Stuff I am not authorized to say

Switzerland plays the USMNT today in Zurich at noon EST. Switzerland makes great knives but they stink at football.

They are ranked number 12 by FIFA but that is way too high. They should be more like 22. This is my opinion.

The USMNT is going to kick Switzerland’s buttocks.

I won’t even have to say Swiss Cheese either even though I just did.

I bet the Swiss are good at cutting their cheese, given their knives and all.



Thou shalt not murder. That is a law. It is one law I have no problem following.

Some people have a hard time following this law. One example is abortionists. I guess they can’t read? I hear they can though. Read. They read and kill babies is what I hear.

Lots off people world wide, not just here in America, they murder, world wide.

Hell, it happens worldwide, hell. Murder is hell for the murdered.

When you take people’s guns, they get murdered at incredibly high rates.


I would not bet my life on it. You can if you want.



Am I sorry that I offend people?

Yes and no.

It is Holy Week.

Am I sorry that I offend people?

Yes and no.

It is any week.

Ami I sorry that I offend people?

Yes and no.

There are always two sides….

I prefer not to offend, it is my preference.

I do offend some though. I do. So do you probably. So do you, probably.


Subject X: the delineation of X

I was half kidding when I said I was one of you. I merely suspected it. Now, I am more convinced truly that I am in that line of kings.

The coincidences are too numerous to continue to discount.

It is a tenuous game… my life.

Yet, I do enjoy it so often.

I see now why I was chosen….

Tell Hank, Jr. he is always welcome to visit Wolfe County, Kentucky, especially Campton. I have kin there that are called Hanks.

I have Patton kin there too.

The O’Donnell clan too, on my father’s side. They are not from Kentucky though…. They are from Ireland ultimately…. Look them up?

Like I say, I see why you chose me….

That Abe was a hell of a fighter now.

I am descended from good stock, some of the greatest, most revered Americans who ever lived.

They were like this song, mostly.



Subject X: government, I am not five years old anymore

News Flash: you were never going to try to get me on psychotropic drugs again and live to tell about it. I was never going to let that happen.

Most of these other humans have no clue what is going on….

I do. I have lived it everyday for 44 years. I got five good years in before I was turned over to the “doctors.”

Government, mind your place and your manners.

I control you, not vice versa.

Mindless people who think the state has the right to force me to do things take notice that if you ever aid and abed said government, it will mean your ass too.

You will not jail me for things I say. You will never again take my DNA. Mostly you will stay away from me.


Look at how your government operates on many, most levels.

This man sensed it but he didn’t know how to counter it. It killed him too eventually.

The government killed him. It is the people’s government, his too. He didn’t know how to stop tyranny.

He had no gun either. Although ultimately he would have been out numbered and most likely died anyway.

His best bet was someplace free but that ain’t really America. We are told it is but it is all a lie.

It is not a race thing as much as a tax thing, control thing. The government people are tripping but so are most of the populous….



Subject X: keys to controlling….

What is the nature of people? Is there an equation for everything like I say there is? Key note. Keyed up. Keys lost. Key Chain. Key personnel. You want to control these key personnel. :) This song is almost perfect for the sentiment I wish to impart to you all.



Drugs, alcohol
Brain Manipulation consisting of numerous, and divergent, yet symbiotic techniques
Media, works in conjunction with items 1,2


The government made me and now they cannot control me as well as they would like. They got me by the balls but I am capable of squeezing back. They know that. They taught me.

You won’t ever control me. You may kill me but you won’t control me.


We are fascinated with each other.

You are more so than I. I am because I have no choice.


How many of the people who said I was going to kill them are dead by my hand? How many you fucks? Now, I want to thank everyone who came to my assistance. It won’t take long because no one did. If you send police after me again, I will send them to hell.

As far as I am concerned, you are all Nazis unless you prove otherwise.

Do not get in my face.

If you do send police, and I manage to kill them and keep them from killing or capturing me, I am coming for you then. I will kill you until you or I am dead.

The lies these people told about me have cost me years of my life and tens of thousands of dollars. I still have not killed them.

I keep hoping they will admit they lied.

They won’t.

I let them live and I write about what they did to me.

They may send the police again. If they do, I do what I said above.

I try to forget but the reminders are everywhere.

I live them. I have to live with the consequences of their lies.

Some days I get so angry, I still have not killed them.

The low life scum are still alive. I don’t do it for them. I do it for me.



You are banned. You will take drugs if required to return and undergo reprogramming.

Oh no I won’t.


Look what YOU did. Look real close.

Don’t mess with me again. I will end you then.


Cincinnati is hiring non citizen police officers, so are many other locales and the military too.

The chief of police and the people of Cincinnati are apparently dumbasses.

Ohio has the quintessential die or go to jail version of concealed carry. The Hamilton County sheriff proudly exclaimed how this Ohio law is the barometer of the land.

These are the people who allegedly protect us. It ain’t all that comforting, if at all.

America is a joke, and a bad one at that.

Don’t go to Beavercreek, Ohio. If they see you with even a BB gun, you are automatically an active shooter and they will shoot you dead. It is statewide, for example Cleveland.

In Portsmouth, they shot a mom through a trailer wall. They said oops, sorry. No they didn’t. Lady is dead too. Dead.

Police carry guns and they enforce tyranny and they can kill you in
Ohio whenever you are willing to let them.

I want to thank the soldiers from Ohio who have fought wars in foreign lands so we can have foreign police shoot us as well as domestic.

Yes, I am making fun of you.

I am making fun of your chief, your soldier, your politician, and you too.

I am making light of all of us. I am shining light.

God bless the police. God bless the soldier. Now keep them all out of my face.


Subject X: BMW

Bavarian Mental Works, BMW….


Did they give you the keys?

Scary story huh?

All these engines….

All these engines….

Tom T. Huckleberry Finnegan

It is right here in real time. You are living a secret life just by reading this story. You imagine so much of it. Sometimes, you are right.

Don’t get sucked in.

It is dangerous.

It is you who wrote this story. You wrote it. It is your story about you.

The part where you die. You wrote it.



Head of this company is?


How would you like to see the people who run this company get shot? I mean they put all kinds of things on the internet that they should not.

How would you like to see the head of this company get his or her head blown clean off. Off.


You are playing with fire.


Put an S in it

Hey look at the tree ahead do you see it I don’t do you punctuation

Amen amen amen amen amen

Do you mind? Do you? Habla Iglesias por favor the intersection interjected into a trail in the desert America

There is no trail only sand swept up, and elevations with coal plants from Mexico airlifted in by the Soviets in Washington.

I know it makes no sense

I was at the pie in the sky summit summing up someone




I only know one thing about real love. It makes people happy. If it don’t make you happy, it ain’t real love.

I ponder love sometimes, but mostly I don’t understand love. I am not afraid of love anymore. I was for a while.


Gun Poems

I pretty much consider love as a notion anymore. It is a hypothetical situation mostly….


I don’t know how love works….

I tried writing poems again at Gun Poet but I was not really into it.

I ain’t into anything much anymore.

I like my guns and shooting them.

Don’t worry. I ain’t gonna shoot anyone unless they try to shoot me etc….

I don’t write anything really anymore except here, there and on Facebook.

I don’t really care what I write. I just try to counter a few evils.

But mostly, it is a joke to me.

All this terrorism, philosophy, poetry is a joke to me. And stories, I don’t even consider writing them anymore, not really.

I have found that academia is academic and systemic and that these are terrible things.



Inside me there is stuff, lots of stuff and sometimes, the stuff comes out. I feel many have stuff in them also. I could be wrong.

The preacher says words are seeds that bring forth fruit and we have to eat it.

He is probably correct.

He probably is….

He probably is incorrect too. Life is like that.


God is the nil in nihilism – Jeff Strobbe

Thou shalt not kill. This is the word of the Nil.

I speak of the Nil. I do not speak for the Nil save for what the Nil has already spoken.

It is not my place to kill you. I am forbidden to do so. I should say murder really. I am not free to murder anyone. The Nil has forbidden it.

I follow the Nil’s will….

The Nil said thou shalt not murder.

I think that children should come into this world naturally.

I know this is a tad off subject….

But not really.

For you see, babies are being killed by abortion. The Nil disapproves of this.

And babies are born from Petrie dishes and test tubes. God does not approve of this either.

Babies that are not raised by natural parents can be adopted. They should not be murdered.

Gays, and straights, whites and blacks can adopt these babies.

This is the will of the Nil. This is my opinion. I speak of the Nil. I know I have not the authority of the Nil.

He does say though, thou shalt not murder…. Abortion is murder.



Homer, and Shakespeare are both full of shit.

A rose is just a rose, and a smile and a laugh are the same thing. And none of it means a damn thing.

In a world of nil, God is the nil.

The nil is all there really is.


I recall all of you involved. You are all still alive. You are all still liars. God knows what you did to me. He has not forgotten either. You can still make it right. It ain’t me you need to worry about scumbags. It is God. He is going to make you pay unless you set this shit straight.

I am truly leaving you to God now. My life from this point on is going to be fabulous, mostly.

Yours, not so much unless you right your wrongs against me.

I am not the protagonists in this video.

It is you, God and the devil….

Me, I am out of this world.


I don’t have plans to kill any of you. I have plans to kill you all, none of which will come into play if you leave me be.

I ain’t violent really. I am though if I need to be.

I ain’t racist either. I will kill anyone who messes with me. Period.

Truth is, I am as mellow as they come. Until you mess with me.

Even then, I won’t kill you unless it involves my freedom or my life.

I probably should have killed some people already, but I have not.

Lucky for them.

Their luck is expired though. They had better not cross me again.

Thing is, I don’t want to live a life on the run, killing people.

I know that once you start killing people, you can’t ever stop.

If I kill someone, the cops will be on me forever and I will have to kill and kill and kill.

I don’t want that. So I don’t. It really has nothing to do with my respecting their lives.

As far as I am concerned, the people I should have killed are lucky I value my own life.

I won’t be going to jail ever. If anyone tries to put me there, I start killing them until they or I are dead.

Don’t go telling me I am not allowed to have plans to kill you.

General Tommy Mattis has plans to kill everyone he meets and he has even met the president. So there.


I used to be such a nice person. Now, I am only nice when I feel like it.


Starbucks can write whatever they like on their cups. We just don’t have to buy their cups. We don’t need a lecture with our coffee though. At least I don’t. You might feel the need. I don’t.

I am tired of corporations telling me stuff of a political nature. I am tired of politicians, and judges doing the same. I am tired of civilization in general.

The,way I see it, good people will not mess with me. Bad people will and I may have to kill them then. Oh well.

I define good people as those who satay out of my face and let me an d mine be.

It is simple. Don’t mess with me whatever color or creed you are and you won’t have a problem with me. Mess with me and I will kill you whatever color or creed you are.

It doesn’t matter what your title is.

Oh and I don’t need any fool telling me I am an anti-Semite either up just because Israel nuked some stupid New Yorkers.

And as for Muslims and their Sharia bull shit. They got another thing coming too. If they try to force their shit down my throat, I will cut their heads off with my tomahawk.

Jew and Christian Zionists, same deal, don’t mess with me, I will cut your head off or blow your brains out, whichever is easiest.

And atheists, don’t try to sell me on your god science. Don’t persecute me for believing in God. I will kill you.


I won’t fire first. I won’t. I ain’t crazy. I ain’t got a death wish. I don’t think I am God, or even Jesus.

You all are some fine killing machines you are.

I talk a lot of shit I know but I ain’t stupid.

Odds are good I will die too.

I ain’t no Patriot. I ain’t no hero. I may be a damn fool for talking though.

But hey, I have to try something.

I ain’t particularly brave.


Plus, I look at common every day people and I know most of them are fine. I don’t want them hurt even if I don’t particularly like them or know them.

Jesus talked a lot of smack about people sometimes too.

He didn’t kill anyone though.