Subject X: past life penance?

Multiple. X.



Delta, the triangle, it is a term of science. It typically means change. It has other meanings.

It is in MK Ultra.


X is Times.


I have seen people die. I didn’t kill them.

I watched doctors and nurses try to save them. The person was brought to ER with cardiac issues.

He was in one room when he came in. His condition deteriorated rapidly.

He was taken down the hall and a team went to work on him.

I didn’t go in with team.

They told me to enter.

I did. I stood in back and watched them. My role was to observe.

The doctor told me to do chest compressions on patient.

So I just walked up and did it.

I knew what it meant.

I was about to put my hands on a dead person.

I did the chest compressions until I was told to stop.

The doctor asked me then if I had ever done chest compressions before.

I said only on Annie.

He told me that it looked like I had done it before and that I did it very well.

I was not all excited.

I was about to become an EMT.

I was tasked with taking the person to morgue.

That was just one event of clinicals.

Chest compressions are only done one dead people.

The pulmonary was done by the nurse. She also said I did well and explained the data gathered….

It was sad.

Before that I was tasked with comforting a teen who may have had a broken neck.

Kid kept asking me hard questions.

Is my neck broke?

I can’t say either way kid.

We must wait for the doctor….

I had to get pulse etc. too. It was a monitoring and assessing deal.

The medics who brought him in had done well and briefed me too. The charge gave me the task.

But I never let myself get attached. There has to be a certain degree of stoicism.


The Crux?




Mental Manipulation.

And penance?

Truly penance is universal.


It is possible to live multiple lives at once.

I know.

I have settled on one though.


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