I am still basically in a spending freeze. It is more a spending pinch though. I am squeezing for max value.

I need a fire extinguisher as the money in my “pockets” burns.

I am kidding, sort of.

But I really am not buying much of anything except essentials.

I am doing it so I have more money to buy guns and stuff.

And it is funny because for all intents and purposes I am still in a gun spending freeze.

Moreso, I will likely sell more of my guns too.

That will happen eventually.

I plan to end up with less than eight firearms most likely….

But once weather is warmer consistently I will be doing more Handgun Project type stuff at range.

Once I get that out of my system, I will be more likely to settle on around five firearms.

I can’t say for sure though. I may end up with more.

It ain’t the money as much as the secure storage etc. Every gun must be kept secure and well maintained.

Guns are a pain in the ass.


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