It is raining on my day off again. That means if I want to practice shooting, I “have to” use indoor range. Not likely. Too many NRA types for my taste.

I would rather get soaked.

But I am not real keen on that either.

I am not a frog man.

The NRA is problematic to our freedom and security.

I really do not want to associate with them any more than I may have to.

If I practice today, it will be in the rain.

Truth is though, I never have to shoot a firearm again to train.

I never have to leave home.

All my performance data shows that my Airgun training is all that is required.

I am likely the most adept trainer ever. I am a subject matter expert on Performance Based Training. What that means is I am an expert at creating training programs.

As for the NRA, the rank and file mean well. They just are blind to tyrants. It ain’t their fault. They are brainwashed, most of the world is.

Even I must fight off the mind control paradigm.

Malcolm X only took steps to protect himself at home.

That was a fatal mistake. It is representative of the problems the NRA presents.

If the criminals don’t get you, the police just might.

Welcome to USA.


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