RYO Update

Smooth rolling, money to burn, so to speak.

I have 13 tubes left out of initial two hundred. Tubes performed well. I only messed up five or so. All of those were early on in learning curve and my error led to failed tube.

The brand is golden harvest. There are better tubes but these are fine for what they are. I give them an A-.

I have almost finished off my Good Stuff tobacco. I find it acceptable in terms of quality. It must be cleaned some each time used. But overall it comes pretty clean.

The taste is not my preference. I am sure many will like it though.

I am going to try a different brand because of taste.

I give the Good Stuff brand an A- too. It comes clean and it’s only “flaw” is it is not my “flavor.”

It does blend well with Bugler. But it is not quite Camel.

I am not an easy A.

And As are always curved?

The quest for an A.

To me, Camel is an A. It is a high grade. And tobacco is subjective…. But Camels? I have walked miles. The very act of me rolling my own is shocking. It is. But alas, spending freeze. I will keep trying to make a Camel. I bought one pack this week. That was a struggle. I wanted a Camel so bad. A minus is tolerable though. I only had one pack all week and that is a testament to the A-s.

Low Bob? Your King cig machine dealio?

A man.


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