Stuff My Camry Needs

Besides the gear box problems….

Driver door handle mechanism interior is broke. I have to put window down and use outside latch. NBD

The power steering has not worked since I bought car ten years ago.

The front suspension needs a bit of work.

The right tail light system is broken from an accident of a previous owner. It is covered in red tape.

The paint is blue and white and rust. It is supposed to only be blue.

The dome light needs a bulb. I have a flashlight in it….

The cig lighter don’t work but the power output aspect does, go figure.  I have a Bic. I flick it.

It uses oil.

But it starts, stops, moves, gets great gas mileage, and the ride, OMG. It is the smoothest riding car I have ever had.

The AC needs repaired too.

There is more. Muffler and exhaust.

But I think there is still a role for this car. It can be used in a backup role, and maybe even repaired for a more significant role.

The muffler BTW is not overly loud. It is showing signs of failing soon, and pipes showing signs now too.

The rear brakes need some work too.



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