What is your carry rifle? You think I am kidding about a carry rifle? I am and I ain’t. I study all these incidents, and in everyone people would be better off with a rifle. If you don’t have a CHL, there really is no sense in even owning a handgun. And the damn tyrannical laws make owning a handgun stupid too really. So, rifles.

I mean think about it?

You run into some bad person(s), you want a handgun or a rifle?

Give me a rifle.

You listen to these tactical people?

They almost always say they would rather have a rifle.

So why you even messing with a handgun?

The reality is though, the tyrants make it almost impossible to defend your life.

That is why people keep being slaughtered world wide, and that includes the USA.

Don’t believe the hype.

The USA is a slaughter ground too.

And I for one am sick of it.

I am sick of cops, and soldiers, and politicians and the NRA.

I am sick of their laws and their guidance and the lot.

I want my damn gun rights back.

Period. End of story.

Laws don’t save people.

Hell, here in Middletown a soon to be murderer was arrested with a handgun and silencer in his pocket.

They jailed him, and released him in a few months.

No doubt, they scolded him that he could not have guns….

Guess what?

He got guns. And then he shot three people, killing one.

Laws don’t work.

And the people who follow the fool laws are being slaughtered.

I blame the cops and the politicians mostly for this.

They are the primary disarmers of USAns.

And they piss me off.

Plus these freaking cops gave my families car and tag to whack jobs.

I have no qualms saying that either.


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