Back from range and armor worked very well. Camera did not. But that is OK. I see what I need to. Showing you though important is much less so in this “arena.” But don’t fret. I will work on the camera aspect.

The Paul Revere series shined particularly well. It is much easier to craft than the Barbie
Armpr which requires a matrix. The matrix is intricate and time consuming.

The Paul Revere series is easier to craft and equally if not even more effective.

It wins the production trial!

I tested three units today that were Paul Revere series, two, and one seen here front and back that was a combo of Revere and Barbie Series. I also shot a 4 layer ceramic unit with 9mm NATO. The round totally destroyed the four tiles. The same round was munched by the combo armor. It did very well. But making it is a pain in the ass! The other units were single layer Paul Revere Series and one unit was reclaimed from a previous test where it was blown apart by a 9mm. It was not enhanced then. Today it was and I also shot a fresh one. They being single units were only tested against 22/25. They are them up! Since the Paul Revere series is easy to make and much cheaper. It wins. I can calibrate it to do quite well.

Also, the Fiocchi 25 ACP XTP round proved again to be the round to go with. It hits HARD.

Real hard. You would swear it is a bigger round. OMG.

I put a 25 ACP FMJ and an Eley Force 22LR in one spot essentially and the 25 XTP in a new one and the XTP did more damage to armpr than the other two combined!

And the armor unit it hit, new PR series totally bounced the first 25 FMJ round off it. This armor series is phenomenal already and it will only get better.

The combo armor is exceptional too, just a pain to make.

Look what it did to this 9mm NATO. It looks like lips.


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