Subject X: Sectarian

The X Sect is a God first Jesus second type deal.

The Will of the Father presides.

We believe God is love and that we are made in that image, love.

We say, “Peace be with you.”

We mean it too.


Christians, you can still rock in America.


The X Sect is a derivative of Judaism. It does not quibble with other sects.

It does not quibble with Islam.

It Will defend itself.

The X sect does not seek to convert anyone. God has provided people free will.

We adhere to ten commandements.

Jesus will come quick so we must be ready consistently meaning we must be right with God.


We are new. We do not seek to grow in numbers. But anyone who wants to accept these few precepts is welcome.

We do not require any services but congregations are not discouraged.

We are not registered with any government.

We prefer to avoid interaction with government.

Our kingdom is not of this world really.

As a spiritual body, we exist.

We take no money.

Our gains are spiritual.

We see no need to interact with any government.

We have no authority as a church body. All authority belongs to God.

We won’t be stoning anyone for example. None of that shit.

We are allowed to curse (cuss) but discourage it save for appropriate emphasis and or usage.

X Sect members are encouraged to attend services of other sects if that sect allows them to.

We prefer Baptist, or Anabaptist. But it is open.

We are deeply committed to peace.


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