I freaking cannot stand Spectrum (Time Warner Cable). I can’t stand any media company really. But especially Spectrum…. My housemates insist on paying for this crap and I am trying to get them to switch to Cincinnati Bell for significant savings monthly and they are so damned stubborn. I would not even have cable but I bite the bullet for them. But increasingly it and they are pissing me off. The bill could be cut by almost two thirds for same service saving a lot of money but they won’t do it. I would not even have cable. New arrangements are required soon.

imageIt ain’t the money per say. It is the principle of being value driven.

I can and have totally lived without TV and Internet.

I got ample money to pay for it. I would rather direct money elsewhere though!

I will be moving out within a few months. I like these people but they are fools with money and that is making me crazy.

What it is mostly though is the product itself, media.

It is all propaganda and immoral TV.

It sickens me that I am funding them!

I totally wish the whole damn thing would go away. It is all lies and damn lies.

I don’t spend money on movies! I don’t want to continue spending money on television either!

The Internet is barely justifiable to me anymore also.

What is irking me most is I am funding propaganda and pseudo-art that is contributing to the destruction of liberty, and morality.

I am so damned tired of the media, and the so-called values they sell.

I don’t even like watching Fox News anymore, even they are full of shit.

And the others? Even worse!

If I watch at all it is to spot the lies.

There is nothing on cable I will watch really.

About the only show I can stomach is the CBS one with Lucy Liu and the Dude who plays Holmes.

Even that I rarely watch and I don’t even need TV to do it.

I could watch online! Again, saving money!

I watch WWE at times, and Chrisley Knows Best some, but not regularly.

I watch sports some but even that is a waste of time. I really don’t care about sports much as it too is inundated with pro-war propaganda.

It is something I must fix in my head soon.

I am not happy funding this shit!


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