Everyone in Puerto Rico is the Person of the Day.

The Puerto Rico baseball team gets special mention, but all you playing ball there get the love.

“Baéz played for Team Puerto Rico in the 2017 World Baseball Classic.[47] The team sought to be undefeated, but lost in the final round to Team USA.” – Wikipedia on Javier Baéz


What is in my wallet?

Library card. Driver’s License. A receipt. That is about it. Kroger Card.

I rarely go to library anymore.

I am not really a writer or student of writing or such anymore.


Libraries are all hush hush.

You think I was a lion?


I am still basically in a spending freeze. It is more a spending pinch though. I am squeezing for max value.

I need a fire extinguisher as the money in my “pockets” burns.

I am kidding, sort of.

But I really am not buying much of anything except essentials.

I am doing it so I have more money to buy guns and stuff.

And it is funny because for all intents and purposes I am still in a gun spending freeze.

Moreso, I will likely sell more of my guns too.

That will happen eventually.

I plan to end up with less than eight firearms most likely….

But once weather is warmer consistently I will be doing more Handgun Project type stuff at range.

Once I get that out of my system, I will be more likely to settle on around five firearms.

I can’t say for sure though. I may end up with more.

It ain’t the money as much as the secure storage etc. Every gun must be kept secure and well maintained.

Guns are a pain in the ass.


If you are in a car with robbery suspects, and those suspects ram a car you are in into those police and police open fire striking you too, and you die, you are at fault too. You should not have been with robbers…. That is literally asking for trouble. It may be sad. But bad choices have bad consequences. And blaming police won’t save anyone in future.

It ain’t always the cop’s fault. And they Aint all evil.

I ain’t their biggest fan, or enemy.

But if you are around people who will attack police, you better be willing to die.

Here is a headline as shared on WLW.com.

Hell even they seem to blame the police.

Don’t end up like this young person? It is too late for her. It is sad. But she is partially at fault. She put herself there. This may be hard to accept. It is true though. If she was not there, odds are she would still be here.
I am not making light of her lost life. It is sad. I am trying to educate others so they won’t be there when guns go bang.

The best way to survive a fight? Don’t be in one to begin with!

Avoid it if at all possible.

There are rules of engagement. There are.

But rules for engagements?

They are just words.

The best rule is to avoid engagements and their rules.

Courts have ruled and you need to know this that police have no duty to protect people in a car with criminals that are engaged in an attack on police or others.

This is a rule of engagement. It is tilted in police favor.

But even that is not true.

Know why? Criminals have a different set of rules. So they think.

All these engagements.

And the only real rule is the rules are surreal.

The consequences? Severe.


RYO Cigs: my machine and tobacco(s)

There are more expensive machines than one I bought.

I bought one that is way cheaper than those, by at least a factor of 5, more for some machines.

Mine? 6 dollars and change, works fine.

I bought Bugler in a pouch, and filter tubes, 200 for two dollars.

I will continue to buy Bugler, but I will also buy other brands especially Natural American Spirit.

I can blend my own cigs. The Bugler and NAS should provide me with my beloved Camel blend, or real close.

I will roll one on video for you probably.


Hindi Lou Who from Timbuktu

She is a Tude, term I couned.


This song?

Tude likely would sing it.

Tude is a concept, and not gender specific one.

Tudes come with differences too, not merely similarities, a nature of their own….

It is spectral.

Batman is a type of Tude archetype, the vigilant one.

The Cinch.

Tude defined?


I chose spectral for a reason, ghostly. Consider all things spectral. The chance of a specter.

Magnum PI, Higgins. Tude.


I messed up at work today. It was an honest mistake. I learned from it. The job I have now is way less “life/death” than my previous jobs. I still hate messing up though. At least it is not life/death. I still take my performance seriously.

It really was a lot similar to what you just seen, but not exact.

It was a mistake but without malice. And as such a sort of blessing in disguise.

The Lord covered a street sign.

And I went to wrong place. But it turned out alright.

I should have checked further to ID street. God knew this.

But He put me at the exact place I needed to be to learn my lesson.

It really is kind of funny.

You likely don’t understand as I speak vaguely….


The sign was one of several covered in snow tonight, not all were.

Several were on this run including the last two, and the sign poles are like ten feet high.

I am 6′ not ten. I can reach up to 8′ but not ten feet.

Other data I had put me in acceptable parameters to believe I was on correct street.

I was not.

I need a broom in my car.

This my new tool need, broom.


Love is a pain in the ass – Sermon?

Tell ye the daughter of Sion, Behold, thy King cometh unto thee, meek, and sitting upon an ass, and a colt the foal of an ass.

So Abraham rose early in the morning and saddled his donkey, and took two of his young men with him and Isaac his son; and he split wood for the burnt offering, and arose and went to the place of which God had told him.

The ass appears lots in the Bible.

The donkey….

The donkey and the angel and….

Who can get this reference riddle?

Jaw dropping champion, the original donkey kong


I saw someone crying over love today.

It doesn’t matter who.

It is not my business.

I just could not help but view it.

It happened right in front of me.

I don’t love much.

But nonetheless I recognized that this person was in emotional pain.

It made me sad for them.

Love is a pain in the ass.