At work, I have been given prime shifts and am making more Z money on average per shift. Since I just dropped over a grand of Z money on a car, this is right on time!

I have been paying my dues and putting forth effort and it is paying off.

It is nice.

And my Nissan is performing well too. With tax, fees and windshield replacement, I have just under $1100.00 in it.

The money was slated to go for an AR or similar. But I had to use it for a CAR first.

I am assessing my Toyota further and deciding whether to repair it or merely part with it.

The Nissan I bought does not ride as well as my Camry. But not much does.

I have had Caddies and Lincolns that did not ride as well.

As for my Camry, you know I love it. I have told you that many times.

If I keep making money at this rate, repairing it will be a definite possibility.

I know a couple mechanics who could use the work.

We will see.

I want an AR too. But I can wait.

I don’t need an AR though.

It is a want.

If shit hits the fan, I am way more than adequately armed.

I have been contemplating reducing my pistols anyway.

Because really, a 22LR is all I truly need.

I can adequately hold the fort with that.

People say it is not enough.

But I know better.

Anything creature wise that must be dropped, I can bring down with a 22.

It is shot placement more than anything.

The only thing I need an AR for is some type of war.

And even then, I can get by with what I have.

Shot placement.


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