What do you think is in Steel Head’s “Brain Box?” I mean it is Armorized right?

You all probably thought of a material or several.

The ones who guessed nothing, if any, are correct.

I put nothing in there. I could but it ain’t required for now.

I told you I was going to build armorized targets for use/reuse.

I always planned to make a man-like target also.

I am building in it stages.

It will take anything you can offer pretty much as far as firepower….

It is also meant to hold small armor designs for testing….

Or merely small targets.

Also it is being designed such that only effective hits in terms of placement ( center line head and thoracic) will drop it.

It really is well thought out and constructed.

I have obtained more raw materials for use. I may disassemble the prototype and use those materials combined on a more sturdy variant.

Or I may just put recent materials on original.

If I combine all together, it will stand up to a 9 mm, 40 and 45.

For a while. 😄

But I could repair it. Use it again. Maintenance.


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