Range Today? Video?

I need to decide quick because I must be at work at 1600. If I want to get a time slot today, most days, I must call early.

If I go, I will take 9mm and probably 223 again. 22s may go also.

I have no armor builds to take so I may wait until later.

If I go today, it most likely will be to see if I want to stay married to my Ruger P95PR or divorce it for a new model.

I may try to get off three 25 yard shots in 12 seconds with my break barrel 223 also.

That will be a challenge. I don’t think I can. But perhaps.

This whole tactical break barrel thing is so me. I have my own take, my own grasp, my own way of doing things.

It stems from my realization that it really offers quality things. I know bolt action, single shot rifles are used often still.

The inherent reliability of break barrels is my main thought. Plus when you add that the CVA Hunter weighs less than 6 pounds, is way compact, shorter than my 22, and perfectly balanced. It fits.

What is the mantra?

Shoot, move and communicate. You can not move and reload at same time?

And if you can’t move, well then, you got problems anyway.

And hey, if the first shot is 223 and the rest 22, who will really know anyway?

I am still working this out. There are more reasons. The 9mm round weighs more than 223 and obviously more than 22. The 223 is an incredibly precise round. And the 22 way underrated.

Eventually, I will work it out. It is entirely possible that the 223 Wylde version of AR will make this a moot point in some ways.

The break barrel stays regardless because it is most likely to stay functional.

And again, the clear loser is the 9mm round. It weighs too much and brings less to table.

As always, even if no range, study!

If you watch this video, you will see how much of a pain in the ass ARs can be. They require many parts and skill and knowledge….

The break barrel? Much simpler.


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