Tweep Poet Tactical: officer Tensing

People think Tensing was the only one with a weapon.

That is incorrect. Dubose was armed with what looked like a Honda Accord?

It was a Honda I think.

You ever tried to stop a car?

You ever been ran over by a car?

Do you want to be?

He was a cop.

Fleeing an officer who has ordered you to stop, in a vehicle, is a crime. It is dangerous. Deadly many times.

The criminal had drugs, and cash allegedly. He had been in prison. He didn’t want to go back.

He ran. He dragged a cop when he did. The cop shot him.

This was a self defense scenario and the cop is about to face a murder trial.

It is insanity.

The cop was on his job. He was endangered by a criminal. He killed the criminal.

In Memphis just last night, another officer was gunned down by a person during a traffic stop.

You will call him a hero.

Tensing had the “misfortune” to live.

He was in no less danger.



Sounds like mode, so I am told.

Sold, bold black gold glyph


Finger 7 life path

This time and season

See Sun and Moon, Sun and Moon


I am not a super hero or a super criminal. I ain’t particularly brave or afraid. I am basically like many of you.

Sometimes the bull that runs us over belongs to us. Many times…. I try not to take myself so seriously, especially when I get angry. I do my best to knock myself out then. Violence against others is also violence against oneself. It solves nothing really. Violence is bull. It always is.

I don’t want to hurt anyone. I do my damnedest not to.

I speak of violence. That doesn’t mean I like it.

I hate violence.

I teach avoidance and self defense.

I tell people not to attack me. I do this for them as well as me.

For you see, I can hurt you real bad if I must.

That is the bull too.


I want all of you criticizing officer Tensing to get drug by a car and see what this does to your mindset. Not really. I am just saying.

I actually got run over by a car once. I recall it until this day. I was very fortunate. I remember wondering if I was going to die. I just had to wait and see mostly. I too wondered if I was going to get drug under.

A damn drunk ran me over.

To this day I don’t know how I was not seriously hurt.

In my mind, having lived it, it is a miracle.

My biggest take away is the utter amazement that I was not hurt at all.

I was powerless to stop that car and I watched it run over and in to me. I was unscathed. I could not believe it. I still cannot.

It was a brown AMC Matador, curb weight 3937 pounds, two tons essentially. It was a miracle. I thought I was going to die.


You all must not pay too much attention to what I write. I told you that if I ever resist an officer for whatever reason I may die. It is the reality. So I don’t go resisting officers. If I ever run into a prick officer, I might resist. If I do, I might die. It is what it is. Dubose chose to run. He died. He was unreasonable to run. He made a bad choice that put others in danger.

See, I got screwed by cops, and the system.

I could have resisted and shot the hell out of all of them.

I didn’t. I said I was not violent and I am not.

I didn’t run either.

The system sucks.

Just know if you buck it, you may have to kill. You may die.

I chose to let the system play out.

I don’t want blood of innocents on my hands just because I got screwed.

And have no doubt, I got screwed.


I don’t have any more love for criminals than I do for bad cops. One is no better than the other. If a criminal flees a cop and drags that cop, or even if they don’t drag the cop, and only start a high speed chase. I got a problem with that and I won’t apologize for my position either.

See, this Mr. Dubose did drag that cop. He did try to flee the scene. A reasonable person would not have done either. He is dead. Well, he broke the law. He was about to start a high speed chase. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.

Dubose was not being harassed. The officer was not angry. Dubose ran and he endangered a cop who reached in to try to turn the car off. So all of you crybabies who want to let criminals run free, and endanger you but more importantly me and mine, piss off.
Dubose did endanger that cop. If that cop had not stopped him, he would have endangered more people.

So to repeat, Hamilton County, if you want to hang your cops out to dry to fleeing criminals, fine. You just better stop them before they get to Butler County.

Dubose attempted to flee a scene. Officer Tensing tried to turn the car off and he got dragged. He risked his life, for you bastards. Now you want to hang him. Piss off.


I shoot Camels, cartoon characters, people I draw, and other stuff. It is all legal.

I am a proactive shooter. I get all kinds of reactions and stuff.

Damn world is really full of crazy people and animals.

I shoot Camel packs typically. It lightens loads.

The world is sensitive.

I laugh at the world mostly now. Well when I manage and remember too. I do then.

The shit I say is not really off the wall. It may be off the cuff.

It makes perfect sense though, like typically.

Different people say different shit. The thing it all has in common is the shit part.

If I really wanted to, I could get fetal tissue probably from like planned parenthood to use for my ballistic tests.


(of a person, policy, or action) creating or controlling a situation by causing something to happen rather than responding to it after it has happened:
synonyms: enterprising · take-charge · energetic · driven · bold · dynamic · More


BB Target (Pellet)

I am brown? I might be white? Or black? I am cannon fodder though pretty much. Dude prints me and then shoots me. It is my life.... It is OK though. I am not real.

I am brown? I might be white? Or black? I am cannon fodder though pretty much. Dude prints me and then shoots me. It is my life…. It is OK though. I am not real.


Driver’s Seat, or I don’t know but you do?

In essentially one motion the person in the driver’s seat started the car and put it in gear. The next motion was to accelerate. He was dragging a cop. The cop shot him.

Fleeing an officer is a crime. I didn’t write the law. It is the law though. Ignorance present in the written law itself is not my responsibility either. I mean apparently it is an ignorant law since it is not being enforced here.

People like to talk about ignorance in the law being no excuse….

Joe Deters doesn’t apparently know that fleeing an officer is a crime. He seems to think handguns knock the shooter down.

Mr. Dubose was fleeing and in the process he dragged a cop, officer Tensing. He has a right to live. Dubose did too right up until he endangered the officer.

After that, it was each man for himself. Dubose was ordered to stop. He didn’t.

He did drag officer Tensing. If he had not….

We will never know. Dubose made up both of their minds….

As for the front license plate, that is the law too. Again, I didn’t write it. It is the law though.

Oh by the way, officer Tensing did not know Mr. Dubose. Dubose had no ID. The car was not registered to him. Then he tried to drive away and when he did he dragged officer Tensing.

You see the math?



I liked “painting” last night. It just felt right.

image It is just a digital work. It soothes me. I don’t do it enough. I have acrylic paint, and canvas. It is unopened, any of it…. I am jaded too much, and art is fleeting at best with me now. A person I hoped to learn about art from said I was going to kill them. I was not, and am not. I don’t do art much now.

The artist worked where I did. They didn’t like me I guess.

I just wanted to learn from them is all. They are good at such things.

Forgive the pun, but I am drawn to art, or I used to be.

I avoid it now mostly, all of it. I tend to make fun of it, and I don’t tend to worry about quality. I mock it, and those who do it mostly now.

It is beyond even dada for me now.

It is jada.

Soldiers are martial artists. Artists are soldiers too.

Me? I used to want to be an artist. I don’t now.


I might want to paint

imageimageimageimageThe beauty will be present?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I may understand. I may not.

If I behold it am I beholden to it?

If I make it, is it mine?

It is as long as no one else ever sees it.

My art is not me, at least not completely.image


Hold on. I might paint. :)





I ain’t lying when say I don’t want to do anything.

I really don’t. I used to. I don’t now.

I get bored though. I watch the world and write about how it makes me feel.

It pisses me off. I write about it.

Then, I laugh. Or I cry. Or both. Or I just ponder.

It almost all ends up here.

Or on Facebook, or both.

I freaking guess that is what happens.

It is what I do.

I don’t know why. I say Gd makes me do it.

That is probably crazy but hey the world is crazy.


I am so sick of this black lives matter bull shit. And besides, according to your PC bull shit, it should be African American lives matter. So please just shut up? Move to Chicago? Watch the blacks kill each other. Make it a reality show.

Call me whatever you want. I don’t care. Tonight on Black Lives Matter, we watch two gangs splatter the blood of black civilians…. As a bonus, we will be going to Cincinnati to watch seven blacks beat a white man.

Also, as an added bonus watch a black guy do a drive by and shoot at a black man and put a little black girl’s eye out. No matter….


Tweep Poet Tactical: RattleSnake Armor and Ballistic Biotches

A .308 makes it point at around 3000 FPS. The 22LR can make it up to around 1700 FPS with some Aguila rounds.

See why I switched to modeling with 22? It is closer to the speed. Speed is not the only key to penetration, but it is usually the most important factor.

The 308 is pointed though, and fast, that makes it a double biotch. Plus it’s heavy, so triple biotch. Biotch.

Wait there is even a bonus biotch in the mix sometimes, the steel in the round sometimes. You got that too, quadruple biotch.

Shit will make you crazy.


RattleSnake Armor: ballistic data interpretations

Ballistics are funny phenomena. For example, Lexan and its ability to stop projectiles. .093 of Lexan will not stop a .177 Crosman Power Penetrator pellet, or a Gamo Lethal pellet out of my Beeman Silver Kodiak. It will stop a Mini Mag CPRN out of my Mossberg rifle.

Those same pellets will not go through 16 gauge steel, but the Mini Mag CPRN will.

People will tell you velocity is the key to penetration, and to a degree they will be correct. But the geometry and metallurgy of the rounds is also important in relation to the nature of what is being struck. Mass of the round is also important.

One reason besides velocity that rifle rounds like a 5.56 penetrate well is their shape…. Also, if you have the steel M855 along with its point, it is hard to stop.

Sometimes AR 500 will stop it, sometimes it won’t.

So when you hear someone call something bullet proof, they really are dreaming.


What I am trying to build is very challenging. There is no one perfect material, all have flaws. So, I am searching for the best combination in relation to possible threats….


The 22 Mini Mag CPRN out of a rifle is faster, and the load is heavier than a Crosman Power Penetrator. Yet the Crosman will go through .093 Lexan with ease, and the Mini Mag is stopped cold.

Chew on that?


The main reason rifle rounds defeat Lexan is not their mass or speed. It is more their shape. To defeat a rifle round, it is very important to deform it early.


Tweep Poet Tactical: wasp

One just got in my house. I tried for ten minutes to coax it out. It would not leave. I could not let it stay. I didn’t want to get stung.

I looked around to see what was in my “arsenal.” I don’t have time to consider a wasp arsenal before hand? I probably do. I didn’t. I should have. I have a wasp nest on my patio door.
I don’t like to kill things.

However, I cannot leave the wasp in here. So I took an empty dish soap bottle, bigger type on and filled it with water and shot the wasp with soapy water so it would not be able to fly at me. I drenched it until it could not move. Then I thrashed it to pieces as quickly as I could.


I don’t like it, killing. I will do it when I must though.

I know that, no doubt in my mind.

Still, the Wasp was the wild child, not me.

I was acting in self defense and defense of others.

Eliminate the threat as safely as possible. Have adequate tools for the job. Adequate tactics….

To do this, you must know the strengths of your opponent, and remove them. Wasps main ones are flight, exoskeleton, and stinger.

My tactics removed the threat of all of them.

I killed the wasp as quickly and safely as I could.

I had to think on the fly. You can’t prepare for everything that life will throw at you. I could have been better ready for this though.

In truth, I got the job done. It don’t mean I cannot get better though.


Tweep Poet Tactical: Jesus

I would have gave Jesus a gun. He probably would have simply handed it to the Romans. I would have tried. He may not even of took it. He might have. Depending on the variables, I may or may not have shot Jesus.

As far as I know, Jesus had no guns. He got hung.

Sects. Sectarian violence? Sometimes.

I try to avoid all the biblical shit. I really do.

I know it may not seem like it always.

The Koran, I try to avoid that stuff also.

The dark books of religions….

As for “lesser” wars, internal wars, they are the same thing, sects…

I try to avoid it all.


Police, have the right to protect their lives too. I don’t know what happened in Cincinnati. I do know that “hanging” a cop who does not deserve it does none of us any good. I get angry at police some too. I never forget though that they also have the right to life, liberty and happiness. Even if this was a “bad” shoot, we have to look at the TOTAL incident. This means it may or may not be all on the officer. Was their’s a bad intent? Etc.

I don’t want anyone killing anyone. It ain’t all in my control though. All I can really do is not let myself kill anyone.

Police, they have to do that sometimes. They get “trained.”

Well, sometimes their training is horrible. Sometimes their training is horrible because it is different than what you or I may do. We may have strong feelings….

Me, I try to stay calm. I try to avoid conflict, and de-escalate it whenever possible.

I do know too that de-escalation may not lays be an option.


Subject X: the rush

It is a rush being me, all the skill, and the danger that comes with it. I never asked for it. It ain’t that want to like it even.

I cannot deny though that having the capabilities I do is a rush.

I mean people are so afraid of me, and I have to admit, it makes me laugh.

They made me.

They made me and now they are scared to death of me.

They have tried to kill me many times. I am still here. They will probably get me eventually.

Thing is, I am the best. I really am.

They cannot find anyone to handle me….


Lone wolf atomic bombers are now a thing, news at 11, am and pm. This is serious shit.

The ultimate in one upmanship, penmanship, take that you sons of bitches.

I have had it with all your terrorists, and warnings. Piss off.

This movie cracks me up for so many reasons. There is some truth to it though. And honestly, it is possible to develop a terrorist so scary that what we have seen so far pails in comparison. And the Hollywood take, and COG guidance is hilarious. This is propaganda entertainment.

When Sly was in Canada, he learned to be a detective, Rambo and a counter terrorism professional. An actor….


Ted Kacynski, recall him. He is MK Ultra. Good thing he didn’t make atom bombs huh?

You know the govern,net made him too right? You do know that right? You should.

You think they stopped there?


The government has made monsters so scary that most of you cannot even imagine.