Words to live by from Jeff Cooper.

If you cannot ingrain these four things, you should not have a firearm, or any other such item.

Insert car for gun, same deal. Etc.

All guns are loaded.

Never point a gun at anything you do not want to destroy.

Never touch the trigger until target is acquired and a shot is required, appropriate.

Always be aware of what is beyond and around your target.

All endeavors should always reference and adhere to these things.


Occupation: pizza driver

Did you think I was wrong before when I told you the job was quite like being a cop?

I wasn’t.

Deals on Wheels.


People angry at you before you ever arrive.


Crimes of opportunity.

And the kicker?

It is more dangerous. More.

There are no talismans.

I go ASAP, as slow as possible.


Special Delivery Squad? Don’t exist. Not really.


You have to be a little cold, and a little crazy.

All the initial data pointed to him merely fleeing.

Let us hope that is case.

Because if it ain’t, I am gonna kick myself for not training him.

I should have.

The videos tell you to be careful but that is about all.

Most have no idea their job is more dangerous than even a cops.

I had a more experienced driver do it.

But truth is as far as staying alive, I should have just done it.

I was pissed though. Not at kid, at store.

I put him in good hands job wise but I would have forewarned him of how dangerous it really is.

And the other driver probably did.

But he ain’t me, not in that regard.

The driver was supposed to have had experience too driving is what I was told about him.

I figured he knew the deal then.

So I am really able to lighten up on myself I guess, some.



I went out searching. I didn’t see the car or driver. I don’t know him. I heard stories about his past employment. But who knows? I hope it is merely Dude bugged out….

I hope police find him well.

I never expected I would find him.

I can’t use any lights really.

They (police) can light anything up.

I just drove the area my boss said he went.

I didn’t see a trace.

It is dark and rainy.

I was planning to stay longer but my McDs coffee came cold so I just took one sip on way to area and after my first full pass I was tired so I went home.

I ain’t helping much if I get in a wreck tired.

I just wanted to try at least a drive through.


That’s Entertainment

I am telling you it would be a great documentary.

I hope the driver is OK.

It is possible he was robbed and or harmed in some way. I pray not.

But I just recalled an important detail I had overlooked.

The only communication I know that was received from driver was a text message to store.

He apparently never answered calls.

I was not worried about possible attack as much when I heard he had communicated with store during event. But the potential significance of it being a text message was a red flag of sorts

Why didn’t he just answer phone?

It could be like I initially thought and he just didn’t want to talk.

But why text?

It may have been an attacker that responded. Possibly. I again pray not.

But also his not being back increases odds he was attacked.

God I hope not.

I hope they find him.

So I hope it is just him being relatively dumb.

It ain’t funny to me now, not anymore.


For now, I removed my request for only two nights a week. After the night my boss had tonight because of one of her new hires, I decided I would give her more help. If I told you what happened, you probably would not even believe me. I will say police are looking for the driver.

The driver left with food and cash, and as of time I left, was nowhere to be found.

I ain’t looking for him.

I don’t even know him other than work.

I decided that I would cancel my request after work if my boss had not approved it.

Look, I don’t hate her.

This was never really about “kicking” her….

And look Dude if you read this, turn up peacefully at cop shop and maybe it will end better.


Subject X: trigger control

If you have even a bit of knowledge of mind control, you have heard or read about triggers.

If you have researched MKUltra seriously and thoroughly then you may feel you understand triggers, and their control.

For you non believers in mind control, I point you at your fields of psychiatry and psychology.

What do these fields seek to accomplish?

Mind Control.

This title is a type of trigger for some.

What did the ELF say?

You think you can control that doctor?

Fault. Faults. Shorts. Shortcomings. Blame.

So you think you understand this the “trigger control?”


I don’t feel any of you do.

There are some seriously dangerous programs around.

I don’t kid myself.


I rarely drink myself, and bars I really only enter to deliver pizza.

Then I leave.

Alcohol is mind altering in a way I don’t prefer.


Anyone on the bar stool talking about helicopters?


Light as a every Day carry security tool is not without at least one major potential draw back. You better know about it. Good thing I am gonna share.

An experience of mine is going to highlight two potential problems actually.

1. People may be pissed off by the light

2. They make think you are a police officer.

I was looking for an address and the light I was using had somehow apparently crossed the eyes of a gentleman who lived in complex.

I tried to avoid windows and balconies and such to avoid that happening.

The person came out and at me hollering and angry.

It took about three minutes to calm him down and let him know it was not intentional.

To his credit, he got his piece (words, not a gun) out and listened to my calm reasonsonable explanation. And I apologized.

I was hoping he would not attack.

I was as ready as I could be, but calm.

At one point he asked me if I was police. I could not help but see he did not seem to like police.

I kind of chuckled later to myself as I recalled how a trainer said having people think you are police is a good thing.


There are no talismans, not even light.

And deescalation skills are imperative.

Avoidance is goal but Murphy does show up….

I tried to avoid shining light in eyes etc.

I was merely trying to make a delivery.

It is never lost on me how dangerous my job is or even a stroll….

And one must be able to defend oneself should a person actually attack.

It is Cooper and his conditions.

I was in Orange.

I did not present any weapon.

I stayed calm.

I listened too and watched person.

If actually attacked, consider what Bruce Lee said, Intercept.

It is the basis. ECQC extremely close quarters combat

Study Craig Douglas. No I don’t know him. But I have researched him and studied his materials as much as I could…..


If I take the money I made this week on three crappy shifts I unjustly got stuck with, it does not equal what I would have made in one premium shift. So, knowing this, my going down to merely two shifts a week is genius.

My boss has not seen my request yet apparently. She will by Sunday sometime.

I am not backing down.

Two is all they get.

And so you know, I am not being mean to anyone.

The new hires that are there are not at fault.

And my boss can do what she wants.

I just won’t be there, as much, or if fired at all.

I win either way. Being there as I am now is a waste of my time.

And one new hire besides the two already fired, called off yesterday. They will again.

It wont be my problem. I won’t be there.

I chose the two shifts where making money and not having to pick up slack coincide.


Subject X: mores

Primal Community.

Prime Primer.

Mores are not the moral of the story. There is a moral.

Fundamental. Essential.

Scream all you want.

All us and mores-ville. And the moral is there but forgotten. Overlooked. Denied. But God sees us all.


I am available for hire

If my current employer wants me more than 2 nights, they must reapply.

I am a straight shooter.

What you see is what you get.

I ain’t for everybody.

I am capable of most things, not quite all.

At some things, I am among if not best on planet.

I may be the best of all at some.



It has become untenable

The one driver left of the three new ones who received my premium shifts did not show up tonight. Of course.

They wanted me to cover.

I said no.

I just got home and requested my availability be reduced to only Wednesday and Saturday nights.

I chose those two shifts on purpose. They will know why.

I will not be able to put up with more than those two shifts.

No day shifts either, at all.

When I got there today, they asked me to train the next new guy.

I got out of that too.

I am not training anyone for then anymore.


They treat me essentially like I ain’t there and I was.

Now I will rarely be there, just like the closers.


I ain’t gonna blow them up or anything.

I just ain’t gonna let them blow me up.


1/2 mile versus 1/4 mile, that is for a set of two things, other sets have other miles. it is all crazy.

308, 223

Distance is your friend.

OK, I have come to agree that 308 is minimum caliber for battle rifle designation.


Man V Helicopter

Who wins?


Mr. Cooper,

I didn’t know you.

I try to remember that.

I can’t help but question.

I am smart enough to listen.


You are about like Patton, Mr. Cooper.


You know these rules are pretty important. Life and death.

Knowing them can go a long way in helping you survive if someone is breaking them.


My preference, by far, is to stay put. Like I told y’all a couple weeks ago, I like where I am and who I work with. So, I am trying to work it out. I am not a total bastard. Yesterday, I was gracious and it was not fake.

I am rightfully upset. But I tried to see my boss’ side of deal.

I like I have said many times am not unreasonable.

And on a personal level, I like my boss.

And I told you yesterday, she was having a hard day for reasons that I won’t divulge.

But they are a lot to deal with and I know that.

I felt bad for her so I went into gracious mode.

I know why my boss did what she did. I don’t agree with it.

But I know why.

I just wish she would have explained it to me first.

Btw, she approved my Sundays off.

That helped.


And the survey says? Comorbidity. Don’t you just love shrinks?

Family Feud Psychiatry Center, USAF

I said Comorbidity on purpose just like I put USAF in on purpose.

MK Ultra

I heard jocks on WLW talking to some retired USAF colonel.

They were scapegoating and not cognizant of their own disorders.

It was darkly funny to listen too.

They think they didn’t play a role in what they make. They make killers.

Much of the country suffers from same multiple things.


Dear Major League Soccer,

My birthday is 12/22. You know why this day is significant to you and others including the city of Cincinnati.

It is my birthday.

Now, the people of Cincinnati want and deserve this franchise.

So please make my birthday a present to the people of this the FC Cincinnati?



As for the stadium, what is wrong with Paul Brown stadium?

I mean besides the Bengals.

It is on the river and has like a zillion seats. There are bars, and soccer fans love bars.

Plus, the team kicked two of your teams butts.

And, the team made international news.

I got more.

You want the community to invest?

Save them some cash up front and fill the riverfront.

Rolling on Z River.




Back from work update

As you know, I am pissed over my shifts being given to new drivers.

And rightfully so.

I was nice today though and on time for my crappy day shift, less money and more work.

My boss was there today and she was having a bad day apparently. I didn’t make it worse.

I don’t hate my boss. I am just upset with her.

She told me she fired two of the new drivers whom she had replaced me with. She said she will probably need me to work more hours.

I just laughed.

I guess she has not seen my request for Sundays off.

I left right when my shift ended.

Another driver had called off again and I said I was not staying to cover.

I did all my duties today and since whoever worked Day shift yesterday did not do theirs, I had to pick up their slack.

I was not keen on it as you know.

But I did it because I didn’t want it blamed on me.

I do my job, and unfortunately often that of one or two or even more of others.

If I don’t get premium shifts back on next schedule, I will further reduce my availability.

I don’t care if they are understaffed.

It is funny to me she had to fire them two.

It really is.

But I won’t let it slide if I don’t get good shifts back.

If I don’t, like I said, my availability is going to be cut way back.

I will find other employment.

It is a matter of principle and to a degree money.

I made shit money today. And I had to do what the driver yesterday blew off.

I am not gonna put up with that.

I aint.


Don’t worry. I am pissed, not insane.

Y’all are so buttoned up, most of ya.

It is actually funny that so many of you are afraid of me.

I guess you don’t see yourselves.

I see you.

We are all stuck on Earth.

It is called civilization or some shit.

Y’all be civil to one another now.

Can you imagine me all buttoned up?


I don’t cover shifts for others. I don’t pick up their slack. All I do now is bare minimum. Arriving on time is a challenge for me now too.

I don’t stay later than scheduled either, not anymore.

I don’t see anything that needs done.

Coming in early is out of question, see title.

See I already have done all these things and more.

I had previously endured people with less seniority getting the premium shifts over me.

When I got in the wreck, I was covering a premium shift for a new hire who didn’t bother to show up.

He didn’t show up often. He is gone now and I finally got those shifts.

I did them well.

Now they have been taken from me and given to more new hires.

Thus my attitude, my rebellion.

I will do my job when I get there but only at the bare minimum.

I will try to arrive on time as that is a bare minimum.

But I make no promise about that aspect.

I may need extra time to get my head and stomach straight.

I don’t care what boss may have to say about any of this.

Not anymore.

Sunday I arrived and of course the other driver did not.

I was on my rebellion then. I didn’t hurry in the least. I only went regular speed because the shift leader there was the only one I will even consider going above the call of duty for.

The rest? I don’t really care any more. Well maybe one more leader.

The one who came in as Rush was tailing down.


What am I gonna do?

Bare minimum.

And hell at least 50 percent of time, I ain’t even in store. I will be nice to customers and civil to the rest. Best I can do.


I ain’t really sweet unless I want to be.


Subject X: one

When it gets hardest to stay together, I slow down.

Or I even stop.

And the many become one again.

It often literally takes sleep.

It is like meeting new people.

It is like a meeting of the minds.

The split is real.

But it is a set. And sets have limits and the set is a whole and as such, one.


By way of review and explanation

Is there anyone else on planet with one of these?

Or just me?



Get the picture?


We know in part. We prophecy in part.

In other words, we don’t know what we don’t know.

What I know that you don’t yet is this: what I knew saved me from this bullet.

ASAP: As Safe as Possible



Subject X: 🥅s

What do you see?

Perception is reality?

Think. Choose carefully.

It ain’t my fault MKUltra.


By analogy, let me describe my MKUltra existence as a vehicle I prefer to stay in the garage.


Look, I am just trying to help.

I can stop.





What do you see?

Perhaps you see a net.

I really don’t know what you see.


People see what they want to see?

I hear some people say that.

It can’t be that simple?

I don’t know.

I meant goals.

But even then, people gonna see what they want.


What you see?