I have a real dislike of the NRA. It is growing too. However, I am trying to keep an open mind. As it stands now though, I still feel NRA is a detriment to gun rights. However in Ohio, I have heard that legislation is proposed to remove the CHL holder’s duty to notify. That is probably seen by many as an improvement. It really would be. But it is merely a drop in a bucket. See CHLs should not even be required. It is true that gun owners should be well trained. But believe me, the NRA is not up to task.

Criminal Handgun License

Somebody in NRA signed off on this guy to instruct others. This should never be so. This man is a danger to himself and everyone around him.

He works at a range.

He should not own a gun. He should never even touch one.

The NRA signed off on this guy. The sheriff expects me to study under this guy so I can have a CHL.


I pass.

I bet he is a cop too. I would put money on it.

My plan?

Stay away from public gun ranges and NRA certified instructors. And obviously the police, Red Coats.


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