That CVA Hunter is such a gem. I ain’t ever selling it!

I bought it mostly to hit Armor with and planned initially to sell it.

But it is such a fine Rifle, made in USA, and it won my heart.

It shoots like a dream. It is very well crafted.

They should charge more for it.

It was only $199. It was way worth every penny too.

I took three guns yesterday and because I enjoyed shooting the CVA Hunter so much, I barely shot my Hi-Point 380 and never even got to my 9mm Ruger.

This rifle winning my heart was not expected. It has no iron sights. Everyone who knows my shooting preferences knows I prefer iron sights be on a rifle.

But the Dead-On scope mounts that come with rifle work well.

I just have a Beeman air rifle scope on it. And if you watched video of yesterday you can see I had no problems acquiring a target fast and then drilling it.

This is not a “Tactical” rifle.

But like I always say, we are the platform.

I can run this break barrel pretty quick though. In a SHTF scenario there are many potential roles for this rifle.

It is the kind of gun one can “provide” to a novice in a pinch and more likely than not help the “cause.”

It stays. It will soon become secondary but it stays.

Buy one. You won’t regret it.

I will be ready in a minute or less.

I can turn whippersnappers into marksman in a day or less if I have to.


The best historians among you know the role airguns can and have play in both training and in battle.

I can give you curriculum using air guns that if you do it as instructed will make you phenomenal.


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