Another brutal attack in England. I likely will just call them attacks from now on. I heard about it late last night on radio while working. It is obviously tragic. I hear some people fought back using chairs and bottles. The details of the event seem off to me based on reports I heard. The attacks were said to be with knives and vehicle. Yet the end was said to have been a long firefight. As per the usual, it is hard to know the truth. And what really happened may never be known. There are surveillance cameras everywhere but again it is doubtful that footage will be released. These attacks are horrible but they are basically allowed to happen, and often orchestrated false flags. People really die though. There is nothing much a disarmed populous can do. For the millionth time and not likely the last, condolences.

The reports I am hearing this morning are way different than initial reports. Last night a witness described two firefights.

And only cell phone video is being shown.

Not a single thing about attacks has shown yet on my Facebook feed. That is unusual.

No pundits or celebs have said a thing yet.

That is unusual.

There is an eerie seemingly controlled silence on this one.


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