Your Mission: buy an Airsoft pistol and eye protection, then make a video showing how good of a shot you are

I am serious. I want to know if any of you shoot. It is totally voluntary, the mission.

Show us something? And as always, be safe.

Guns are dangerous, all of them.

That is at all levels.

Never ever forget that.

Even talking about guns is dangerous.

You must never forget guns are dangerous. They malfunction and so do people.

My 9mm was jammed and I had to make it safe. Doing so was dangerous. I knew how to do it safely. I am still here.

My gun was in a dangerous state. It had a round in chamber and slide would not cycle and round did not discharge. I had to fix that.

I knew how. Do you?

I had to first make sure firearm was pointed in a safe direction. I had struck round with firing mechanism and it didn’t Fire. At first I thought bad primer, and pulled trigger again, nothing. Round still chambered. No bang. But potential bang still possible.

I kept barrel pointed safe direction and kept finger out of trigger area.

Carefully inspected gun and realized it was not fully in battery.

And slide was not operating. That folks SUCKED.

Guns malfunction. And if I had malfunctioned in terms of gun safety  or operational knowledge, I may have injured myself.

We all need to realize that guns are dangerous and learn all we need to know and admit what we don’t.

I was able to clear the jam. If I had not known how, my firearm would have been in an unsafe condition.

Learn about all your guns. Your life depends on it. Every gun is different.

Do your homework?

I am no fan of NRA on most levels but their safety programs and instruction are generally a good idea.

There are reasons I train extensively with Airsoft. Frankly, one is that it is safer.

It allows me more trigger time and does not expose me to potential carastrophic malfunctions.

These can happen. So maintenance and knowledge are important.

Also, using your firearms will wear them out, some more than others.

Airsoft allows me to reduce this wear and tear….

Expert? Really? Or perpetual student?

be safe.


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