I have had a fair amount of pain the last few days, yesterday especially. When that happens, it tends to proceed a big event. And April 26 looms large?

I am not getting any particular vibe. But some think tomorrow we attack North Korea.

And some worry that when Senators meet president that day, that they may all be decimated.

Hold on to your hats.

April is known to be a cruel month.

I know I get “ready” for “it.”

There is a big terrorism “drill” in DC that day.

Whenever there is a “drill” bad things tend to really happen at the site.

NYC also has a large drill for
same day.

9/11/2001 is a prime example.

I tend to think that on 4/26/2017 our forces strike North Korea.

And if they do, it may not go well.

I really don’t know and honestly I ain’t going to lose any sleep over any of it.

These Hegemon are insane and ain’t no one going to stop them anyway.

At least not yet. Too many people clueless.

I only really worry about those I love.

Me? I died years ago.


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