If I get a time slot, I am going to outdoor range.

I was not sure I wanted to go until noon, so I just called and had to leave a message.

I was up way earlier and could have called about 8 am, earliest I ever call, but I was not sure I wanted to go.

If I don’t get a slot, I may go to the new indoor range in Lebanon.

I am not sure though, distaste for them, indoor ranges.

OK I took a nap while waiting to see if I got a call back from outdoor range.

While sleeping I dreamed of people who run indoor range, their range which I have yet to go to. I also dreamed they had guitars and I wanted to play one but they had no
Strings. I know what that part is about. It is about my guitars being in storage.

Then I just awoke suddenly. That was weird because I never have done that from a dream state. I have only done that from nightmares. This was no nightmare.

But I have decided to at least go to their gun store shortly.

OK I was headed to range and just about there too. It is a county away and phone rings. It is my brother. He wants me to come back to town and pick him up to go get his truck which is also a county away and even farther than range.

I said OK. But I was not pleased. But he is family.

So much for the range. Waiting on him now. He is coming home from work in his million dollar dodge truck. We have to go get his old Chevy truck.



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