Time it took me at 9 feet to hit 1/2 inch target from low ready. This was my baseline.

That was my first ever timed shot at that level of difficulty.

Let me take a second shot. Parameters are miss is a fail.

I have not missed yet. The shot is the  time it takes to not miss at the required level of precision.

So if I miss, time is over. And this level of precision is a type of overtraining.

But too I want that time down.

This is what I call failure training. I can push it some here but even then, I am looking for effective fire and following basic stuff, don’t engage trigger until on target….

AFAP without missing.

Second shot and I pushed it more on this one, I focused more intensely.

I shaved a second off.

Third shot.

Shot four I will “go” for under 2 seconds.

All of this makes me
focus on the basics.

I will try to lower that. But I can’t miss.

I took last shot on video. No timer but it will give you an idea and show target.

OK I said I’d likely shoot Airsoft today. I do pretty much everyday.

Anyway, got hungry had to eat.

I will try to beat 1.97 seconds now. The video shot was approximately 2 seconds, maybe a tad less.


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