What in the hell is true?!

I am tired of the entirety of human history.

I am not exactly giddy over our future either.

I find many of the archetypes disturbing, and deeply so.

And on what basis?

Some unattainable truth.

It is almost ridiculous to pursue or inquire about this at all.

All I can do is proceed with no plan really whatsoever.

I mean there is no real authority.

There is God.

And I do not grasp God.

We have men with titles and guns and badges who claim authority.

But it is not real. It is artificial.

They will kill though.

And they won’t let 74 year old men pack heat with out “permission.”

Meanwhile some self appointed Demi-God selects the old man for bullets.

And the badged ones pursue the self appointed Demi-God as state appointed Demi-Gods.

This is our life. This is our death.


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