Do not discount this leftist John Brown militia. They claim to have US special forces training them and I note too that early on they mention Guerilla tactics. They are to be taken seriously and monitored.

I am speaking to the ranchers etc.

I am not speaking to Feds and any police who align with Feds.

I will not assist Feds or police in defending themselves, not anymore.

As much as possible ID the members and track their movements.

Feds and police murdered Finicum.

Actions have consequences.

Get complete dossiers on any military working with them.

Get an “Air Force.”

This will help you defeat anyone who attacks you, and I mean anyone.

If it leaves the ground, it can be used to pound.

Never forget either that Feds and other police infiltrated you!

Be very careful trusting police to join your ranks.

They are rarely trustworthy.

And they made their choice when they murdered Finicum.

Or you can just surrender and be a slave.

Up to you.

They call you terrorists and wage war on you.

Nothing says you have to let them, any of them.

They are in Ohio too. And I ain’t waiting on police to protect me, like they would anyway. Christ everyone knows there is an Islamic terror cell in Columbus and no one is doing a thing to stop it. These militia plan on killing. You better take them seriously. And they most likely do have Deep State backing. 


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