Lone Survivor

I am not going to see it. It is supposed to be a true story.

The way I understand it even the lone survivor says it is bull shit.

I say that even if the story were told true it would still be bull shit.

All of this terrorism stuff is bull shit. Our government finances the terrorists.

The terrorists have our equipment too.

I mean no disrespect to the Lone Survivor. He thought he was protecting America. He wasn’t but he didn’t really know that.

Something tells me he has figured it out now though.

I don’t know him. He may hate my words. I don’t care. They are true.

I hear people like Glenn Beck and others say the movie is bull shit yet they still tell you to go see it.

I say don’t. You’re just financing more bull shit.

This country is full of shit. It isn’t free. It doesn’t matter how many people die either.

It changes nothing except people are dead and missing body parts….

Go see it? Believe the bull shit? Live it? Let it kill you?

Meanwhile the Nazis enact tyranny like the NDAA. Go ahead.

Me I am not playing ball.


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