Did anything or anyone stop Steve Stephens before he struck? Consider all you got in terms of potential to stop him and did anyone? I didn’t. But I didn’t know until afterwards. I probably still might not have been able to stop him. And I am like a pro or something. Could he have been stopped? Probably. But he was not.

The victim is the one in the unfortunate position of being in the exact right place to have stopped Stephens.

Someone took his gun and understanding that he could have tried to fight.

He needed a gun. He was elderly and it was tragic.

That is the essence of what most miss when they even consider violent encounters.

They tend to think of some concept such as fair fight, and reason.

There is nothing reasonable about it.

See the victim was denied any chance to stop Stephens.

Thank the police, and politicians and the preachers.

You better be a snake.


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