The government knows that an armed populace is more secure. They know that. That is why they don’t want you armed. They don’t want you secure. They want you scared and begging them to save you. Interpol said years ago, after I did, that the best way to counter terrorism is to arm the population. But government doesn’t want you secure. They want you under their control.

Cops? They are really more of a hinderance than a help.

They enforce disarmament.

They are rarely around.

And even when they are, it is usually too late.

Even this Bailey and Griner, who were brave and helpful, were not that effective.

People underestimate how detrimental cops truly are to our security.

Most mean well. But they are government fools mostly.

They are the tools of tyrants. They actively deny us guns.

It is like Ben Franklin said.

“Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” – Ben Franklin


I left my armor as it was, all three. The results were not as I hoped. However, that is why we test. All stopped one round. I was at 10 yards or less. One only failed because I hit it in same spot three times. So although not ideal, I can take what I learned today and build. This was first time for these designs under 223 fire. I have video. I may or may not show it. Pictures for sure, after I examine units.

I will show you the video from the two Barbie Armor units.

The third video is really crap and it is of the Chobham/Revere unit.

It is not a true Revere Unit as I placed no metal on wood. I wanted to see how it fared, not as well as I hoped.

It did OK. It will need to be true Revere though.

So the testing today provided me with a lot of knowledge of what I need to “fix.”

The Barbie Armor still needs a better matrix to keep it intact.

Plus I need a better supplier for one aspect of it. They quality varies.

Both stopped round from penetrating, but did not remain fully intact and fully contain round.

I think I can fix those things eventually.

The videos are not good but they will give you an idea what I am saying.

So as it stands right now, my full Chobham armor is all I would “use.”

I don’t want to use this Shit.

Both Barbie Armors did better than I thought.

I know how to better use them and build them now.

If you look at this unit you will see that it disintegrated the round.

Still have work to do on this, but I am getting there.

Third shot penetrated. They were real, real closely placed. So not bad really. Look what third shot did to the three pieces of 20 G steel.


Comply with the Constitution. It says we have right to bear arms. If we have arms, Concealed or Not, it is our right. Any order contrary to that is unlawful. Do not try to take our guns or our lives. If you point a gun at us while attempting to disarm us, you are not in compliance with law. We are not obligated to comply. We do not have to go to court. We do not have to let you kill us. If you do kill us, it is you who are breaking the law. Our kin can hunt you down, and deal with you accordingly. I don’t want to hear about soldiers. I don’t want to hear about the rule of law. You are not in compliance with it to begin with.

Do not ever do this to me or my kin.


Because if you do, it will be considered an act of war.

We are allowed to bear arms.


This man tried to surrender.

That was his choice.

It was the wrong choice.

It was the wrong choice for him and the nation.

The cops in this video are murderers.

Do not tell me about any rule of law.

This is tyranny.

This man was peacefully protesting the illegal actions of the federal government.

The constitution allows us to bear arms to protect ourselves from illegal government actions.

Aside from all this, the constitution allows us to have arms for protection generally.

There are Americans being slaughtered because government which includes police, have disarmed them.

This is illegal.

You comply with the law!

We now have Congressman Mo Brooks saying that Congress should have arms. He places Congressmen above others.

This is incorrect!

Congressmen do have the right to bear arms. We all do!

I am not claiming the right to waste any cop.

I am claiming the right to protect myself.

If I point a gun at you cop, shoot me.

Don’t point a gun at me otherwise.

I am not saying I have the right to be irresponsible. Neither do you.

People are saying the Yanez/Castile incident is racism.

It is not.

It is tyranny.

You forced him to reveal he had a gun. Cop heard gun, and he shot Castile.

Truth is that it was none of Yanez’s damn business whether or. not Castile was armed!

If the subject had not come up, Castile would be alive today!

Yanez broke the law!

Cops nationwide do it everyday.

It must stop!

And there are instances like Pulse.

99 people shot because of tyranny.

In opening of this video, Dude asks, “What the fuck is going on?”

Answer: Tyranny

Now. Now. The Congressman wants a

Well no Shit!

We already have laws making it illegal to murder police.

We have laws making it illegal to murder period.

They don’t really work.

I feel for this cop.

But no law saved him.

This is not something I would ever do.

Some will regardless.

No law will change that.

Have I not acted to tell police to arm themselves with rifles? I have.

Have I not told people to not target police? I have.

I don’t want police murdered.

I want my second amendment rights.


It ain’t all on the cops people.

But honestly the whole “cop” mindset is wrong.

What Ben Franklin said about security and States applies to people too.

This is why second amendment is so critical.

And cops?

They are on the wrong side of this law.


That is their choice.

It is a terrible choice they make.

It impacts all of us.

And I am the only one willing to call them on it.

Soldiers don’t protect any of our rights.

Stop telling that lie.

You are getting them and others killed over that lie.

Soldiers kill for killionaires, and sometimes cops too.

Good luck.


Welfare Check?

I had the occasion to come across someone who was obviously mentally unstable.

Someone asked me if I called cops.

I didn’t.

There was a basis for me possibly calling in cops for a “welfare check.”

I considered it briefly.

But I didn’t have enough reason to think the person was going to harm themself or others.

I have seen welfare checks go awfully awry.

So I didn’t call cops.

Welfare checks can easily make things worse.

If I had called cops and they came, I would have potentially been a factor in starting something that would not have happened.

It is often better to mind my own business.

Officer Yanez said he was concerned with a child’s welfare.

He ended up shooting the child’s father.


Because he was a welfare officer.

He should have simply minded his own damn business.

Him, his boss, his co-workers, politicians, nannys, neighbors and all of us!

Yet, I was more concerned with cops’ welfare. Who knows what the person may have done had cops come to his property.

I didn’t want to start something possibly.

And the person was at their home.

I minded my own business.


Officer Yanez, what is more dangerous to a child’s welfare? Marijuana? Or a Stupid cop like you enforcing tyrannical gun/other laws?

You are Yanez. You and your boss, the judges and the politicians are.

You killed a man.

You killed a man while breaking second amendment.

If you would have left Castile and his family be, you would not have killed him.

But you had to start shit.

You are so full of yourself.

You are not alone.

You and your boss and the judges and the politician are all guilty of murder many times over.


That is on you too.

Don’t ever ask me if I have a gun.

Any of you.

It is none of your damn business.

The simple truth is that whoever wrote these laws and Officer Yanez started all this.

This includes people like Senator Franken.

You started it while breaking law.

And in my opinion, you never returned to innocence.

Your ass and that of your boss and politicians should be in jail.


They would have been retired or close by now. Newhall Incident


What do I care?

I never knew them.

I know parts of their stories.

The worst parts.

It was all so senseless.

They were young pups against mad dogs.

All hell bent on being cops.

And the men who killed them?


They were 23 and 24 years old when they died.

Reading, hearing about this incident changed me.

It made me have more empathy for cops.

They are some damn Foos.

But they mean well usually.


They were not ready for what came their way.

They were not.

No law would have saved them.

Criminals don’t obey laws.

It is sad that police are still being wasted at traffic stops etc.

No law will change that.

It does not make me any less mad that cops deny me my guns though.

It makes me pissed too that I might have to waste them should they ever try to take mine.

You have no right to take my gun cop.

Get that through your damn head!

And Scalise, get your ass up and run.

Mo Brooks, fuck your guns for Congress bull shit too.

Fuck your CHLs. Fuck your gun free zones.

Your life ain’t worth more than anyone else’s.


Fighting Foo

Fighting is for Foos.

Are you a Foo?


Don’t Foo yourself.

Say you reach the Golden Years. What then? The learning never ends. Don’t Foo yourself.


Have you done anything recently to make you more dangerous? If so what? I mean you alone, no devices.

If you have, do you really want to use that skill?

Have you studied avoidance?


Have you gotten your head straight? No buttons?

Don’t let someone get you started.

It may be the end of you.

The more dangerous we get, the more dangerous we are to ourselves.

You know teeth are weapons?

I watched a Bruce Lee video.

He had a Dude all under control. He asked what Dude should do then.

I knew. Dude did not.

Bruce said, “Bite me.”

Bottom line is you better be able to hurt someone who is hurting you.


I might actually blast The complete works of will Shakespeare today. You know I want to. I may hit with pellets today since I can’t get a range time. I feel the need to destroy something.

Yes. I am going to. It is in my car trunk. I am going to have one more smoke, go get it and blast it with BBs and pellets, then take nap before work.

I have to get this out of my system.

I will Video it.

If you don’t want me to blast will, you better talk fast. I am almost done smoking.

OK I blasted him, part I.


X940 v. X1000

Folks I can’t wait to test both of these. But I especially can’t wait to test X1000.

If X1000 works as I hope, it will be indescribably good.

I have made armor that is as good or better than anything made.

I did it with shit from a hardware store.

The plan is to test later today rain or shine, as long as I can get range time.


On this martial art: i draw from Dali

Have no fear of perfection, you’ll never reach it. – Salvador Dali

My armor is of this art.

I am going to reuse a section right now as a basis for a new build.

It is a Barbie Armor GI Joe Edition….

I believe I have finally perfected the Barbie GI Joe line with Paul Revere lineage.


Here it is.


Subject X: careful now


I ain’t him.

I am a fan though.

What has that got to do with this?

I ain’t him.


2017 is my 46th year MK Ultra.

It means that since I was five….

Take out.


Bad working day today. My boss had mercy on me and sent me home early. It was just one of those days where everything was off. First two days of week were OK. I needed to get out early this shift though. Try again tomorrow. I came home to lasagne though, things looking up. I got grouchy some, that didn’t help. That is on me.

I have been not letting off enough steam when not at work.

I need to make sure I do more.

I have been doing too much for others and not near enough for me.

I need to make more time for me.

This will make me less susceptible to getting grouchy.

I didn’t bite any heads off.

I was short a couple times though.

I try not to be that way.

I was today.

My boss was joking with me on way out though. 😃

The piece de resistance of this shift for me was that I expressly did two things I was told to do in the recent meeting we had, and a customer jumped my shit bigger than shit!

It was actually kind of funny now.

But in the moment, I was not pleased.

I am glad I kept my cool because this happened after a lot of other similar shit.

I came real close to telling the guy to go fuck himself, real close!

But I didn’t.


New build done. Test ASAP.

20 squares inches, 2 pounds.

I will try to go tomorrow. It is supposed to rain though.

Right now I must get ready for work.

This thing ain’t very big. None of my test units are. That is in purpose. One reason is that when they stop multiple hits, I know I am on to something.

NIJ spreads hits out more than I do. I expect my shit to be better.

It is too.


I am going to replay the video of the young man. I too feel much like him. I am not happy to say ugly things. I am way more likely than him to. I try to be as civil as him. I bark. I have yet to bite.

Shootings leave marks. If what the young man says is true about no bullet holes in area, it could mean a number of things.

It does not mean no shots were fired. It does increase odds Lougner was not firing them.

Based on accounts that I read, Loughner may not have even had ammunition.

The above image is from a tragic local incident. It left a mark.