The Takeaway from Yesterday and Day Before

I woke up this mornings and I realized that I have little to no fear of dying. It is kind of sad really.

But I write about tyrants and their henchmen.

These people I have proven to you are murderers hiding behind the U.S. Flag, and badges.

I keep hearing how these “officer” are so noble.

Well the people who say that really don’t do their research.

I don’t have any doubt that if told to that they will come for me.

And I know that odds are I will be all alone.

They buzzed me with their copter the other day.

It didn’t shut me up.

It is illegal what they did.

They don’t care.

They feel they are themselves judge and jury.

They know the FAA rules.

It is fine. They just showed who they really are.

I know others here saw them too.

The others won’t say a thing publicly and I won’t ask them

I know they are afraid of police.


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