Six police shot yesterday, one has died. Others injured badly. I don’t know how many civilians were shot and or killed. You? I am not going to study these incidents, at least not yet. On some level, I care.

You wanna know why I was able to go right back out and drive?

Every time I leave house, I know I may not come back.

I try to see everything. That is impossible. So I go slow as possible.

That saved me last time, other times, many times.

I can go fast. I am as fast as anyone, or faster.

But speed is not always a factor, sometimes. It is more timing than speed.


Y’all did it, brought me good luck tonight. Thanks. I will need it until at least Wednesday. Maybe I will tell you why sometime.

For one thing, my boss gave me three closing shifts and two long midnight departure shifts, Z money.

Another, runs down tonight but tips per run high tonight.

But the luck I need most applies Wednesday.

Well actually it applies until at least Wednesday.

See the government and their paper are dangerous.

Real dangerous.

I will probably need it after Wednesday.

I know how Government works.


Subject X: orders

I have orders.

In plain words, I have been tasked with something.

I don’t want the job.

But it is my job.

Maybe I will tell you about it sometime.

Otherwise you will never know….

I have to go to a place most dangerous to me.

It is kind of funny.

I will go.

If I told you where I was going that is so dangerous, you may laugh too.

It is so ironic my life.

Best word for it.

Cleaning up and going shortly.

Be back in a hour or so, most likely.

See for most of you, this task would be pretty easy.

For me, hahahahaha.

But some may be hesitant to go also.

I am to get paper basically.

Wish me luck.

I made it back. I got my papers.

But guess what? I found out right before I left that the trip was more dangerous than I thought.

The people I had to go see?

They dangerous.

They are government employees.

Very dangerous people.


I left $200 dollars out of a set of deposits to checking and savings. I was considering spending some of it yesterday on my day off. I only spent $20. I put $100 of it in savings today, $60 of it in checking. Of the remaining $20, I put ten in tank leaving $10 in my wallet for bribes and stuff.

The $60 I put in checking today is going to buy two tickets to see USWNT in September with my niece.

I gonna call and buy them right now.

Thing is, see, I will make a fair amount of Z money anight. I will bring most of it home with me too.

Don’t tell anybody.

See, I will do that each of the next five nights for sure.

You know what that means?

It means I will have to go back to the bank and drop off more of Z money.


My life is basically on hold until after my court date next week. I must wait really to see if I can beat the citations. If I lose, I will have to outlay cash. So I am hesistant to spend much now. I never planned on spending a whole lot anyway. But now, next to nothing. Plus, I still may have to or decide to hire an attorney. Plus I work next five days and probably six in a row.

I may drop some cash on a range session.

I have become disillusioned on indoor ranges. But there is a new one in Warren County I was keen on trying before I really became disillusioned over indoor ranges.

I may give them a shot. Indoor ranges suck mostly but they do offer some good things.

But I prefer being outside and alone.

I can trust me.

At a range, God only knows who is handling guns around me.



Life scars are bodies, our minds, and our spirits.

And probably our souls sometimes too.

My body, my mind and my spirit?

My soul?


To the point, providence.

God has a plan.

He cracked me upside the head recently.

He did it because I needed to be reminded of something.



I am measuring my activity. I did take a car mirror in face around 22 hours ago. I have a few aches in back and neck. But for now, I still feel OK. I have not taken any pain pills yet today. I did take two Ibuprofen before going to bed last night, which technically is today. You know what I mean though.

Tomorrow I have to contact insurance company and most likely find an attorney.

This accident is mostly on the drunk lady, obviously and the cop for not putting any warnings up at all and not illuminating that car!

Tomorrow I will also work more on my car. I pulled fender out some today. The fender plastic in wheel well was contacting tire. But I have stopped that.

Once I get mirror more securely attached or replaced and install a new signal light and “red tape” my car will be ready to go again.

I was able to drive it home, and today she did fine on a limited road test.

I just mostly have to beat these citations. Nobody could have seen that car there!