I don’t.

It doesn’t matter who.

Uncanny unleashed

Uncanny unleashed


Grill Me?

My last post was a Wah, poor tired me….

I am so hard on everyone.

Do they really deserve it?

I mean, who the hell am I?

I tend to like people who will grill me too. I know I ain’t always right. I may not be all wrong but I am not all right either.

Yes men and women don’t make me

I was tired last night. Exhausted just like I said. But I woke up well rested. I woke to my Sunday sermons on iHeart, Catholic, then Christian Science, and soon Baptist.

I listen and ponder every Sunday.

I listen and say nothing and remember how imperfect I am.

Tonight at 1900 like always, I will listen to Ballistic Radio again too, What I call Gun Church. Same deal, I listen and ponder and remember how imperfect I am.

All with the intention, the goal of getting better.

Perhaps my greatest weakness is my tendency to arrogance.

Perhaps it is my tendency to humbleness.

I must be somewhere in between.

My lone stand is some combination of courage and cowardice.

I listen to the “preachers” but I do it all alone, too scared to truly commune.

I often both agree and disagree with every preacher and everyone is a preacher and their lives some type of ongoing sermon.

My staying so aloof and contrary is just as much cowardice as courage.

I am not improved enough yet. I am improving though, just too slowly and too inconsistently.

I have not yet communicated effectively to my fellow people which is ALL of you love or hate me.


Highly unpopular, could not care less

I don’t want to be liked by tyrants or their people.

I would rather stand alone.

Honda Memorial Day sales event.

Do dead soldiers need cars?

Or do you?


You buy so much.

I told you at end of my last post, this Memorial Day is for you, not the soldiers. They are dead, for drugs.


Watching OKC and fighting tyranny

I like Westbrook and Durant but Ibaka is my favorite OKC player.

Now to the tyranny….

I want to reiterate, don’t shoot police randomly. I am not police’s biggest fan. I am not their arch enemy either.

Police are brainwashed too. They most anyway honestly believe they protect you. They are just mistaken.

To their credit, most try, and sometimes do.

I get mad at police. I don’t hate them.

It is a HUGE mistake to call people who won’t let you have a firearm to protect yourself and your family heroes. This is what police do. Do not deny it. That too is foolish.

But more than that, they often gun you down. Now, sometimes it is justified but not always.

Crawford, Finicum and too many more. You need guns. Sometimes you need to protect your life against the police. You can’t do that without a firearm really.

You will almost always be outgunned anyway.

Police are government. Government is inherently dangerous.

You need to make it as clear or clearer to police, like you would a common criminal, that shooting at you is not going to be taken lightly.

It also needs to be made clear to Politicians.

None of them has the right to deny you a firearm.

Cops and politicians have no greater right to life than you or I.

Why do you let them sell you that garbage?

Officer Williams, you don’t get to come into Walmart and open fire.


FBI and Oregon State police, you don’t get to blind turn roadblock and put .308s through roofs.

Politicians ordering and condoning it, we see you too!

If police do these things to you, light them up. Politicians order it, light them up too.

Dispatcher was in communication with Officer Williams right before Williams shot Crawford. The dispatcher did not wonder why only one person called? They didn’t think to ask if shots were fired?

It never occurred to Officer Williams to ask? He just went in and fired at a man with an airgun pointed at ground in hands of a man perpendicular to him.

Officer Williams had no authority to fire then. None.

He did though. Twice.

And what FBI and Oregon State Police did to Finicum on orders from politicians is nothing less than an act of war.

This is tyranny. This is America.

You want to remember people?

Crawford and Finicum.

Soldiers are forgettable. They do nothing to keep you free. They fight wars over drugs. It is sad they die but they don’t protect you either.

Government took your guns. And soldiers did nothing to stop them.

It is sad they died for lies. But glorifying that does them no service.

You love your soldiers Huh?

Then why do you let them die for nothing?


That is not love. That is psychosis.

You think giving them one holiday makes up for it? Really?

This holiday is for you, not them.

Go eat a hot dog, and apple pie. I pass.


Just having a gun or guns is not good enough. In fact, if that is all you do is buy a gun, sell it. You need to train responsibly. And if you carry a gun, drawing it may be the stupidest and last thing you ever do.

Guns are for self defense and defense of your family. But if you don’t know how or when to use it, get rid of it. And I don’t mean shooting at paper targets.

That is not firearm training, not really.

I see too many people drawing their gun to defend strangers and dying. Or having children get a hold of a loaded gun in a purse etc.

If you carry a gun, there are tons of things you need to know.

Don’t carry a loaded gun except on you, not in a purse, or a brief case etc.

People are responsible for their own protection. Don’t die protecting strangers! This is another reason I hate CCW permits. It makes many defenseless and others feel guilty for not protecting them. They try and then they die often times!

Pulling your gun to protect a stranger is almost always a damn fool thing to do. It ain’t your fault they die.

It is the fault of police and politicians who deny them guns! I say again, it is the fault of police and politicians!

Police make people less safe! They are no godsend.

I am hard on police because they enforce laws that get people killed. Police are a problem not a solution!

Know that if you see one shooter that may not be the only one.

If you open up on a spree killer, or whatever, know you very well may die, especially if you suck.

Odds are real good that you suck too. Shooting at paper prepares you for nothing but shooting at paper!

Paper don’t shoot back and there is always just one.

It is not like that in the real deal!

I hate CHL laws! They are tyranny and those who write and enforce them are tyrants not heroes!


There are very few good shooting on the move videos out there. The shit I see on YouTube is often dangerous to shooter and others. Crazy. I saw one guy fall onto back and shoot in direction of his feet, just insane!

Keep it simple, and keep your feet! Damn people. This Aint rhythmic gymnastics!

You may go to ground but having your feet flailing in front of you is insane. You don’t shoot in your own direction morons!

Here is one of better ones. Move only when it is advantageous and with a purpose. Also, I recommend you subscribe to PDN. It has good material and cost is nominal. I subscribe….

Just having a gun doesn’t make you safe. It can actually make you less safe. You need to train! You need to study.


Tweep Poet Tactical: just like what?

Just like that? You are going to do what? You are doing whatever, and “just like that.”

Watch the guy trip over the chair. Run? You tripping? Honestly, I was thrilled when I saw this fellow fall, glad he didn’t get shot though. I was glad to see him fall because it gave me the chance to illustrate what I have said so many times, “you can’t always run!” Running is not a good option so many times, especially indoors.

All these gun control laws and duty to retreat laws are assinine. People need guns and many times there is nowhere to run. Gun laws kill!

This happened in NYC. I will never go there. Their gun laws get people killed. NYC is a hell hole. Did the rapper obey them? No.

And say you have a piece, you engage the shooter if he doesn’t aim at you?

What if you do?

What if you don’t?

Should you?

Do you draw and hold?

You will have to decide now basically. You won’t have time then.

Combat has a life of its own. The shooter here apparently shot himself in error too.

This video is merely like 8 seconds long but it is full of lessons.

You don’t know what you don’t know….

For example, the fellow who tripped over chair, he obviously never learned one can’t really run so easy. He also never learned how to move so as to not lose his footing. Falling down will get you dead many times.

You won’t see it here but during shooting, hundreds of people started running. It was a stampede. That too is dangerous.

Combat has a life of its own.

There is more to find and learn from this video too.

If you recall, Tom Givens four Rs, this incident happened because shooter felt disrespected.

If I were here, which I would not be, another lesson, choose your activities wisely, I would not have fired at this person unless they were targeting me.

I would draw as long as I could do so discretely, and “conceal” firearm and hold. If this person gave me the slightest inkling they were going to target me, bang until they are neutralized.

I would not engage unless I had to.

This was personal. It was not about the dude who tripped for example.

Don’t draw yourself into a fight that is not yours.

It is insanity.

Just because you have a gun, don’t be too anxious to use it.

Just be ready and able if NEED BE.

Also, if you engage or see a shooter, realize they may not be alone. If you engage one, another may engage you too.

You don’t have optimal
information. You have to gather it as incident unfolds. None of us know what we don’t know….

Here is a video about moving with a firearm. It will help you realize how important it is. It won’t teach you everything. It can help you move without a firearm though too.

General rules are don’t cross your feet, move with purpose, and keep a good base. Just running is not generally a good idea, re: guy tripped over chair. Know your surroundings, know where exits are, where potential cover or concealment is and what obstacles are in your way. It is all part of situational awareness, environmental awareness. You have to know BEFORE “just like that” happens.

I had another video here originally but this one is better.

You can move faster in a situation as above if you already know what is in your way, like tables, chairs and people. And moving may not be your best option, guy fell over chair. You may not be able to move. Shooting while moving takes practice. It is probably better to move, post, shoot, then move, post, shoot. Do not move at all if not tactically advantageous! If you move and shoot, you better have exceptional muzzle and trigger control while doing so.


Subject X: crazy

Perhaps people are not really crazy? Rather life?

Crazy is just a word we use to describe people who we are afraid of.

Fear is ridiculous. Life too. Only the dead know what death is.



I shoot bottles and cans. As long as you leave me be, that is all I will ever shoot. Do not target me again though tyrants. If you do, it will be your ass.

It is the whole don’t tread on me deal.

I am not one of your cocky ass soldiers or cops.

I am better than that.

Don’t even get me started on low life politicians!

I told Dorner to stop. Remember?

You cops and soldiers leave me be. I leave you be.

And you freaking politicians order them on me like you did on Finicum, you have even less chance than your henchmen and I own them.


it is true irony that the best way I could show you I was not violent was to show you exactly how deadly I am

I can put a round exactly where I want and I can stop any round you can throw at me, if you could even spot me, yet, I don’t.

That ain’t my goal, not my mission.

Trust me, you have no one on my level.

No one.

You said horrible things about me, ruined my life over lies, and I have the skills to remove you all one at a time unseen, unheard.

I don’t do it though.

I am not violent.

I write.

I tell people to stop hurting each other.

Yet for whatever reason I am considered the bad guy. Whatever.



I am lethal with even an airgun

Now, that you know I am a crack shot and tactician, the fact that I scolded the very police who banned me from campus based on false claims that I was violent, is more telling about my true character.

I scolded them for having me arrive on my own. They are fortunate I am not violent. They let me waltz right in alone. In fact, they ordered me to.

I never intended to hurt anyone. In fact, I even took the time to show the “protectors” that they had some improving to do.

It is darkly funny to me. It really is.

I was never a threat to you. The people lied. You believed them though. Then you ordered me to come back. It is all utterly ridiculous.


Sgt. M4, try this shot some time?

Parameters, low light. Fifteen feet. Free hand. Iron sights. Later.

A .177 BB perfectly through a .177 BB hole. Good luck.

I was never a threat Sgt. They lied.


Monday is when I will likely be most grouchy. I am going to be inundated with morons on TV, radio and Internet telling me to remember all the soldiers who died protecting my Rights. Bull shit!

Finicum was protesting the double jeopardy that criminals put Hammonds in. Now the Hammonds should not have been jailed to begin with much less twice.

And to boot people not only called for Finicum’s slaughter but they applauded it when it happened.

Those people are beyond stupid. They are stupid and evil.

I full well know about such people who call themselves patriots, and blindly support tyrants and their henchmen.

I am not naive. I have lived it.

I know the deal. If I have to start shooting, I will never get to stop.

I am trying to fix this hell hole without firing shots.

But I will be damned if I will let government and citizens do to me what they did to Finicum.

Clyde Lewis and Jack Blood spelled it out last night, government is the real criminal. It is government that must be brought in line. But it is more than that, and Clyde and Jack Miss that too often. Americans enable
Their government too much!

In my instance, it was elements of government targeting me and citizens were helping them!

I must say though, at least the prosecutor realized I was no terrorist. I should not have been targeted at all! But at least Greene County prosecutor spared me from that nonsense.

Yes prosecutor, I know you ain’t all bad. I don’t hate the system completely. I just want the tyrants gone.

I am not special.

Elements wanted me charged as a terrorist. The Greene County prosecutor did not bring that charge.

That ain’t lost on me.

Finicum was deemed a terrorist wrongly and that was used to justify wasting him.

I told you law enforcement
Types I am not targeting you randomly and I am not.

I just want the tyranny removed!

You don’t see me starting violence. You won’t either.

It is not violence I seek.

I said that all along and I mean it.

Just in case you don’t know, prosecutor, you need not worry about me.



Finicum was merely a protestor and government murdered him. How you respond to this truth is up to you.

Celebrating Memorial Day is a waste of time.

Every dead soldier died for nothing.

I don’t care if you choke on this truth.

Every current soldier is wasting their life. They should get out before they die too.

I am not telling you what to do. I really don’t know what I could say other than get out of or don’t join military.

I won’t even tell you to protest. You might get wasted like Finicum.

All I know to do is arm up and train. If they come for me, I shoot….

They made protest a bad option.

I mean I still protest but I am willing to light the lot of them up or you too if you come for me.

And soldiers mean little to nothing.

A soldier fighting for government drug dealers does nothing for

Trump saying he will send more or Hillary saying same thing means nothing to me.

I don’t care about them. I really don’t.

Sounds like establishment people are threatening Trump’s life too. Trump is a nationalist idiot too though near as I can tell.

I have no answer for you or me.

Clyde Lewis says we need to come together. Maybe. But I know people turned on me and I was trying to help them.

After that, I just got guns and ammo.

Clyde means well but he is naive.

The only thing left that makes sense to me is to put the fear of God in all so they know if they mess with me I will hunt them down and waste them.

I mean none of you any harm. However you come for me or sick police on me for speaking and I fight.

Protesting is what I do. You take that off table that leaves guns!

It is essentially what that slut JFK said. Make peaceful protest impossible that leaves violence!

FBI wasted Finicum for peaceful protest morons!

Why do you think cops who murdered Finicum are begging politicians to hide their identities?

You police better recognize you target me for protesting, You won’t be able to hide. Politicans who send them, you either.

I tell people not to target you. You know I do too. But if you target me, I will find you.


22:50 Tonight is my 2 week anniversary of being off Facebook

Like I said I sincerely doubt I will ever return to Facebook.

There is a decent chance that I may even stop writing in this blog at least as much.

I’m not sure yet.

I’ve become so tired of writing about politics and tyrants.

Besides there are others such as Clyde Lewis who do a more than adequate job.

I suspect that if I keep writing it will mainly concern firearms.

I will also if I keep writing keep putting posts in here about my armor.

Like I said I’m tired of writing and firearms and armor are more relevant. Words for example were useless to save Finicum.

It is a more productive use of my time to learn to shoot and teach others to shoot.

For example the people who ordered and carried out the murder of Finicum I would have nothing to say to them.

I have nothing to suggest for you to say to them.

Should the sons of bitches put me in a position such as Finicum I will simply shoot them.


(I mean what would you even say to sons of bitches who work for tyrants who illegally jailed your country folk and then opened fire on you for protesting that? Nothing. You just waste them all. You don’t go to court. You don’t go to the press. You don’t write. You simply hunt them down, all of them and shoot them. And I mean all of them….)

Don’t you see this was murder sanctioned by a governor, two senators, a sheriff, the state police, the FBI, and more? When that happens, war is what you do in response. If it happens to me, war is exactly what I will do to.

What they did to this man should have all of America calling for the heads of those responsible.

It angers me to no end that virtually no one is calling for their heads!

This and more are precisely why I don’t give a flying fuck about memorial day, or the Fourth of July or any of the other bull shit.


Tweep Poet Tactical: Off Hand, I Don’t Like the Descriptor and I Know Why

Here is the phrase, the idiom, defined.

Off-hand means without preparation. People say that they don’t know the answer off-hand, meaning that they don’t know it at that time.

I know that it is not what firearms instructors intend. I know. But lots of people do not. And it conveys the exact opposite of what we want to convey.

I mean we always say do EVERYTHING RIGHT EVERY TIME.

Then we say off hand. What usually follows the idiom? IDK.

But even more than that, it also connotates that it is acceptable to be “off” with a hand. We need to be precise with every shot. We need to be fast. We need to be discerning. We need to be all the stuff we always discuss in using firearms as self defense tools.

I made a video, and I had gun in my “off” hand. I thought I need to get better manipulating this gun. Then I thought well gun was in my off hand. And also it was upside down. And then I thought, bull shit excuses. I need to get better with, both hands.

This is a third problem I have with phrase. The trigger hand may also have manipulations to learn and practice….

Grip etc….

So… I say hand A and Hand B. Now, practice accordingly. Speak

Having said all this, most people will probably always be better with hand A. But what if hand A cant be used? B better be able to get the job done.

Song for this briefing:


Neo-Con and Neo-Com Neoprene on Sale for Tutorial Day Weekend

Which war do you support? This is going to be a long weekend for me. It will be alright if I can manage to forget the alleged holiday.

I don’t see the country you do. I see the real one where we are stuck with evil liars as “leaders.”

I am going to try to just shut up the next few days.

I wish I would just shut up altogether.

I know I don’t want to see the sea of flags waving everywhere and on cars and trucks. It is so utterly ridiculous and kind of frightening really.

I know the 21 gun salutes are coming too. It is sickening really.

I really have to fake it for my clients. One in particular is going to be all excited. I will try to avoid the subject with yeahs and uh hubs and I am sure you are.

My family will be celebrating too.

Not me, nothing to celebrate.

Yall enjoy your Grillin now.

Today I have to go do something for work before work which will make me have to leave house early and have lots of time to kill
Before shift possibly unless I get it done early enough to make coming home first worth while. I have to shower soon and go. Work don’t start till three and yada….