Why did I test against 223 Remington first?

Safer. This shit is potentially dangerous.

I respect the process so much I started versus airguns. Even that is potentially dangerous.

I stay back 25 yards at least.

I have seen pieces of armor struck by my 223 R thrown approximately 25 yards, straight up. And in all the other directions….

I knew this could happen in some designs, the harder ones to fabricate….

There are design types that are quite unlikely to disperse thusly.

Do not build and test armor.

It is dangerous.

The 223 out of my 20″ inch barrel is less energetic than 5.56 out of a 16″ barrel by approximately 100-150 FPE.

That is a “safety” margin.

I wanted to have an idea what a 5.56 can do before I really messed with the bastard.


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