Subject X: funny how zero is everything

Many have tried to determine a value for zero. It has value in addition and subtraction but not as a denominator. (Accepted View)

So we have been taught.

We are also taught that no number precedes zero and that too is incorrect.

They say Einstein divided by zero. I don’t know really. I never saw him write an equation.


Zero is nothing. That is insufficient.

Zero to the zero power is one.

The zero often indicates a value of one too when one goes from 9 to 10, 99 to 100 etc.

Most likely in a denominator of zero the value of the fraction is zero. This would be true of zero’s nature. It is a linear function. And the universe is not static.

Zero may have a value of N/2 where in is numerator. I have outlined this previously.


0^0 = 1^1

They put the TAG on me.


The universe is not static, but to explain it as expanding is not accurate.

Proponents of dark energy believe that such material is responsible for generating a force sufficient to cause matter to accelerate constantly.

It is bunk.


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