Butler County, Ohio

I am going to show you a picture.

In the picture, there will be a few people.

Thankfully only a few.

For you see, they are two questionable groups.

One is Antifa and the other Act! for America.

Butler County is not perfect.

But we don’t have a lot of hate here, thank God.

And as for the Muslims here, I don’t even know they are here really.

I have encountered a few though.

They opened door for my clients.

I probably saw one who was a doctor.

And I can’t recall a single crime committed here by a Muslim.

Sure some practice sharia.

And some are violent.

So I hear.

But round here?

They are just County residents, and apparently better than most.

Is covering your face not a crime?

I am not a fan of people covering their faces.

Terrorists do that.

If you have something to say, don’t wear a mask.

SADSOG (Current MACVSOG) wear masks.

I know some Muslims cover their faces, and I really don’t care.

That is their right.

And honestly, I don’t even care really that anyone does.

It can show cowardice though.

But if need be, I can ID anybody in numerous ways.

Posture, size, hair, gait, eyes, marks…. voice, smell, clothes, piercings….


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