I am developing an Airsoft drill based on something (wrote) in (someone ‘s) blog. It will actually be a series of sorts.

The NRA has these circles, and these distances and rules for pistol qualification….

The drills will stem from those parameters.

It will add time element at times also.

4 inch circles, set of four

4 5 shot groups to be fired into those circles from

Level 1 – 10 feet
Level 2 – 15 feet
Level 3 – 20 feet
Level 4 – 45 feet @ 6 inch target and must make 16-20.

But in mine 20-20. Otherwise you remain level 3.

And level must be readily demonstrable to retain it.

I will likely use smaller circles for Levels 1-3 too.


This is five hits in a 3″ (actually a tad less than 3″) circle, distance ten feet. There more circles without a miss in five shots are required to complete level one.

Trainer: X
Student: X

The five hits. The center hit left less of an impression as it hit right where carpet tape was under circle and that cushioned impact.

If you can’t get back twenty feet at your home, you can use a 2″ target from ten feet to stand in for 4″ target at 20 feet. Obviously you could use it to make previous levels harder too. Push yourself! The Camel pack circle is slightly less than 2″.

The back of Camel
circle showing indents of five hits from 10 feet in 2″ circle. Level III

Level IV I can do but to show you indoors is tough, especially rght now. It is midnight here so I better stop or people will be mad at me.

But again Airsoft will make you better if you do it right!

A  1.33″ circle can be used at 10 feet for Level IV.

NRA calls Level IV Instructor Level.

I don’t use that terminology myself. I just call it level IV.

This  is all just maintenance to me.

I know you have seen me put round after round into coke cans from 10 feet. Those openings are much smaller than 1.3″. They are more like .75″.

I am beyond Level IV myself.


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