Range 12-2 today

I am not sure what is going yet, except me.

I may take 223 Remington to test non-metal armor. I have a unit that is composed of wood, ceramic and tape only.

I doubt anything smaller than a 380 goes today.

We shall see.

I may wait on testing Armor. I really only have one unit to test. Dragging the 223 R out for one unit may not happen.

Today may just be for fun.

OK this is what is going:

Me, 223R, 380 ACP and 9mm.

Armor described above, various junk to target and shoot

I decided to test that non-metal Armor. I need to know if it works or not….

It is a big day to me. Why? Testing a non-metal design against 233 is huge if it holds and mega-back to drawing board if it don’t.

I have intentionally put it off, the test. Why? Afraid it may fail. It should  hold based on my calculations. But I won’t know for sure until I test it.

That is not only reason I delayed testing. It is main one.


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