CVA Hunter 223 (break barrel) from 25 yards low ready to fire to reload to second shot. First shot in about one second after cue…. Russian steel cased 223. Both shots are inside 5.5″ inner circle of paper plate.

Two shots in 11 seconds after cue to fire, Total time 12 seconds. I can realistically do three in same time frame.

If I train correctly!

Airgundu is hard work. Pain in the ass.

My primary training tool is a Crosman 760 BB gun.

For real.


Guns, you can’t live with them, or without them.

I don’t make the rules.


I promote self defense.

That is a paper plate.

The shooting of paper instead of people. Allusion to AR, Adrienne Rich not the rifle. But cool.


It is a big responsibility having a gun. And I am really fast and good and all that crap.

And I work my ass off to be.

And I get such a rush from that so I always check myself.



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