The Autocross I watched live briefly today was cool. I saw cars have their right rear wheel in air after get on brakes and entering turn. I watched the differences in the cars and the drivers. Pretty kewl.

There were tires smoking too. And loud noises. Like I say, pretty kewl.

It was the kind of thing where if you saw it on street, at a minimum, all would be like, “Damn.”

Some would call the law.

One car/driver combo of several that stood out to me was a Datsun 240 Z. They were in first after several runs and killing it.

Like I had heard, there were Many Miatas.

But there were other multiples too, Camaro, Vette, Subaru, Toyota….

Like I could tell from studying, there is a lot to master.

I observed that a fair amount of women were driving. They were not close to half of field though. One woman was leading.


I will keep viewing these when I can.

I must have a suitable car before I can even consider driving.

And once I find a car, and it passes, then I am at novice level to start.

And off to races in terms of learning….

There is an Autocross course in fall I hope to be ready, able to attend.

SCCA recommends new drivers start in novice class. It is not mandatory but highly recommended.



Don’t drive dangerously.

I don’t redline much really. I usually go 3 to 5 RPMs in thousands, depending on speed limit, area etc. My redline is 6900….

There are times when driving safely requires adequate acceleration to merging speed etc.

And if it is wet for example, don’t go insane.

Even on a closed track, there are rules. Follow the rules.

For max acceleration, one must apply max Torque to wheels.

To do this the engine must be revving at right amount and transmission be in correct gear.

Shifting at right time is critical. And the shift must be fast and smooth….

For many road courses, racers live in gears 1, 2 and 3.

Now it is gonna vary some depending on setup of car.

But for many cars, gears 1,2 and 3 should be taken to redline.

Don’t recommend you do this in town. You will be speeding very soon.

And you better practice….

Oh and you better be able to stop.

And just do the speed limit.


Wanna know a secret?

There is more to learn still about Z go fast, fast.

But I ain’t gonna teach you that.

I am learning that “racing” is difficult and requires much study.

When a shift, how a shift. When a brake, how a brake. How a gas. When a gas.

And not on street.


I think the SCCA event may have moved to a different location. I saw it was to be in Monroe. Later I saw it was in Ross.

I don’t even know if it is still on.

I just checked and it is on in Lebanon (Monroe). It is at Trader’s World Flea Market. If you go, enter off Union Road. First car races at 10 AM trophies at 4 pm.

I most likely will be there for at least a while. Two dollars to park, exact change preferred.


Now I have plans.


Racing is quite likely legally occurring in your neighborhood.

SCCA events are around….

Oh and when shifting, gentle. When not shifting, both hands on wheel.

The wheel is where you and car communicate the most. You talk at brakes and rear end or front end.

And wheel can actually help you brake some….

OK I went and stayed for about 80 minutes. It was really cool. I can see there is a lot to learn.

I would have stayed longer but it was hot and I had no hat or water.

I just wanted to get some exposure to the deal.

I did.

Now I must find a car.


It is hard for me to really comprehend the concept of royalty. I don’t care how much crap I read, hear, see or whatever. I just cannot comprehend some King. I really can’t. I mean except for in some jungle. We must live in a jungle. Well dang. Darn, dern, or whatever.

How in the hell would I even talk to this royalty?

I mean what they gonna do say I unknowingly offend them?

They gonna penalize me in some way?

I mean really.

What if I object?

You know I am apt to object.

I mean it is a lot like government in general.

All these Little Kings….

I have no desire to rule any of you.

I can’t even imagine ruling you.


So let me see if I got this:

You the king. She the queen.

What is that to mean?


Subject X: existential threat(s)

What came first? Chicken? Egg? Human? AI?

AI is here already. Too bad. So sad.

AI already is heavily armed and making life and death decisions.

I am talking human life.

Machines are already killing humans, on purpose.

MK and AI are actually quite integrated.

Did you keep reading down to here?

If you did, there is hope for you.

AI is bad. Bad.


I am saddened by the two school attacks this week. Grateful that Dixon incident was thwarted. Immensely sad the Texas incident was not. Prayers for the dead, injured and mourning.

The last football game I played in HS was at Dixon HS.

And Dixon Road runs right into my old hometown, Rock Falls.

WSDR radio, Sterling, Dixon and Rock Falls….

A RF alum coached Dixon several times. I have been there many times.

I became a Prince fan when I was in Dixon. I briefly lived there.

I swear I ran faster in Dixon. Some of my best track times were in Dixon.

And every year they have Petunia Festival.



I showed Dude tip on card. He looked at it and said, “No way. I’ve seen 30, 40. I ain’t ever seen 50.”

I myself have never known a driver to get a bigger tip. The most I ever heard was $35.

The most I ever got before was $20.

It is funny because I sometimes have this conversation in my head on drive about how I get a fifty dollar tip.

I never really thought it would happen. It was just a mindgame….

It goes like this:

Customer: How much do people usually tip you?

Me: They usually give me fifty or a hundred.


One cool customer gave me a $50 tip today. I got back to my car and looked at ticket and I had to do a double take. It was a thirty pie order. But still I was not expecting that. I figured $20 tops. That is biggest tip I ever got.

The order total before tip was around $152. So the tip woman gave me was quite generous.

It is a bit humbling.

It definitely made me take pause and thank God.

I will have to pass some of it along to others.

I will give some of it to three insiders who helped.

It is how restaurants are really supposed to go.

It is called a tip out.

I have been known to do it when deserved.

Today it was.


I am looking forward to work today. The Hyundai looks good in a hat. I am trying to get her to stop smoking. She has cut back some.

The Hyundai is a showoff. She likes to squawk her tires. It ain’t me. It is her.

Today and for a while, we hold her back….

She and I are still learning the other.


If I ever get video back, I may show you a turn on Yankee Road.

I probably won’t though. I don’t want anyone running it.

It is an expert level turn.

You know any experts?

I don’t. I know a few damn fools though.


There is always a second opinion option.

Can I get an amen? And if amen offends you, you shall get over it.

If not, ask and I shall pray for you.

Right now I must do a load of laundry and concurrently “run through” my cars. (Get one ready for work, other read to be worked on)

The Nissan can never really be modded now.

But it can be given more time. Possibly.

My boss hates the Nissan. Because of its inauspicious and troublesome start at my new job, I know my boss hates it. They told me that, eventually.

You know I love the Nissan. It is what I prefer to drive.

I should not really take it to work. But you know I want to.

The Hyundai is growing on me. But she just is not Nissan Number Car.

Although, Hyundai can possibly be modded. And she is perhaps lighter than Nissan. And that is saying something, because Nissan is really, really light.

Accent: 2255 lbs
Nissan: 2401 lbs

Folks both are svelte. It is gonna be hard to find any lighter. They would have to be real tiny.


Hyundai has a heat shield set in engine compartment, nice touch. The Nissan will need insulation, should I choose to. This Hyundai has some thought in it.


Nissan can be a “test bed.” See, I can “experiment” on her.


Nissan will be home in about two hours.

It is sad. They said I should not put any more money into her.

They said that I should just leave her as is, or get rid of her.

They didn’t charge me anything. They are a class act.

They said to just send them some customers.

When I bottomed out on Hank’s Hill, she broke some.

She will be traded soon or sold for salvage/parts.

A few more drives though….

She is home now. I am going to air up her tires to spec, and take her for a drive.

I don’t have a destination.

I am back home now.

I just went to Monroe Burger King.

I am gradually coming to terms with this possibility of putting Nissan Number Car down.

There is still some resistance to the notion.

I simply don’t want to.

See there is a love for this car. And if you can find an SE R in good shape, buy it. And SE, same thing, five speed….

There are not many left unfortunately.


Things you can do to a 200 SX SE if you find one in good shape.

Nissan really should bring it back with an SR20 Turbo setup….


I yi yi

1 if by and, 2 if by C

the midnight hide of Saul Severe

I in the sky with Hymenoptera





It can be pure ecstasy.

The places butterflies can go.

But there is a darkness about all of it.

It is all malleable.

But not permanent in any true sense.

It appears so.

It is deceit.

Tentacles of Confederstion:

Out on Hank’s Road

Hollywood Homes.

Out in the woods. Inside joke.


Lepidoptera, Queen of the Guile


Shop will be calling me again soon. They will be asking me what I decided for Nissan. As of right now, I don’t know yet. I have a few more hours to decide.

I am recalling our last drive. We hit 75 plus on entrance ramp and I was not even standing on it.

She had a lot more. She didn’t shake. She didn’t rattle.

I recall looking at speedometer and thinking, “Damn. I ain’t even trying to go fast. But I am going fast.”

We were in third gear and she wanted more. She had more. But I held back, law and all.

You know this car has two 24 hour endurance championships right?

I think today that I tell them to weld the motor mounting units and let everything else go for now.

This will buy me more time with her. I just don’t think I can give up on her yet.

See this car and me have bonded. I don’t care how “bad” she appears to be.

She will perform.

If I go buy another car, supposedly better, it will cost more money and really won’t have anything on Nissan Number Car.

I actually prefer having a car no one else wants.

And this car here? She will go.

I let and I mean let a BMW pass me a while back.

See the car is rare.

It won’t out run everything.

I don’t drive it like that.

I just make time now and again.

See this is not even the 2.0.

It is the 1.6. But it will still kick most cars asses.

It is not a drag racer. It could be with 2.0….

It is a “wind up toy.”

And I must be crazy.

You all may not understand?

I don’t fully either.

This video will give you an idea of what must be welded. The section that runs fender to fender must be replaced. It is in front lower part of engine bay.

I am going to have them do it. For them, it is standard fare. They are good.


Nissan Decision Time

Shop called today. They wanted to show me some stuff on my car.

The motor mounting system will need repair. It needs welded.

The car is old, and rusted in a lot of spots.

I am sure these guys checked it well. They didn’t find anymore.

But that doesn’t mean there are not more spots that will need repair.

And some of those spots may be unrepairable.

It is time most likely to put the Nissan down.

It is a shame.

But it is too risky to keep driving her. The rust is such that her frame I no longer trust.

She will need another axle too.

She just needs so much and with the rust it is too big a risk.

I guess I just made up my mind.

But I have been known to change my mind.

They didn’t find any other spots.

I may be over cautious.

I do like the car.

She runs good. And hell, I ain’t gonna find a better car than her.

Don’t write her off yet.

She is not just any car. She is a champion.

This is Nissan Number Car, Nissan Truck….

This car has made me like driving again. That is why I should both keep it and get rid of it.

This has me torn.


Subject X: GaN Valley

Where Heath?

The Big Valley.

Import and Export.

You read his tweet?


You in tune with what is going on?

I try to avoid all this shit.

I really do.

But military industrial complexities and all.




Power. Immense Power.

Got Power?

And Jr? Stay Cool?


Want to be a racer?

It is not safe really. Racing.

There are safer ways to do it.

But don’t ever believe it is completely safe.

Be very careful choosing your courses….

There is a road to racing. It is not near as expensive as you may think.

I have often thought of racing.

My mind is pretty much always racing.

And I have the time.

There is a race next Sunday sponsored by Cincinnati SCCA in Monroe (Lebanon) at flea market. I will be there spectating.

It is called Solo, the event type, autocross. And anyone can do it pretty much.

I am researching it now. There are different divisions for skill level etc.

And like I said, pretty much anyone in any vehicle can partake.


Here is a list of cars one may want. But you can use any vehicle you want. Pretty much.

It is way more about your skill than your car though.


I don’t know how slow you can go. But I can see me going awful slow my first runs, slow enough to wave and a stuff to the crowd.


It takes time to build up to 4,000 rpm launches. 😄




The search for a car? Or do I already have the car?

There will be likely more than one. It can be any car, pretty much.


Today I managed to find a short cut for us to take to our worst delivery area in terms of elapsed time for runs. I told you I would mitigate that run. I did big time too. I passed the route on to our team.

This is a good find. No one else in our team could find one.

I did.

I didn’t have to share it.

Some drivers would not.

But I am a team player.



Odds are I keep driving. I am good and getting better everyday.

And I drive a sports car usually.

It is old as hell. But it is still a sports car.

And I listen to the radio.

There are worse things.

And the people are alright.


I met with my former boss at group home today. I will be returning to my former shifts and duties as soon as possible. I will be doing the required preliminary stuff soon and the plan is for me to start as soon as possible once my exclusionary period end 7/09/18. They want me back as soon as legally possible.

I am looking forward to returning.

I am not sure about my current job yet. I may stay. I may leave.

I will give notice, should I leave. I won’t be working there near as much if I stay.

The home was not able to find anyone to fill my spot.

It is not easy to find people who can do the job.

It is a shame that I had to leave. Thy staff and the clients need me, or someone like me, there.

And all the crap that I was charged with was pure lies and bull shit.

But in about two months, I will be back where I belong and am needed.


This is the absolute worst delivery destination in terms of “time” I can get. I dread this run. If I get it just once a night, it can set me back the whole rush. I am trying to find ways to mitigate run. It is like mission impossible thus far. Even my boss who is sharp, is boggled by this run. Here is the “map.” It looks like a sand trap.

When I am only driver especially and this run cones in, I just cringe.

It takes mega fine to even get there. Then you must park blind essentially because there are no numbers to speak of on perimeter.

And then you walk, and walk
And walk.

When people stiff you here, it is really a kicker. Because the very run itself already hosed Driver.

I would not deliver there myself. It takes too much time.

It ain’t my call though.

There are other challenging runs. But this one is far and away the worst.

Delivering food fast is harder than you probably think.

I will mitigate this run.

I am working to obtain a real map and trying to set up a parking agreeemnt. I can’t do parking agreement myself, unfortunately.

I would not deliver there if I didn’t have to. I would not. It takes too long every time.

I would let other establishments have it all to themselves. It will cost them time which is money.


I prefer the country roads.

We know what we signed up for though.


Subject X: a real safe

Vaunted Vault, Leaps and Bounds

Criminal Elements


A Real Safe

You ever hear of that egg on a wall?

Get off that wall egg man?


Don’t buy your safe at Wall Art.


Subject X: hearts and minds

To get a taste of how dark this notion can really be, do this?

Choose someone to view.

View their chest, where you presume their heart to be, and imagine you are going to shoot them right in the heart, on purpose.

Then, look at their head, do the same thing.

Of course, you don’t have to.

It is what it is.

I took fifty shots at paper hearts and paper minds.

I never missed any.

You better know people ain’t paper.


How safe is your safe? If you bought it at a box store, I can get in it.

It is easy to get in most locked things.

I was reading this post written by a cop. The cop was bitching about people leaving their guns in their cars unsecured.

It is a legitimate gripe.

But do you know how easy it is to break into the devices offered as “safes?”

It is easy as hell.

It don’t matter where that safe is either. House? Car?

If you bought it at a box store, a thief can break in pretty fast and easy.


Good luck out there.

And guns?

Pain in ass.


My Hyundai is winning more points with me everyday!

Today I turned the AC on to see if it worked. And it not only worked, it was ice cold and the car never missed a beat.

Plus I have a lot of gas left after two shifts and only filling it up to 1/2.

And I only paid $850 out the door for this little gem.

She is smoking less all the time too.

I did very good buying this little bugger.


I miss my Nissan. I may call it Missan. The shop I took it to is good. So they are always packed. I knew when I dropped it off it would be there a while. I likely won’t get her back until next week some time. It had to be though.

On Monday I took her for a long cruise before I dropped her off.

We hit speeding on the on ramp to Ohio 129. I will just say speeding.

Then we backed off just before merge.

Speed limit is 65 there. So we were doing more than that.

Allegedly. I could be lying officers.


Been off work three of last four days and spent most of time resting and recuperating. I had to. My skin is better now thankfully. I work next three days.

At some point, more than likely, I buy some time on Vimeo and make some more videos of me shooting and a stuff.

I have not been shooting much for months, video or guns.

But I will soon.

I shoot a lot. So sometimes I stop and take a break.

Probably next week, I hit range again. I may go to indoor range tonight.

I need to get back on target, so to speak.

Tuesday at work I was itching to death. I had to take antihistamine for first time in months because I just could not stand the itching.

The Apple Cider Vinegar was helping a lot, so no antihistamines required.

But I got a lot of grease and oil on me working on my cars and it made my eczema go nuts.

But thankfully I am better now.