Doctor, you eyeball a cop in same manner as a criminal. Thoughts?

Case in point, cops took our guns. That is a fact and in fact, criminal.

Cops are always armed.

Pretty much.

Cops shoot us.

These are criminal acts.

Truth is officers you are misbehaving.

The studies about Cop and Criminal….

Habituation Situation:

Walmart Beavercreek

Two people died because of a cop. Two. The cop broke the law. That means?

Criminal, he is.

And Crawford never saw that cop/criminal until the cop/criminal shot him.

Then Crawford tried to ask why.

Freaking cop/criminal shot him again.

And then we have Finicum.

If a cop or cops are around doctor, people better know it and watch them in a tactical manner.

This is for ALL cops.

It may actually save a cop.

But that is mostly on the cop, and the criminal….

Crazy Huh?

Not a cop or a criminal, technically I am a criminal.

We have that in common cop.

As for the cop part?

I drove and walked and consulted and stuff.


Security? They call it that.

It cracks me up.


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