Middletown Journal

I rarely look at newspapers anymore.

When I do it is almost always the inserts, fliers mostly.

Today is Sunday so if I look at a paper at all, which is rare like I said, it is the Sunday paper.

These two things struck me. They were in the fliers section of the news

What? You don’t call that news? It is news to me.

News and views.

I miss my Olds.

Lets start at bottom article. It is about Oscar Goldman creator of Bionic Technology.

And the Oscar goes to? Trump.

Yes, Trump. Best bad ball cap in a base ball game.

And they do have their Times in LA.

Why is the LA Times in my Middletown Journal?

They are banned. That doesn’t trouble me really. There was a time when it would have.

They are de-pressed? You know? Sad.


Speaking of rad, let us go to first item.

Look at Fernald.

It closed production in 1989.

The production workers are ailing.

I worked there during remediation for several years.

It was much safer then.

Uranium mill tailings. Uranium hexafluoride. PCBs. Lots more and many potential unknowns.

Mass spectrometry required etc.

Money. Lots of money.

Ex-military out ying and yang.

And the big time industry heavyweights, world wide conglomerates….

Hollywood red carpet type deal.

Working at Fernald was fascinating to me. It had everything.

It was the whole spectrum in one place.

And Mound? Whoa.


The Underground.

You know there is a lot underground in Ohio. Well you do now.

You just don’t know what it is.

Is that news to you?


Son of Granny Oakley

I told a youngin last night, “You ought not let Granny here you say that.”


Granny Oakley’s brother knew not to mess with her. She was fixin to fling lead his way.

True story.

She swears she hates guns, and football.

I reckon I believe her.

Granny didn’t know at time it was her brother trying to play a joke on her and she got the rifle.

My uncle went in Army. But he ain’t got a thing on Granny.

My uncle said, “We better fess up who we are or she will shoot us.”


I am going out with my “allowance.” I need gas. I may buy ammo too. I didn’t preclude myself from ammo.


Play time until I go to work at 1600 to make Z money.

Odds are I drop $10.00 at a gun store on a raffle for an AR15. I may not. I might. I will probably win it. I am a lucky one.


OK I went out and got gas, coffee and smokes. I drove toward flea market and then changed my mind and came home.

I don’t need anything so my cheapskate kicked in.

I left home with $135.00 and came home with $120.00.

I could have totally blown it all.

But I decided to keep it for a “rainy day.”

Plus I work late tonight so I take nap soon.

I sit on my allowance often. It gives me options.

I may put more gas in my old Toyota. I love the old bastard, 40 MPG pretty much. I had gas in it already so I only put 8$ in.

I put more in at a quarter tank. I have over half a tank now and that will last a while.

I put more in at lower prices…. It was 2.11 today. That is pretty good but I look to get more around 1.99.

I tend to buy smokes everyday and coffee too so if I need a tad of gas I get it then.

Smokes are my main vice.


Why the emphasis on stocks lately?

It is simple really. I invested money every pay period and employer matched at my old job I lost in September.

I was able to invest pre-tax dollars.

My current employer does not offer this. But I am making a lot more money.

It is something I have been intending to do anyway once I got a feel for my new budget.

My money in my other investments is doing fine, up 22% percent over last 52 weeks.

But I need to keep saving and investing. I put my last two paychecks in savings yesterday.

The nature of how I am paid means that my paychecks are like a “bonus.” I will rarely need them to cover my monthly outlays.

I can basically do what I want to with them.

I was laughing at myself yesterday because I am so tight many times.

I am no multi-millionaire but I am in a pretty good position.

I plan to make it way better.

I will be channeling a fair portion of my excess money each month to stocks, more than savings typically from now on.

Why earn small interest when I can earn bigger dividends?

I will invest in stable stocks mostly, but some higher risks ones too, just wisely.

I will probably put 75-100 dollars per month in “play” stocks, riskier ones with potential for big gains.

I could go higher depending on my analysis/findings.

I will likely do 100-200 or even more in stable dividend stocks. It makes more sense than just a typical savings account.

I could buy a lot of guns every month but they don’t appreciate usually.

In a typical month I will have 700 dollars I can do with what I will. It will be higher possibly too. I am estimating conservatively.

I plan to use it wisely.

I will still buy guns some. Probably. But at some point, I will likely settle my collection at around 3 guns.

I don’t need most of guns I have.

I just like them.


Oh by the way, I work part-time.

So I can make more money too, if I want.


Stock Photo

This stock is a definite buy.

This stock is a definite buy. The question is when you sell it? Or do you hold? Politics is the main thing to watch here….


There is a Califonia company that can't predict their earnings for shit really yet I am considering, and a Mexican Tel Com too. There may be a few more currently....

There is a Califonia company that can’t predict their earnings for shit really yet I am considering, and a Mexican Tel Com too. There may be a few more currently….

what is the yield?

what is the history?

what is the future?

The companies all will make me money.

Just beginning to research this one.

Just beginning to research this one.


Operative word today is, Freeze, as in spending freeze. What this means is no more guns for a while. I am researching stocks and some of my money that was to go toward guns is going to stock purchases. I have enough guns for now.

I might as well collect dividends.


I have acumen in such things.

So, a portion of my income is going to be used to buy stocks that are undervalued and pay dividends.

I have identified several possibilities.

I expect to begin purchasing sometime in March as soon as I budget….

I have been living under my means but I tend to do so more for a while.

Bare essentials for now.


What’s in your mallet?

This a post about (only I know).

I am considering my faculties and proclivities regarding (…).


I started researching (…). I can take what I have currently and use it to make (…), or I can sit on it and procure more, which I will be doing anyway.

The trophies I accumulated are not all for sports, many are for my faculties.





I have taken a large portion of (X) and stored it securely and set up a process to continue to do same. This solves two “problems.”

It is a nice solid start and one where potential problems have been avoided. This has been a good day.

Now, I will allocate additional (X) according to a detailed plan currently being devised.


Nap Time Before Work Time

I have a short shift but I am still taking a nap first.


Because I like naps. That is why.

I tend to get Zs in before I go make Z money.

I dream of all Z money I am going to make.



Firearms require classroom time and homework too.

This person is a guest on Ballistic Radio sometimes.

I study a lot as well as train.


Armorizing a Plastic Folger’s Coffee Can

RattleSnake Armor: Target Division

Camel Packs in production. Now Folger’s.


If you can carry it, I can stop it.

If you can carry it, I can stop it.

Who? How?


When the shit hits the can.


Glimpse of crude version quickly constructed from items on hand.



This steel was reclaimed from first Paul Revere Armor. It was not re-conditionable so it can be a temporary backplate until I refine designs….



Fun. Duh. Mentals. Of? Whatever. Today for me it was to possibly be for shooting firearms at small things fast. But I may just do the fundamentals of shooting with Airsoft today. I am not sure yet.

Firearms today means at a minimum 2 twenty minute commutes and at least $10.00, more if I buy ammo for multiple calibers.

I really want to test 380 and 32 and I would have to buy both.

Plus I am still contrmplating more calibers like 38 Special.

And Airsoft allows me to still train effectively and costs me much less in time and money….

Plus I want build more reusable targets for firearms training based on my Airsoft typical targets.


As of last time I visited, my old employers have still not found a replacement for me. I feel bad for the staff. They were understaffed to start with. My old boss says it is hard to find people who can and will do job. I hope they find a good person soon. I can’t return until 2018 sometime.

I am planning to visit again this Sunday. I am off and so are the clients.

I miss them all.

I don’t know if I will actually return to work there when allowed.

I do know I will keep visiting.

My job now is a good job too.

I plan on keeping it a while.

But I may return part-time….

I miss my clients. I think of them every day. They had and still have a huge positive impact on me.

They made me a better person.

They are a bunch of “knuckle heads.” Me too.


Free Press Huh? You worried about your free press. Well who was worried about me and my 2903 ORC charges for writing an email when my rights were violated? After all that was over, I bought guns. There is your free press.

No soldier. No cop. No problem.

My whole perspective is different.

I was anonymously accused.

I protested.

Now, I won’t ever be messed with again.

Simple as that.

What most of you call the press, I don’t care if they get wasted.

The ones I refer to are tools of the establishment.

None of them helped me. And many try to shut me down.

And I freaking mean it, don’t ever tell me to come in again.

You won’t like it when I arrive.

You got a lot of changes and reparations to make to bring me back into the fold.

I don’t care about government. Finicum waved the flag. I shredded it.

What most of you call the press are tools oppressing you anyway.

All of you have the same order, never tread on me again.

You leave me be, you go on.

You don’t? It is on.

I said I wouldn’t hurt anyone.

I said I never threatened anyone.

I never lied.

I ain’t lying now.

I keep writing. I keep training.

What did I say when Cal Berkley burnt?

Little to nothing. Why? It ain’t my concern if your universities burn now.

Now, there are exceptions. Where my family attends, you better be civil to them or you answer to me.



I usually have Wednesdays off and work other days. Wednesday is supposed to be nice weather wise. I will probably hit the range. I may hit it before too. Expect video?

I may even go tomorrow. I need to paint my front Ruger P95 sight and possibly put the dot sights (which came in mail this week) on my HP CF380.

Eventually I plan to recreate some of my Airsoft “trick” shots with those two firearms.

Guess which firearm is my primary?

That is a trick question.

They are all primary at times.

As a correlation, I have decided to build armorized targets so I can do these “tricks” with firearm.

For example, a firearm round will zip right through a Camel pack etc., my standard fare for tricks.

But not when I armorize them.

Folks Barbie Armor and GI Joe Camel armor are coming back.

Folks Barbie Armor and GI Joe Camel armor are coming back.


This Barbie armor series is no joke. And I will show you more proof soon.

My armor can be configured to stop anything.




What are you when you do something that Hawks will see knowing they will see it?

Are you an eagle? A bear? A fox? A lion? Or a tiger?

Snake? Gator?

A poet with a gun and knives….


Or a dog?


Change? Delta.



Press Sure

Industry Professionals picked up on stories I wrote.

Now, they have been shown to have done it in Syria too.

It already is a nuclear war.

People are arguing over the press and protecting the people.

It is all bull shit. The press is bull shit.

Trump is attacking press, and press are attacking Trump.

“Spy Gate”

Folks, the press sure is on TV.

It is Hollywood.

Soap Opera.

It is fiction and half truths.


The Jennings M38 in 32ACP Update

I almost sold this gun the other day. I am so glad I didn’t.

If you missed my initial take, here it is.

I was hard on gun, didn’t recommend it.

That may have changed. Here is first video.

The Jennings is a snake like the Cobra CA series. That is problematic at times in two main ways.

One is it wants to bite your hand with its slither slide.

That can lead to malfunctions in the cycle too….

Operational considerations. That still hurts the gun. Cobra too.

Because you need to get high on the grip….

This is a gun for if you cannot afford a different one.

Plus the recoil spring was so strong that manually cycling the gun was harder than any gun I have ever seen.

People say the 21A and PT25 are hard to manipulate. I can do them easy.

Up until today, I had to push/pull to charge, and if I had a jam, holy SHIT.

The springs have calmed down some.

There are 100 PPU FMJs through this gun, and the springs never loosened after those.

I bought Geco 32 FMJs and ran about twenty through other day.

I noticed at Range today that springs were easier. I was able to rack the slide without push/pull.

It was not as easy as most guns, but it worked.

I chronographed the Geco and it was hotter than advertised.

It may be too hot. I won’t use it again. It was hotter and too hot.

But it loosened those springs.

I am going to disassemble and clean then inspect pistol.

These are my speeds, 1061 FPS, 1026, 1129, 1251, 1193, and a whopping 1276.

Believe me I felt the kick.

It is supposed to be 984 FPS.

1276 is too hot for 32 FMJ. 1251, 1193.

That is a 73 grain bullet too, not merely 71 like PPU.

That is hot. It is especially hot for a Zinc Gun. So, I must inspect it. And no more Geco for me.


Next RattleSnake Armor Paul Revere build faces 223. It is pointless to hit it with handguns. It owns them.

The Paul Revere build represents the fruits of my efforts to find something better than ceramics for my armor.

My new material is lighter, stronger, harder and more durable.

Folks, this design is state of the Art.

I will have to disassemble it all the way and inspect it. But I suspect I can recondition this unit and then test it against 223.

If it passes that test, I will be ecstatic beyond words.

My goal was to build an armor that not only could take multiple hits, be light, and reusable/repairable.

The government repeatedly threatens to deny us armor.

That can’t be allowed to happen.

I plan on not only having it but to make it better than theirs.



Don’t let them do this to you.

Do not!

There is a line. And if they cross it, end them.


The first test model of Paul Revere Armor is constructed of all previously shot materials. Soon it gets blasted too.


I should just blast it with a rifle because I know my 9mm Aint going to have a chance.

I have range from 12-2 today.

I may just test this unit. But more than likely I will rebuild the chocolate Barmor and hit it again too.

I may also blast the Paul Revere unit with 223.

It is a little more than 1/2 scale and weighs about 2.5 pounds. I have no doubt it will destroy 9mm rounds easily.

I probably won’t hit it with 223 today but I might. More than likely, I will pepper it with 9mm and then take it apart and examine it….

I got to tell you. It is a rush seeing how far my designs have come since the “airgun” trials.

I make shit and blast it with firearms now and the firearms lose, bad.

Back from range and it was cold!

My hands frozed.

The armor took 4 rounds from three feet no problem.

I will show you pictures shortly. I tried to video it but camera battery drained real fast in cold and video never took.

I was not pleased. But very pleased with armor. I put four shots in same area and it ate them up!

I chronographed the shots and they hit at 1193 FPS with 115 grain FMJ. I will calculate the energy. It is 363 FPE.

Here is the unit front and back.



This is all you get to see. But as you can see, those are four mashed 9mm FMJs proximal to one another and not even close to penetrating.


I will let you see the bullets. And trust me, this armor could take more.



RattleSnake Armor

image image


I am going to recondition this as much as I can, tape it and hit it again.

I am going to recondition this as much as I can, tape it and hit it again.



Folks, I am good at this.

Folks, I am good at this.

Hey you Californians, that is some fine wood you got.

Janku. Understand? Thanks.

Janka Hardness

Janka Hardness

The wood is ready to go again.