Looks like perfect weather for a range trip. Going if I get a slot. Steel Head may go back too. I am reconditioning him. He did well. He stopped what I figured he would. I knew my 22 rifle would rip him a new one in terms of penetration. But he is more than capable of being reused.

I may decide to just build armor today though. Based on yesterday’s tesults, I am really onto something in my combo Revere and Barbie armor. I have really improved the matrix.

If I go, and wind is down, I will line up some stuff and mow it down real fast.

I need to work on my rifle at home more. I have been focusing on pistols at home (Airsoft) and neglecting my rifle training. No I don’t shoot firearms at home, Airsoft and BBs.

But I tore my range down at home so BBs can’t be readily used. I am looking for Airsoft rifles that will mimick carbines. I have one in mind.

I noticed yesterday that I am not up to my standards with my rifle and that is because I have stopped drilling with it and almost exclusively been working with pistols.

Don’t misunderstand me, I am good with a rifle still. I just am not as good as I should be.

The techniques are way different in terms of grip and sight alignment, trigger Aint that different.


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