Back to cops missing 70 to 80 percent of times, show them this and develop training based on these principles. He tells you in this video why most people miss. This is the biggest reason cops miss.

He is in error about one thing. He says you can’t miss at X distance (short). Yes you can, and if you do most of time the reason is as detailed here.

Cops are trained wrong. Just like Leatham says, precision shooting and rapid fire are different animals.

Now I am not 100 in agreement with Leatham. But since I know you are more apt to listen to him….

If you train his way, you will improve.

You need to train for both though, precision and speed.



My uncle Chuck was a Charlie.

My mom says I am like him.

She ought to know.

I for the record am not like anybody.

I wonder about Charlie.

Hello Charles.

Uncle Chuck, if Charlie comes soon, or eventually, take good care of him.

Say hello to Everyone for me too.

I will see you someday.


This whole U.K., Charlie Gard thing has me quite troubled. I am so mad at a whole nation, continent essentially. I really don’t know how to process it.

It has my mind a mess! It is so repugnant to me.

Nothing should shock me anymore.

The world is a horrible place. I know this.

Yet  Charlie’s and his parents’ stories are so horrible and sad.

I am not kidding when I say I am removing English artists from FB.

I know not of one who tried to return Charlie to his parents’ custody.

I have never liked U.K. Government, ever.

But now, I find myself questioning all of UK.

What kind of society does this?!

And people, morons here in my nation want this socialized medicine shit.

I can’t fucking stand them either.





Work 1730 to close must get ready quick

I am tired, sore and still grouchy.

I can deal with the tired and sore easily.

the grouchy is the challenge.

I will do it.

I am off tomorrow. Hope it is a nice day and I get to range.


It is 2200 and slow at work. Hurry up 0030!

Ok 0100 and I am home.

We got slammed right after I said we were slow.

But now I am off until Wednesday!


Charlie may win in end. And his parents did all they could. I said England gave up on Charlie, and they did. But not the parents. They said they would let Charlie go if he were in pain. It is their call, and in end, they made the call to leave it in God’s hands. I have no choice but to respect that. But England you dropped the ball. You could have let that child keep getting treatment. Shame on you.

I don’t fault Charlie’s parents. They have done everything they could do.

I said I would not judge them.

And Charlie is not my child anymore than he is the U.K. Government’s child.

It is in God’s hands now.

I guess ultimately all things are.

Charlie and his parent’s struggle is a type of lesson for us all.

For me, it is a reminder that vengeance belongs to God.

However, I don’t see acting to save a life as vengeance.

And justice I should mostly forget. It is mostly illusion.

Let there be no doubt, UK is guilty of numerous injustices toward Charlie Gard and his parents.


English soccer sucks. I predict they are about to go on a losing streak of epic proportions.

Their sides are going to be laughing-stocks of Europe I predict.

They will not win Euro or make World Cup.

They shall suck.

I feel that God has deemed this to happen as punishment for extinguishing Charlie Gard’s parrnt’s parental rights and Charlies’ life.

God may yet save Charlie.

Why you bastards want to deny that chance is beyond me.

Thjbh is though, Charlie I am still rooting for you.

The rest? Give them a boot.


Back home from work. I was scheduled 1630-2100 but ended up having to close. So, just getting home.

I was not real keen on closing tonight, did it twice this week already.

No one else was gonna step up. So….

I close tomorrow too.

Closers have a lot of out duties.

I got to be a closer by paying my dues.

Closers must have their shit together.

It is a compliment to be chose to close. But I like to share the compliment.

Ya know?

I try to just do my job as best I can.

I do it best I can even when I don’t really feel like it. Most of time though it is NBD.

I just keep moving with purpose.


To whom it may concern: don’t say I didn’t try to help you

Appliqué Armor:

Material or attachment which can be installed on a tank (or any other vehicle) to give it additional protection against kinetic- or nonkinetic-energy projectiles.

a soldier may refer to it as haji armor, more PC local armor.

the French term it appliqué.

i call mine RattleSnake.

they are all improvisation.

the damndest thing though?

they tend to work.

it does require a certain knack.

use what you have!

you can place ar500 steel on those cars and lesser designs too, such as Kevlar and dyneema, right now.

you will have to do it yourselves.

but it can be done.


Cars are death traps for cops. You need to train them regarding this fact. You need to give them tactics about moving, shooting and communicating in them. They are not ready for what is out there.

And they need purpose built patrol cars. You can build more survivable cars pretty easy.

I have been telling you for a while now.

You don’t listen.

One easy thing you can do is tell cops to not remain stopped at lights, and if they must to leave room to move out. And remind them that danger is 360 and 3 D.

If a person for example runs a red light and they are there, they should take note.

That is what Dorner did. If someone is brazen enough to run a red light with a cop present that is a red flag.

That was an easy one.

They are usually more subtle.

Keep those cars moving as much as possible officers.

And literally look up down and all around.


Move, Shoot and Communicate

Above is the vehicle in which two officers were ambushed by Christopher Dorner. The officers’ vehicle was stopped at a red light and one vehicle was directly to the left of said vehicle.

Christopher Dorner was at opposing stop light. He ran that light and went through intersection and got into a suitable position to fire upon police vehicle from behind.

Dorner, moved, and he shot. His communication was imparted by his movement and his shooting, forms of non-verbal communication.

The officers did not move, or shoot and did not therefore communicate effectively with Dorner.

See even if you say nothing, or stand still, you are communicating.

And if you move, and shoot and communicate, you better do it well.

When Dorner crossed that intersection, he was communicating to those officers merely by moving his truck.

They missed the message.

When he fired at them, he made his point evident to officers.

It was too late for them then.

Move, shoot and communicate all sound so simple.

Shit is complex.

Don’t miss the messages.


It can be deadly.



Spintronics TiO2 ZnO

Muon Tau


Electron most stable

Fractions and wholes


Lots of twos with ones

And axes.

Quantum Un-entanglement


I work 1630 to late thirty or 45 I forget.

I don’t close though. I am first of last three out tonight.

It is Friday so I usually am the put the truck away guy.

When I arrive I will at some point ask, “Am I the put the truck away guy?”

They will probably say, “Yes Jeff.”


Don’t be prey.

It is often easier said than done.

It helps to remember it is a jungle you live in.

It may not look like it.

It is though.

Predator and prey relationships apply.

Don’t take candy from babies and stuff.


Unfortunately, Dorner is still out there somewhere. He was in Dallas, and Baton Rouge. He was in Georgia. He was in California, clean cut white dudes. Now there are bad cops too. There are bad people. What ya gonna do?

I guarantee you two things about this video, one Dorner knew cop car was there. Two he knew he would attack it.

And cops should have seen it coming.

What they apparently failed to understand is that they were prey.

The Riverside cops had four seconds to save themselves from death and injury.

They missed their opportunity.

I can’t guarantee they would have survived the encounter. I could have quite possibly improved their chances.

Concepts include threat ID. Evasion. Pursuit. Security. Situational Awareness. Use of defensive force. More.

At core here though is threat ID.

One must ID a threat to counter it.


I will post video of incident again. If you watch it closely, you will see about four second maybe five second window to counter Dorner’s attack.

It was life or death.

It can be at anytime.

And actually four seconds is a long time.


Like it or not, we live in a combat zone, especially cops.

So you better recognize.

One thing everyone can do is move.

The simple act of moving that police car in a tactical and deliberate manner may have saved those cops.

They had plenty of time. They MISSED IT THOUGH.

If somebody is motivated to kill your ass and has demonstrated thusly, you better watch everything that moves and be ready to move too.

It is what it is.


War is a series of attempted homicides and homicides. It is homicidal, maniacal, and stuff.

Got the right stuff? Or can you make do with what you have? Or can steal?

It doesn’t appeal to me.

Want to see war?

I don’t.

The right stuff?

What’s that?


It is drafty.

Report to selective service.


It ain’t the Hollywood theater.


This is war. It is.

Did it help?

There is more war here in this USA.

War is not really an answer.

More war.

There is more, lots more.

It is everywhere.

You have to look real close to see the war here. But it is present.


Dominion over the animals

Creeping things and souls. Versus soaring things and souls.

To preserve liberty it is essential that the whole body of people always possess arms and be taught alike, especially when young, how to use them. – Richard Henry Lee, Founder, USA


I am an animal. I am a human being.

Will not the shark eat you?

Will you not eat the shark?

The Bible says God gave man dominion over animals.

Nobody told the shark.

Wild boars and even domestic hogs will eat you.

Gators, tigers, bears, lions and many more will too.

Any time you feel like you are top of food chain, you may want to reconsider.

Anyway we slice it, we are all prey potentially.

Never underestimate an animal.