Two bounty hunters and their fugitive target die in shootout. I just heard and viewed what video there was. Of course I have thoughts…. I will possibly share them later. I will put the video in. It don’t show a lot really. It does convey information though, none of it good.

I am analyzing video and taking stills.

The two bounty hunters drew their guns first near as I can tell. I am not sure though yet.

I do know both had weapons drawn early on. I am not sure if fugitive drew first but I do not think so based on witness reports I have heard.

It does appear to me that fugitive was first to fire.

There are NUMEROUS lessons to be learned from this tragedy.

There were two civilians proximal to engagement and many more not far away. The choice to move then was bad for that and other reasons.

The tactics used were not good, at all.

These are bounty hunters and it is obvious they were not prepared to take this fugitive.

This task is one of most dangerous there is, period.

It should not be handled by bounty hunters!

And if you insist on allowing them to proceed, you sure as hell better train them better.

They died, and suspect died and we are “fortunate” that is all.

And about a month ago, bounty hunters shot and killed an innocent man. They misidentified him and then simply shot him.


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