I messed up at work today. It was an honest mistake. I learned from it. The job I have now is way less “life/death” than my previous jobs. I still hate messing up though. At least it is not life/death. I still take my performance seriously.

It really was a lot similar to what you just seen, but not exact.

It was a mistake but without malice. And as such a sort of blessing in disguise.

The Lord covered a street sign.

And I went to wrong place. But it turned out alright.

I should have checked further to ID street. God knew this.

But He put me at the exact place I needed to be to learn my lesson.

It really is kind of funny.

You likely don’t understand as I speak vaguely….


The sign was one of several covered in snow tonight, not all were.

Several were on this run including the last two, and the sign poles are like ten feet high.

I am 6′ not ten. I can reach up to 8′ but not ten feet.

Other data I had put me in acceptable parameters to believe I was on correct street.

I was not.

I need a broom in my car.

This my new tool need, broom.


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