Tactical Break Barrel? Yep.

Using a break barrel is a training tactic, thereby tactical.

In fact, limiting oneself so drastically is to force oneself
to grow both in skill performance and in tactics used.

Tactics can trump ability, capability, but one must really prepare and have sufficient knowledge, skills and capabilities.

If all you have is Break barrel, how you going to win?

Winning is everything.

How you going to win?

Winning equals?


This is an example of overtraining.

Guns jam, Break, get taken away.

Your barrel?


You better make first shot count.

Better be able to reload, clear a jam, and get back on target.

You with me?

You better have other stuff.


You want to live.

You better want to, really want to.

That is just as important as skill and knowledge and equipment.

I have a CVA Hunter break barrel in 223 Remington. It is amazing.

Henry has come out with their own break barrels now, and they have created something truly unique and yet quite historical.

It is brilliant.

I will have one as soon as I possibly can.

It is a break barrel like no other and has a feature no bolt or semi auto 223 Remington or other break barrel can.

It can fire 5.56 out of its 22″ inch barrel.

Here are its specs from Henry website.

From HRA website:

These single-shot rifles are aimed at the challenge of hunting with only one round on board, and hunters who prefer the uncomplicated durability of the design. Make no mistake though- while some might consider a single-shot an entry-level proposition, we build these to the same high standards as all of our fine centerfire rifles, and not to be a budget model in any sense of the word.


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