Hillary Clinton say what?

I am not a Big Snoop Dog fan. His music that I have heard is alright. He supported Hillary Clinton though.
He is like Robert DeNiro to me now. DeNiro has said he supports Hillary.
DeNiro is nothing to me now. He is just some method actor on meth or something.


Eric Sheppard hath committed no crime. Leave him be as long as he has not committed a crime. The crimes you accuse him of are your fake crimes, and as such he is not guilty of a thing.

And Eric Sheppard please don’t hurt anyone, that won’t help.

I don’t know the man. I know of his story, and I don’t see a single real crime by him yet so….

He stomped on the flag, or asked people to, and he had a gun. So what? He didn’t point it at people and make them dance on the flag.

For example, he didn’t say, “Look Daddio, get on over there and tap on the flag with your feet man. Cool? It is cool. So move your feet.”

He didn’t put his alleged gun to anyone’s head. Did he? No.


This kind of stuff though intense, always cracks me up. It probably has something to do with the fact that I am allegedly a conspiracy theorist, among assorted other things….
Funny, Law Enforcement, spend a little, spend a lot is non existent.

So it is pretty much ridiculous, the premise.


Like six people, slight exaggeration, carry weapons at WPAFB. Whatever the number is, it ain’t enough to repel an attack.

By the way, your letter security protocols do not help. Protocol Bravo simply lines people up like sitting ducks.

You people are responsible for my security? Well, not mine. I handle mine. Nut all these other poor dumb bastards are screwed.

Where do they get you guys?

Who is training you?

Every base in the US is under siege just like the ship in this movie.

In fact, the whole damnation nation is.

Wake up!

And you freaking police like Donut Cop and Sgt. M4, you ain’t helping.

I am not exposing any weakness terrorists do not already know about.

I am however trying to wake you the dozing American populous.


You all tell me soldiers protect my rights. I know that ain’t true though. So in a pinch I will have to be my own soldier to defend my rights.

Even Chris Kyle did not completely protect our gun rights. If you do not believe me, listen to him here.

So, I will protect mine.

He trusted his brothers in arms, and they killed him.

I ain’t making that mistake.

I told you that the whole Wright State University fiasco where they broke my rights and tried to get me on psychoactive drugs changed me.

It cost me my degree, and ultimately hundreds of thousands of dollars.

It won’t happen again. I would rather be dead.

I gave them a pass because I swore I would not kill them.

I no longer make that promise for any future intrusion on my rights. If you break my rights again, either you or I or both shall die.

I would rather be dead than endure more tyranny from anyone.


My rights and my lawyers

I cannot afford a human lawyer for many reasons. I ain’t even going to bother.

So, if you break my rights, you shall meet my lawyers.


This is one of my  retained attorneys. Welcome to the wild Wild West.

This is one of my retained attorneys. Welcome to the wild Wild West.

This gun is the one that fired the round. It is a special gun. All my Ravens are.

This gun is the one that fired the round. It is a special gun. All my Ravens are.


The Government Enforcers break the law every day. Do not ever refer to them as Law Enforcement. They are not Law Enforcement. They break the law everyday. There is no escaping that fact either no matter how eloquent they may be. Every gun control law is illegal. It does not matter what any sheriff or politician may say. They know that too. They just do not care. It takes a lot of guts for me to say this because these bastards can gun me down at will.


Police, you break the law everyday. I have not killed any of you though. I just use my first amendment right to point that out.

I also tell people not to gun you down randomly.

I am being reasonable.

I know most of you are decent people. I respect you. I really do. If I didn’t, I would simply waste you. I don’t though.


John Crawford III, RIP was not ready to kill the tyrants who lit him up. You mistakingly call his killers Law Enforcement. They are not that. There is no such animal. There are only Government Enforcers and they don’t care about your rights. Crawford III would have been well within his rights to light his killers up but he was not ready….

I don’t care if this offends you government types and you patriots. You better get your police on a leash.

You violated the law several times over when you killed Crawford. You did.

He just was not ready to make you pay for it. I am.


Learn violence and when to use it to protect your freedom.

In all honesty, it is better to take our nation back peacefully. Again in all honesty, that is probably an utter impossibility. The tyrants won’t simply relinquish their power.

The police are not Law Enforcement either. Do not think of them as such. That is a mistake, potentially fatal too.

Police are Government Enforcers.

I am not telling you to gun down police randomly. I am telling you not to trust any of them and to know they will shoot you.

You need to be ready to fire back immediately.

There are self defense instructors, and violence instructors. They are similar but different.

War is violence. I am training for war. I am learning absolute violence.

I have one self defense student currently.

Soon, I will have more. Some of them that I deem ready for it, I will train in the violence of war.

The US government issued an order for the military to strike the Bundy ranch that they almost immediately rescinded.

Now, they are getting ready for Jade Helm. They are terrorists, our military. This is in addition to foreign troops and terrorists currently in country.

You better learn violence because those being unleashed on you know violence very well.

You better learn to get cold and harden your self to kill and kill and kill and kill.

That is what you will face if the SHTF.

John Crawford III was not ready to kill tyrants and he is dead.

Don’t be John Crawford III.

You will potentially be all alone. You better be ready.

Those police shot John Crawford III on sight and he was not ready.

He would have been totally justified in lighting them up too.

The bikers in Waco were set up and slaughtered by police too.

You going to let them gun you and yours down?

I am not.

The government even killed Chris Kyle. They caught him with his guard down and used people close to him to kill him.

It was either police, military or Craft International personnel who killed Kyle.

Eddie Ray Routh is a patsy.

The government killed Chris Kyle who was well schooled in violence. You better get ready.

This post ain’t going to make the police like me much, or the government, or the military, or the politicians, or many of the chicken shit citizens.

I don’t care. I ain’t fighting for them. I am fighting for me and you.


Subject X: I was five the first time

You figured out what I did when I was five yet?

They trained me to do it, and I did too.

I sure did.

It is why I know how to do it now.

I have not in quite a long time. It is there though, lurking.

The government trained me, our government, the US government.

Sometimes, it is so hard to resist because I know how to do it. It is easy.

God stopped me. He still does but sometimes….

I tried to be like you people. I am not though.

I never will be again. There is no way back for me.

There is no more I can tell you about me now. For you, this story is over.



I have not been feeding my violent side enough.

That may come as a shock to some.

I am going to feed it more.

I am already quite deadly but I am going to become even deadlier.

The people who really know me know that I am generally docile but that inside me is a monster too like no other on Earth.

It is there to protect mine.

I have been neglecting that part of me too much because the world is getting more violent.

I am going to train like never before.

I must be ready, fully ready for what is most likely about to come.

The USA is full of tyrants, foreign and domestic, and I will be damned if I will lose to any of them. I will tear them limb from limb.

If I scared you before, wait. I am going to get even scarier.