Middletown Journal

I rarely look at newspapers anymore.

When I do it is almost always the inserts, fliers mostly.

Today is Sunday so if I look at a paper at all, which is rare like I said, it is the Sunday paper.

These two things struck me. They were in the fliers section of the news

What? You don’t call that news? It is news to me.

News and views.

I miss my Olds.

Lets start at bottom article. It is about Oscar Goldman creator of Bionic Technology.

And the Oscar goes to? Trump.

Yes, Trump. Best bad ball cap in a base ball game.

And they do have their Times in LA.

Why is the LA Times in my Middletown Journal?

They are banned. That doesn’t trouble me really. There was a time when it would have.

They are de-pressed? You know? Sad.


Speaking of rad, let us go to first item.

Look at Fernald.

It closed production in 1989.

The production workers are ailing.

I worked there during remediation for several years.

It was much safer then.

Uranium mill tailings. Uranium hexafluoride. PCBs. Lots more and many potential unknowns.

Mass spectrometry required etc.

Money. Lots of money.

Ex-military out ying and yang.

And the big time industry heavyweights, world wide conglomerates….

Hollywood red carpet type deal.

Working at Fernald was fascinating to me. It had everything.

It was the whole spectrum in one place.

And Mound? Whoa.


The Underground.

You know there is a lot underground in Ohio. Well you do now.

You just don’t know what it is.

Is that news to you?


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