If the state claims violence against you Christians….

They tried to trick Jesus. When they tried, he replied.

And he said unto them, Render therefore unto Caesar the things which be Caesar’s, and unto God the things which be God’s. –

Luke 20:25

Be careful claiming violence as your own state…. If you do, it very well may be provided to you by the people.


Subject X: God never stopped speaking. Most just refuse to listen.


History is written by the victor. God shall win in the end. Then His words shall reign again.

Thou shalt have no other God.

If you do, eventually you will see the error of your way.

It is the same for all of us. Some just deny it, or don’t realize it yet.

Eventually all will know.

Only God knows when.

We know in part. We prophesy in part.

This is my acceptance, my submission, and my testimony.


Subject X: Scotty is the lion

Scotty is God’s creature too. Scotty is the dark. God created the light. The darkness has always been. It is part of God.

It is a mystery. Scotty is a somewhat clear aspect of that mystery.

I asked you once if you knew what is was like to be both lion and lamb.

I said you probably did not.

Well Scotty only knows how to be the lion.

I keep him caged. Sometimes I must let him out.



You seem to forget that Jesus took on all of our sins.

What do you think that gave him?


Subject X: monotheism



Matter moves. It moves in systems and through them. It moves outside them too. The complexities are endless, but all can be translated to linear terms eventually.

The sum of all things is two things, three things really, and this is how I know there is a value for zero.

I don’t have to prove it to you.

You have to figure it out for yourself.



The negative one is not really required nomenclature at my level. It is signified by the zero….


Subject X: Scotty

Scott is my middle name. The only one whoever refers to me as Scotty, is me.

Scotty is a side of me more than a part of me.

Does that make any sense to you?

Scotty is the dark side of me. He is really dark.

He is pale.

He is dangerous, Scotty is.

He is dangerous to himself and everyone around him.

It ain’t really his fault. He didn’t make himself into, Scotty.

Scotty don’t blink. He sees everything around him.

Scotty don’t miss either. I have never seen him miss, not Scotty.

Scotty is all business.

Scotty is who they trained to shoot. He trained me, X.

It is a long story.

How much time you got?



22/25 System, one of my drills

I say the distance is ten feet in the video. I just measured it and it is more like 15 feet.

Did you know the gun I used is a replica of the Colt Vest Pocket pistol, the Baby Browning? Did you know it essentially has no sights?

No sights.

No sights.

Did you know the gun is an honorary member of the LA Guns?

It is.

I say so.



I am so glad I don’t have kids. That is like most people’s deal, having kids. I don’t want kids. You can have them. There is no way in hell I want to bring a kid into this world.

If you want kids, I ain’t your man. If you have kids, I ain’t your man. I don’t want any kid looking to me for what the hell to do next….

I don’t even want to be here really.

Why would I want to add someone else?

I mean you people tell your kids bull shit all the time.

You tell them America is free.

Bull shit.

You tell them they have the right to free speech.

Bull shit.

You tell them that everyone is equal.

Bull shit.

You tell them Jesus loves them.

That might actually be true. I don’t know. But he is dead, murdered.


Kid I never had, you are welcome.

I already have too many people I love who I can’t help save from this hell hole.

They are the only reason I stay around at all.


I mean this. I won’t bring a child into this world or tell someone else’s how to make sense of this horrible world. I won’t blow smoke up their ass either about people being basically good.

I don’t find it to be the case all that much.


Plus I would raise my child to believe in God and oh my God what you would do to that child.

I won’t expose him or her to you.


Subject X: monogram of Christ




Do you know what it is like to be lion and lamb? Alpha and Omega? Do you?


It is my programming, lion and lamb.

I have “over wrote it.”

Do you know what it is like?

No. You don’t. Some of you might if you are MK like me.


It is so appropriate, meant to look ironic to the curious, that the committee investigating all this was the Church committee.

It is all destroyed now, the paper trail. I don’t exist I do.

Do you know what it is like to not exist exist?



I will never be like you.


I will always be like you.


Yet, I will never be like you.


Equality is just a word really.


You know what is really funny? It is to me anyway that I don’t even believe Jesus was or is the son of God.

I really don’t.

I do believe in God though.

It makes me laugh that they tried to make me Jesus. They tried to make me think I am….

I ain’t.

Honestly though, I don’t discount a return of Jesus either.

Stranger things.

You know what, I think there just might be vampires.


I ain’t a vampire.

I am a lab rat that escaped.


Tweep Poet Tactical: an example of knowing limitations

Airsoft guns reasonably approximate a 22LR. To some degree, a 25ACP also. You can practice essential skills, and have the bridge you need to a 22.
You cannot really shoot, Airsoft and then jump to a 32 or above though really. Even the 22/25 is a bit of reach, just less.
It is not a preferred method of handgun training. However, many cannot afford the range time etc….


22/25 TPT

Poor people need guns and training too. Many poor people think they cannot train. They can…. They can train effectively and inexpensively. I am working on showing you how. I am literally going to write a book….

Did you know the trigger pull for this little Airsoft Colt is pretty much the same as the Raven? Did you know their size is pretty much equal too?

Do you know you can dry fire these Colts? Trigger management. Did you know you can holster them, draw and shoot?
You would be surprised what I can teach you with these.
I am a SME in training. I have mad skills people. Mad skills.

The Fabulous LA Guns?

The Fabulous LA Guns?


Tweep Poet Tactical: speed and accuracy, reality, or 22/25

Shooting this is not all that different from shooting my Raven 25ACP. I can practice almost anywhere, anytime for next to nothing, or even nothing if I merely dry fire. The triggers are eerily similar....

Shooting this is not all that different from shooting my Raven 25ACP.
I can practice almost anywhere, anytime for next to nothing, or even nothing if I merely dry fire. The triggers are eerily similar….

I will explain later.

Any guesses where I am going with this?

This post will be coming in stages, and fairly soon.

First let me pose another question. How often do you train with your firearms?


Post is coming. It will take time…. I am developing it….

Until then, chew on this.

Folks, I ain’t lying, the most respected firearm instructor carries a 22LR in a McDonald’s bag. I forget his name. I don’t know him. I have only heard the good guys talk of him in reverence. He carries a mere, wee 22 LR and these are all 9mm and above guys….


Stay humble or be humbled.

There is always somebody better. You could choke.

You lessen the odds if you stay humble to begin with.


Flaws to my plan?

Sure. There are to every plan, every piece of equipment….

A 22 LR is rim fire and can be less reliable.

Centerfire is typically more reliable.

However, CCI ammo is essentially flawless. This is a concept known as mitigating risk. To mitigate risk, you must acknowledge it exists first….

A larger caliber imparts more energy, does more damage.

This is both true and false.

A 22LR will tend to tumble and this does more damage than is typically acknowledged.

A larger caliber imparts 0 energy to your attacker if you miss.

Plus if you miss you never really miss everything. You are going to hit something, or someone….

You want to hit what you are aiming at.

The 22LR gives you the best chance to do that.

You want to use ball rounds usually. If you only have CCI hollow points, use them.

Use a 22 model known to be reliable, and accurate, Ruger SR22. Or if money is an issue, the HP22 by Phoenix Arms. It has too many safeties but is pretty good for the money.

Use CCI match ammo in it, probably. I have never shot it actually. I base reliability on what I here people say and what I see on video….

I know the manual says to not use high velocity 22LRs.

The CCI match will be acceptable pressures and reliably primed to fire, go bang….


You know what the most likely thing to get you dead besides being shot is?

Missing. Don’t miss.


You better train. You better train. You better train.

If you can’t get to a range, you still better train.

You can use air soft to train for a 22LR essentially. It is better than nothing. People often scoff at air soft training but done correctly, it helps you to shoot better.

But obviously, you need to be able to shoot even a 22 to become the best you can.

This is easier for many as the 22 LR is much less expensive typically.

If you have a gun, you have to practice with it, even if it is merely a 22.

If you can’t, use air soft.

You can learn safety and basic shooting skills with air soft.


You can develop gun skills using air soft that apply to shooting a “real” gun.

There are air soft guns that even more closely approximate a “real” gun. You still must be careful with air soft guns. They can hurt people too.

I am not training here. I am plinking. Still I am learning to sight in real quick sort of. I have to recharge this air gun every time and it essentially has no sights. :)