Funny to me in a way

What is funny to me you may ask?
What is not?

The notion of Sting in the police is ridiculous to me for one.

This song does imitate a cop life though if you listen close.

Hours of sheer boredom and then moments of sheer horror, for some.


You ever been the person called to respond?

To answer such a call, you are a bit off.

Some bite off more than they can chew.


You never know what you are walking into.


And boredom, it can kill.


You may wonder how cops can be ambushed so readily sometimes.

Well, they get habituated to boredom. And then it gets “interesting” before they know it.

Cops dying is not funny to me.

What is funny to me is they so often forget how dangerous their job is.


“Routine” is dangerous.

And be ready to surprise and try never to be surprised.

Routine is dangerous. Spontaneity can be too.

search “cop ambushed in car” or “cop ambushed.”


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