Police the Police

They are often dirty or inept, and lazy.

Regardless, police are a menace to society!

They are inherently dangerous and the tool of tyrants presented as saviors to the fool masses.

I am not BLM telling you to slaughter them.

But I am telling you they are not to be trusted and that they sure as hell are not tasked with protecting your rights.

They work for tyrants!

They mindlessly follow orders and most have the mind of an imbecile.

Many have the same profile as violent criminals and studies bear that out.

It ain’t me you should fear.

Hell the campus police compared me (incorrectly) to the Virginia Tech shooter and then ordered me to return to campus.

I did too. Lucky for them I am not violent.

See, they knew I was not violent.

They just wanted to discredit me.

I am not violent.

I am just a dissident.

I see what is going on and I speak the truth and Deep State can’t allow that.


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