I need a dedicated camera man.

If you are not hitting target, it doesn’t matter how fast you fire.

Plate from video.

Aint very big is it?

It takes practice. Lots of practice. Do everything right every time.
I hit that from low ready, one handed and with the double action pull. It literally requires perfection.

If you watch my videos, it should be obvious why I prefer to shoot outdoors.

I can’t really train indoors.

unfortuantely when shooting, I didn’t keep camera on plate. I would love to know the order these hit.

But all in all, content.

With one hand, pretty good.

I want a more vertical pattern in center. But all in all, pretty good.

One is dead center it appears. One is real close and the outlier is more than acceptable. This is especially so DA on first shot.

i need to get better video for me to critique myself more fully.



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