I am too skinny for a 44 Magnum.

The “easiest” to shoot is 22LR.

The bigger one gets, the harder it gets.

You ain’t getting any younger….

A gun can and will beat you up.

22s are the kindest. They mean too though.

Those hold drills will help. But you have to do them right.

Strength helps one shoot, if you use it correctly.

Every shot is an exercise.

You see “forces” going down in caliber…. The above is why.

Big guns are more difficult for a myriad of reasons.

I am going to put a video in here from FPS Russia. He will be shooting top of the line 44 Magnum and 500 Smith and Wesson. Watch the recoil. These are “full” size guns. Anything smaller would recoil more. And as if what you shall see is not enough.

To me, these guns are not practical. They are quite dangerous in wrong hands too.

And they are loud.

I don’t even mess with them myself.


22, (), 25, 32, 380, (), 9mm, (), (), ()

() = something missing

My gun OCD is kicking in. I am trying to fight it back.

I said I probably would not buy a 40 Smith and Wesson or 45 ACP.

Well I probably will eventually. Plus 357/38 Special, and 22 Magnum.

With right purchase I can get 357/38 Special covered with one gun.

I ain’t messing with 44 Magnum. I ain’t crazy. And anything with a 5 as first number has to be a rifle.

I am too skinny for them there guns.


For Manchester

The first video is the secret no video made in 1985.

The second video is the first video made in 1984.

The 1985 video was in part filmed in Manchester.



Always safety check any gun of any type before checking trigger pull!

Now I don’t mess with my triggers, or anyone else’s. That is for the manufacturer or a certified gunsmith.

I leave my triggers stock. If I can’t “deal” with trigger, I get rid of gun.

And the trigger pull weight of gun in this video is for target shooting. It is too light in my opinion for “carry.”

But I do want to know what trigger pulls are for my guns, all of them, Airsoft, BB, Pellet and firearms.

This will allow me to get data that will help me train more effectively.

I can match trigger pulls across genre….


Decided to amp up my ADDIE and take myself to new levels. SME Train.


Why should one study an Olympic shooter?

Lots of reasons…. All repetitions must be correct. The grip you dry fire and hold, better be correct.

I am not as big on dry fire. Airsoft is better. It gives feedback in terms of actual performance.

Dry fire can be bad. Why? Like I said, grip must be correct etc., every time. The lack of a targeted shot fired can hide problems, and worse, ingrain them.

There is merit to his take. Just beware of potential pitfalls. Always.

This fellow is one of best in world and a champion and knows of what he speaks.

They at that level all have something to offer….

These shooters are typically military or police, not always. They are truly some of the best in world and they should be studied.

Education. I am off today and so I am studying world’s best shooters.

I watch and admire and learn.


Collecting Data on Myself

Gonna change medium of tape to thin duck tape. The clear tape is strong and less revealing of hit placement I expect. Plus the first plastic BB came back at me. Eye pro always. The Duct tape may toss it back too some. But it should like I said make it easier to see point of shot impact.

Conditions change.

Almost Missed. Not a perfect shot. Must keep working….

Came even closer to missing.

Is it perfect?



The Spirit is with us

I am at Radio Church, mass first.

Christian Science next and then Baptist Bible Hour.

Gun Church at 1900.

I listen to Christian Science some but I do not completely share their creed.

But I could say that of all the above.

They are all similar but different.

It is to learn of the Spirit….

Another interesting topic today for Christian Science. Using Spirit to fight terrorism.

Interviewing a CS practioner who led a combat platoon in Iraq….

All of these notions are confusing to me, meaning Spirit and combat.

I am confused mostly by how a CSP could even be a soldier.

But this applies to all of us. I know it applies to me.

The last damn thing I want to do is “shoot” anyone.

It is part of my searching for a better way!

The Baptist view the Trinity differently than others above.

It is a Holy Ghost to them the Spirit.

I am not Baptist really. But I do study their ways.

Grace. Amazing Grace.

Our acts don’t save us. God’s Grace does.

We are all sinners. To Baptists, Jesus is God’s Grace.

The Baptist is to act well but that is not enough for them.

They must believe Christ saved them.

This is similar to Catholic confession.

I tend to see “weakness” here. We must always act well and pleasing to God.

Now Catholics differ in that they also have “works.”

The Baptists are not wrong. But they are not correct either.

Works are not sufficient but they are required.


Jesus was considered a Jew. Now if I were to follow Jesus, that would make me a Jew too.

Nicodemus was not talking to a reverend. He was talking to a Rabbi.

Back in the day, Jesus led a sect of Judaism.

So this Christ, Jew. If you follow this Rabbi, you are a Jew.

This is not what I was taught. It is what I have learned. X Sect

It is unarguable.

As Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of Man be lifted up; so that whoever believes will in Him have eternal life. – Jesus


Wild Edibles

Be careful. There are many “look alikes.” Yarrow, carrots and hemlock.

Crow Poison may be mistaken for Wild Onion.

It may get you arrested too.

Sad but true.

Survival. Survival?


You know everyday is at least one mission right?

Everyone has a mission. It is undeniable. Your mission is to get home at a minimum. Or to be safe at home. And even that is no sure thing. So key in to your missions. Focus on the tools you may need and how to best use them. And the bad people? Never underestimate them. You won’t always know everything everyday. Know what you can be ready for what you don’t.


.25 are you insane?


That is tiny, real tiny.

I never tried.

Not with a pistol anyway.

Should I just go to spaghetti?

Of course I can.

How wide is a cigarette butt?

All day yesterday I kept thinking .5 is not quite enough of a challenge.

Yet I know too that this degree of accuracy is rarely needed.

Still it helps with maintaining precision. Many may disagree but it helps with speed too. For me, it does. Shooting tiny stuff makes bad guys look real big.

I can most likely hit spaghetti too.


.5 crazy and left handed

You know a video is coming of me attempting this shot left handed.

For me the most difficult part is getting the bottle cap to stand up and hold still.

Video coming.

You don’t have to see this. It is some fine shooting though. I say so myself.


Time Lapse Video?

Thinking about perhaps doing a time lapse Airsoft gun video left handed.

I may in fact probably will do a regular video shortly with bottle caps shooting left handed.

I am more likely to miss left handed. Do you think I will?

You won’t even be completely sure I shot left handed.

I won’t be in frame.

Video coming.

I am going to redo the shots and change one factor from first video.

I should make all three shots left handed.

Both videos converting.

The first video did not load completely first time. So reloading it.

Here is second video.

I will add other shortly.



The Alameda



Do you know the way to San Jose?

Off Grand or Central one can find a, The Alameda too.

Baltimore has this, The Alameda.


Are you Papa? or Jimmy?