Another damn OODA. Why? Because some one else was murdered. This time a Delaware State Trooper.

Observe Orient Decide and Act

OODAing cops is different.

Because cops don’t avoid conflict really, and often initiate intentionally and not.

Now that above may offend some people but it is the truth.

I am not saying cops are “bad” even, not really.

What I am saying is there very task is conflict.

The Trooper made a decision that two people were suspicious.

That was the start of the conflict.

He most likely was not aware of it.

The passenger was.

And there is so much more to analyze. But most don’t look at the start.

It actually starts sooner.

It starts moment a law is written.

As to the event particulars…, I am still learning details.

It was different than I originally heard, but similar, just a different type of ambush than I first heard.

The officer retreated for cover under Fire.

Now one there probably was no cover to begin with.

And two most likely Trooper retreated by turning away to run.

I am not saying cowardice. He was probably told to do that.

It is a particularly tough situation for several reasons.

There are barriers to penetration on Attacker, and running is a bad option.

You pretty much have to draw, and get off “X.”

But if you can control that weapon Attacker has, that is your best chance. Straight to penetrate….

If you must retreat, keep facing threst and draw and fire on target(s).

And drawing, even a “perfect” draw takes time. It is often better to control attacker’s weapon and then stop the threat.

And the Attacker?

Obviously motivated and the officer at a great disadvantage immediately.

He could have done a whole lot right.

And still died.

There are steps that can be taken that can turn table on an ambusher(s).

One is a better awareness going in. Literally the “approach.”

And more.

Even if Trooper did everything I said above, he may have still died.

It is a dangerous job.

RIP Trooper


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