Lessons Learned from the Murder of Finicum by Federal Bureau of Investigation, Oregon State Police and Deep State

The thing to remember? You are trying to survive. This is all really “hypothetical.”

Tactical? That is a word that people, even me, fling around. What the wisest mean is best practices.

That is hypothetical too.

When it is real, lead and dead full the air.

A complete analysis, OODA, is very difficult if not impossible.

But an analysis attempt must be made.

I said I would OODA this murder carried out by government. I have been contemplating the murder for over a year now.

When the ranchers went to Oregon, I said that they should not go. I said that if I were them, I would not go.

There is a very important reason for this. The people they went to support were not willing to fight.

The people the ranchers went to support were victimized by tyrants. There is no doubt about that.

It was there fight and they chose not to fight. They chose to accept their fate at hands of tyrants.

Finicum should have stayed home. He is dead now and he died defending people who would not defend themselves!

Finicum’s family needs him and he is gone now.

When Finicum did go, he went unarmed. He was obviously not prepared to fight either.

You all had better learn that if you take on the police state tyrants, there is no reasoning with them. They will waste you.

If you are not prepared to take them out when they are prepared to take you out, you will inevitably end up like Finicum.

You have seen the video right? They wasted him with out hesitation. They planned his ambush and carried it out.

You can not show mercy to such actors.  No one in that traveling party was armed. The moment that the party was Attacked, they needed to return fire.

The rest of party are fortunate they are not dead. The ambushers fired countless rounds into the truck.

This is an ugly subject I know.

If you are not willing to waste tyrants, you better just stay home.

And police who act as the police did in this event, expect no mercy from me.

The police who murdered Finicum were wrong to do so. Period.

They are nothing more than murderers. If you meet them, you better be prepared to end them. They will end you.

This is the main finding of this analysis.

This is no call to target random police!

It is an advisory to avoid tyrants. And to waste them if they attack you.

Do not let them execute you without fighting back. They attack you?

Make them pay with their lives!


I have a more detailed tactical analysis that I am not sharing, steps that can be taken to counter the equipment and tactics available to Deep State.

Have no doubt, Deep State used military tactics and equipment to murder Finicum.

And never forget, ever, that if you fight, you may die.

This is the real deal. It is no movie, no book….


I present this for you to view. I am watching it too. It is not an endorsement of views expressed.

It is just other’s thoughts on the matter.

I am not telling any of you what to do or think.

That is all on you.

Tyrany is dangerous shit.


This part is to you who train people in self defense.

Conflict Avoidance:

We all talk about it, or most, the “best” anyway.

Did the “state” avoid this conflict? Answer honestly.

Or, did the state not only start it? But plan it too?

Let us look at this situation?

We have police ambushing and assassinating.

Guess what?

You better look at these police and yourselves.

Loose your center of gravity? Probably going down hard.


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