Kirkersville Incident

More details are said to perhaps be forthcoming today.

What? It is not clear.

What is clear is that this tragedy is really going to have to be examined in terms of perp tactics and police response.

What the perp did was tactically superior to what anyone else did.

The bastard ruled the day and if bastard had not offed himself, God only knows how many more could have been directly touched by this tragedy.

There was NO One there to stop him.

That ain’t my fault.

Patting a dead cop on the back is not productive.

Being sorry is merely being sorry.

The cop is dead but he ain’t the only one.

And the press and the sheriff are mostly only mourning, mentioning the officer.

Well what about the two ladies who police deny guns?

What about everyone else?!

If I die, don’t be sorry, tell the world where I fucked up, so maybe they won’t.


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