Tact in Tactical

I just watched a skill demonstration by someone.

This person is a former law enforcement officer and has been in gunfights.

He shot six six inch targets at 21 feet. He had felled all in six seconds.

Now most could not do that.

Some can and better.

It took him two plus seconds to get his first shot off.

That is going to be too slow many times.

You don’t always get the criminal who can’t shoot.

He needs to get that time down and his total time too.

I won’t tell him.

I am not his trainer.

I want to tell him. I don’t know him well enough though.

If he asks….

I don’t know of anyone better than me.


He might be better than me.

He is hard to understand. But he does know of what he speaks. He is worth deciphering.


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