There are more DNA bombs I can drop on you. Huge bombs.

I can show you data from police report which shows both Lanza and his mother were eliminated from DNA samples on the rifle and casings used and generated during her murder.

I can also show you DNA at residence that registered a “hit” in NY state  criminal database.

These two things eliminate Lanza as the murderer of his mother.


And I already showed you DNA of at least two parents was there.

I will get a better copy later. I have to sleep now. But the document shows Lanza is eliminated as a contributor on 22 rifle and also parts of AR including trigger.

If he shot the damn thing, why is his DNA not on trigger. It ain’t on stock either. Nope.

Oh by the way, autopsy lists Lanza as 6 feet tall and weighing 112 pounds. The attorney general report says that total weight of weapons and ammo in SHES weighed 30.5 pounds.

That is more than 26 percent of Lanzas weight.

Every backpacker knows to limit weight to 25 percent or less.

That skinny kid would have barely been able to move.

And why would a kid who everyone knew hated loud noises be so fascinated with firearms?


His CPU was smashed. Why? He loved CPUs.

He didn’t do it.



From “report”

Do you realize how significant this is?

It means that DNA consistent with two victims was at all three main crime scenes. The word consistent is very important here. It didn’t say identical with. That means it was relatives. How many? Two. And they had to be different families. None of victims were related.

Two victim DNA types were at Lanza’s home, on shotgun, and school.

The DNA is victim related, not Lanza, who most likely was also a victim.

I told You evidence points to parents.

It ain’t me who is crazy.


Is this the truth? I know you didn’t see this coming.

Watch this video. You believe this fellow, and what he SAYS? You watch and you will see why I wrote it, SAYS.

I don’t really believe him. You can make up your own mind.

I am only gonna tell you
I don’t believe him.

I don’t believe all of Jones either and, others I really don’t know.

I only know I don’t believe believe him, guy in video.

I know why.

You want to know why?

You gonna have to work that out.


Subject X: synchronicity

I was gonna write a post to tell you, try anyway, to tell you how I see the world.

Well, then I found this.

Look at writer’s “handle.”

Anyway, I don’t think I have time to fully tell you how I see world anyway.

You will have to surmise, and then make up your own mind.


This song is irony to me.

I sure loved that copter going down cousin.

I swear there are Satanists in that hole.


It is God.


The town that murdered their children for Satan, you heard of it?



Watch this?


What gets you off?


Folks you cannot equate your values to those of monsters in our government. They are not normal, decent people many of them. They will kill anyone, man, woman or child. The sooner you realize that and act accordingly the better off you will be.

This nation is literally going to hell. The moral breakdown is led by leaders and the media.

They have you aborting babies for Christ sake without any emotion whatsoever.

This nation is and has been for quite some time, sick.

This nation is sick and morally depraved.

I have little to no faith left in my nation.

It is past the point of sadness.


The evidence points to Sandy Hook being a hoax.

Why is he smiling? Did he get a new house and a big pay day? Reports say they all got new homes.

I have reviewed tons of data. And the conclusion that Sandy Hook was a hoax is not only reasonable but also probable.

I cannot say with 100 percent certainty. But if pressed, I would strongly lean toward hoax.


Alex Jones may actually be correct in his assertion that Sandy Hook was a hoax. Based on evidence I have seen, I can’t say Jones is wrong. I am not sold on it really happening either. And if it did, authorities were complicit. The EMT response is essentially non-existent!

I was an EMT for almost a decade. I was trained in Incudent Command. I can tell you that the EMT response was all wrong.

EMTs do not ever pronounce a person dead, ever. Only doctors do that!

Those EMTs should have entered building, scene was clear.

None entered. They would have. The only way they would not is if ordered not to.

In a real event, no such order would be given once scene was cleared.


Why is he smiling? Why does he have to conjure up sadness? These are not small things!

I really am bothered by this. There is nothing to smile about. And the sadness should have already been present!

It is off, way off.

Why didn’t they let EMTs go in?

Why is the coroner laughing?

Why is the trooper behind him smiling, and fidgeting?

There were reports of multiple shooters.

And the government lies everyday.

And I cannot help but wonder if parents were in on it.

There are rumors floating about that just may be true. And it would not be first time parents killed their children.

If, if they are even dead.

I really don’t know. I really don’t.

This has been bothering me since it happened.

I decided to write more about it today because it just does not add up.

And also because Alex Jones is catching a lot of shit for saying it is a hoax.

I can’t say it isn’t. I can’t. And the main reason? That parent is way off, way off!

And this coroner? He is way off too. He is laughing, making jokes.


They expect us to mourn. Yet the parent is smiling, repeatedly. And then has to conjure up the sadness. The whole damn thing makes virtually no sense. Alex Jones said it was a hoax. I really don’t know. I just know it is awfully weird. Read up on it? See what you think? I would say children probably really are dead. But with the smiling parent and all I really can’t be sure. Plus the coroner and his report and demeanor seem off also. Plus reports are that no EMTs entered school. There are other videos of that day too that are off, way off.

He is smiling. Why? Then after he asks if they are ready to start he gets into character. Watch. It is all right there.

The parent though, when I saw him, knowing all the tons of other things that made no sense, I really suspected something was just not right about Sandy Hook.

I honestly can not help but wonder if it was all a hoax.

And if it is not, then I also can’t help but wonder if the parents were in on it.

That smiling parent is way, way off. Off to the point that it really does make me question if it even happened at all.


Just getting home, had late runs, and took a coworker home. Kicker is I am most likely going back out for a while. I am waiting on a phone call. I am tired though so may postpone.

Next three days I do assorted medical training. I will have one more medical training session in a week or so.

And Sunday I return to group home for first shift with clients.

Monday I deliver pizzas again.

I have no idea when my next day off will be.

Decided to tired to go out. Postponed.

I am not sure about crashing exactly straight away. But I am Going to lay down.

I most likely will fall asleep fast. I am worn out.


Every parent I have shown that video to said parent’s reaction was off. Every single one. I stand by my assertion.

I was nicer to my critic than perhaps I should have been.

But I try to be civil. I left all their comments. It seems to me that they have an agenda.

The more the critic typed the more I felt attacked. I let it go though. I know that criticizing that parent may cause some heat.

If I had really wanted to, I could have ripped the critic a new asshole.

But I gave them a break.

I must say too though. It did pain me a bit criticizing that parent.

I only did it because like I said, it just seemed way off. The smiling and then the buildup to appear sad. It is off. It is.

And when I add that to other anomalies it is just too much to ignore.

I guarantee you that police would have been suspicious.


How many of you still believe US put men on moon?

It just cracks me up. It shouldn’t really though. It is kind of sad.

It is sad they fooled you still. It is funny you believe it.

It is also funny that if you believe it, you think I am crazy.

Believe me, I feel that way about you.

There is no one on moon.No one knows how to put a man or woman on moon now.

If you research, you will see that no one knows how to do it.

No one ever has done it.

If they had, hello, they would have kept “directions.”

There are no directions, no instructions.

You know why?

There never ever has been.

That is why.


If I am mean to them, that is bad on me huh. Damn.

So I have to be kind to them anyway.

It ain’t real easy for me to do that now. I know how they really feel.

This is gonna be a hard shift for me. I really don’t want to go.

Even if shift workload is cake, I just don’t see myself enjoying it at all.

All they had to do was apologize.

They didn’t.


How would you feel? Would you be all sunshine and roses to them? Or all kiss my arse to them?

See it has become now about whether I even care to show up now.

And that ain’t good.

Because now there is virtually no
Chance I have a good attitude.

It would require more work on my part.

And I really ain’t into it.

I don’t need the money. And if I ever do need money, I can get it elsewhere.

They didn’t even tell me. And then they didn’t even apologize.

I like me. I respect me.

I now in my mind view going in there as a slight to me, whom I love.

I love me. Me. Me. Me.

And them?

Screw them?

I said I would give notice before I left.

So most likely I go in. Most likely I give notice.

I know it may have been an accident. But no apology. So it may have been intentional.

It ain’t even really about them anymore.

It is whether I feel like going in.

If I do, I will. If I don’t, I won’t.


I am not near as interested in working for pizza place now. They didn’t appreciate me enough to tell me they took me off schedule. It makes going back there now real hard. I am not in place mentally now where I really even want to go, much less work hard if I do.

I went in there to start the first of eight working days in a row at least and I was ready.

Now I don’t even want to go in.

I never even got an apology.

All I got was an “it worked out.”

It didn’t work out for me.

I will be only driver. Being only driver means hard work. It means a lot of hard work.

And right now I just ain’t into it.

I am supposed to be in at five. I mean I guess.

Maybe they took me off and didn’t tell me again.


M3 to M0

Cryptic enough for you?

I may explain a bit, a bit later. I may not.

I knew all this when I initially posted “title.”