The Spirit is with us

I am at Radio Church, mass first.

Christian Science next and then Baptist Bible Hour.

Gun Church at 1900.

I listen to Christian Science some but I do not completely share their creed.

But I could say that of all the above.

They are all similar but different.

It is to learn of the Spirit….

Another interesting topic today for Christian Science. Using Spirit to fight terrorism.

Interviewing a CS practioner who led a combat platoon in Iraq….

All of these notions are confusing to me, meaning Spirit and combat.

I am confused mostly by how a CSP could even be a soldier.

But this applies to all of us. I know it applies to me.

The last damn thing I want to do is “shoot” anyone.

It is part of my searching for a better way!

The Baptist view the Trinity differently than others above.

It is a Holy Ghost to them the Spirit.

I am not Baptist really. But I do study their ways.

Grace. Amazing Grace.

Our acts don’t save us. God’s Grace does.

We are all sinners. To Baptists, Jesus is God’s Grace.

The Baptist is to act well but that is not enough for them.

They must believe Christ saved them.

This is similar to Catholic confession.

I tend to see “weakness” here. We must always act well and pleasing to God.

Now Catholics differ in that they also have “works.”

The Baptists are not wrong. But they are not correct either.

Works are not sufficient but they are required.


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