Act? Or Stand Down?

Coming to the defense of another is way more complicated than it looks at a glance.

Let us look at a hypothetical.

You see two people shooting at each other.

Do you intervene?

On which side?

How do you know which is the “good” person? And perhaps both are “bad.”

I am going to submit something to you that I know will shock most of you.

Say you see a cop and a citizen exchanging gunfire.

Do you intervene?

How do you know who good guy is?

Most would tend to assume it is the cop.

But how do you know that?

I can show you many times where the cop was the bad guy.

Even if you see the gunfight start the odds of you knowing who is good and who is bad are slim.

Yet, I can point out one case where I have no doubt that if I were to intervene at all, which honestly is real slim, were I to intervene I would have shot the cop.

And that is when Officer Slager was shooting a man repeatedly in the back.

And if I had, oh what a mess my life would be.

See, Walter Scott needed a gun to protect himself from a cop.


And he is far from the only one.

And I tell you what, if a cop shoots at me, and you help that cop, rounds are coming your way too.

It is what it is.

I Aint in NRA. No one should be.

There are times too where I would have dropped people shooting at cops.

There are times when it is known who the good guy is, and honestly often times it is the cop, but you better be sure!


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