I have not been to a public indoor shooting range in months. I want to shoot but I have come to not like public indoor ranges. This was a phenomenon that had been growing and my last range experience pretty much completely made me averse to all of them.

When I analyze the phenomena, it really is negative.

1. You have no idea the KSAs of those around you

2. It costs a lot of money

3. You can’t train on any tactical skills

4. All you can do is shoot paper and hope some wannabe doesn’t blast you with their new “toy.”

5. And the places are full of NRA and police

There are numerous more reasons. But those are the main ones.

I may eventually go to a range again. Maybe.

I may never set foot in one again.

That is the most likely.

I prefer and greatly prefer being alone and outside.

I am not the only person who feels this way.

It is not hard to find those who share my thougts.

Indoor ranges are only as safe as the people in them.

And they offer virtually nothing for self defense training.


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