Militia do not limit yourself to ground forces. Control the air and water too.

You have more power and resources than you think.

And you can crush anyone dumb enough to attack you.

What happened to Finicum must never be allowed to happen again.

They are waging war on you.

You don’t have to take it.

If the leftist militia attack Feds, let them kill each other. Do not support the Feds.

It is up to you whether or not to help your local and state police.

What have they done for you?

If they have not stood with you, I say fuck them then.

Most likely, if antifa attacks police here, I will help the police.

I Aint sure yet honestly. The local PD has done things that endangered my family.

So I may just stand down.

It mostly depends on which is best for my family.

They gave whack jobs a description of a family member’s car and told them it was mine.

That better not cause harm to my family or there will be hell to pay.

I just became aware of this. And it will not be forgotten.

I know who revealed it.

Fucking with me is one thing. Endangering my family is a whole other matter.

The rank and file cop, I am likely to assist. The bastards who told whack jobs that a family member’s car was mine, they are on their own.

I suggest you insure nothing happens to my family.

You knew what you were doing.


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