Range today?

It is windy today. So “trick shots” will be difficult to set up as wind will wreak havoc.

And my armor is not done yet.

I can finish it though.

I still have not bought any 380 ammo so I doubt I will use my Hi-Point.

I have no 32 ammo either.

That leaves 9mm and 22 both which I have “tons” of.

I am doing laundry and drinking coffee to awaken.

I will decide by time laundry is done.

I am leaning towards tomorrow?

My Camry “dying” has screwed a lot of my armor, and gun plans up.

A lot of that money I spent on a used replacement car was to go for guns, armor and ammo.

I had planned on evaluating more fully me with each pistol and then deciding if all stay or some go.

Now, I have had to reset all that!

None of this is cheap. And I have other money in savings that I could draw upon but I am hesitant to do so.

I was seriously planning to possibly sell some pistols but I am hesitant to do that before I have fully evaluated which fits my “missions” best.

And my Phoenix Raven is a piece of history as is my Jennings 32. So I probably will retain them regardless as “museum pieces.”

I have not tested me and my Hi-Point 380 and Ruger P95 enough for me to truly feel confident with them in terms of my performance and their reliability.

I can see myself possibly selling both, and keeping both.

But again, I need more data!

Right now too I only have holsters for Beretta and Raven.

Holsters are not really required for my “mission.” But they are definitely worth having for guns transported out side of home.

Legally transported and in my “condition” and “mission” the best fit is my Beretta 21A.

And as you may have seen, I am lights out with it.

I am good with my Hi-Point and P95 too. But the Beretta is still betta (could not resist) because it fits my mission in terms of being able to keep it unloaded and still get it loaded and into play fast!

Also I have total confidence in Beretta’s reliability with CCI’s Tactical, Mini-Mag CPHP and CPRN, Stingers and Velocitors as well as Eley Force.

Tyranny laws matter in all our missions!

I keep my Ruger and or P95 in a case and condition that I can load them fast and get them into play pretty quick too from and unloaded state. Again tyranny slows us down but I analyze and adapt!

And my 22LR Rifle is also something I am lights out with and have trained to be lighting fast taking it from unloaded to charged fast!

And I prefer it over any pistol.

It is more accurate and will drop anything I need it to.

I also am falling out of love with 9mm pistols and carbines. The ammo is heavier than 5.56 and hinestly is overrated. It also can over penetrate.

A 22 LR rifle provides me more ammo, more accuracy, less chance of over penetration with HPs,
And damn near as much “power.”

I don’t mess with any damn CHL bull shit so I don’t even have to mess with a pistol at all.

I told you all way back at start that a 22 LR rifle is all I need and I was not wrong.

Pistols are just a novelty for me really.

And it is just as easy to have a rifle on all parts of my mission as any pistol.

Easier really.


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